Notes from the Nosebleeds #27
August 15, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

The weekend is here. It’s time to read and bleed.

When someone asks how your day was do you ever say, “It was one of those days”? Maybe you just shrug as if to say ?I give up.? You know what I mean. You get out of bed even though you really don’t care to face what the world holds for you today. You have your routine that you do and then you eat/skip breakfast and begin the mess. Some people go to work, some to school. Some stay home, or wait for the night shift to start. Regardless of when we start our day and what our exact routine is, we all have know what it is like for that day to go haywire and really suck. We all know what it is like to dread the day or come home dreading the next.

Some of you are parents, some are kids. You deal with that parent-child relationship and try to find the right balance. You have your relationships or lack thereof that you continuously work to keep together. Then there is the job/school or lack thereof. Teachers/bosses or the bullies/jerk in the next office over, drag you down and out. It gets harder to maintain civilized world where everyone is restricted by rules of others. People blame the person sitting next to them or the individual on the other end of the line for their problems. You find yourself angry at the server or the kid behind the counter because the one thing you need to be perfect isn’t. And then one day you find yourself on the receiving end of such a treatment. Maybe some of you don’t pay it any mind at all, but for others we find ourselves wondering why it is the world works the way it does and if there is any solace left to be found.

Luckily, we are wrestling fans. You know what I’m talking about. After our case of the Mondays we just want to get home, kick back and enjoy a good Raw. The same goes for any other wrestling fan who finds solace in a wrestling program. Back when I was a teenager I found Mondays to be the best day of the week. Looking forward to Raw and Nitro helped me make it through the day. If I could make it through Monday, then the rest of the week I was good. As I found more comfort in wrestling, my dependence on it became a problem. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like an addiction. Eventually I became overly critical of everything I saw. I couldn?t watch a match in WCW or WWF without getting upset unless it was a cruiserweight match.

Luckily I have grown up and no longer find myself AS critical as I once did and am able to enjoy wrestling. As I was reflecting for this week’s column it got me thinking about our interest behind the scenes in the sport
and why we have that interest. A great deal of it is curiosity. It’s always exciting to hear who is signing where and what programs could be coming down the pipe. Jeff Hardy’s impending departure has caused a great stir on the internet and has made Smackdown the show to watch this summer. Another aspect is the IWC look at wrestling is so refreshing after decades of fans being kept in the dark about the inner workings of the sport. The rise of the IWC created a whole new depth to the fan base, giving them something more than suspicions that maybe something was a shoot. Look at the tabloids and their celebrity gossip, wrestling fans now have that media for the heroes of the ring as well as sites such as this that treat wrestling with respect and give it the coverage it deserves.

And there are other aspects, but I believe a strong one is our relation to professional wrestlers. We want to feel like these people on the screen are tangible. When we hear about what is going on their lives it gives us almost a validation in that they are like us which means we can become like them. However, with that access comes criticism because we know more about the inner workings of the sport than fans of past generations. Don?t get me wrong, I don?t mean to make our generation appear as arrogant. It’s just that we have a whole new dimension of access to the sport. With our criticism comes dissatisfaction with the performers and promoters. Perhaps our criticism stems from our bad days. At the end of the day we just want to watch the sport we love and enjoy it. Yet we find ourselves upset because the one thing we need to be perfect is not. In that sense we cross the line with wrestling where it becomes less of a pastime and just another part of a bad day.

In the end we must remember that it is a pastime and not to be taken too seriously. While criticism is well deserved at times, letting it get in the way of our love for the sport will only serve to turn us bitter. So I leave you this week hoping that all is well, and if it isn?t, kick back and watch a good wrestling match, and enjoy.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your solace.

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