Second report from WWE in Sydney

Kev sent this report in:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hey guys, I just got home from the WWE Raw live event at Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia. Here are the results:

Goldust Vs Chavo Guerrero
– Goldust got a good reaction from the crowd
– Lots of Goldust chants
– Goldust won with what looked like a brainbuster after some interference from Hornswoggle

Shamus Vs Jamie Noble
– No reaction for either superstar, I don?t think anyone knew who this Shamus guy was
– Shamus got on the mic before the match and got cheap heat from the crowd by reminding us that we lost to Queensland in the rugby league state of origin series but he did get some of his facts wrong which affected the reaction
– Shamus won with a rock bottom into a backbreaker

The Brian Kendrick Vs Santino Marella
– Big pop for Santino
– The comedy spots from Santino got lots of laughs
– Santino won after a reversal into a backslide

The Miz Vs MVP
– The Miz got a pretty good heat
– He got on the mic and cut a good promo about how we should cheer him because he’s a former world tag team champ and slammy award winner etc
– He said we cheer MVP because we can relate to him. He brings up that MVP took ?the fat chick? from The View to the BET Awards and he sees lots of fat chicks in the crowd. He called us ?chubby chasers?
– MVP got an okay reception
– The Miz won by removing the turnbuckle pad slamming MVP into corner and rolling him up

Mickie James did a segment in the crowd. She asked this family a question which they got right so they all got moved to the front row

William Regal Vs Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship
– Kofi got a good cheer
– A few ?Regal sucks? chants
– Kofi won after avoiding a running knee and hitting Trouble in Paradise

Priceless Vs The Colons
– Decent reaction for both teams
– The finish came when Carlito hit a Backstabber on DiBiase and Cody, who was the legal man, snuck up from behind him and hit the Cross Rhodes for the win

Maryse Vs Kelly Kelly
– Big reaction when the match was announced
– Kelly Kelly got a big pop when she came out
– Maryse won after a DDT

Big Show and Randy Orton Vs John Cena and Triple H
– Orton got good heat
– Cena got huge cheer but HHH got an even bigger ovation
– At one stage after constant interference when Orton tried to attack Cena on the outside, HHH went nuts and chased Orton up the ramp with a chair
– Back in the ring, Cena had Show in the STF-U but Orton came back in time to break it up
– The finish came when HHH clotheslined Orton to the outside, Cena picked up Show and hit the F-U and HHH finished him off with a Pedigree
– After the match Cena and HHH did a comedy spot when Big Show got up all groggy. They did a few ?you can?t see me? taunts and HHH ended up pushing Show over with one finger
– They also did a bit at the end where they tried to see which section could cheer the loudest. Cena and HHH eventually pointed everywhere and everyone went nuts

Biggest Pops
1. Triple H
2. John Cena
3. Kelly Kelly
4. Santino Marella

Most Heat
1. Randy Orton
2. The Miz
3. Chavo Guerrero
4. Priceless

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