WWE Smackdown & ECW House Show Results – 7/19/09
Location: Greenville, South Carolina

WrestleView VIP member Shin-Sensei sent this report in:

Here are the Results for the Smackdown/ECW house show (7/19/2009) in Greenville, SC:

Dave Finlay defeated Drew McIntyre Via Celtic Cross (pinfall)

Melina and Eve Torres defeated Natalya and Katie Lea Burchill via Last Call (pinfall)

Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison via Jumping Russian Legsweep (pinfall)

Cryme Tyme defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart-Smith and Tyson Kidd) via Small Package (pinfall)

The Great Khali was awarded the win over Kane via Low-Blow (Disqualification)

Tommy Dreamer(W) defeated William Regal(L) and Christian via DDT (pinfall) [Triple Threat ECW Title Match]

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat defeated Chris Jericho via surprise Small Package (pinfall)

CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy via Go To Sleep (pinfall)

Jeff hit a twist of Fate and Swanton bomb on Punk after the match when CM punk tried to congratulate him.

Event Notes:

Walking into this event was like swimming into a sea of 8 year old Jeff Hardy fans. Jeff garnered easily the biggest crowd reaction of the night, as that was the only time I thought I was actually going to have ear-drum damage. That just made it more fun for me though, because I am I big Punk mark, and I was carrying around a sign that said “CM PUNK… Straightedge = Better than YOU.”

Drew McIntyre still has very little crowd recognition, as most of the fans around me had no idea who he was. The crowd still told him he sucked, to which he replied quite humorously “You don’t even know who I AM!”

The Great Khali got an impressive face reaction, thought there was a good bit of chatter in the audience that questioned the heath of his knees, and the fact that he doesn’t move very well.

Ricky Steamboat has been on Just for Men Hair color as his hair was uncharacteristically Jet Black tonight. He got a very positive reaction, including “you’ve still got it” chants, and much bowing from the crowd.

During Chris Jericho’s pre-match promo (where he called the crowd “failures” and “liars, cheaters, pharisees, hypocrites, gelatinous, bulbous” etc) a member of the audience (legit) jumped out of the crowd and rushed the ring. Security beat him down and removed him from the arena, as Jericho told him it was a good thing they got to him first, because he’d have beaten him senseless him self, going so far as to invite other would be opponents into the ring. This was comedy GOLD.

CM Punk got a rather Tweener reaction as the crowd (despite mostly being 8 Year old Hardy fans) was about 50/50 boos and cheers from what I could tell. During the match was quite another matter, as the crowd was solidly Hardy.

Biggest Face Pops:
Jeff Hardy
Ricky Steamboat

Biggest Heel Pops:
Chris Jericho
William Regal
Drew McIntyre

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