Last night on Wrestling News Live, Adam Martin had said that this would be a quiet weekend leading up to the next two with pay per views from both companies.

Yeah, boss, right.

24 hours later, Kurt Angle opens his ever chattering mouth saying he wants Hulk Hogan in TNA Wrestling.

Nigel McGuinness is on the cusp of signing with WWE.

And Former TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love is gone from TNA.

Not to mention within close to 36 hours, we also have had Jenna Morasca’s departure from TNA, and AJ Styles talking about Michelle McCool’s blatant usage of his finishing maneuver.

Sounds quiet to me, don’t you think?

Ok, let’s go to work.

AJ takes some pretty classy steps when approached about Michelle McCool’s usage of the Styles Clash, considering it more of a complement than an insult. I think he’s got a valid point if another guy had stolen the move, but being the case, I think he took the high road.

It was interesting to see Styles mention about Morrison’s moves and how they emulate his, but again, AJ took the classy road, with the fact of complementing Morrison’s athleticism in performing those moves. I didn’t see the resemblance personally until reading this interview, but the similiarities are definitely there, and I applaud AJ for making an potential news issue a non – issue.

Jenna Morasca is gone from TNA, and says in her twitter, “the real truth is coming, don’t believe everything you read.” Excuse me for one second, lady, but you got in to TNA because of your link to Survivor. That’s it. You had a match with a non – wrestler in Sharmell that may go down as the worst wrestling match in TNA history, and you’re going to gripe about being released? Do us all a favor, please, take your prima doonna attitude somewhere else, because frankly, I am making a pretty solid bet that absolutely nobody wants to hear it.

Angelina Love is removed from TNA due to visa issues. I kind of disagree with TNA on this one, unless there was some legal issues that Love was enduring with trying to renew the visa. If its simply a matter of clerical paperwork being delayed, that’s not worth a release from the company, as its going to dramatically change some storylines for the forseeable future. One thing is definitely for sure, if there’s something laden underneath the particulars, and when something like this occurs, there normally is something more sinister beneath the surface, well, c’est la vie, and time to move on.

Before I talk about the recent iminent departure of Nigel McGuinness to WWE, I have got to comment about more alleged news coming from this diaper stain down in Florida, Bubba the Love Sponge. First of all, can someone explain to me how anyone in any walk of business can be drinking while engaged in their profession? I know all about shock radio, I’m a radiophile, but there’s being shocking, and there’s being obnoxious, and I think this guy takes obnoxiousness to a new level.

Now, we all know Hulk Hogan and Bubba are tighter than a violin string. Which is questionable already, if you ask me, but to have Hogan use this forum to announce how he wants to sign with TNA, (which if anyone with half a brain can deduce, is just a ploy for Hogan to try and get back in to WWE), is just plain proposterous.

But what’s even more appalling in my opinion, is to have troubled TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle call in to the show, or be called, whatever happened, and basically challenge Hogan to come to TNA, and face him in the six sided ring.

Now, let’s look at a couple of things here. Hogan can barely walk. He has so much legal trouble that he ALMOST makes OJ Simpson look like an angel, and here he is trying to get back in to the business that has basically put his entire life on to TMZ as the “what happened now” file.

And Angle, the man who is DESPERATELY in need of a muzzle, is siitting here challenging this old geezer to get in to the ring.

What are both men trying to prove here?? How to act like an intoxicated buffoon in the middle of the airwaves in front of millions of listeners? Trying to acquire some publicity for a company who cannot afford any more bad publicity?

I don’t know for certain, but I do know this. I think Dixie Carter ought to not be worried about “The Boss”, and cross promoting MMA with professional wrestling, and be much more focused on her world champion, and making sure he doesn’t make an ass out of himself, and the company, AGAIN.

Nigel McGuinness, former ROH World Champion, is on the cusp of signing with WWE.

I applaud WWE for doing this.

I applaud Nigel for taking this step.

Because in WWE, he can get the necessary medical treatment needed to heal his body so he has some assemblance of a career while competing in front of crowds that will appreciate his heart and intensity like the ROH faithful have done.

I was a bit of skeptic on Nigel until I witnessed his final defense of the ROH World title at the 7th Anniversary Show against KENTA. How Nigel won the match basically without arms, and taking such a hideous pounding from potentially one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and still managed to win the match, is stuff of legend. That’s all that can be said. Ever since that match, I’ve been a staunch Nigel McGuinness supporter, and I look forward to seeing him compete in the grand stages of WWE.

Which of course, brings me to the usual disclaimer. If WWE uses him right, there can be some major league fun on the horizon. Team Nigel with William Regal, and let’s have a ruthless tag team go through the division like a hot knife through butter. That’s just one idea off the top of my head.

However, for this to happen, or anything significant to happen, the suits of WWE have to do the right thing. What is the right thing? Damn if I know, but hopefully, both Nigel and Bryan will not get the Scotty Goldman treatment, and will be given the proper chance to show their talents for the masses that await them.

I waited before publishing this because I wanted to make sure I caught Smackdown this week, and watched the highly reviewed Morrison vs. Mysterio match for the Intercontinental championship.

The reviews were spot on.

Kind of reminded me a lot of the Gold Rush tournament back in the day when Shelton Benjamin met Shawn Michaels.

An amazing match. It would’ve been nicer if WWE could’ve saved the commercials for another segment of the show, but I know I’m talking about a pipe dream, so I’ll accept what we got as damn good television.

Whether Rey’s suspension is legitimate or not, whether his conduct is worthy of heat or not, one thing can be said with conviction, the man went out with a blaze of glory.

If you missed it, check it out when it goes up online. It’s a must see.

A last minute update to this column. Thanks to a friend of mine from the chat room, who I won’t name for reasons nobody needs to know but me, I was able to get a chance to see a portion of the DGUSA Enter the Dragon PPV. Now, I am not going to sit here and attempt to review this piece by piece because A) I can’t, and B) I won’t. I simply will say this. I enjoy a good psychological story every now and again with some matches like what we saw on Smackdown tonight with Mysterio & Morrison.

But, I also enjoy the absolute knock down drag out I kick you, you kick me harder spot fests that these shows are notorious for. I cringe at the sound of some of these shots I hear, and I cringe even further at some of the ways the body is contorted by some of these athletes.

If you’re looking for stories and a plot, DGUSA isn’t for you, I believe. If you’re looking to see who gets their ass kicked the hardest by whom, this is definitely a program to check out.

Ok. That’s all for now.

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