It’s friday morning. It’s 330am, you’re uncomfortable at the job, and you’re thinking how much of an ass you made yourself look like in the Wrestleview chat room during last night’s Wrestling News Live VIP Radio Show.

Sounds like a great way to start a column, ladies and gentlemen.

First, and I am going to make this quick, a public apology to Adam, the Trey Dawg, and the WNL crew, as well as anyone on the chat room at the time I was there loitering, and acting like an imbecile. It comes too naturally for me, and at the wrong times. That’s all I have got to say about that.

Now, down to business.

Since I more than likely won’t see TNA Impact 200 until tomorrow, I’ll save most of that for another time, but for right now, let’s discuss the release of THE Brian Kendrick.

Not THE Brian Kendrick?!?!?!?

Yes, THE Brian Kendrick.

Kendricks’s push on Smackdown peaked when he was WWE Champion for about 30 seconds during the Unforgiven set of scramble matches. From there, it plummeted till the draft, when Big Zeke went to the land of the extreme, and Kendrick went to be jobbed out like a rotting piece of meat on Raw. When you lose, as eloquently put by the WNL crew, when you lose cleanly to Jerry Freakin’ Lawler, you know your days are numbered.

Now, every single smart mark idiot in the ROH fan base is screaming for Spanky to return “home..” (not every ROH fan is an idiot, just most of them that frequent a certain part of cyberspace that I won’t mention here.) And don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen old Spanky matches from early ROH, and they are classic. I think it’s a viable pick up for ROH, especially with their forthcoming move to monday nights for television. One potential match that I would personally enjoy seeing, with ROH’s ability to bring in international talent, would be Spanky vs. Kota Ibushi from DDT.

And, if London ever gets off his infinity core cloud he’s stuck on somewhere, a reunion of London and Kendrick in ROH would be huge for the company. With TNA drastically scaling down the X Division like they obviously have, London and Kendrick would have zero shot to succeed in TNA, and I suspect eventually, we’ll see Londrick do their thing in ROH. Something I’ll enjoy, when the time comes.

Now, with a talent being fired, it brings up the beautiful debate for a guy like me to ponder and consider for your parousal?

Who’s next?

Festus – It’s obvious, as mentione earlier in articles, that Jesse has ties with Michael Hayes on Smackdown, with his father being fellow Free Bird Terry Gordy, so any potential reunion of Jesse & Festus ain’t gonna happen. With all that said, I think the comedic act is going to sour quickly, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Festus, or Drew Hankinson, is sent back to FCW to re-develop in to a new character. This guy is like the chameleon, he’s got multiple personalities. I remember him coming up as the Imposter Kane, and now as Festus. Well, this run has ended, and the future endeavors are probably being written as we speak.

Chavo Guerrero – I think WWE is pissed at Vickie for leaving how she did. I think WWE is taking out their frustration on Vickie at Chavo by having Chavo lose to Hornswoggle of all people in four separate matches. Chavo’s a proud wrestler, not a comedic ass clown. He may not be able to handle Vince’s ribbing like this, and may walk on his own. No proof on this, but it’s a good speculation, you have to agree.

Jamie Noble – His saving grace is he is a terrific personality to be used as a road agent for other matches, and to evaluate new talent. However, with Vince’s apparent near paranoia like mood swings, the axe could fall on the former ROH World Champion at any possible time.

Jillian Hall & Rosa Mendes – With what has been reported about Beth Phoenix’s recent absence, and WWE’s desire to go with more bikini built women in the divas division, these two ladies are on the outside looking in. I believe Phoenix will remain because of her sheer power inside the ring, she provides an unenviable feud for any women’s champion out there. However, both of these ladies are in jeopardy, I would think. Has Mendes ever cut a promo yet?

Primo or Carlito – I’m sorry, but unless they’re reunited as a tag team, I don’t see both of these men surviving long. I think Primo would be the first to get the axe because Carlito has more experience in the big dance. But both men as singles wrestlers, I don’t think, is going to work out long term.

Curt Hawkins – Someone who just feels a slight bit left out of most anything WWE, he hasn’t been really heard of for some time. His ex partner seems to be getting a rub on ECW, but Hawkins is standing on the plank, that is a lock.

Charlie Haas – He’s as talented as they come, and I think Vince will keep him as long as he doesn’t see him screw up, but I think if Haas drops the ball once in the limited opportunities he gets, he may be kicked to the curb.

Jesse – I’m sorry. Cryme Tyme’s gimmick works. “Slam Master J” doesn’t.

Jimmy Wang Yang – I’m really surprised he’s managed to stay on board as long as he has since the cruiserweight gold was removed from the active list. The man’s got ability to burn, but he lacks size in a big way. Vince’s predilection is to go with size. This could be a major problem sooner or later for the resident redneck.

Kung Fu Naki – When was he last even seen????? Someone tell me. How this guy is still employed is beyond me.

Ricky Ortiz – I don’t think the WWE Universe is “rallying up” behind this new talent. I know I’m not. But that doesn’t mean he’s doomed, this is more of a vote of no confidence from me on this guy. I don’t see where the hook is, at all.

The Great Khali – Are we going to play all of Khali’s big feuds back as in, part deux of Khali/Kane, or Khali/Batista, or Khali/Taker? This guy’s knees are peanut brittle, and he has shown no ability to improve his in ring skills. It stuns me he is still employed. There’s nothing new for this guy to do, so he should be given his walking papers, soon.

DJ Gabriel – If you’re part of ECW’s NSI, and you’re not getting air time, you’re in trouble. Big trouble.

Gregory Helms – Helms is not a broadcaster. Helms is a wrestler. As a broadcaster, he’ll be in trouble quickly.

Tony Atlas – If he doesn’t get paired with Big Zeke as in yesterday, and do a similar work up like he did with Mark Henry, Atlas is done. It’s already been rumoured that he’s on the way out, but he may be able to do this run one more time with a talent who has a tremendous physique, but needs the packaging. Jackson is that talent. Is WWE smart enough to go to the well twice?

Two men who I kept off, but barely, were Hornswoggle and Goldust. Goldust’s problems are his own mental demons. If he can keep himself cleand and alert, his character should fit in well in ECW. ‘Swoggle has gotten rubs from Chavo which is an absolute travesty for a Guerrero, and that may keep him in the fold for some time to come, but without Finlay by his side, the little guy is always on the cusp of getting the boot.

Moving forward, I have a few other topics to cover. First off, Foley’s latest blog criticizing the editing of the Impact show with the ridiculous keys on a pole match. And the hits just keep on coming. I personally find this very alarming for TNA because Foley’s not one to complain about much, and if he’s already complaining about what got left on the editing room floor, that’s not a good sign, in my humble opinion.

I read a report that since 2004 when Orton won the world title and became the youngest champion in WWE History, that the combination of any two of these fighters, Orton, Cena, or HHH have fought for a title a total of 25 times since. That statistic is compelling, its appalling, and it’s disgusting, all in itself. And this is Monday Night Raw, the freakin’ flagship of the company. Really shows how good the depth is in WWE main event talent.

I was supposed to be a part of Anthony Valvo’s WV Mid Year Awards, but my schedule did not permit me to do so. With that being said, I will provide you with the Palace Midseason awards, in a condensed version.

Wrestler of the Year
Jerry Lynn

I gotta pick Lynn because he was the man in the right place at the right time to dethrone Nigel, just a few weeks after his torture run through New York and surviving the GHC Jr. Champ KENTA. For Lynn to become world champion at that age is phenomenal. End of statement.

Match of the Year
Nigel McGuinness vs. KENTA for the ROH World Championship @ Manhattan Mayhem III

If you weren’t there live, you didn’t wince at every blow that KENTA struck. KENTA killed Nigel for 20 minutes, and still Nigel found a way to get it done. I’ve watched this match on DVD three times since, and it’s still sick to watch.

Newcomer of the Year
The Young Bucks

Not many tag teams really impress me out of the gate, but these guys did. I have only seen them once so far, but intend on seeing them again, soon. I want to pick up some work they’ve done in Dragon Gate, and their work in PWG has been very noteworthy around the net. I know they’re not rookies, but they’re new to me, and that’s why they win this nod from me. End of story.

Biggest Disappointment
Samoa Joe handing the TNA Title to Kurt Angle

After the amount of times that Joe and Kurt have killed each other all over the country and nearly the world, for Joe to turn in such a ridiculously stupid way is just absurd. It’s typical cheap ass booking with no creativity, and no imagination, and its just a way to put Samoa Joe in the mafia, and attempt to get him heel heat. It’s been disappointing at best, and a disaster at worst.

Biggest Pile of Bullsh*t
Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle outside of the squared circle

Whoever was the smegma that leaked this ought to have his tongue cut out of his head and used as a pen wipe. Personal lives mean nothing when the individuals are involved in the public domain, and all this story has done is hurt the TNA product. The fact that it’s been made in to some sort of turf war is the bullsh*t part, because it should’ve been resolved behind closed doors, privately, and quickly. Obviously, that’s never going to happen in wrestling.

WWE Best and Worst Performances
Wrestler – Tommy Dreamer
Tag Team – Legacy
Heel – Randy Orton & Legacy
Babyface – Triple H
Surprise – Dreamer wins the ECW Championship.

Legacy has proven to be the future of the company, and it’s just a matter of time before they wear gold. Orton has been on his game for months now, and his run as WWE Champion seemingly has no apparent end. Triple H has been trying to get himself over as a heel for months now, and can’t seem to do it, as the fans cheer for him relentlessly. And if you can’t acknowledge Tommy Dreamer winning the ECW Title in every sense of the word as the achievement, upset, and surprise of the year thus far, you need your head examined.

Work is beckoning, so its time to go.

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