Ok. I just got literally pulled out of bed by my 10 year old, and I am down here checking the boards out, and there’s no comments being made on Punk’s promo from last night’s Smackdown….

Am I losing my mind here???

I know, I have to believe that there is some form of approval being done by the talent before they go out there and make these types of promos, but Hey-Zeus Marimba, did we have to go there AGAIN?? It’s like the scar that can never heal for Jeff Hardy. Everybody and their mother who is a wrestling fan knows Jeff Hardy had and has made mistakes. Everybody and their mother has and had seen Matt Hardy exploit those mistakes to the utmost in their brief and useless feud before Matt got hurt. Now, here we are, on the precipice of Jeff leaving WWE because of not signing a contract, and yet again, WWE pulls the past out of the bag, and spills it out on national television for all to see.

Now, there are two schools of thought here. One, does it obviously bring the heat for the match at Night of Champions? No doubt. It’s raised even further because of the giuy who made the promo in the first place, and his consistent “straight-edge” gimmick or lifestyle. (I won’t say either one with conviction because I don’t know the man. I believe it’s his lifestyle, but until I know the truth, I gotta stay down the middle on that one.) Anyway, the promo I thought was right on point for a build up that is liable to pop its cork in the lead in episode to Night of Champions next week. We never really got to see the explosion from it last night because of the other worthless explosion that apparently occurred during that segment when Kane came out and had a chair sword fight with Khali. (Haven’t we seen this one enough?)

The other school of thought here is, WWE is bringing this subject back in to stick it to Jeff Hardy before his contract ends and he walks away for whatever reason. It’s completely theoretical here, and there may be no basis on what I’m saying, but you cannot sit here as a wrestling fan, and tell me that Vince McMahon cannot be a vindictive sumbitch, and stick it to one of his talents if he feels he’s been taken to the cleaners. Jeff Hardy has been getting a major league push, winning the world title for a second time, even if it only was for 10 minutes, still getting main event matches and title matches, and yet, no contract, and the threat looms large that Jeff is going to walk away when the time expires.

If you were Vince, and you had the power to pull this trump card, and use it with the caveat that it’s for ratings, even though in the back of your head, you know it’s trying to stick it in to Jeff’s psyche, aren’t you going to do it?? I know a lot of you are probably going to say no, but I would be damned if you can say that with conviction. I know I couldn’t.

Now, before I move on, one quick final note on that segment. Punk did the promo beautifully, I thought. Made it look and feel geniune to the core, and coming out with the eyedropper was absolute pure gold.

And, for the people who sit here and complain that I’m some freakin’ crybaby who complains about every single thing that is said that is mildly close to being called offensive, let me reply by saying this. When there’s a topic that I think is over the line, I’m going to talk about it. Whether it’s legitimate, not legitimate, a pile of monkey crap or not, if its an opinion, its an opinion, and its going to be broadcast on the forum that I possess, and you don’t. So do us all a favor, come to the table with something that is legitimate that will shut me up, and I’ll be the first person to say, You’re right, I’m wrong, and thank you. If you can’t do that, and all you can do is insult me and my writing, then do the world a favor, especially me. STOP READING NOW.

Thank you, I’ll step down off my soapbox. I apologize to my loyal readers for that editiorial paragraph.

Let’s move on.

Jericho had said a while back that Mysterio is a “super hero” and complimented him to the fullest extent for the work that they have done in their program together. Last night’s match was another testimonial to two men who are at the top of their game, and can pull off a classic, even in the restraints of television. Was it their best? Probably not, but damnit, Jericho vs. Mysterio is a main event, no questions about it, and it was fun as hell to see it again last night.

Also, speaking of matches that were fun, even though I didn’t get the chance to see all of it, I did see portions of the WWE Champion taking on his legacy stablemate, Ted DiBiase. Jim Ross is right, Orton vs. DiBiase is a Wrestlemania main event in the making. It will happen, not a question of why, but when. Damnit, they brought it, and they brought it big time. Orton’s look on his face after hitting the RKO was of one word, “Damn.” It was a Ron Simmons moment if I ever saw one.

Couple of comments on the new superstar initiative on ECW. Let’s see. Who debuted already? Sheamus. Abraham Washington. Tyler Reks. Yoshi Tatsu. I can’t really comment yet on Sheamus or Reks because I haven’t seen them compete as of this column, but I can comment on Washington and Yoshi. First, Yoshi’s name needs work. I don’t know what the plan is there, but the name is corny. However, the character is right on point. I had a lot of confidence when I heard that this talent, (real name Naofumi Yamamoto from New Japan), came to the WWE and to FCW, because most of the talent I have seen from New Japan has been golden to say the least. His win over Shelton 2 weeks ago was pure genius, and although I haven’t seen the match yet, (hulu.com), I hear the rematch was even better this past week.

Now Washington has me puzzled. A near lookalike cross over of Barack Obama and the Rock, this talk show idea really has no place on an one hour show. If he interviews someone who can bring the mike skills to assist this guy, anything is possible, as apparent by his interview with Tommy Dreamer this past week. But, when you have your debut show with two ladies who are goregous, but can’t really work the mike yet in the Bella Twins, it shows your inexperience, and shows the need for polishing. My colleagues who do the results for ECW suggested Washington may end up a manager for someone like Big Zeke, which is something I can see, but I think personally, if they don’t change that up a touch, it may be a short run for the NSI member who works the mike instead of the mat.

Speedy recovery to Edge from his torn achilles tendon. That’s a topic I won’t go in to, because frankly, I’ve beaten it to death, and its just not worth it.

I’m looking at Victory Road as of this moment. It looks surprisingly quiet. No gimmicks! I’m stunned. I liked seeing Foley mention on his blog how things are being built up to the match he dreads. I wouldn’t be surprised, even at both of their advanced ages that Foley would dread meeting Angle one on one. I sure as hell would. Sting vs. Joe is going to be interesting to see how its depicted, because I can’t see this being anything more than a squash for Joe, and I don’t think Sting will allow that. Beer Money defending the belts against Booker & Scott has a lot of potential, but it’ll bother me immensely if the Mafia win the tag belts on the first try, because it shows how lopsided this so called war is inside the Florida based cluster bomb, as well as it will diminish Beer Money’s recapture of the gold last month from 3D.

Morgan and Daniels I guess is pretty simple from last week’s beatdown of Daniels by Morgan. Styles and Kev has a lot of potential, but I don’t see Styles losing the belt to someone who is almost double his age.

I’d talk about it more, but right now, I am catching up watching the replay from thursday night. So, let me get out of here, and get this on the web. Till next time.

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Thanks for reading.

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