WrestleView’s Trade Deadline (Draft) Special
Written by:
Anthony J. Valvo
General Managers: David Stephens (WWE), Chris Kelly (TNA), Josh Piedra (ROH)
Trade Insider: Jose Marrero
Commissioner: Anthony J. Valvo

Hello once again, students of WrestleView! It is I; Anthony J. Valvo bringing you yet another feature to what I think is the BEST WRESTLING WEBSITE out there on the Internet today! This feature is going to have a ?trade deadline? theme.

Here is what brought up this idea of this innovative feature. As you all know, earlier last month Donald Trump did a ?15 superstar trade? with the other brands (AKA I think the WWE messed up in the draft). Then came along the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline, which occurred a week or so ago. Being a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, it was sad to see the likes of Jack Wilson, Freddy Sanchez, Ian Snell, John Grabow, and others leave for some above average prospects. Another light bulb came up for me in between Trump’s ?trade? and the actual MLB trade deadline. Since I don?t teach during the summer, I decided to create a fictional trade deadline for the three top wrestling promotions in the United States. Then it hit me?I was going to need loads of help from some columnists of WrestleView.

Enter the WV Faculty, who never let me down. I sent an e-mail to the entire faculty, and I got four professors involved in this. I thank them for spending a lot of time on this in advance. I appointed three columnists as ?General Manager? for either the WWE, TNA, or ROH. In this feature, David Stephens (That’s A Wrap!! and ECW recapper) is our GM for the WWE. Chris Kelly (Resident Chat room user and substitute columnist because TNA Epics is no more) is our GM for TNA. Last, Josh Piedra (The Shoot) was appointed GM for ROH.

That is not all though. We also have a trade insider as well! Since I could not get another group in time, I appointed Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings) to be a third party Insider, kind of like a MLB insider after trades are done. He is one of the brightest wrestling minds on the web today, and I am honored to have him on board for this as well.

Here was the layout. The General Managers and I were at an undisclosed chat room and were given one hour to conduct trades. Overall, there were 12 trades (with one trade throwaway trade which I will still post). If this was real, dozens of wrestlers were going places (from tag teams to main event stars). After the trades were done, I got the GMs takes on why they made these trades. Also, I got the Insider’s take on these. Also, how much of an impact this trade would become on a 5 star scale. What you will see now is everything that was discussed. We all approved of it and it is ready for all to enjoy. So class heads up!! Pay attention!! The Trade Deadline Special Begins?NOW!!

(In Parentheses) is Mr. V’s Mid-2009 Ranking for each wrestler from that particular brand. You can find all of them at:


**David Stephens did not use the Star Rating**

**Jose Marrero did not provide his take for Trade #13, and I do not blame him**

Trade #1

WWE Received: Homicide (#27 in TNA) and Hernandez (#30 in TNA)

TNA Received: Shad (#45 in WWE) and JTG (#44 in WWE)

David: I was the first to act in the draft room and boldly proposed this trade to TNA. This was actually an overreach as I anticipated TNA rejecting and then I was going to ask for the Motor City Machine Guns instead. In a nice surprise to kick things off as TNA accepted. LAX is great as a tag team, plus you all know how much we here at the WWE love breaking teams up for no reason. So I know they can succeed in my company either way.

Chris: I’m a big fan of Shad and JTG as a tag team and if used the correct way they could be a great Big Man/Smaller Man tag team. I let LAX go as I feel they have run their course as a tag team(as TNA hinted a break up) and whilst I like Hernandez, TNA likes their tag teams and would rather have a decent active tag team than one that might be about to split up. 1.5 Stars

Jose: I think the first thing you have to recognize when looking at all these trades is what the goals are of each company. WWE taking LAX shows me that they may be interested in redeveloping there tag team division and well what better place to start than a tag team that many would feel is one of the top 5 tag teams in recent memory. If you are WWE you push LAX to the moon and you make them your Unified Tag Team Champions and give them a run and then when the run is over you try Homicide out in the mid card and maybe put Hernandez in ECW to give him a solid run there and groom him for bigger things later.

Now if you are TNA you are looking to recycle stars that may have already had there run over and over and over again and you are just looking for entertainment value and name recognition. LAX has had there run in TNA but Cryme Tyme has potential there. Say what you want about Cryme Tyme but there is no disputing that they are over with small children and if I am TNA that’s a demographic I want to reach. Give them a shot there and if push comes to shove you can always recycle JTG into the X Division where he may surprise people with his athleticism. 2 Stars

Trade #2

ROH Received: Low-Ki (Kaval in WWE) (unranked: no matches in WWE)

WWE Received: Kenny Omega (#17 in ROH)

Josh: Kenny Omega is still new to ROH fans while Low-Ki was a main staple and the first ROH World Champion. Losing Omega and allowing him to develop a better character in the WWE in exchange for getting one of the ROH Legends back on the roster was a good trade that will benefit both companies. 4 Stars

David: This is a great gain for the WWE. We were able to trade a developmental talent for a stellar wrestler. Low Ki has his strengths with in ring ability, but he sorely lacks on the microphone. Kenny Omega is the complete package. Omega is solid on the mic, a talented wrestler, and he is attractive to boot. Hey, let’s not pretend that how a wrestler ?looks? isn?t a factor in success.

Jose: If you are ROH in this trade scenario you start to recognize that being on TV means you need to have some stars with name value on TV to lure viewers in to see some of the rising stars in ROH. However in doing this you also don’t want to alienate your hardcore fanbase. Low Ki is the first ROH champion bringing him into the fold will give you someone who has a wide range of exposure all over the world and can pacify the ROH fans in the short term. However in the long term as you will see with a lot of the ROH trade choices I wonder how Low Ki can hold up working that strong style ROH style. He is not getting any younger and injuries are starting to take there toll on his body.

Kenny Omega is a WWE Homegrown talent having come up early on in DSW before becoming disenchanted with the WWE developmental system and asking for his release. If you are WWE you are looking to tap into Omega’s natural charisma and possibly groom him as a next generation version of Chris Jericho. 2 Stars

Trade #3

WWE Received: AJ Styles (#10 in TNA) and Daniels (#20 in TNA)

TNA Received: Jeff Hardy (#8 in WWE) and Shelton Benjamin (#22 in WWE)

David: This pick may seem lopsided to some, but I am confident in the company’s direction. Hardy may very well be the most popular wrestler the WWE has right now, but as we?ve seen in the past he can disappear from WWE TV, go to TNA and yet make hardly a small splash. If I was to immediately insert Daniels or AJ on to WWE programming they might not make it, so I plan on teaming them back up as a Tag Team.

Chris: Both AJ Styles and Daniels have been lost in the mix of the MEM vs. Frontline battle and are being much underused. Whilst I would like to keep AJ and Daniels, Shelton Benjamin could do some crazy a$$ spots as well and could fly around the ring with the X Diversion with the belt (to get him over) then be moved up into the World Title picture. As for Jeff Hardy, He is super over with the fans and I think he would bring a few fans from WWE into TNA plus he would be a crucial member of the MEM or as the big babyface fighting them. 4 Stars

Jose: Going back to the formula of redeveloping there tag team division WWE appears to have made a boo boo here sacrificing Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin here to get AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Sure AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels can go and will definitely be an asset to what is shaping up to be a excellent tag team division however the difference in charisma and popularity to Hardy and Benjamin that WWE is losing (specifically Hardy) makes this trade seem foolish. WWE will push Styles and Daniels as a tag team and try to push them both as singles stars only to see them both flounder in the mid card.

TNA really made a steal here. Sure they gave up two homegrown stars and one that could even be considered the face of the company but they got the most popular wrestler going in the business right now in Jeff Hardy. If TNA thought Hardy was over in his first stint with the company imagine how much they can get out of him right now? I see DVD’s, Toys and T Shirts flying off of the shelves as well as more mainstream recognition which is exactly what TNA is going for in this trade scenario. As much as we can praise the present TNA talent roster the truth of the matter is that younger stars such as Styles and Daniels are being wasted on the platform that is TNA and might be better off being recylced to the WWE where they can gain more exposure and work on becoming house hold names. Meanwhile you have a marketers dream in Jeff Hardy and a diamond in the rough in Shelton Benjamin as sort of a throw in. 4 Stars

Trade #4

TNA Received: Claudio Castagnoli (#2 in ROH) and Jerry Lynn (#3 in ROH)

ROH Received: Samoa Joe (#16 in TNA)

Chris: I’m gonna admit I don?t know much about Claudio Castagnoli but from what I?ve seen he looks pretty good so he would be good in TNA. Jerry Lynn is always good to have around as he was one of the “founders” of the X Div and could fit back in there to change it back to the basic form instead of this 300 miles an Hour, 50 moves per second train wreck it is at the moment. Another reason to have Jerry back is that he would be able to put talent over. Soma Joe in TNA is getting stale despite Taz coming in so with Joe out, i would place Taz with Teney as the announcers. 2 Stars

Josh: Claudio has been on the cusp of main event status, but can not hold onto it. His new character is developing and Jerry Lynn, while a former ROH World Champion, is more or less enhancement talent at this point. Trading them both for the longest reigning ROH World Champion and ROH Legend Samoa Joe was a great trade in my opinion as Joe could fill both of their shoes easily. 4 Stars

Jose: I dont like this trade for TNA. Jerry Lynn while still being good in the ring is past his prime and doesnt have that much time left in the business and the time he has remaining should be spent in the mid card if it is going to be in a major company and Claudio Castignoli in my opinion is where he needs to be in ROH. Sure Claudio can join the World Elite or something to that effect but there is not much for him to do but languish in TNA same thing for Jerry Lynn while the value they lose with Samoa Joe is just not worth it.

ROH is holding true in there tactics of getting back a homegrown star who now thanks to his exposure elsewhere has more name value. However as asked previously will ROH change there style because while wrestlers such as Joe came up in that style the injuries that have mounted over the years have taken there toll on his body and you have to think that ROH would like to have Joe in the main event scene as often as possible. You can’t do that if Joe is always out hurt. 3 Stars

Trade #5

TNA Received: Edge (#5 in WWE) and William Regal (#42 in WWE)

WWE Received: Chris Sabin (#6 in TNA) and Alex Shelley (#1 in TNA)

Chris: I’m a BIG William Regal have and if he was in TNA I could see him getting pushed whilst put over younger talent over on his way. Regal is one of these guys who don?t mind putting the younger wrestlers over and could provide TNA with something they are missing… Decent midcard talent. I would have him join The British Invasion and work as their mouthpiece/Manager whilst competing for the Legends Belt. Edge could work as a heel or babyface in the main event so he’s a decent signing for TNA. As for TMCMG’s, well I?m not a big fan of the new X Div which they seem to be a big part of. 4 Stars

Dave: Regal only has a couple of years left in him and I think that Edge is past his prime. I don?t see Edge making a difference or taking any fans with him to TNA so I?m using this trade to add depth to the tag division.

Jose: It would appear WWE is really just throwing out the bathwater with the baby on this deal trying to piece together a very hot tag team division but cleaning out its main event scene as well as it’s mid card. While I do agree with many that I am tired of seeing the same guys in the main event every month I don’t agree with just shipping them all out at once either. Especially in favor of just building up the tag team division. The Motor City Machine Guns are possibly the most underrated tag team in wrestling right now but with that being said a tag team is all they could ever hope to be and with the loss that WWE would suffer losing Edge and Regal you want more of an upside.

TNA really comes out great in this. They never knew what to do with the Guns in the first place and now they get Edge one of the biggest heels in wrestling to come to there side of the wrestling world with both Edge and Hardy on there rosters they already have two guys that they can make a boatload of money off of if used properly. They also get William Regal who is one of the greatest mid card workers in the business. Ever hear the phrase “turn Chicken Shit into Chicken Salad”? Well whoever came up with that must have been thinking of Regal because he is pure gold no matter what the role. Make him the commissioner, have him be the anti American guy, give him a group of anti American guys to lead it just doesn’t matter he will get it over. 3 Stars

Trade #6 (This trade was done BEFORE Kendrick was released, deal with it!)

ROH Received: Paul Birchill (#53 in WWE) and Brian Kendrick (#48 in WWE)

WWE Received: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) (both #31 in ROH)

Josh: The Young Bucks are still poorly known to the ROH Crowd and can afford to be traded at this point. Gaining a former ROH mainstay in Brian “Spanky” Kendrick and FWA’s biggest star of the early millennium, Paul Burchill is a great trade for a new tag team. 3 Stars

Dave: Allow me to reiterate my selection of The Young Bucks as Tag Team of the half year: This team first caught my attention as Paul London was talking them up leading into his return match to the Indy scene and honestly I thought they were overrated when I watched the match. Then I saw them in person at ROH and thought they were decent but unnecessarily flippy. Next I was watching Chikara’s King of Trios tournament on DVD and laughed my butt off when they played Hanson’s MmmBop for several minutes before appearing. This past weekend I saw them wrestle for DragonGate USA’s debut show and they stole the show bringing the entire arena, myself included, to our feet. The Young Bucks have come into their own, and their future is now.

Jose: This trade makes a lot of sense for everyone. Brian Kendrick is a ROH original with (I’ll say it again) some mainstream exposure which helps ROH as they grow on TV at the same time they have a guy who I think can still work the strong style of ROH and is probably settling into his prime as a wrestler. You also get Paul Birchill who is just a solid, solid guy in the ring. This would offset the loss of Claudio Castignolli nicely and ROH fans would warm up to Burchill much in the same way they have Brent Albright in the past.

Its hard to say the potential of the Young Bucks right now but we know that WWE loves the brother tag teams because it means at some point they get to do the brother feud. Still before they get there I think the Bucks could have awesome matches with Styles/Daniels, LAX or MCMG and all of these matches would be fresh. 1 Star

Trade #7

ROH Received: Kurt Angle (#4 in TNA)

TNA Received: Nigel McGuinness (#22 in ROH)

Josh: This is the biggest impact trade so far. Nigel McGuinness, while a tremendous wrestler for ROH, was traded for someone with equal talent with a little more impact in Kurt Angle. TNA gets a genuine main eventer that can really carry them into prominence and ROH gets a main eventer that can create some outstanding matches. It’s win/win for both companies. 5 Stars

Chris: Nigel McGuinness would be AWESOME in TNA as some new fresh blood that could wrestle the likes of Regal then be able to jump up to the main event and win the big one from the MEM. As for Angle leaving, His best days are behind him and with all the stuff with Angle/Jarrett/Karen; he would have a negative effect on the company. 3 Stars

Jose: I’m not sure if I like this trade for ROH. While Kurt Angle may be one of the greatest wrestlers in the world his best days are behind him and I really think it works against him to have him wrestle the ROH style. However if ROH accepts that Angle does not have much in the tank and uses him properly he can help get many of there guys over and elevate the company from a fan standpoint on TV.

This might be the best thing for Nigel McGuinness. Many have called him injury prone but I like to think that many of Nigel’s injuries are simply from exhausting everything in front of ROH fans. Once he comes to TNA he can slow it down a bit and stay healthier longer. He cuts a great promo and could easily be a main event heel in 6 months. This gives TNA something that they desperately need: A star who has not been in WWE but is competent enough to nurture to become a big money making star later on. I like it. 5 Stars

Trade #8

TNA Received: Zach Ryder (#56 in WWE) and rights to his theme song.

WWE Received: Jay Lethal (#13 in TNA)

Chris: “Oh Radio tell me everything you know” Mister Radio looked awesome on ECW and looked like a threat to Christian, conversing me in the progress that one day he might be a big star and I think he would fit into TNA just fine. As for Jay, The Macho Man gimmick is boring me and I wouldn?t know how to book him. 2.5 Stars

Dave: The hardest part of accepting this trade was giving up the rights to Ryder’s theme music. Despite the fact that there is a group of internet fans that are obsessed with Zack Ryder, the bulk of fans haven?t taken to him. Lethal should be able to appeal to the broader audience.

Jose: I think people are underestimating Zack Ryder as he really is starting to come into his own. TNA would do well to capitalize on his new Guido gimmick and push him as the annoying bastard he is.

Finally no Black Machismo!! WWE will utilize Lethal much in the same way that they have utilized wrestlers in the past such as Evan Bourne. As a matter of fact I think I want to be ringside for his and Bourne’s first encounter. 2 Stars

Trade #9

ROH Received: Kofi Kingston (#12 in WWE)

WWE Received: Tyler Black (#8 in ROH)

Josh: Kofi is a talented individual that can bring the juniors style matches back to ROH, which is something that ROH was out of control with, then learned to balance nicely, and then deviated away from. Bringing back the juniors styles matches in a harmonious balance with mat wrestling will help. Tyler Black is overrated and ROH was good to get rid of him. Kofi is more talented than Black and actually has a personality. 3 Stars

Dave: This particular trade in retrospect may not have been the best one for the WWE to make. It seems that my road agents had been pulling for Jimmy Jacobs but my secretary confused the messages. Not only is she fired, but I am saddened that we did not acquire the awesome hairstyle sported by Jacobs.

Jose: Kofi Kingston is one of the youngest, brightest and most exciting stars in wrestling right now. If you want a young star with no damage to him and mainstream recognition that can go, go, go then Kofi is your guy. Can you see Kofi vs Low Ki in a five star classic? I sure as hell can.

Tyler Black is very interesting here. On one hand why ROH would want to trade a guy that they invested so much into when they could have kept him on the show and put him against stars like Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe? However WWE can probably do so much more with him I mean look at what they have done with CM Punk. With the right amount of seasoning and comfort on the mic you could be looking at a guy that can main event Wrestlemania one day. 3 Stars

Trade #10

WWE Received: Abyss (#22 in TNA)

TNA Received: The Big Show (#18 in WWE)

Dave: A bit of risk on my part, but we here at the WWE feel that Abyss could be successful with some style overhauls. We are going to recreate a Mankind-esque gimmick and see what he can do in the midcard. ?Character? wrestling has traditionally brought success, a theme we wish to continue.

Chris: How many times can TNA bury Abyss? Abyss in TNA is now a joke. The Big Show is probably the best used big man (bar Mark Henry) and could replace Kevin Nash as the big man in the MEM or could be used to counter him in the frontline. 4 Stars

Jose: People have been clamoring for Abyss to join WWE for years and well here is why? WWE is lacking quality big men such as Abyss and with a little bit of a push you can easily have Abyss vs others who are similar such as Kane and The Undertaker. You also have a guy who is big but moves very well so he can match up with small guys like Shawn Michaels. If WWE takes enough interest in Abyss than I smell money.

The Big Show has just about done it all in his 13 year career. Except won the TNA title what a nice feather in the cap it would be for TNA if they could market the first wrestler to win the WWE,ECW,WCW and TNA world Titles on there show. You have to figure the schedule would be a plus for Show too as he will probably be fresher in TNA than he has in years. 3 Stars

Trade #11

ROH Received: Jamie Noble (#71 in WWE)

WWE Received: Delirious (#5 in ROH)

Josh: Jamie Noble is a hell of a wrestler that hit his stride in ROH and was a former ROH World Champion where Delirious has a character that would fit extremely well into the WWE. Jamie Noble gets rescued from mediocrity and made great use of and Delirious will prosper and be able to introduce his character for new fans. 3 Stars

Dave: Santino Marella is about to have his world rocked. I?m bringing in Delirious to tag with Santino as the combination of the two will be most excellent TV. ROH gets a guy back that has worked well in the company, and we got another ?character? for someone we hardly use anymore anyway.

Jose: ROH is still following there strategy of going with talent that has had exposure in the mainstream but is beloved by there main fanbase by bringing back Noble. Considering what it cost them here I don?t have a problem as Delirious was getting a bit stale in my opinion in ROH anyway. In Jamie Noble they have a wrestler who has already been the ROH champion so he is legit in the eyes of there fans and is the perfect size and build to work with anyone on that roster and help get anyone over.

I have to say even though I just said the gimmick is getting stale in ROH I like Delirious. He is the perfect kind of a gimmick to have in WWE as you can just market everything about him to kids. Can you see all the kids in MSG wearing Delirious masks? I can. 1 Star

Trade #12

ROH Received: Rey Mysterio (#6 in WWE)

WWE Received: Erick Stevens (#20 in ROH), Roderick Strong (#25 in ROH), and Brent Albright (#13 in ROH)

Josh: Rey Misterio is a legend and bringing him to ROH would help with the rebuild of the Juniors style as well as give ROH a new bonafide main eventer to work with. Rey is so versatile that he could have a tremendous match with anyone on the roster. ROH loses three mid carders that they have no idea what to really do with and while two are big men, they will prosper in the WWE and Roderick can get a better character to go along with his vicious chops. 5 Stars

Dave: Stevens and Strong have tag teamed in the past and I plan on putting them back together. Brent Albright is a tank and has potential as a believable midcard jobber. Losing Rey Rey may be a financial hit in the merchandise department, but creative has no more direction for the character.

Jose: Rey Misterio is one of the most innovative wrestlers to come along in the last 20 years but with that being said putting him on the ROH roster is detrimental to not just him but to ROH. I can understand ROH wanting to have another familiar name on the roster to attract viewers who would not otherwise watch but the fact that there are wrestlers on that roster who can do all of Misterio’s moves and then some makes Rey look ordinary and plain and well there is nothing special about that. I also think given Rey’s history of knee surgeries ROH is the last place he needs to be as that just couldn?t possibly last long.

Anytime you get 3 fresh talents like Stevens, Strong and Albright it has to be considered a great thing. Put any combination of the 3 together as a tag team and you have a solid tag team that can hang with anyone. If you leave them all singles and form a stable you have one of the best units going that can threaten any title in the promotion. A new version of the Radicalz if you will. 4 Stars

And our unofficial trade #13

ROH Received: Kevin Nash (#31 in TNA)

TNA Received: A half-eaten Twinkie and a stick of gum

Josh: This was actually a joke that I didn’t really think would go through, but this ended up going in for comical effect. No one should really take this trade seriously. This was for all fun and laughs. 0 Stars

Chris: I just don’t like Nash wrestling anymore. .5 Stars

Finally, who do you think got the best end of the deals?

Dave: I really don?t think any company got hosed in this particular draft. Being in charge of the WWE gave me the power seat in the trade room, a position I took full advantage of. Before we sat down I made a list of guys who under no circumstances would I trade. These included Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, HHH, Shawn Michaels and CM Punk. Outside of them I was open to trades which would benefit the company.

We here at the WWE have been toying with the idea of turning ?WWE Superstars? into a tag team themed show, so I traded for as many diverse teams as possible. The acquisitions of: LAX, Motor City Machine Guns, Styles & Daniels, The Young Bucks, and Stevens & Strong should provide great entertainment value.

I lost relatively few ?big names? and the couple I did won?t be that beneficial to the companies which acquired them. There is a certain quality about the WWE which allows certain gimmicks and wrestlers to succeed in the company, but not necessarily outside of it. This is a bankable notion we are counting on. Look to a bright future for the WWE!

Chris: TNA got rid of dead weight and was able to refresh all parts of the Company where as WWE rebuilt their tag team division. I think the overall winner was ROH as they gained many big names that would help them grow.

Josh: There were some interesting trades being made here. ROH’s goal was to bring back the established stars of the past, that have had television exposure in other companies, and re-introduce them to ROH fans. Having legends like Low-Ki and Samoa Joe would help reach out to WWE and TNA fans as well as satisfy the hardcore ROH fan base. While it cannot be all fan service, ROH acquired Kofi Kingston, Rey Misterio Jr, and Kurt Angle to help build the company in the main event picture. These are well-known athletes that can attract new fans to ROH. TNA acquired a lot of heavy hitters. They received some great main event talent as well as some mid-card talent to help boost their ranks, but they lost alot. Losing most of their tag teams means that they lost a considerable amount of their star power and because of that, I think TNA ended up worse than when they started. Without their X-Division, TNA will die. WWE gained the most out of this as they acquired a LOT of fresh, young talent. Motor City Machine Guns, AJ Styles and Chris Daniels, Kenny Omega, Roderick Strong, Erik Stevens, Brent Albright, The Young Bucks, and more will only re-establish WWE’s tag team division and give them so many fresh new match-ups that their programming will take a higher vested interest from many fans. WWE struck a gold vein with this trade and I believe they will end up prospering the most, ROH second, and TNA a very distant third.

Jose: This is a really hard question to answer as it is more loaded than you think. I think in the short term with TNA getting such solid main eventers as Big Show, Jeff Hardy and Edge that they will definitely be a force to reckon with as long as they play it straight. However in the long term WWE has a lot of young talent now from which to work with and if there is anyone that knows how to cultivate and grow young talent it is Vince McMahon. I think ROH became no better or worse overall as they now have some mainstream stars but lost a bit of the spark that they had that got them the fanbase they have in the first place. If I had to pick a winner in this based on what they got and who is left I would say WWE got the better end of these trades.

Well, I honestly thought that his article went real well. So class, here is the ?Ultimate? winner? Is it the way Josh handled ROH? David and the dominant force that is WWE? Or even Chris controlling TNA in the trade deadline. Please let me know by e-mailing me. The e-mail address is mistervwv@yahoo.com. ALL e-mails will be forwarded to the columnists who participated in this column. So, on behalf of David, Chris, Josh, and Jose, I am Mr. V reminding you to please push your chairs in and exit the classroom. Until next time, you are…DISMISSED!

Thank you all so much for reading this much-anticipated column. If we get enough feedback, we may do this again sometime in a few months.

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