With some of the lack of creativity that has been running rampant in all of professional wrestling, I thought of a good experiment to try and see how the minds of most of the general demographic that pro wrestling has been attracting can respond when they’re given the opportunity to guest host a WWE Supershow.

With all that done, I have had my first two “guest hosts” for WWE Supershows, and they are the two biggest fans of pro wrestling I know, certainly bigger than I am, (only in fandom, not in size), my two youngest sons, Brian and Jonathan. Jonathan went first, and as soon as he was getting some positive feedback through some of my channels on the internet, Brian was quick to follow.

I published their cards on my blog, and to save a little time and finger power, I will provide links to you here to go to my blog and check out what the minds of a nine year old, and an eleven year old think as the “host” of the WWE. Here are the rules. The champions must be current, and they can use any brand star they want, hence, a supershow.

I won’t lie to you, I did a little “tweak” here and there, to borrow a line from the current TNA Legends Champion Mick Foley, I tweaked a little, but overall, things are from the mouths of the sources on these pages.

They are VERY anxious to hear any feedback. I may do this more often, and if others want the opportunity to do their own fantasy booking on the Palace, I think I can figure out a way to slip things in.

Ok, here we go.

First, my 9 year old, Jonathan, who has been through hell and back physically, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish. To check out his card, all you have to do is click here.

And not last by any stretch, Jonathan’s elder brother, at 11, Brian. Brian’s card can be seen by clicking here.

Please scroll downward past the chat box to find the posts. I have some bells and whistles on my blog that will make looking for the posts a little bit difficult if its your first time visiting my blog.

It’s become almost an insanity with these two. They’re always wanting to play Smackdown vs. Raw or watch my DVD collection. I figured it was time to bring them in to the column fold, and see what bounces. Hopefully, something does.

Now, on to other business.

Vince is on edge because of the injuries and the status of the product.. This is news?? The roster is in shambles, your current World Heavyweight Champion has done everything but walk out, and there really is not a quick fix over the horizon. For the hardcore fan like me, it’s not a bad thing, because we get to see the Morrison’s, the Bourne’s, (hopefully), and others step up to the plate, but for the casual fan or the kids, its a different story. Out of sight, out of mind, out of business. Time for Vince maybe to step up to the plate and get some more talent in here. If they can go back and re-sign Masters and Eugene, anything is possible, and I think it may be extensively necessary to open the wallet, or if for nothing else, get some developmentals up here that may have some more talent than the WWE realizes. (I can think of only one that I know of who fits that last category, KAVAL aka Low Ki). Oh, and did I mention your flagship’s main event status is in the perverbial crapper??? No? Oops, my bad.

TNA. I didn’t watch it saturday. Why? Simple. Had business to do. One piece of business was to order my tix for ROH in New York City. 3rd row balcony of the Grand ballroom. My first go round on the 2nd floor of the Manhattan Center Ballrooms for an ROH event. Looking forward to it. Also picked up, surprisingly, The Bash and Extreme Rules for $15 a pop! Not bad. They were selling them for $20 elsewhere. RIP OFF! I also got Destination X 09 from TNA, if for no other reason, than the Ultimate X Match. SuiKaz, oops, I mean, Suicide’s “leap” is something I gotta see.

So, with that being said, I didn’t watch it. Off the reports I heard, I thought there was no reason to. And I’m probably right. So, let’s move on.

ROH. I WISH I got HDNet. I try to find the shows on Youtube whenever I can. I think this break has been good for the competitors. A little recharge. What I am curious about, and I said this when this new company was formed, are we going to see a similar feud between DGUSA and ROH like we did with CZW and ROH? I would think it may be the best thing for both companies, because ROH can use the talent, DGUSA can use the publicity, and the winners are the fans. I think Sapolsky should put his ego in the drawer, as well as Silkin, and get this deal done. Its already being sewn in with Danielson and RIchards on the DGUSA roster page, and frankly, I don’t think I have a shot of seeing a DGUSA show because I don’t think they’re gonna come my way, so I need ROH to bring them up here to NYC. I wanna see these guys close up, and not just the usuals who come in to the US, CIMA, Shingo, Yoshino and Doi. I wanna see them ALL. I think it’s the next big thing, and I want in. Just one man’s opinion.

Kudos, in closing, go out to my friend Anthony Valvo for his comprehensive stats on the product from all three brands, WWE, TNA, and ROH. I suggest you check it out, and to make it easy to do so, I’ll provide a link to the content by clicking here. It’s really unique in my opinion to see how he makes his point system up, and who is in the top 10 of the rankings for each company. I’d like to comment on a couple of the talents I see at the top of the leaderboards in closing.

In ROH, Steen at #1 doesn’t surprise me. The man’s a beast. He looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but hits like a truck. Lynn at the top is also no shocker, as his run as champion has really revitalized his career. One man who did surprise me up there is Delirious, I kind of thought when Delirious finally broke away from Jimmy Jacobs that he’s kind of dropped off the radar. Guess I was wrong.

In TNA, seeing Shelley at the top of the rankings is a shock. I think Shelley and Sabin have all the talent in the world, but based on spoilers and what I’ve seen lately, their heads need to be rescrewed on to their necks. Attitude gets you nowhere behind the scenes in this business, I’ve followed it long enough to realize that. Storm and Roode at the top do not surprise me in the least, I mean, how much of the first half of the year has Beer Money been tag champs?? A LOT. Seeing AJ’s record of 8 -7 and Joe’s record of 9 -7 really makes me believe that TNA has dropped the ball booking wise in so many ways, it’s almost too ridiculous to try and discuss it any further.

And finally, in WWE, I think Morrison as #1 is a coup. Morrison has flourished as a singles star, even in losing matches, and has skyrocketed up the ranks to world title contendership. I would not be the least bit surprised if Morrison doesn’t capture the belt from Jeff sometime in the near future. Punk, Jericho, and Mysterio, as well as Edge before he got hurt have all had stellar beginnings to the year, Jericho with an IC and tag title, Punk with a World title, Mysterio with 2 IC titles, Edge with the tag title, even with him being so banged up, it’s no wonder they’re all having stellar years statistically. One thing that stuns me is Randy Orton being 14th. I would’ve thought with his dominance of Raw that he’d be higher up of the draw.

Anyways, I thought that his work was so comprehensive, but there were some surprises on the boards that I needed to take the time to comment on them. Kudos to the Dean of Wrestleview.com, Anthony Valvo for a hell of a job. Check it out by clicking here.

As for me, my kids (future bookers of WWE) are driving me nuts. So let me go.

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Thanks for reading.