WWE Raw House Show Results – 7/8/09
Location: Perth, Australia

Glen Varis sent this report in:

Hi just some quick results from WWE Raw house show in Perth. On the 8th of July

* Tony Chimel welcomes us.

First match Goldust VS THE Brian Kendrick

Goldust wins with the reverse suplex. (At one point Hornswoggle comes in and beats up Kendrick, but Goldust is`nt disqualified)

Shamus VS Santino

Shamus wins with a flying kick to Santinos face. After the match Santino says on the mic `Donta worry, ive gotta gooda dentist` Which drew a cheap laugh.

Primo VS Cody Rhodes

Rhodes pins Primo after the spinning neck breaker, After Carlito comes down and gives Primo a back cracker.

William Regal VS Kofi Kingston (U.S. title match)

Kofi wins with the flying kick to the head. (Regal at one point got on the mic and said so eloquently ` I cannot possibly suck, im not Australian`)


MVP VS Chavo

MVP Wins with a drive by

Mayrse VS Kelly Kelly

Mayrse Retains with a pin, Standard diva filler

Miz makes an open challenge, which The Big show answers, Pretty much a squash with show winning by an old school chokeslam.

Triple H VS Randy Orton… Towards the end Randy connects with an RKO, Then takes too long to go for a pin, which HHH kicks out of, Triple H with a pedigree and pin to be new world champion!!!, just kidding Legacy come out and attack HHH to cost Orton by Dq, Big show makes the save.

HHH and Show talk up the crowd and have a cheering comp in different sections.

* The show was pretty much a sell out and set an attendance record for the Burswood dome. of 14,500

*Randy got Dq`d for interferance but Goldust didnt because of Hornswoggle…

Chimel announced that Cena was`nt going to be here at the start of the show. A few boos from the kiddies and cheers from the guys. Apparently you could get your refund if this upset you as long as it was before the second match had finished, which i thought was classy.

* Had a fan jump in the ring just before the main event started, looked like Orton was getting in `the punt` position. The fan was ejected.

*My friend and i had a bet whther the guy with the ` Where`s Benoit?` sign would get it in, But didnt find out if he did or not.

All in all great to see some big name and for myself to see Regal, Kendrick, Santino, HHH and Orton live. North Americans might take it for granted seeing the big stars all the time, but here it is something really special.

Glen Varis,
Perth W.A.

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