From the Desk of Mr. V #23
July 9, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

…..Oh! Hello students, once again. I am sorry for this one. If you like my long, yet informative columns I have to say sorry this week. This is going to be 23a, because later on this week I plan on doing a student/teacher/wrestler conference. What do I mean be the conference? Well, for the past six months (ending at the 7/3 edition of Smackdown), I have wrote out a win-loss record for each match on each show. I will also share my take on the best and worst that is the professional wrestling scene over the course of 2009. I hope that all of you will be ready for the conference, as it will be completed either today or Friday.

So class, remember those couple of days of school where you left early so the teachers can prepare for parent/teacher conferences? Well, this column is mainly going to feel like that. No detailed information for the most part, just a very quick rundown on the happening in the pro wrestling scene in a summer vacation like format. So sit back and enjoy, have some coffee or tea (or beverage of choice). School is about to begin once again!

Quote of the Week

**No quote of the week due to early dismissal. Relax.**


64) Don?t criticize an angle until it is played out (By: Jeff Knott)

Student Explanation: We might disagree with the way angles appear to be going after a particular event, but try not to complain too much as this can often be used to set up an even bigger surprise down the line. This wont always be the case. many times we will end up disagreeing with the way things ultimately end up being booked, but its daft to criticize an angle half way through, as we don’t know how its going to end. If the angel ahs got us riled up enough to complain, it’s done its job to reel us into the storyline, which may then change direction towards something we prefer. To pick an example, CM Punk was losing repeatedly throughout early 2008, much to the chagrin of many, but with hindsight, it seems clear that this was taking place to make his cashing in Money in the Bank and becoming world champion all the more shocking. Currently, we might be frustrated that the likes of MVP haven’t quite broken the glass ceiling yet to beat HHH and John Cena, but our frustration with his makes us like a coiled spring. When (hopefully!) MVP does pull out the big win, the reaction it will get will be that much bigger and better for the time taken to ‘coil the spring’ of our emotions. It certainly worked for Jeff Hardy’s eventual title win. So don’t criticize an angle excessively before it’s over, it would be like ripping into a team’s performance at half time.

Mr. V’s Take: I had to really think hard on this. Why I quick to judge MVP’s status? I am not sure. Judging a storyline like ripping a team’s performance at halftime? I do that a lot and sometimes it is justified, sometimes it is not. I still in that case want to see how MVP’s push plays out. I really thought he was going to get a strong push after the draft and possibly a title feud with Orton (though I still think MVP is not World Title Material at this time). I felt that when they did this ?trade? and brought in Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger this really hurt MVP’s chances of being the top mid-card face.

I hope I am wrong. MVP has improved and was underrated so much in the ring. Two months ago, we have him calling out Orton and they had a great match until a McMahon interfered (go figure). Now, he is back on the mid card feuding with Jack Swagger (which I think is going to be great). So to myself and all the others, perhaps we should relax on this MVP angle. We may not see results from this go as fast as we want to, but sometimes it takes time to see how an angle develops. As for MVP, will the final angle be good or bad? Only time can tell on this one. Not to be one to judge half-way through, I have two things to really say. One, I still think he should have stayed on Smackdown and feuded with the top guys there. Second, now that he is on RAW, I think one of the best wrestlers he could feud with is Jack Swagger. It will be a very good rivalry with these two. I can?t wait to see who comes out on top of this feud.

That was the only rule sent to me this week, much thanks to you Mr. Knott. Now, onto the many headlines that have been posted on various wrestling websites from around the world (dang it Word, I know that last sentence was a fragment..I don?t care!).


Headline #1: Edge is out for 2009…

Mr. V’s Take: Many of the students have heard about this breaking news at a house show in San Diego, CA. Edge planted his foot wrong and SNAP, he tears his Achilles tendon and the results are not good. He is out for at least until January 2010. Look, I am a big fan of Edge. He is a top-10 wrestler of this decade to me. He has been a multiple-time champion in the WWE. I may sound cruel when I say this, but this injury may have been the best thing to happen to him.

Why do I say the best thing? Well, his stock (though a tag team champion with Jericho) is slowly slipping. He is no longer the top guy on his brand. I mean, who is getting more heat than Edge. I can think of Chris Jericho and CM Punk. Also, John Morrison has elevated himself to a Top-3 face on Smackdown (glad to see the WWE take notice of that). After the whole Vickie leaving the WWE scene, Edge temporarily got hurt by this. There was nothing really in storyline to get into, other than hurriedly putting him a match to maintain his status as a top guy. I would have really enjoyed this tag team with Edge and Jericho, but these two should be better than this. With Edge being out for six months (at the earliest), perhaps the Smackdown creative team can think of many ways to bring him back as a face (which I think is the best option for him once he is off of TV), or make him a powerful heel. I do wish Edge a speedy recovery from his latest injury. He is a great wrestler and we as columnists and readers should respect the work ethic of this guy.

What happens to Jericho? The tag division is still awfully weak in the WWE, so I can actually see Jericho defending these titles by himself until something works for him as a singles? wrestler. I think Edge may help him outside the ring sometimes, but once Edge costs Jericho a match..expect Jericho to attack and create more heat for him. As for who can carry the torch in the Tag Team rankings, I am not sure. All the other teams are either very young or not good in the ring. We will see how this all pans out I think in the next couple months.

Headline #2: …oh yeah, and Matt Hardy is injured as well.

Mr. V’s Take: It was reported that Matt Hardy is out for 8-10 weeks with an abdominal muscle tear. I hope for a quick recovery for Matt, as he has had some bad luck ever since beating his brother at Wrestlemania.

What does Matt’s future look like? It all depends on the status of another Hardy brother. I think if Jeff re-signs with the company, perhaps Matt gets that upper-mid card push that he deserves. If Jeff does not re-sign, let’s just say I worry about Matt’s future with the company. Though he is a better ?technical? wrestler than Jeff, he just never got that reaction from the fans that the WWE really hoped for. Still, a muscle tear is a dang serious injury. I hope for all the best for Matt Hardy.

Headline #3: Ricky Steamboat better than 80% of the WWE Roster?

Mr. V’s Take: Chris Jericho in a recent article said ?Steamboat, at 55 years old, is still better than 80% of the roster?. Check the archives at to get the full details. It was a very good read.

Is Steamboat better than 80% of the roster? In the 1980s, Yes! He was not only better than 80%, but 98% of the rosters of professional wrestling. It was a shame that some companies in wrestling want a loudmouth/steroid-injected man rather than a man that never had a bad reputation and was considered one of the most talented wrestlers of his generation. But 2009? I would say the way he showed himself in the ring during that brief time in the WWE, I would say he is better than 60%, but not 80%. As for wrestlers nearing in their 50s, I would rank him right with Finlay. I think it is a very high praise for Steamboat when a main event superstar like Jericho says words like that. I would say a joke about TNA and maybe they should sign Steamboat, but The Dragon is not washed up and in his 50s, just he is in his 50s.

Well, there are other headlines, and I may get to them next week. However I am still working on a big project to present to all the fans and readers here at WrestleView.


**For this week only due to the conference, I will eliminate the Demerits and Detentions portion. However, Eternal Detention still needs to take notice. Enjoy**


ETS and The Praxis Series – For confiscating well-earned teaching certificates in order to make money. Shameful!!

Brooke Hogan – Worry about your life rather than your father’s, creep.

Brian (Grand Master Sexay) Lawler – A student, Austen Allen, has his mugshot up on Facebook. It is a must see, very funny picture.

Pittsburgh Pirates Ownership – For showing everyone how NOT to run a business.

That fan in Green Bay during the 6/22 Edition of RAW – I translated what ?Generics 3:16? meant. It means ?Mr. V, I want to be in eternal detention for as long as the creators of the Praxis Test?. You got your request, Green Bay fan.

TNA Creative – I usually won?t do this, but I once again encourage my readers to read the Mr. V/student/wrestler conference later this week. Chris Sabin’s record will surprise all of you.

Abraham Washington and The Bella Twins – What an awful?.AWFUL segment on ECW this past Tuesday. Words can not describe how bad it was, and I blame the Bellas as much as I do Washington on this.


Another week in which this will be shortened, my apologies.

Distinguished Honors: American Wolves vs. Tyler Black/Bryan Danielson, ROH on HDNet, June 27.

High Honors: John Cena vs. The Miz, Monday Night Raw, June 29.

Honors: CM Punk/Jeff Hardy vs. Edge/Chris Jericho, Friday Night Smackdown!, July 3.

Honorable Mention: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Delirious on 6/27; Young Bucks vs. Sal Rinauro/Brandon Day on 6/27; Kelly Kelly vs. Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendez vs. Beth Phoenix on 6/29; Edge/ Chris Jericho vs. Carlito/Primo on 6/29; Randy Orton vs. The Gauntlet on 6/29; Christian/Tommy Dreamer vs. William Regal/Vladimir Kozlov on 6/30; Edge vs. CM Punk on 7/2; Team 3D vs. Booker T/Scott Steiner on 7/2; Jeff Jarrett/AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe on 7/2; and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane on 7/3.

Worst Match of the Week: Shelton Benjiman vs. Yoshi Tatsu, ECW, 6/30

Dishonorable Mention: Ernie Osiris vs. Brent Albright on 6/27; Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston on 6/29; Santino Marella vs. THE Brian Kendrick on 7/2; Zach Ryder vs. Tyler Reks on 7/2; and Eric Young vs. Rhino on 7/2.


As always, the readers can e-mail what they thought the best show of the week was by sending them to Your input towards this segment is much appreciated.

Now the short versions of this segment?.

ROH on HDNet (June 27) – In a segment standpoint, it was not bad. I mean seriously, who enjoys a nice segment by Claudio Castagnoli (why did WWE ever release this guy)? The wrestling was good this week, and I thought it was the 2nd best show of the week. One Point from Mr. V.

Monday Night Raw (June 29) – In my opinion, this was the best show of the week. Batista did a nice job as the GM of the week. The matches from an overall standpoint were done well, and Beth Phoenix’s head hitting the steel was the bump of the week. I wish the HHH/MVP match went longer, but other than that I had no complaints. I was real impressed with The Miz and Evan Bourne in their matches, as I think it helped them in the long run. Two Points from Mr. V.

ECW (June 30) – They lost a ton of guys in this ?trade?. Sadly, it is what it is, an upgraded FCW. The tag team main event was great, and I am glad to see William Regal get some airtime. Sheamus looked very good in his debut and I can see him go to one of the bigger brands in 2010. I did not like the opening match, just one kick and it was over? Oh well. The only saving grace through the opening 10 minutes was Shelton’s mic skills that particular night. I do not need to go over the Washington talk show, just pathetic. Zero Points.

WWE Superstars (July 2) – No segments leading to matches or anything this week, so I thought the wrestling ?was? going to be decent. But instead, we had a couple pretty good matches and a couple really bad matches. What is up with a forfeit finish anyway? Zero Points.

TNA Impact (July 2) – The segments and storylines were good, but (just my taste) the Dr. Stevie abducting Lauren promo was appalling. Kurt Angle is starting to power up his game and his MEM faction looks stronger by the week. The wrestling this week was solid, nothing truly stood out. I could do without Cody Deaner and Jesse Neal. The final two matches were good, as both tag matches flowed well and the execution was solid. It was a good showing for TNA, but just needed one more thing to earn a point this week. Zero Points.

Friday Night Smackdown (July 3) – The first thing that stood out this week to me was the commentary. Todd and Jim Ross look like they are having more fun than any other duo in wrestling commentary. I had to put that in the piece this week. CM Punk’s ?Just Say No? segment was very good, as he really is molding into the Straight-Edge heel. The wrestling this week was once again impressive. I honestly could not find one bad match on this card, everything flowed well and the students of this column took advantage of this. Though ROH edged out Smackdown for one of my points, my students rewarded this show with a point this week. One point from the students of Mr. V.

Current Standings of 2009

1) Friday Night Smackdown (36 Points)
2) Monday Night Raw (32 Points)
3) ECW (14 Points)
4) TNA Impact (11 Points)
5) ROH on HDNet (6 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (0 Points)

Commentator Report Card

Not much to go over, as I don?t want to sound like a broken record. But I should address a few things before I give out my grades for the commentators.

1) Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are very entertaining, very real to the audience that they are targeting. If I was in the WWE, I would not break these two up. Besides, according to the students of my column and Mr. V, Smackdown is the best show.

2) Matt Striker really likes William Regal. It shows by reading off his championship belts he has won over the years. I think the only title Regal never won was any of the world titles.

3) Josh Mathews hit rock bottom a few weeks ago, but seems to be getting comfortable with his position now.

4) Don West really has to let Jeff Jarrett’s hamstring go.

5) Mike Hogewood needs to get a new catchphrase. Slap the Porpoise may work in ACC College Football, but not in the professional wrestling scene.

6) Michael Cole uses too many adjectives. Plus, ?vintage? is back in his vocabulary.

7) Jerry Lawler loves those divas, even though they are mostly 30 years younger than he is.

8) Dave Prazak is the most underrated wrestling announcer of 2009.

9) Mike Tenay’s commentary is BACK!! That means he is getting much better and might be the #2 play-by-play man in professional wrestling this year.



Michael Cole – D (2009 Grade: C-)
Jerry Lawler – C- (2009 Grade: C)

Josh Mathews – C (2009 Grade: C)
Matt Striker – A- (2009 Grade: A)

Todd Grisham – B+ (2009 Grade: B)
Jim Ross – A (2009 Grade: A-)


Mike Tenay – B (2009 Grade: B-)
Don West – D (2009 Grade: D)


Mike Hogewood – D+ (2009 Grade: C-)
Dave Prazak – B+ (2009 Grade: A-)


That is right class! I went corporate and decided that even though NO money was exchanged, I really like Jim Ross? restaurant quality BBQ Sauce. If you buy a dozen bottles of it, it is free shipping and handling. If only Billy Mays can pitch this (RIP Mr. Mays)

You know what, instead of wrestlers and sports teams earning gold stars this week, I am going to change it up since we are approaching the half of the year. I am issuing out the Gold Stars this week to the people who deserve them the most?.my readers. Honestly, I did not know how far my column would go. But all of your e-mails and Facebook messages, wow is all I can say. So, Gold Stars from Mr. V go out to the following:

**If the spelling is off, my apologies. Also, if you still read this column, let me know so I can see if I still have your attention, thanks**

These are the names I found that have e-mail me in regards to either the homework assignment, column feedback, or even sending predictions from ?Predictions from the Faculty?

Jeremy Samples (first one to ever e-mail me about the column)
Jake Rockwell
Tom Van Stone (a WV administrator)
Adam Martin (my boss)
Hunter Golden (my boss)
Matt O?Brien (Fellow Columnist)
Greg McNeish (fellow Pens fan)
Osaid Ahmad (A loyal fan from Pakistan)
Craig Cope (fellow teacher)
Ricky Langston (official class clown of the column)
William Burke
Kevin Kups (thanks for the weekly TV wars feedback)
Chris Amanda
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Suzanne Abshire (thanks for all the e-mails each week)
John Giammarino
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David Stephens (fellow WV columnist)
Chris Kelly (student turned Faculty member)
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TJ Smith
Brandon Strohl (The man that gave me a recipe for Ecto Cooler)
Paul Meade (ultimate Detroit fan)
RJ Norris (who reads my columns at work, very risky strategy)
Frank Contorno
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Jamel Watson (for solving Zach Ryder’s woo woo woo case)
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To all my friends from the Pittsburgh area who have supported me throughout the span of my column.

To all the columnists at for accepting me as one of your peers.

To Adam, Paul, Hunter, and Tom for allowing me to continue with this piece.

If I forgot anyone, my sincere apologies. There were a lot of names on this list, much more than I ever thought would happen.


From last week:
As we all know this past Monday (6/29) on RAW, fifteen superstars were traded to different brands. All you have to do class is answer these two questions? (This is the easiest set of questions I ever gave my class).

1) Who do you think benefited the most in this trade?

2) Who do you think this trade backfired the most?
To be completed by: July 16, 2009. Signed by: AJV

As always I enjoy the feedback from the students of WrestleView. If you have a detention notice, classroom rule, favorite TV wrestling show, you can e-mail me at Also if you have any feeback, I read them all. However, some e-mails I don?t get into and I am sorry. Just a lot goes on in my world.

Before I leave the desk, I must address a birthday to my daughter. On July 9th, my little girl leaves the ?Terrible 2s? stage and becomes three years old. Happy Birthday, My little butterfly 🙂

That sums it up this week. Thank you all for reading and participating in this professional wrestling classroom. Until The ?Mr. V’s first Teacher/Student/Wrestling Conference?, this is WrestleView’s Resident Teacher Anthony J. Valvo saying enjoy your week. It is time for me to leave and celebrate my daughter’s 3rd Birthday. Take Care and see you in a day or two. You are officially?.Dismissed.

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