WWE Raw House Show Results – 7/3/09
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

L. Anne Carrington sent this in:

My friend Belinda attended the show in Auckland and reported these results:

Goldust vs Chavo.
Winner: Goldust with the help of Hornswoggle.

Shamus vs Jamie Noble
Winner Shamus.

The Brian Kendrick vs Santino.
Winner: Santino

The Miz vs MVP.
Winner: The Miz

William Regal vs Kofi Kingston.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase vs Carlito and Primo.
Winners: Cody And Ted.

Maryse vs Mickie James.
Winner: Mickie James.

Main Event: Big Show and Randy Orton vs John Cena and Triple H.
Winners: John Cena and Triple H