The 2009 WrestleView Student Choice Awards
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Results were voted by the WrestleView Students (aka Readers)

Well class, the time has finally come. After four weeks of voting, I am officially showing the results of the first ever Student’s Choice Awards. First off, I only expected about 15 or 20 votes. But 47??? That’s right 47 people voted among the 22 topics that were presented to them. On behalf of everyone, I thank the voters. Please take time to read their names:

Shawn Waltman, Rocky Jr., Travis Thomas, Andrew Evans, Robert Downing, Blbmimo, SUPERSTARZZ, Shin-Sensei, Eric Strenk, Frank Contorno, Michael Fox, Ricky Langston, Austen Allen, Kevin Kups, Mindslavor, Michael Pinion, Kyle Stoner, Brian Czygan, Chad Robbins, Shaun Hitchcock, Steve Guenther, Craig Scott, Jane Pickering, Ben Wismans, Phill (boywithatoy), Craig Alan Cope, Adam Kennedy, John Giammarino, John Cooper, Buddy Bacon, Andrew Medsker, Paul Meade, Shaki Daby, Sameer Ahmad, Luke Bartlett, The Rick, Paul Pomykala, John Hannan, Ben Phillips, Benni The VIP, Flair16Time, Jeff Knott, Laurel Simon, Antonio Degaetano, Kevin Cook, Osaid Ahmad, and TJ Patton.

Some of the students have posted their reasons for answering, and I will post some of them before each result is posted. So this Awards Ceremony will be a long one, but an enlightening one.

For those that are a little upset that this was not posted earlier (I don?t think any of you are), I am deeply sorry. From my end, there has been a lot of stuff that needed to be done that I do not need to go farther on. Anyways, onward to the Student Choice Awards!

Now some of the students spent some time explaining their thoughts, in which will randomly appear in the column. Keep in mind before you read this, there will be at times where the random thoughts does not match with the overall results. So relax, deal with it, and enjoy the results picked by YOU, the WrestleView readers.

Best Newcomer

Random Students thoughts:

Kyle Stoner – JACK SWAGGER. Great Impact since arriving, his match with Cena was great for what it was.

SUPERSTARZZ – JACK SWAGGER. Newcomer doesn’t really mean a rookie, but someone who has emerged out of nowhere

Gold Star – Jack Swagger (61%)
Silver Star – Hart Dynasty (18%)
Bronze Star – Tyson Kidd (9%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: Though I picked Kidd, this is a great choice by our students. Swagger has come a long way since he debuted on ECW last year. He has been a champion in FCW and ECW. Soon, perhaps he will be the U.S. Champion. Only time will tell on this one.

Best Weekly TV Show

Random Students thoughts:

John Hannan – WWE SMACKDOWN. This show has been the most consistently entertaining this year by a country mile.

Andrew Medsker – FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN. Raw has the promos, ECW has the wrestling, ROH has the better wrestling, and TNA has the unbridled recreational drug use on the part of its creative team. But only on Friday nights can a viewer feel like there’s a sports-entertainment show with something juicy for everyone. I can’t even say I miss the Cruiser weight title too much anymore, as its demise allowed guys like Punk and Mysterio Jr. (with an entirely unwanted assist from the late EG; happy now?) to feel the Ten Pounds of Celebrity around their waists. Think back and be honest. In 2003 there were two places smarks were sure Jeff Hardy would never visit, and those places were rehab and the main event. Thank you Smackdown!

Gold Star – Friday Night Smackdown (62%)
Silver Star – Monday Night RAW (21%)
Bronze Star – TNA Impact (9%)

Mr. V’s Opinon: I think the students really enjoy their wrestling. The students want a blend of various segments and good wrestling. Right now, I do believe that Smackdown is the best show. I even think in my TV Wars, Smackdown, RAW, and Impact are 1/2/3 as well.

Weekly TV Match of the Half-Year

Osaid Ahmad – REY VS. JERICHO (IC TITLE). Whatever Jericho touches turns to gold.

SUPERSTARZZ – REY VS. JERICHO (IC TITLE). Great way to end a feud with such a fantastic bout.

Gold Star – Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho (IC Title in July) (28%)
Silver Star – John Morrison vs. CM Punk (First match with the two on SD!) (15%)
Bronze Star – John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne (on ECW after WWE Draft) (13%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I am not surprised by this, though my choice only picked up three votes (ROH Title 4-Way). However, this award was really a toss up with no clear-cut winner. All nominees were worthy and the Jericho vs. Rey match was definitely in my top three. Once again, look out for John Morrison. He got at least one vote in five of his matches this year.

Best Gimmick

Phill – CHRIS JERICHO. I took me a while to work out what his gimmick is but if you look at it closely, he is being a smark. Everything he says could be taken straight off message boards and the monotone way he delivers is supposed to be a boring, internet smark. And he uses a different insult every week (or course you get the usual ones too – hypocrites, sycophants etc but my favorite so far has been “manatees”!).

Rocky Jr. – AUSTIN ARIES revisit Austin Starr but with it works. Becoming the first 2-time ROH World Champion with a gimmick that flopped in TNA is a great accomplishment, don’t you think?

Gold Star – CM Punk (28%)
Silver Star – Chris Jericho (24%)
Bronze Star – The Undertaker (10%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I was disappointed that Castagnoli did not get one vote on this. That is beside the point. It is all about the students here. Though my random students above picked differently, many of the students are enjoying the ?Straightedge heel? gimmick that CM Punk used throughout his feud with Jeff Hardy. Can Punk carry it to his next feud with the Bronze Star winning Undertaker? Only time will tell.

Worst Gimmick

Kevin Cook – CODY DEANER. Special mention to Shane Sewell and Samoa Joe, of course. Oh, yeah. Don?t forget Black Machismo.

Rocky Jr. – SAMOA JOE’S NATION OF VIOLENCE. There were good moments with that Joe but it’s the most valuable gimmick that made me scratch my head.

Perplexed Gold Star – Cody Deaner (31%)
Perplexed Silver Star – (tie) R-Truth’s Pretty Ricky and Samoa Joe (17%)
Perplexed Bronze Star – NONE (if a tie for first and/or second, no bronze awarded)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I am not surprised that the most votes went to the love interest of ODB. Joe was a great talent, but his weight issues and this gimmick with a tribal p.p. on his face is not working for him. I agree also with Pretty Ricky. This is an awful gimmick for someone that is a real talent in the ring for Smackdown.

Most Underrated Wrestler

SUPERSTARZZ – CHRIS SABIN. This man should have been a main eventer in TNA by now, one of the best today.

Robert Downing – JOHN MORRISON. Only if they stop his push.

Gold Star – (tie) John Morrison and AJ Styles (12%)
Silver Star – (tie) Charlie Haas, Chris Sabin, and Christian (10%)
Bronze Star – NONE (if a tie for first and/or second, no bronze awarded)

Mr. V’s Opinion: This was wide open, as all the nominees by the faculty picked up one vote. I agree with the most underrated here. Morrison is being pushed hard on Smackdown, but has yet to appear on a PPV this summer. AJ Styles is a good pick here as well. AJ is only 30, is better than most in TNA, and has not held their main belt since TNA went with their own title. As for the other three, this does not surprise me a bit. Haas is a workhorse, but his wins are few and far between. Sabin is a former X-Division Champion, yet has only one three or four televised contests in 2009. Christian may be a shock, since he is the ECW Champion. However, he is the top star on the 3rd Brand for the WWE, which led to some votes for the former Intercontinental and NWA Champion.

Most Overrated Wrestler

John Hannan – TRIPLE H. I hate to put him on here as he has been so good in all the years before this, but this year whilst his build up to Wrestlemania with Orton was superb, He has not done much good since and Raw with him Orton and Cena chasing the title has been getting old for 2 years now. Someone needs to tell him to start putting over the stars of tomorrow, he has had his time and been one of the all time greats, but its time for the game to be over and out of the title hunt for atleast the rest of the year. Won?t happen though. (Kudos to Sting and Batista for a miraculous escape here).

Kyle Stoner – MICK FOLEY. Why oh why does he even have a title right now? And why in the world did they put the main strap on him?

Perplexed Gold Star – Batista (27%)
Perplexed Silver Star – John Cena (22%)
Perplexed Bronze Star – Kurt Angle (14%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: The top two were dominant in this category, with Angle coming in close at #3. Batista was hurt the whole year, comes back and wins the title at Extreme Rules even though he was injured. That was terrible. Cena as the second overrated wrestler is sad really. He is not that bad of a worker and I thought that he should not have been on this list. But this is the students responses, so I can?t turn that down. Angle in third comes to no shock here. AJ, Hernandez, and others have a legitimate chance at being champion. But will the creative team make Angle drop the title? Only time will tell.

Best Finisher

Kevin Cook – I really dig SHEAMUS? Rock Bottom/backbreaker combo. It just looks devastating.

Andrew Medsker – My gut tells me to go with the Swanton, just because it makes a senton so much more fun to watch, but then I remember my middle-school football games and nostalgia takes it from there. C’mon, just it gets any more sadistic then a straight field-goal PUNT to the dome? Take that, MoneyMoneyMoney (referring to Shane O?Mac)!

Gold Star – Randy Orton’s RKO (22%)
Silver Star – (tie) Evan Bourne’s Air Bourne and CM Punk’s Go 2 Sleep (15%)
Bronze – NONE (by way of a tie for 2nd)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I am very surprised that Star Ship Pain was on in the top three! The RKO by Orton is a very good finisher, as he can do it anywhere (even on the top turnbuckle, ask Evan Bourne on that one). Bourne’s Shooting Star Press is, in my eyes, the best one I have seen in a while (with all do respect Mr. Stephens). CM Punk’s G2S got quite a few votes as well, and I am shocked because his Anaconda Vice is so much better than this finisher.

Worst Match of the Half-Year

Robert Downing – SANTINA VS. VICKIE GURRERO at Extreme Rules – only cause I didn?t see the Sharmel/Jenna match.

Andrew Medsker – Let me answer in two parts: when a disaster like JENNA and SHARMELL happens, it’s like GNR’s Chinese Democracy . We know it’s going to suck, we knew it would suck three weeks before it hit. But then you have Metallica’s St. Anger, and nothing can prepare someone for the sudden and all-consuming musical assault (nay, terrorist sneak-attack) on a commercial franshise that had rested on its laurels. If you don’t call ORTON/HHH’s Wrestlemania snorefest some kind of monster, what would you call it?

Perplexed Gold Star – Jenna vs. Sharmel at Victory Road (27%)
Perplexed Silver Star – Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero on RAW (22%)
Perplexed Bronze Star – Booker T vs. TNA Officials on Impact (15%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: All the matches that we had on the ballot earned this dubious award. I watched the entire Jenna vs. Sharmel match and it was pathetic! Why this carried on to a PPV Match, we will never know. Hornswoggle beating Chavo all the time is getting old real quick. Remember, WWE booked Chavo as the ECW Champion in 2008. Finally, the Booker T vs. Refs match was awful. I don?t see why they are utilizing Booker T better here. Sure, they have the Tag Title on him. However, this guy can do more than that.

Best Wrestler on the Mic

Osaid Ahmad – CHRIS JERICHO. Most probably one of the best ever on the mic. The heat he can generate with his slow self absorbed rants.

Andrew Medsker – CHRIS JERICHO: I don’t have to pander to narcissistic, parsimonious …narcissistic sycophants like you!

Gold Star – Chris Jericho (62%)
Silver Star – CM Punk (11%)
Bronze Star – John Cena (6%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I can not agree more with the students on this vote. Chris Jericho is clearly the best on the mic and the majority of the students in this classroom picked the man that was formally known as ?Y2J?.

Best TV Announcer

John Hannan – JIM ROSS. Matt Striker has been like a breath of fresh air for me since joining ECW’s announce team, he is very consistent. But Jim Ross at the moment is still the best for me. Plea to Jerry Lawler please go back to being a heel commentator, I watched Wrestlemania 19 with Booker and Triple H recently, reminded me of Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon back in the early 90’s, hysterical stuff, happy memories.

Kyle Stoner – JIM ROSS. Still the best out there, the voice of the WWE

Gold Star – Jim Ross (48%)
Silver Star – Matt Striker (41%)
Bronze Star – Don West (7%) **was nominated by students**

Mr. V’s Opinion: This was really a tough choice even for the WrestleView resident teacher. If it was from January to March, it would be Striker in a heartbeat. But now that Todd Grisham is working with Jim Ross, the commentary by Ross is really kicking it to high gear. Since Josh Mathews took over, Striker seemed like a ?know-it-all? and often bullied his play-by-play guy (he did that occasionally with Grisham as well). Jim Ross never had to bully to be very good at his job. That is why I picked him and I am glad to see that Striker and JR got 89% of the overall vote. Don West at #3? Ok, I get how he was good before Taz took over. However I would have still had Grisham, Tenay, and Prazak over him.

Best PPV

Robert Downing – EXTREME RULES – Minus the hog pen match.

Rocky Jr. – BACKLASH 2009. WM25 was a total miss. Slammiversary was very good too but the ME was a little disappointing and Backlash’s was the 2nd best one on one match of the year night now.

Gold Star – WWE’s Backlash (40%)
Silver Star – WrestleMania 25 (20%)
Bronze Star – WWE’s Extreme Rules (13%)

Mr. V’s Opinio: I agree with the students here. I saw Backlash and thought front to back it was a great PPV. WM 25 had its moments, but to me the saving graces were the Money in the Bank and Taker vs. HBK. Extreme Rules in my opinion was a solid one as well, with the ending in which Punk cashing in MITB.

Best PPV Match

Ben Phillips – UNDERTAKER VS. SHAWN MICHAELS at WM 25 was the REAL main event.

Kevin Cook – SHAWN MICHAELS VS. UNDERTAKER. Duh. There’s really not much I can add to that statement. That said, I do still prefer the Iron Man
Match between Shawn and Bret Hart, but Savage vs. Steamboat at WM III
is still the best WM match of all time.

Gold Star – Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WM 25 (91%)
Silver Star – Randy ?The Ram? Robinson vs. The Ayatollah from ?The Wrestler? (5%)
Bronze Star – Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules (5%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: No doubt, in my opinion head and shoulders the Best PPV Match of the half year.

Most Popular Wrestler

SUPERSTARZZ – JEFF HARDY. It’s just annoying how stupid the majority of his fans are.

Osaid Ahmad – JEFF HARDY. This is really obvious he is one guy who appeals to the
attitude era and the new lot equally.

Gold Star – Jeff Hardy (70%)
Silver Star – The Undertaker (11%)
Bronze Star – John Cena (9%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: Though I am not truly a big fan of Jeff Hardy, I do applaud his efforts in the ring and he really came on his own ever since the WWE put him on a main event pedestal. And you hear the fans reactions to all the wrestlers, and the most cheers and pops go out to the Extreme Enigma. Still, as I got through the results I am surprised of the Undertaker making it in the top three. It tells you that you don?t have to wrestle thoughout the half-year and still be a popular figure. Though John Cena is getting more cheers recently, Jeff Hardy still was clearly the most popular out of all of the superstars.

Most Hated Wrestler

Ben Phillips – CHRIS JERICHO. Almost picked Cena…becasue i hate him so.

John Hannan – CHRIS JERICHO. No question.

Gold Star – Chris Jericho (62%)
Silver Star – John Cena (13%)
Bronze Star – Randy Orton (11%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I did pick Jericho in this one, and the students for the most part agreed with me. If people are attacking you in the parking lots, you are doing a dang good job. I understand why Orton is on the list since he is supposed to be a monster heel character on the RAW brand, but I still think that putting Cena on here is just a bit too far. I get we hate on him because he targets the kids, but I am just confused why so many of my student hate on Cena.

Most Improved Wrestler

Rocky Jr. – THE MIZ. He put on GREAT promos each week after the Draft and what he showed us on the ring was good.

Andrew Medsker – Mark Henry has come a long way since Sexual Chocolate, but not exactly the mongoose to Ortons snake (I mean viper) he needs to be for this consideration. Same thing to the Miz, who needs another feud under his belt (or Maryse, if he can’t swing that) before I buy tickets to see him. CM PUNK is the only dude I saw rise from mediocrity this year and stay there.

Gold Star – Mark Henry (25%)
Silver Star – The Miz (20%)
Bronze Star – (Tie) Dolph Ziggler, Matt Morgan, Kofi Kingston, & John Morrison (11%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: I can make a case for any of these wrestlers getting a star. Mark Henry I will admit was really terrible when he debuted, but really improved and made himself out like the friendly giant/beast. The Miz is the same. I was hoping two years ago that he would get fired. Now I have to eat my own words. The Miz is molding into a solid mid card guy that can win the U.S. Title in 2009. The tie for the Bronze are deserving. Morrison really elevated himself as a main event-type superstar. As for the others, only time will tell. TNA looks to be really sold on Matt Morgan as he is feuding (?) with their top guy. Ziggler is more now than just a terrible name and Kofi is also becoming more sound with his in-ring abilities.

Best Feud of the Half-Year

SUPERSTARZZ – CHRIS JERICHO VS. REY MYSTERIO JR. Helped both wrestlers return to the big stage, and has re-elevated the Intercontinental Championship back to its previous level.

Kevin Cook – I think that would be a tie between CM PUNK VS. JEFF HARDY and CHRIS JERICHO VS. REY MYSTERIO. Both are top-notch entertainment.

Gold Star – Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (46%)
Silver Star – CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy (23%)
Bronze Star – Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (17%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: All three feuds were really excellent! Taker vs. HBK had a great good vs. evil feud in which maybe a few people thought The Streak could be broken (glad it was not). CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy had a nostalgic feud going with Straight Edge vs. ?Drug Addict? feud and I even thought this was the second best feud of the half-year. Now, Y2J vs. Rey was the best feud the story was great, the matches were superb, and you can really feel the hate.

Bold Predictions for the 2nd half of 2009

Well, I did get plently of strong predictions, but instead of issuing out stars I will present the three most common predictions.

Most Common – John Morrison will win the World Title.

Second Most Common – HHH vs. HBK in WrestleMania 26 after DX fallout.

Third Most Common – Mark Henry wins World Title.

Mr. V’s Opinion: These are pretty bold picks here by the students. Though Mark Henry is really being pushed in the RAW brand, I doubt he will take the title off RAW’s top guys. I can actually see a falling out with DX. I heard that HHH wants to be a heel again, and this would be a perfect match to see on WM26. John Morrison winning the world title? I would love to see this, but now that he is the IC Champ and with Punk and Taker feuding I am not sure if Morrison will win the title before 2010 at this moment.

Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year

Phill – ANGELINA LOVE. Only cause she is good on the mic.

Kyle Stoner – MARYSE. Good gimmick that fits her.

Gold Star – Angelina Love (32%)
Silver Star – Maryse (19%)
Bronze Star – Beth Phoenix (17%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: Dang, it is a shame that Angelina Love was let go recently. Love was a great gimmick and had average wrestling abilities. AND my students chose her was the Women’s Wrestler of Half-Year! Such a pity. Maryse may not have the skills to compete at times, but her gimmick really stands out and is really missed on RAW. Beth Phoenix getting in the top three made me a bit happy. It tells you that skills sometimes are better than beauty.

Most Outstanding Wrestler (Best Pound for Pound)

Osaid Ahmad – SHAWN MICHAELS AND KURT ANGLE. Seriously Michaels delivers the goods when he has to and why are you all against Angle f**k his
personal life and problems he is a great wrestler and the one carrying
TNA on his shoulders you should realize that once he goes its over.

Andrew Medsker – Tyson Kidd. Kid’s got the moves, the homies, and the pink tights. Why is a decent haircut so hard for this dude to come by? At first that little strand just stood out, odd but forgettable in context with his matches. Now I’ve started packing extra Mach-5s when I go to a show; it’s ridiculous. Can we start that Billion-Dollar Princess bounty thing, but for his hair? I’ll throw $20 into the pot, right now, I swear to god!

Gold Star – John Morrison (31%)
Silver Star – Chris Jericho (17%)
Bronze Star – Rey Mysterio, Jr. (15%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: Nice choices among these three! Though Rey is on suspension right now, there is no doubt that he comes out and still gives it his 100% despite his lack of height. Chris Jericho reminds me of someone that can wrestle in any style whether it is power vs. smaller guys or finesse vs. larger guys. But John Morrison really is a blend of everything. He can legitimately wrestle against anyone and put on a solid match each time.

Tag Team of the Half-Year

SUPERSTARZZ – BEER MONEY, INC. Is there a tag division in the WWE nowadays?

Rocky Jr. – BEER MONEY all the way! The best tag team in the world today!

Gold Star – Beer Money, Inc. (66%)
Silver Star – MizMo (21%)
Bronze Star – (tie) American Wolves and JeriShow (4%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: This was a no-brainer! Beer Money is the true tag team that TNA should put over with the titles, not BookenStein. Kudos to my students who picked The American Wolves. This team is a hidden gem that someone may pick up from Ring Of Honor.


John Hannan – CHRIS JERICHO. He is on nearly every show all the time for a reason, no one has his charisma or timing, and he can still go with the best of them in the ring.

Robert Downing – CM PUNK. Won the World title for the 2nd time, and had a nice Heel turn.

Ben Phillips – RANDY ORTON. Yes, maybe his W/L isn’t good but his PPV results are beyond compare.

Gold Star – Randy Orton (27%)
Silver Star – CM Punk (21%)
Bronze Star – Chris Jericho (nominated by students) (19%)

Mr. V’s Opinion: A student told me that I should not only place myself in detention but THE ENTIRE FACULTY for not nominating Jericho for Wrestler of the Half-Year. Though I agree with that particular person, the lack of winning a world title in 2009 caused me to pick CM Punk. However, the students picked Randy Orton as the best of the best. Understandable since he is the World Champion on RAW. Great job, students!

Well, that finally concludes the Mid-Year Awards, voted by the WV students. We will do another one of these in December for the 2009 WrestleView Awards. Please class, let me know if you enjoyed this feature and if you did, we will continue it. You can provide feedback (I may post them in a later column) by e-mailing me at You may also IM me on FaceBook (to those that are on my list). Until then I am Mr. V thanking all of you for your patience in waiting for me to complete this lengthy feature. Enjoy your school year wherever you are and you may get back to studying. Until Mr. V’s 32nd column on, you are officially dismissed!!

Thanks for reading as always. If not for the students of WrestleView, there would be no Mr. V on WrestleView.

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