Ok. It’s been close to 48 hours since Kurt Angle was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and various other law breaking acts. We’ve been through one set of television tapings, and I’ve read the spoilers. I’m not going to say anything specific, but let’s say I’m really pissed. Not because of the product on display, but because there’s no apparent direction being taken by TNA to do something against this man, and make him accountable for his actions.

When did this company become solely about Kurt Angle?? When did this company realize or believe that if one person is not on the television, that the ratings will go in to the toilet? Because from where I sit, the ratings aren’t that good, and although Spike and TNA have signed a new deal, you cannot tell me that Spike is too freakin’ happy that TNA’s marquis talent, their top draw, is someone who is so mentally unstable, and liable to become a full blown trainwreck at any time.

Sure, the lure of the potential trainwreck brings in ratings, but at what cost?

What apparently seems to have transpired since Hard Justice is TNA has put a gag order on their talent to not speak of their marquis talent, and yet, even when someone typed something in complete jest and in a joking manner, it’s dealt with like it was the Spanish inquisition. Granted, I don’t know Taylor Wilde from Judas, and she couldn’t pick me out of a line up if she tried, but to turn around and drop heat on her for typed words on a computer web site while not even apparently doing thing one to the man who allegedly had ILLEGAL DRUGS IN HIS POSSESSION, perscription or not, AND WAS BREAKING THE LAW when he was caught driving with a suspended license, well, frankly, ladies and gentlemen…..

It’s F’in Pathetic.

Here’s where I stand in a nutshell on this, because I”m not going to sit here and rant and rave about how Kurt needs help before he kills someone or himself, I’ve already taken one chapter to do that. Here’s the bottom line from where I sit. Kurt Angle needs to be stopped. Kurt Angle will not stop Kurt Angle. Someone else has to do it for him. Whether it’s his family, his friends, his employer, whomever, SOMEONE has to stop him because where it stands right now, he is a danger to himself and to others. And, for TNA to put any heat on to a talent for words said on twitter about a situation that they’re liable to asked about AT ANY OPPORTUNITY by any one of countless sources, well, it’s just pointless. It proves nothing, and it shows truly how paranoid your company has become.

I do not envy the work environment in Orlando, Florida right now. I don’t envy the members of the TNA roster. It can’t be a fun place to be right now in that locker room. There’s got to be some heavy duty tension in there.

Let’s move on.

I’m going to get ripped for this one, but I don’t care.

I’ve been fortunate enough for the last two nights to spend a lot of time in the chat room of Wrestleview.com. I respect and admire the passion and ferocity of the opinions of the members who frequent that chat room on a regular basis. I truly believe that the analysis given by the staff members who work the radio shows is right down the middle.

You know there’s a but here somewhere. Well, here it is.

It’s getting awfully pathetic to knitpick on so much about the product, and every little tiny aspect of presenting it. Now, let’s take a couple of things in to perspective, because I have to say them right out of the blocks, so that people can scream at me becase I’m not the expert in this facet of debate here.

I didn’t watch Raw last night. I was working. I didn’t watch Hard Justice. I was working. I catch Smackdown as much as I possibly can, and I catch the Impact replay on saturday morning on an almost regular basis. I have an extensive amount of DVDs in my collection. Am I a consummate student of the game?? Hell, no. I’m not. But, the way I see it is this. Most of the people who criticize and anaylze this product couldn’t do a headlock from a headstand if their lives depended on it. And I’m at the top of that list.

To rip every single solitary aspect of the program just emphasizes how dreary and dank the mood of the general populus is. And truthfully, it’s really sad.

Is there reasons to criticize?? Of course. Is it our right as fans to criticize? NO doubt. I’m not in the least saying anything like that. I just felt like there was so much negative energy in the chat room, more specifically last night, that there was no chance in hell of trying to enjoy any part of the program. Sunday night was different, in my opinion, because frankly, I was pissed, and livid, about what had not been done during the PPV with regard to TNA and Kurt Angle, but last night, I just felt like the axe was being chopped on Raw awfully quick by a lot of individuals.

I expect and appreciate the dissection that the guys from WNL do when they analyze the product day in day out. I respect the opinions of all the individuals who reside in the WV chatroom, and I truly admire their passion for the product. I just wish there was a little more positive energy generated toward the talents. Not the suits in the back who write the scripts, believe me, I think they all should lynched and burned at the stake. (JOKE, JOKE)

Anyways, I’m going to get killed for writing this, and I’m ready to take my lumps. I hope that someone can understand, just a modachim of what I’m trying to say. I know, from my own perspective, I follow wrestling like I do to escape reality. To escape and focus on something that is enjoyable. There’s so much negativity floating around my personal life that sometimes, I guess, it seeps in to my hobbies. Last night would be a prime example.

Now, speaking of positives, to close this puppy, I’m happy to announce my son, a pal of his, and I will be in attendance at the Grand Ballroom in September for the next installment of Ring of Honor in New York City. My kid and I are especially pumped for this card because of three words.

Ladder War 2.

I have the two disc DVD collector’s edition of Man Up, and I watched the ladder war recently, and it still to this day was and is a sick, twisted, and devious match. I can only imagine what the twisted minds of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards can do as well with this environment. I heard rumours that it may turn in to a 3 team ladder war adding Mark & Jay Briscoe to the mix, and if that were to be the case, it would just increase the value of this match. I’m really stoked to be going to this show, and I can’t wait to see what the talents of Ring of Honor are able to pull off next.

I’ve read about the cost cutting moves done by Cary Silkin with regards to ROH, and I can’t be the least bit surprised. The economy is shattered, the environment is generally down for all sorts of entertainment expenses, so in order to make ends meet, sometimes costs need to be budgeted. God knows I’m getting a first hand look at austerity budgets at my job at this very moment, so I can’t be surprised what’s going down with ROH. Hopefully, everyone makes it out of this time of crisis unscathed.

It’d be really refreshing to see the professional wrestling business return to its roots and camaraderie within its talents and officials. This confrontational attitude that has seeped in to the companies has taken the product down in its quality, and has probably affected the overall bottom line within the entire spectrum. I truly hope that the powers that be realize that words are only so lethal, and actions are much more long lasting and memorable.

Wrestling is a dangerous industry. The talents are the stars of the industry. They deserve our respect, and our cheers, and jeers, when required. They also deserve the help they need when their bodies start telling them its time to step aside. Like Jim Ross said in his blog, training to be an olympic champion can be a blessing, and a curse at the same time. Kurt Angle right now, is cursed. I just pray that someone does something to stop the curse, before its too late.

Thanks for reading.

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