Before I begin, a big shout out to my pal Rocky in FRANCE for telling me I screwed up again with the chapter numbers. I used #334 twice. I fixed the problem, and hence, we’re up to chapter #336. 336 times I’ve stepped to the plate and voiced my opinions on professional wrestling.

Oh, and one other thing, well, forget it, I don’t want to cause any controversy, I’ll keep this one to myself.

That’s something that truly makes me frightened all the way down to my socks.

Ok, down to business. Thanks for the tip, Rocco!

This problem never seems to truly go away. From all the chatter and scuttlebutt that ran rampant during the tragedy that was Chris Benoit to the repeated amount of names that have been either suspended or released due to policy violations from WWE’s “Wellness” policy, the problem continues to plague the sport of professional wrestling, and now, it’s claimed a victim that can really cause a tremendous amount of collateral damage.

Let’s be honest here for one second, Rey Mysterio is one of those talents that is constantly over big with the young audience that follows the sport, and I can attest from personal experience that the sport does play to a young audience. I’m not that much of a historian, but I’d be hard proessed to remember a time when Mysterio, either with WCW, ECW, or WWE, was ever a true heel, for that matter. I know it doesn’t have a lot of point to this discussion, but the reason I say this is simple. Mysterio’s presence on television, when he’s there, is highly noticed, and more often than not, looked up to.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and ask these men and women to be role models to kids. We all know that debate, it’s old, it’s tiresome, and it’s ridiculous to try and go down that road again. What I am going to say is, an image should be maintained by these talents that are found in the public eye. In simpler terms, they SHOULD be held to a higher standard because SOME of the general populus more often than not take ideas for their own behavior from famous people they are following.

That is one of the reasons I was so adamant against the Kurt Angle situation, and that’s why I am so distraught about the Rey Mysterio situation. It’s a black eye on both companies, when both companies need to be seeing twenty – twenty. While Mysterio is not the face of WWE, by any stretch of the imagination, his influence is more than noticeable to a significant wide array of demographics, and I believe WWE is going to need to provide some damage control during the 30 day period that Mysterio is going to remain at home on the sidelines.

The timing of this problem is also pretty poor, as the program between Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler has been successful in elevating Ziggler to potentially championship status, while now, WWE will probably have to drop the belt to Ziggler earlier than planned, and hope for some instant gratification from the significantly less experienced talent being champion.

All of this, the Mysterio saga, the Angle saga, all comes back to one basic conclusion.

The talents of professional wrestling need help to insure their own well being, retain their public image, and maintain their status in the public eye. Until something is done on a global scale to assist with that, and I know what I am saying is a freakin’ pipe dream, these situations will continue to happen, and the black eyes and scars will continue to form.

You know, I gotta give credit to some people, my new facebook buddy Frank, and my old pal Jason for bringing another aspect of this to my attention. Now, we don’t have a clue as to the specifics of this violation, whether it’s accidental, or incidental, or suspect, or whatever, but you would have believed after all the trauma, and emotional heartache that Mysterio endured when Eddie Guerrero died, he’d be the first person on the planet you’d never expect to see roll down the line of suspended superstars following that tragic set of events that took place back in the day.

Just something to ponder.

Some other things to discuss, as I am tired of talking drugs and arrests.

TNA’s doing ANOTHER tournament on television to determine two spots for the four way main event at No Surrender. Can I ask what happened to one on one main events for the TNA World Heavyweight title?? Is TNA that uncomfortable with Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA title selling pay per views that they need to make it in to a giant cluster bomb of a match with four men who likely have never experienced combat together?

Rhino vs. Sting, and Hernandez vs. Homicide is the first bracket. Hernandez vs. Homicide. Is THAT TRULY NECESSARY for a bracket to determine who gets a world title shot at a pay per view??? You’re literally taking the LAX legacy, and throwing it in the crapper by having these two men fight in a pseudo tournament that personally, I don’t think either of them have a chance in hell of winning. I’m not surprised the match is happening, the location and general booking of this match makes me want to vomit.

Rhino vs. Sting. What the hell has Rhino done in the last six months to warrant even being considered a contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship? All I have seen him doing over the past few months is torture a kid from our military who’s goal was to become a pro wrestler. From there, he goes in to a tournament to determine a challenger for the TNA title. Sense? Anyone??

Sting. The rumours are running absolutely rampant that Sting is done this year. Is Sting going to continue the farce of trying to make it to the top one more time, or is he going to finally do something that I personally would love to see. Announce to the world, “I’m done as of such and such a date,” and then proceed forward with the remaining portion of his obligated dates. Then, it wouldn’t bother me so much to see him in this tournament. If you don’t think he’s going to be the one to make it to the finals, well, I wanna know what you’re smoking, and why aren’t you sharing?

The other bracket is AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin and Doug Williams vs. Suicide. Is Suicide, Williams, and Sabin legitimate world championship contenders, or all they all just fodder for AJ to get to the main event?? Are we really going through all this length to set up Angle vs. Morgan vs. Sting or AJ? Far as I can see, all this is is making angles that TNA is trying to create extremely convuluted and very confusing to the casual wrestling fan, and even more disturbing and problematic to a nutjob like me who tries to follow it a little more closely.

As for the knockout’s tag team championship tournament, I’m only going to say this was a company who had said iniitally it didn’t want to overburden its talent with titles, and now we’re going to have six. Point? I think so.

I’m still trying to figure out the logic of having Dixie Carter talk about Bobby Lashley’s role in the company. I’ll watch the replay of Impact tomorrow, and then I’ll comment on that a little bit more.

ROH continues to be on the forefront of my mind, as I am still kind of filled with mixed emotions about Bryan Danielson’s forthcoming departure to World Wrestling Entertainment. However, my excitement is piqued, as the show I will be attending in September, Glory By Honor 8, the Final Countdown, has turned in to a card that may be unprecedented in all the times I have been going to live ROH Shows. Ladder War II for the tag titles with the Wolves vs. Steenerico. Briscoes vs. the Bucks, volume 2. And Danielson’s last ROH match ever, (for now), for the strap, against A Double. No doubt about it, I am pumped up for this experience. It may be able to actually blow away the one show that was my best emotional experience ever to date, Final Battle 2006. This one may just beat it, hands down.

As for Danielson to WWE, as the time progresses to his departure, and soon after, I’ll try and come up with some more topics to discuss there. One thing is for certain, I will be vigorous watching and following his career through FCW, and in to whatever brand he will be sent to.

I’ve been laid up for the past week with an infection in my leg, which gave me the chance to watch Raw for a portion of the show. I’ll admit, I didn’t make it past 10pm, and there’s two reasons why. One, obviously, is that I was significantly sick, and needed sleep, but much more prevalent, the host concept last week was piss poor to awful at best. Mayweather showing up late, whether it was scripted or not, was poor, I thought, and his re-kindling the feud with the Big Show was a tremendous waste of time. The reports I read from the other hosts doing shows was significantly better than what little I saw Floyd Mayweather do, and I can’t respect anyone who walks out with 10 people surrounding him at his beckon call, even if they’re getting paid millions of dollars to do it.

That’s it for now, ladies and gents. Till next time.

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