Notes from the Nosebleeds #24
July 25, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

Gossip. We love it. We thrive on it. We need it. It runs throughout our lives be it a circle of friends or work. The juiciest gossip is that of the entertainment world. A few years ago the rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina were running rampant. People thrived on the idea of Tom Cruise eating an umbilical cord. Today we feed off the rumors of Kristen Stewart’s love life and create conspiracy theories about Michael Jackson’s death. Gossip seems to be more nourishing than a healthy meal.

The gossip of the entertainment world also extends to professional wrestling. The first Undertaker died but was replaced by another one. Montreal was a work. Rumors of Hulk Hogan’s family life are running as wild as Hulkamania ever has. This week another situation has arose which has wrestling fans speculating. It has been announced that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are an item. A mystery caller made the announcement on the radio, tearing open a pillow atop a skyscraper and letting the feathers scatter. At first it was reported that Dixie Carter had removed Jarrett from TNA temporarily. Now it has been revealed it was Jarrett who made the move himself. There was a rumor that Kurt Angle was going to take over Jarrett’s job and had the support of the locker room behind him. Now those rumors have been hosed out. What a juicy story we have.

As I was driving home from work yesterday I began thinking about the 2005 affair between Lita and Edge. As I drove down the highway I thought about the twists and turns of that whole situation. It was this big deal behind the scenes. The wresters knew about it, the writers knew about it, and so did the fans. Yet it went unacknowledged?until it could be used to make money! Edge and Lita were seen as the offenders by the fans. They had betrayed Matt Hardy, to whom the internet fans are very loyal. WWE capitalized on this when they formed a heel alliance between Edge and Lita and brought back Matt Hardy with a huge babyface push. It worked out much better for Edge as he and Lita played off each other very well. Edge even became a main-eventer during this time. For Lita, things would never be the same. The fans would continuously call her a slut. When Trish Stratus retired from wrestling, she was given a huge win and had a standing ovation. Two months later in her last match, Lita lost and was booed out of the building.

All of this got me to thinking about what may happen with Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and Karen Angle. Feeding off my rumor habit, it appears that Jarrett and Angle are able to coexist backstage. Hardy and Edge were able to do the same because they are professionals. Once Jarrett comes back to TV, will TNA run a storyline about this? Will they have Angle, mad with power be challenged by Jarrett who has one thing on Angle that acts as kryptonite; his wife? Ask yourself these questions and think about what it says not only about TNA, not only =about professional wrestling, but what it says about us. Always remember that regardless of who we are and what differences that separate writers, reporters, critics, and readers, we are ALL wrestling fans when you strip everything else away. Should TNA decide to run a storyline such as this, we will have nobody to complain to but ourselves. It is us fans that would have encouraged a storyline such as this should it run.

However, I am not saying that it is completely a bad thing should the storyline run. It may be enjoyable for many people. We would get some great Angle-Jarrett matches and they could really have some fun with it. Where this gets touchy is how the shoot meets the work. Wrestling is always very good at mirroring the times, but every now and then they like to go all out and put a private matter on TV to draw money. I?m not saying it is a good thing nor am I saying it’s a bad thing. We just need to realize the implications that come with what we say is okay and what is not to put on television.

In spite of everything above I guess I really don?t care much about the whole situation. To be honest, I?m happy for Jeff and Karen if they find comfort in each other. Jarrett lost his wife and Angle has broke things off with her husband. Kurt Angle may have a personal problem with it but professionally it should not be an issue. And lastly, Jarrett should not have had to remove himself from TV because of this. It’s not high school.

So there you have it. I tell myself that I really don?t care about the whole situation going on between Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett. I say it’s just gossip and I shouldn?t let it waste my time. Yet here I am reading all about, writing all about it. The implications that carries trouble me and how I view the sport I love. Do I view it in an unjust manner? Or should I not bother myself with such trivial questions? I know it will bother me?until I find the next juicy story to read.

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