Second report from WWE in Auckland

Chad Soon sent this report in:

Just to follow up on last night’s RAW Tour show in Auckland, New Zealand

Goldust vs Chavo.

Was an average opening match, you can tell that old age is creeping up to him. Towards the end of the match, Hornswoggle came out of nowhere to cause a distraction after Chavo hit the Three Amigos. Chavo walked right into The Final Cut.

Winner: Goldust

Shamus vs Jamie Noble

No-one really responded to Shamus when he came out, but quickly did after he cut a promo ripping into New Zealand. Shamus wins with his One handed backbreaker.

Winner: Shamus

The Brian Kendrick vs Santino.

The Brian Kendrick got a relatively good pop when he came out, nothing compared to Santino who is completely over in New Zealand. Santino won with a roll-up.

Winner: Santino

The Miz vs MVP.

The Miz was completely booed as he came out, and started ripping into the crowd and at MVP saying that like MVP, we chase fat people (Refering to the current storyline of MVP hanging out with one of the presenters from The View) The Miz won after shoving MVP into the exposed turnbuckle.

Winner: The Miz

U.S Championship Match
William Regal vs Kofi Kingston.

This was actually announced late, but match was still great. William Regal is a great heel and plays the part well. Kofi is also a great wrestler and is over with the crowd especially the younger people. Kofi wins after hitting the Jamaican Buzzsaw kick.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

The Legacy (Ted DiBiase Jr & Cody Rhodes) vs The Colons

The match was great, Legacy is a well formed team and people ate up everything they did, Legacy won after Carlito hit the Backcracker on Ted, before being rolled up by Cody (Who was the legal man)

Winners: The Legacy

Mayrse vs Mickie James

The match was probably second best of the night, not much to say apart from the match being REALLY stiff, Mickie wins.

Winner: Mickie James

Main Event
Triple H & John Cena vs The Big Show & WWE Champion Randy Orton.

This got the biggest cheers of the entire show, Crowd was really into them and the match ended after John Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on The Big show before Triple H won it with the Pedigree

Winners: Triple H & John Cena


– Alot of signs, ranging from “Hi Mum” to “Randy Orton Sucks”
– There was a guy dressed as Hulk Hogan, who after the show got kicked out for trying to jump over the barriers to the ring.
– Alot of younger kids got moved to better seats.
– Kelly Kelly’s voice is ANNOYING!!!
– Another thing is Randy Orton walk to the ring is more slow live than it is on TV. As one person said it, his walk was like watching the eyes of a painting – you’re not sure whether you actually saw them move or not. Or maybe the moonwalk, where you can’t quite tell if he’s walking forwards or backwards.
– William Regal pulled a great comeback, as the crowd was chanting “Regal Sucks, Regal Sucks” William Regal grabbed the mic and retorted “I couldnt possibly suck, because I’m not from New Zealand”
– Shemus didn’t get a crowd reaction at first because his debut doesn’t happen till tonight NZ Time. So there was no surprises.

Biggest Pops:

1. Triple H
2. John Cena
3. Randy Orton (Surprising)
4. Santino
5. Kofi Kingston
6. Mickie James

Biggest Boos:

1. The Legacy
2. The Big Show
3. William Regal
4. Maryse
5. The Brian Kendrick
6. Sheamus

Overall a great show.

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