Wrestling Rumblings #29

Wrestling Rumblings #29
August 21, 2009
By: Jose Marrero of WrestleView.com

It’s been a really crazy week in wrestling hasn?t it? Everyone and I do mean everyone has gone crazy over this Kurt Angle situation. Should he be suspended? Should he drop the TNA world title? Should he go to Jail? There has not been this much uproar about a wrestler’s status in quite some time, maybe ever. So what do I have to say about this? I never thought this would happen but apparently it has, I have to defend Kurt Angle?you?re reading ?Wrestling Rumblings?.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree with this column, so let me state that for the record I am not saying Kurt Angle is innocent, just not saying he is guilty either. So much has come out of this that I think wrestling fans who tend to be passionate are just not considering. I do think it is important that we who consider ourselves ?wrestling media? do our best to see all sides. That is all that I am doing. I believe when you have a forum like this that you can?t ignore certain issues; but at the same time you can?t just run half cocked and lynch someone either. So let’s run down some facts shall we?

Here is what we do know; Kurt Angle and Rhaka Khan apparently were involved in some sort of domestic dispute which led to her filing a PFA against Kurt Angle. What the media is not reporting is that in the state of Pennsylvania courts are closed on the weekend which means the process of filing a PFA order during the weekend is different from a normal process. In the state of Pennsylvania you can file for an emergency PSA during the weekend by simply contacting via telephone an on call magisterial district judge. If that judge feels you are in sufficient danger he can grant you an emergency PFA which would expire on the next business day (in other words Monday). At which point the victim would have to go to court and start a process to gain a ex parte temporary PFA which would have led to a hearing in which the defendant and the victim would state there sides of the story and could lead to the ordering of a Final PFA. Given the facts it is safe to say that Rhaka Khan filed for an emergency PFA. I know what many of you are saying at this point? ?So what, it’s still a court order? yes you are right, it is a court order. My point in stating this is that this is something that was able to be granted literally over the phone. This does not prove that there was any abuse taking place, it just proves that over the phone she was able to convince a judge that Kurt Angle was an abusive lunatic. Not really a hard sell if you ask me, but at the same time to those fans who would state that there was sufficient evidence that merited this, there really wasn?t which is why it probably would have been dismissed anyway by the courts.

Still whether it was a bogus charge that led to this order or not it was still enforceable at the time and there is no reason to violate it. I do want to point something else out for you. How in the hell if the police evicted Kurt Angle from his residence in the presence of Rhaka Khan did Kurt Angle happen to get her car? If he was in her car without her permission wouldn?t there have been a theft charge involved? After all if it is her car there can be no disputing him stealing it if he is the one riding in it. Well what many people are unaware of is that the car was registered to Kurt Angle. In other words, it was his car. I?m not saying she wasn?t using it, I?m not even saying it wasn?t given to her to use at some point but I do in fact find it funny that the police come and Kurt has to leave and he chooses the car that belongs to his girlfriend who in the presence of police made him leave. Wouldn?t she have immediately spoken up and said ?Hey that’s my car?. It was not her car; this is not an opinion of mine this is a fact and the fact that everything is in his name and her not speaking up or reporting the car as being stolen by her estranged boyfriend supports that fact. So everyone who is saying he stole her car needs to drop that story.

Let’s see what we know for a fact as of now. Rhaka Khan filed for a temporary PFA over the phone and Kurt Angle was evicted by police and left in his car. Let’s talk about the cell phone that was in his possession. If the police were just at the residence and well they had to be because someone had to serve Kurt Angle with this PFA to remove him for the residence, how is it that he came into possession of her phone? After all if he was forced to hastily retreat his residence then you would have to assume there wasn?t much time to grab much anything, much less steal something. Wouldn?t it be reasonable to say that the phone could have been left in the car when she went to the Precinct to contact the magistrate and file for the temporary PFA? As a matter of fact I don?t know how this stolen phone thing got started when even in the police report the phone is reported as being voluntarily returned by Angle and was never mentioned as stolen as the officer who had just spoken with Rhaka Khan was unaware of the phone being stolen. So I would have to say that dismisses the stolen phone story.

I have another question to ask, this question is one that no one really thought to ask. If Kurt Angle was removed from his home by Police how would he know where to find Rhaka Khan? To those that would tell me he hung around the home and followed her I have this question: Why did she wait until she was checking email in a Starbucks to call police? I don?t know how far Starbucks is from the Angle home but at the same time I am pretty sure that she didn?t arrive on foot, and if the car that Angle was traveling in was a car that she frequently drove wouldn?t it be safe to say that she would?ve recognized Angle following her a long time ago? Maybe, just maybe there is some truth to Kurt Angles statement that she followed him instead. Kurt Angle claims through his lawyer that there is videotaped evidence that supports this statement. I would seriously doubt that this claim would be made if it was not true that there was evidence that supports he may have been immediately followed upon being forced from his residence. At the same time to be fair why didn?t Kurt Angle simply call the police himself to say he was being followed? I have no answers for this but fortunately there will be a hearing and maybe this question can be asked and answered there.

I know by now everyone wants to know about the HGH. Kurt Angle says he has a prescription for this. I think we should all give him a chance to present it and see whether or not it is a legit prescription as I am sure in light of everything that has occurred in the past with wrestler’s doctors it will be heavily scrutinized. At this time I can?t say that it’s valid or invalid, what I can say is that Kurt Angle does not necessarily look to be jacked up; it’s actually quite the opposite as his arms have atrophied over the years due to the nerve damage in his neck. It would be reasonably safe to assume that because of all the nerve damage this HGH was prescribed fairly and legally and in the heat of having to leave his residence in the midst of everything that was going on Kurt did indeed forget to take the paperwork that would have showed this to be there legally. Again that is something that will be asked and answered hopefully in court.

There was a report that someone forwarded me from a website which stated that Kurt Angle was trying to erase pictures and text messages that would have been able to be used as evidence of abuse. How come I have yet to see this come up on any official police reports/complaints? I have an even better question for all of you. If Rhaka Khan was physically abused (she could have been threatened both verbally and via text messag e in all fairness) how come the officer made no mention of any visible signs of abuse on her? Granted I will say this much, women who are abused tend to cover up signs of abuse out of embarrassment. So maybe I have this one totally wrong. However if Kurt Angle is correct and she did in fact leave the residence right after he did and followed him there was no time to do this. I have to also state for those who would tell me that she may have been bruised on her body that she is a wrestler. There are many wrestlers out there who have visible bruising on their bodies from being in the ring and Rhaka Khan was still a somewhat active wrestler on the independent circuit.

I?m going to wrap it up on this note. Women can be very spiteful creatures. I have seen women who you never would?ve suspected put men in all sorts of unfortunate circumstances because they were angry or heartbroken. These things happen all the time in the world. Again I don?t know if Kurt is innocent but I don?t know if he is guilty either. He deserves his day in court and I think for TNA to strip him of the title and suspend him punishes him in the public eye and makes him look guilty even if in fact when this is all over he comes out innocent. Don?t misunderstand me; if when this is all over Kurt Angle is found guilty than yes I think he should be suspended if not fired from TNA, and I think any major wrestling company should have reservations about bringing him onto their roster and having him as the focal point of their company. I know there are many people who are down on the character of Kurt Angle as it has been questioned the past few years, but at the same time Rhaka Khan is no saint. She has been involved in her share of incidents herself and I think that should be noted before everyone is quick to pass judgment. Kurt Angle will have his day in court and when that day comes to pass than everyone can say what they think the proper punishment if any is required should be.

I?m sure a lot of people are going to have a lot to say about this. I just want to state that if you take your time reading this column you will notice that I have supported these possibilities with the facts that we do know and do have. Anyone who is going to argue he is guilty, well you don?t know first of all because you were not there. That is an opinion, and you don?t have sufficient evidence at this time to legally presume he is guilty. Take your time and truly think about it, isn?t it possible that for once the court of public opinion could be wrong? Of course I am still there to listen to you, and you are always heard. You can email me at wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com and well that’s it for this week, next week I will try to do better, and until then I am out.

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