From the Desk of Mr. V #26
July 30, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Hello students of WrestleView! Please, forgive me for my joyous attitude. As I am typing this, it is July 29, 2009?which means less than one month of summer vacation until the upcoming 2009-2010 school year begins! So now is the time where I am in ‘spring training? mode, time to forget about summer and think of the new ways I can make learning better for the students I teach. It is also time for me to get back in teacher mode (or Mr. V mode to some).

Now this week we have a few headlines that I would like to go over with the class. Also this week, some reviews of the TV Wars, Gold Stars, Classroom Rules, and more. So if the teachers need to focus on the school year, so do the students! Pay Attention, the bell has rung (if you have a bell, ring it now)! School is in session!


Now I was going to go with the inspirational quote once again, but then I was in the WrestleView chat and something come up. We realized how much WWE Raw announcer Michael Cole loves using the ?V? words. I for one am surprised he has not mentioned ?Mr. V? during a live telecast. Hopefully by the end of the year, it may happen. However someone in the chat room (and from Pittsburgh I believe) came up with a great quote that deserves notice here on ?From the Desk of Mr. V?. If you can think of a better one, I would like to know.

?Vintage Cole loves the vertical base of Randy Orton’s vicious pants viper?

– chat room member dbe451

Say what you will, I thought it was very creative and funny to boot. Now, if we could find ?vultures? in that quote, it would be perfect! Oh wait, Cole said the vulture was Jericho, not Orton.


**Student, there is still time until your summer vacation is over! If you have a classroom rule that you believe should be noted, please e-mail me at**

70) NEVER sleep with one of your employee’s wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends. (from Jamel Watson).

Student Explanation: Jeff Jarrett might have just killed his company with the dumb decision he made by hooking up with Karen Angle. Jeff Jarrett could have chosen to date any other woman but no, this idiot chooses to sleep with his biggest stars ex-wife and no he not only has but his business in danger of going out of business but he put many other people in danger of losing their jobs. Do you think proud men like Booker T, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, and Mick Foley would want to run back to WWE desperate for a job and have to put their tails between their legs to Vinnie Mac. No but that is what Jeff has put them in a position to do by not keeping it in his pants and sleeping with Ms. Angle. Vince is a lot of things but he was not stupid enough to mess with any of his talents partners or wives. Now on the flip side Kurt could have not reacted so badly after all he and Rhaka Khan were sleeping together at the time he was getting a divorce so he shouldn’t be so mad because he is wrong just like Jeff and Karen. Now TNA is in a spot that no one should have to be in and that is possibly losing one of their biggest pieces that make that company successful. If Kurt leaves then the biggest star leaves and that will not be good for business and if Jeff leaves then the founder is gone could sign with WWE and end up burning them on a weekly basis. This is all bad for TNA and many stars Like Joe, Daniels, AJ, and many others might have to go to WWE by force not by choice. TNA=RIP.

Mr. V’s Take: I am one that is old-fashioned. If you marry a woman, you stick with her through thick and thin. I am blessed to be married and have a daughter right now and forever. I think it is never a good thing to mix business with pleasure, and that is what this whole love triangle comes down to. I mentioned this previously, that Kurt and Jeff should have handled it in-house. But no! Jeremy Borash (I think) called a radio show to leak out this news and save his job.

What should TNA do, keep Jeff or Kurt? Maybe bring Karen back and put her on a pole so Kurt and Jeff can win her heart over? No, how about this?fire both of them! You want to solve this problem? If I am Dixie Carter or whoever, I want this business to run smoothly and not have this ?drama?. The drama should be scripted, not in real life situations. If she could just fire Jeff and Kurt for acting like immature high school freshman, then it can solve a lot. You can still have your MEM and TNA Originals. Maybe I am overreacting on this, but I am tired about behind-the-scenes wrestling ?drama?. I still think that Kurt Angle has taking this WAY out of hand since he is dating different women as well (like Rhaka Khan, who should not even be employed in the wrestling business). If TNA does go under and this was one of the reasons, then I feel sorry for the guys like Daniels and AJ who have done great work and STILL really are underrated.

I also had a rule regarding title matches from Michael Fox, but since there were in fact two women’s title matches during Night of Champions, I omitted that one out. Still, only 30 more rules and we have 100!! So students keep firing away with the rules until the school year begins. Then they will only be MY rules!! Onto period number three From the Desk of Mr. V.


Obviously when the school year begins, I will only go through a couple headlines. But there are four headlines that I thought were worth mentioning, enjoy!

HEADLINE #1: We are the Champions, my friends (followed by a guitar rift)

Mr. V’s Take: The Night of Champions PPV is over. The champions and the challengers fought till the end and we got some that retained and some new faces holding titles. From what some of my friends and students told me, it was not a bad PPV.

As for the champions that retained (McCool, Rey, Orton, Jericho, and Kofi), I actually liked that they defended their respective titles. McCool needs for of a title run, Kofi may still be the best man for the U.S. Title (though Swagger would be better in my opinion), Rey is still over, Jericho and Big Show are still the best ones to hold the tag belts, and Orton needs to keep his heat. I also heard that Dolph Ziggler was originally going to win his match with Rey Mysterio. Though I would love to see that happen, I am glad they threw a changeup and Rey kept the Intercontinental Title.

As for the new champions (Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Christian, and Mickie James), it was not bad. I am still puzzled as to why Jeff Hardy won the title last Sunday. I heard now that he signed a brief extension, so I guess putting a title on him puts him over for that time frame. So if it is short term, I am fine with that. I still was hoping that Punk would have the title for a longer run, as his heel persona was done perfectly. Big Show was a good choice for Jericho’s mystery partner (which Mike Tedesco predicted!!). He is that big force of man that Jericho could hide behind when Jericho calls up parasitical hypocrites. Mickie James is one of the better women wrestlers today, so the Diva’s Title is a nice reward for her efforts in the ring the past year or so. Since now we hear that Maryse needs surgery on her knee, I think the best person for her to relinquish the title to was Mickie. I am a Christian fan, no doubt about that. He is the top guy in ECW and the title should be around his waist. Tommy Dreamer is a great story though and I am glad he held that title for more than a month. Seriously though, Christian is more talented and should be the man to carry the ECW banner for a while.

HEADLINE #2: Where in the world is? Beth Phoenix?

Mr. V’s Take: Well, this was a mystery to me. She has the talent to be a formidable Women’s Champion. She was so dominant during her matches in 2008, her talents in the ring rivaled that only of Awesome Kong. So does the WWE take advantage? NO! She has Beth Phoenix drop the Women’s Title to Melina in January, puts her in the skit with Santino, gets pinned by ?Santina? in a pay per view, and she was not seen for almost a month during RAW.

So why wasn?t she, the most dominant force among divas, involved in programs and winning? Did she have heat with Vince? Did she sleep with Mickie James? ex boyfriend? Well, according to a reliable news source, it was because the WWE does not think she has a ?bikini look?. So what!! This is not what they should be doing to a female wrestler who is obviously better than all but a select few. I know in some cases ‘sex sells?, but don?t take it out on someone who improved her work in the ring and may not have the body that sells.

HEADLINE #3: Traci Brooks is the next women’s wrestler to post for Playboy.

Mr. V’s Take: I was asked to give my thoughts on this topic and I only can say one thing. I don?t care. I am not going to berate this move either. TNA is doing this for ?business?. If it helps the TNA product, I guess it is ok. Will Playboy get more magazine sales? I think so, more than usual. However the big question looms?

Will Mr. V buy that magazine? N-O!!! I am just not interesting in that magazine anymore. I know some people in the wrestling world will buy it, but Mr. V says he is not one of them.

HEADLINE #4: Big Show?Santino Marella wants his ring attire back!

Mr. V’s Take: If I had a ?Worst Ring Attire of 2009? award, it would go to the attire that the Big Show is currently wearing. If you look at it carefully, it is exactly like Santino’s, only without his logo on it. I know that the whole ?looking like Andre? thing might be a little old, but the Big Show’s new ring attire is laughable right now. It looks like he should be the bodyguard for Santino Marella, not for Chris Jericho. However that tag team of Show/Jericho will be awesome!! I hope they have a long run with the tag titles. Perhaps a reign that will last until WrestleMania 26 when Edge comes back and his partner would be?..maybe his brother Christian?? Make it happen, WWE!! WM 26 Tag Title Match: Jericho/Big Show vs. Edge/Christian!! I know my students would love to see that.

HEADLINE #5: RAW was Shaq-tacular!

Mr. V’s Take: To just speed this period up and get to the detention part, I will just say this about Last Monday’s Raw. Other than Cryme Tyme being in the main event, I loved it!! Shaq will be by far the best guest host the WWE can have!


This week, I have to put the following in?


WWE and Hulu – There are more violent things on TV than the stuff that WWE has on their programming. Cut the crap and show a little bit of violence already!!

RAW Creative – I am getting tired of the HHH/Orton/Cena cycle. Reminds me of my laundry cycle. Wash, repeat?wash, repeat? Raw has the talent, please use it!!

Brett Favre – I am so happy that you stayed retired. Now go and do some Wrangler Jeans commercials or something like that.

Minnesota Vikings – Now the front-runners to getting Michael Vick. I still think that Jackson is a good QB for them.

TNA Wrestling – They are still going to bury their young talent. MEM is not bad, but I am actually more excited to see the World Elite faction (sans Eric Young of course).

RAW Production Team – I don?t know if anyone caught that on the 7/20 episode of RAW, then the main event montage was up, they played the theme for ?WWE Superstars?. I thought it was funny.

Michael Cole – You stay on here because you can?t call gimmicky matches. All you do is laugh. At least show a sense of humor like some other announcers employed by the WWE.

Dixie Carter – She could have handled the love triangle a little bit better.

Whoever designed Big Show’s New Ring Attire – No explanation, you deserve it.

Vince McMahon – I know it will never happen, but do what you say in those storylines and SHUT UP!!! Don?t make it public when you are disgusted about something.


Jeremy Borash – I just flat out don?t like the guy. He just looks like someone that would be nice to you, but then say sometime to your boss so that he can keep his job and you would get fired. He is a low life. Eternal Detention until future notice!!

Jenna Morasca – She was caught lying to the media about her time in training for her ?match? at Victory Road. I don?t know what is worse, having her train for a match or actually Jenna winning that match.

TNA Booking – Not a lot will be on Vince Russo. It does take more than one to tango, so blame goes to all of them. Drop the gimmicks, they are not working.

The Bella Twins – I know people will say ?why them?? They are only in the WWE because they are attractive twins that Vince got for a good price. Let them go back to FCW or else they are going to embarrass themselves.

Pittsburgh Pirates Ownership – Now we lost Jack Wilson, Ian Snell, and (soon) Freddy Sanchez. I am not complaining on who we got for Wilson and Snell, but the team looks like another 10-year rebuilding plan. It is like the are TNA and the Red Sox are like the WWE, doesn?t it?

That RAW fan in Green Bay on June 22 – You sir should apologize to the 3.5 million people who had to see your disgusting face for two hours. You made a fool out of yourself and should have been kicked out of the premises for your antics.


Like the past few weeks, I am going to provide what I believed are the top three matches for this past week on the programming of WWE, TNA, and ROH. So, my top three matches are as follows (and there were some really good one under the ?Honorable Mention? list).

Distinguished Honors – American Wolves/Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen/El Generico/KENTA, ROH on HDNet, July 18.

High Honors – Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho, Friday Night Smackdown, July 24.

Honors – CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio, Friday Night Smackdown, July 24.

Once again, Smackdown gives us some great wrestling. Hardy vs. Jericho was a great way to start off last Friday’s show and Punk vs. Rey was a solid main event. The match that really stood out for me was the 6-man Tag that Ring of Honor provided the viewing audience with on July 18. All six involved I thought gave the viewers a great exhibit of what you need to do in professional wrestling. In my opinion, this is a darkhorse for Match of the Year. However there are so many really good matches this year.

Honorable Mention goes to: Silas Young/Bobby Fish vs. The Young Bucks on 7/18; Brodie Lee vs. Delirious on 7/18; Kofi Kingston/Primo/MVP vs. Jack Swagger/Carlito/Big Show on 7/20; Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho on 7/20; HHH/Cena vs. All of Legacy on 7/20; William Regal vs. Yoshi Tatsu on 7/21; Goldust vs. Shelton Benjamin on 7/21; Christian vs. William Regal on 7/23; Kane vs. John Morrison on 7/23; Samoa Joe vs. Homicide on 7/23; Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay on 7/24; Eve Torres vs. Natalya on 7/24

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK – Ezekiel Jackson vs. Mike Williams (jobber), ECW, July 21.

Big Zeke was not really a factor until a few weeks ago. Though he is the spitting image to Ahmed Johnson (same ring attire and everything), I can only see him as a guy to jobbed easily to Jeff Hardy a few months ago. But still, I need more than a few power moves. And to think I almost went Hornswoggle vs. Chavo again.

Dishonorable Mention goes to: Brian Kendrick vs. Jerry Lawler on 7/20; Chavo Guerrero vs. Hornswoggle on 7/20; Gail Kim/Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox/Rosa Mendez on 7/20; Amazing Red vs. Kevin Nash on 7/23; Booker T/Scott Steiner vs. Rocco/Sally Boy on 7/23; The Great Khali vs. Mike Knox on 7/24.


As always, reader feedback is welcomed on this portion. Please pick what you thought was the best show of the week (even if you only watched two of the shows) by e-mailing me at Feedback is appreciated in this portion.

So, here are my thoughts on each show this past week?

ROH on HDNet (July 18) – Top to Bottom, this was a very entertaining show! They told a great story about Jimmy Jacobs. We had a good promo with Austin Aries and we wonder what will happen when the rivalry of Danielson and Black continue. Adding Nigel McGuinness is only going to make it even more entertaining. There were only three matches on the card, but all of them were well scripted and very good. The main event (6 Man Tag I mentioned in my Honor Roll) was the match of the week. It was terrible from the first second to last. The Young Bucks look to be a tag team to watch, if you liked the 1990s version of the Hardy Boys. Delirious and Brodie Lee also worked a good match. In my opinion, this was the second best show of the week because it had a perfect blend of entertainment and wrestling for a one hour show.

Points: One Point from Mr. V.

Monday Night Raw (July 20) – I am a big fan of ZZ Top, so I am probably biased when I say that I did enjoy the segments involving them and Santino (even though I know they were taped). I did like the Maryse/Mickie James segment. But to be honest, that was a good hint to me that Mickie was going to be the champion come Sunday. The non-wrestling stuff was good, but some of it could have been better given that it is the flagship show. The wrestling portions were good, but some of the bad really were shown. That diva’s tag match was bad. Alicia Fox missed a lot of spots in that match. I do feel bad that Gail Kim was in this match, she is better than this. The Tuxedo Match was bad. Chavo should be treated better than this. Now Kendrick hates Lawler, and the match was ok. Kendrick deserves better in a way. Other than that, I really enjoyed the 6-man tag opener, and Primo winning that may help him get a slight push in his on-going feud with Carlito. Mark Henry must be a late-bloomer because the past few months he has been great. It might be the guys that he is up against, but his performance makes him a ?Most Improved? candidate. The main event was pretty good with what I thought was a predictable finish. To me, I would makes this the third best show of the week, so no points will be given to them. Now next week with Shaq Daddy as the guest host, it could be different.

Points: Zero Points

ECW (July 21) – This show was not bad. I liked the opening match and towards the middle. Ezekiel Jackson will have to do more to show me that he can compete in the WWE. Tyler Reks is still a question mark to me. Sure he is the FCW Champion right now. But from what I seen of him, he is not impressive. Right now I can see him as nothing but a Ricky Ortiz-type guy, a low-mid card ceiling. Ask the Divas was terrible, who cares? Sheamus spoke in a segment and it went well, I can?t wait to see his next match. Oh yeah, we had another Abraham Washington Show. Say what you want about Mr. Washington, I laughed (a lot) when he was joking around with Tommy Dreamer. Overall it was great show non-wrestling wise, but just average from a wrestling standpoint.

Points: Zero Points

WWE Superstars (July 23) – I don?t think there was a segment on this show other than promotions for Night of Champions. Now for wrestling, this was one of their best shows since its inception. This show gave us John Morrison, Evan Bourne, and Christian! What more can you want on this type of show? All the matches were good and each wrestler was proficient, as each one had a tremendous arsenal. Say what you want about Jamie Noble, but this was his best match so far this year. He really took it to Bourne in this one. Since I did not see any other than wrestling (no interview segments), it gets zero points this week.

Points: Zero Points

TNA Impact (July 23) – Taz debuted this week to a lukewarm reaction at best, promoting his apprentice Samoa Joe. The segments were quick and average. Nothing really stood out. It was just the usual, MEM wants TNA (obviously), Eric Young wanted to prove himself, Mick going crazy, etc. The in-ring stuff was mediocre. I did not see anything that was great on the card, maybe the Joe vs. Homicide match. Traci Brooks returned this past week and ended up being the newest member of the Main Event Mafia (to Kevin Nash’s delight, as Traci Brooks hugging Nash reminded me of my grandma’s wiener dog humping my Aunt’s leg on Christmas morning). And Eric Young has another gimmick. Can you tell I was a bit unimpressed with TNA last week? I just hope for something better next week. And please can we get Jenna Morasca off the set?

Points: Zero Points

Friday Night Smackdown (July 24) – I loved this show!! The wrestling card from top to bottom was impressive, even if John Morrison was not on the card. He did, however, get a really good one minute promo. CM Punk lost his match to Rey by DQ (but still impressive), and his challenge to the WWE Universe made me think how much my life would be better off without having a beer (I don?t smoke anyways, so that makes me 50% straight edge, right?). Yesterday though, I had a few beers so I failed CM Punk’s challenge. I wonder what is going to happen when Khali and Kane start wrestling each other in this feud. Will it be as bad as I think it will be? Eve wrestled Natalya, and I had to say it was pretty good for a women’s match. Eve’s Moonsault could be a little bit better, but she has improved a lot in the ring since wrestling Michelle McCool earlier this year. Speaking of McCool, her segment with Melina was pretty good. Glad that McCool is still the women’s champ. Also good, no Pretty Ricky! Still, this was a great show and again the students and I agreed on something. Friday Night Smackdown is just immensely better than the other WWE shows.

Points: Three Overall (Two from Mr. V and One from the Students).


1) Friday Night Smackdown (45 Points)
2) Monday Night RAW (32 Points)
3) ECW (14 Points)
4) TNA Impact (13 Points)
5) ROH on HDnet (7 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (0 Points)


Presented by: JR’s Bar-B-Q Sauce!! If you try it once, you will only want to buy this stuff. Also, if you buy 12 bottles the shipping is FREE!! So what are you waiting for? It is a slobberknocker kind of offer!!

Some thoughts about my grades for the commentators this week:

1) The ROH commentators, chemistry wise, were a very good tandem this week.
2) Jerry Lawler was a better wrestling last Monday than an announcer.
3) Don West needs to have a ?medium level? voice. It is either too soft or too loud
4) Mike Tenay continues to sound like a robot at times. I mean he calls the matches ok, but there is no emotion in it.
5) Though Todd and JR did another good job, they should never call a male wrestler ?Delicious?. That reminds me of Buff Bagwell.
6) Matt Striker’s commentary this week was exceptional! He was not too dominant and let Josh do his play-by-play.
7) Josh Mathews improved this week and thank goodness he was allowed to speak.
8) Michael Cole still astonishingly has a job in the WWE. On a lighter note, a wrestling fan gave me a clip on when Bob Holly called Cole a ? little $hithead? (remember, no profanity in my column but I can use a dollar sign for an S, I think)


Micheal Cole – F (2009 Grade: D+)
Jerry Lawler – C- (2009 Grade: C)


Josh Mathews – B (2009 Grade: C+)
Matt Striker – A (2009 Grade: A-)

WWE (Smackdown)

Todd Grisham – B (2009 Grade: B)
Jim Ross – B+ (2009 Grade: A-)


Mike Tenay – C (2009 Grade: C+)
Don West – C (2009 Grade: D)


Mike Hogewood – C+ (2009 Grade: C-)
Dave Prazak – B (2009 Grade: B+)


Another week, another PPV predicted. It was a good showing for the majority of The Faculty, with Mike Tedesco and Josh Piedra winning the predictions for the PPV. Joe Baiamonte continues to be the leader with an impressive 59-40 record since we started the picks with TNA’s Against All Odds in February 2009.

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..59-40 (4-4)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)…..57-42 (4-4)
3) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)…..55-44 (3-5)
4) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)…..55-44 (4-4)
5) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..53-46 (4-4)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)…..50-49 (4-4)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)…..49-35 (4-4)
8) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..46-33 (6-2)
9) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)…..46-41 (4-4)
10) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)…..43-30 (4-4)
11) Chris Kelly (Ex-TNA Epics Recapper)…..31-18 (4-4)
12) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..31-33 (2-6)
13) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..28-24 (5-3)
14) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)…..14-9 (6-2)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)…..9-8 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..4-4 (0-0)

**I received 13 sets of predictions from the WV students and they averaged 4.1 wins. According to the Rule of Estimation, the students have went 4-4 this week, tying them for third place with former Dean of WrestleView Dave Stephens**

MISTER V?S GOLD STAR SEGMENT (Provided By The WrestleView Faculty)

Gold stars are once again plenty this week and they go out to the following:

Chris Masters – I am so glad you are back in the WWE. Please, Please don?t mess up this time!!

Mickie James – She is the NEW Diva’s Champion. Unless, Adam and Trey took the title hostage.

Big Show – Congrats to you big man!! All your hard work and jobbing to John Cena all these months have led you to becoming Jericho’s Mystery Partner and Tag Team Champion.

Christian – He is the NEW ECW Champion! I think now he is the first two-time WWE/ECW Champion since Bobby Lashley (I know Tommy Dreamer is a 2-time ECW Champion as well, but his first occurred before WWE brought the brand name back).

Jeff Hardy – He is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. This was a big surprise to me. I guess the WWE lured him back for at least one more month. Based on his popularity, they had to do it.

Mike Tedesco and Josh Piedra – Gold stars awarded to you both for winning the Night of Champions portion of Predictions From The Faculty

Joe Baiamonte – Dean of WrestleView for another month. His reign has been dominant, as he solely lost his spot on once.

Paul Pomykala – This WrestleView student posted an impressive 7-1 PPV record, which I think was the best one of the weekend.

To all WV students who have completed the latest Homework assignment – You will be called in name next week, after I present the remaining parts of the 2009 Mid-Year Awards.

The wrestlers that made the Honor Roll – It just seems like the same ones are on the Honor list. It is just because they are the best workers!

Jack Wilson – One of my favorite Pittsburgh Pirates is now gone and playing for a team that can actually win. Believe me with Ian Snell, the Seattle Mariners got a couple of pretty good ballplayers and did not have to give up much.

Shaquille O?Neal – Monday Night Raw was great. The card was average, but since you were the GM it was a good show. Congrats!

Maryse – She got some serious knee surgery this week. I hope she recovers soon because she is getting better in the ring. But on Sunday, he knee finally got the best of her. Get Well, Maryse!!

TNA – Just before I sent this out I find out that they signed Elijah Burke!! I can?t tell you how happy I am with TNA’s latest pick-up!! More on this next week.

Jamel Watson – For providing a classroom rule. Thanks again and Happy Birthday to you (though belated).

dbe451 – A very entertaining quote of the week, my friend. I told you I would put it up on there. Thank You.

To all students that sent me predictions – We had as much as we did for Wrestlemania!! I hope this trend continues.


Next week, I will go over the homework assignment I issued out two weeks ago. I did get some very good responses to the questions and I will provide the answers next week (since next week will be a much slower week from the teacher’s desk). One more time, here are the two questions. Please answer them by August 6, 2009:

1) Who is the most outstanding wrestler of the year? (It could be any type of wrestler on any brand in professional wrestling)

2) Not including PPV matches, what do you think was the best match of the year so far? (If you don?t know the answer, just answer question #1).

That sums it up this week. Thank you all for reading and participating in this professional wrestling classroom. And as always if you have questions regarding my column or want to send your thoughts, you can do so at Until Parts 4 and 5 of the 2009 Mid-Year Awards, this is Anthony Valvo telling you to enjoy the week that approaches. Also, I want to say thank you for reading my double-header today (Part 3 of the Awards and now this column) You are officially…DISMISSED!

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**Mr. V does not do MySpace (never will) or Twitter (or is he?)**

If not for the students, there would be no Mr. V. Thank you all for reading this week.

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