WWE Raw House Show Results – 7/17/09
Location: Macon, Georgia

Chris Age sent this report in:

Hey Wrestleview staff my name is Cameron Jones and I’m a longtime fan of wrestling and reader of columns on your site. I was ringside at the Macon Coliseum for the RAW house show and here are the results.

Match 1-Evan Bourne b. THE Brian Kendrick via shooting star press in a good opener. Kendrick interacted with the fans ringside quite a bit for cheap heat and was in control most of the match until Bourne came back with kicks and an impressive hurrancanrana setting up the SSP.

Match 2-Jack Swagger b. Santino Marella via gutwrench powerbomb. Santino cut a promo in ring before this one and got squashed. Swagger destroyed him with a clothesline while he was doing his powerwalk off the ropes bit setting up the finish.

Kelly Kelly asked a fan in the upper deck a trivia question, the fan got it right, and her and her family were moved to ringside for the rest of the show.

Match 3-Maryse and Alicia Fox b. Gail Kim and Mickie James. Back and forth match here with Maryse getting the pinfall over Gail following her DDT finisher. All the Divas looked great live especially Maryse (first time I’ve seen all four live).

Match 4-Primo b. Carlito via rollup in a back and forth match. Primo came out and cut a quick promo saying he wanted an explanation from Carlito before his entrance and called him out. Primo countered the backstabber into a lucha style rollup for the win.

The announcer (don’t know who she was but she wasn’t Lillian Garcia) announced intermission

Match 5 (US CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH)-Kofi Kingston b. Chavo Guerrero via Trouble in Paradise to retain. Chavo had the upper hand late in the match until Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and interferred when Chavo was going for a frog splash after connecting with 3 Amigos allowing Kofi to hit his finisher. The little guy stayed under the ring the entire night up to that match. Kofi and Hornswoggle did some posing for the fans and exchanging signature poses (Boom Boom and the dancing/heel click) before leaving the ring together.

Match 6-Big Show b. MVP via Chokeslam. Good match here but MVP just couldn’t put down the Giant on this night. The Big Show countered the Playmaker into a huge chokeslam for the win. Big Show truly is MASSIVE live. I didn’t need to stand up from my seat to see him walking down the ramp and the ring looked like a playpen when he climbed over the top rope.

Main Event Match 7-John Cena, HHH, and Mark Henry b. Legacy when Cena and Trips hit the FU(sorry…Attitude Adjustment) and Pedigree respectively in stereo on Rhodes and DiBiase for a double three count. The crowd went NUTS when HHH and Cena made their entrances. Henry got a nice pop too. Legacy came out seperately with Priceless entering followed by Orton. That surprised me but meh. This match made the show and was excellent. HHH took most of the bumps while trying to tag in to Cena and Henry while Legacy picked him apart and kept the ring cut off most of the match. Henry was dominant and Cena got through his entire finishing sequence before Orton saved Rhodes from an FU. The finish saw Henry dispatch Orton leaving HHH and Cena to hit their finishers on Priceless. After the match all three posed in the ring while the heels made a quick exit. Henry left Cena and Trips in the ring and they posed some more before going ALL AROUND the arena’s railing to shake hands with fans. These guys spent a good 10min post match shaking hands and I was pleased to see how both stopped to make sure the really little kids and babies got to shake their hands. Both went out of their way to do that and I wasn’t even mad that I missed when I tried to give them some dap.

Notes-Great house show. Much better than the one I attended back in 2004 in Macon. The main event made the show and most of the RAW roster came to town including the top heel and top two faces on RAW. Randy Orton snuck in his old pose midway during the main event and got cheered when he did it. That was the first time I’d seen him do it in a very long time. I was lucky to catch this house show because I’m stationed in Colorado Springs and here in GA on vacation for my b-day. I’ll be sure to send results for the Colorado Springs house show on the 7th of August as well. Pops of the night goes to Cena by an inch over HHH. Heat of the night goes to Orton’s entrance hands down. Match of the night goes to the main event. I give the show a strong 4 out of 5. I was entertained all night.

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