From the Desk of Mr. V #22
July 2, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Hello students from around the world!! It is I, Mr. V. bringing you the world of wrestling, and other things important this past week. Last week, I teased that I am going to have my very first ?teacher/student conference? to all of you. Since I have a lot to cover this week, I am pushing it back to next week. Next week I will present who, at least in my opinon, are the superstars of the year as of the end of June. Also, the format will be very different, but it will only be for next week. So be patient my students, it will done in due time.

Also, to those who e-mailed me I thank you very much. I have been going through a lot this past week and did not get to all my e-mails. I should have some time to reply to you this weekend. Mr. V just had a lot on his plate this week and did not forget about any of my loyal students.

Now, only this week’s column. There will be much to type about. If you have the time, I appreciate it. Today, we will have the normal menu. So sit back, enjoy, and grab a bite to eat. Since we are still under ‘summer vacation? rules, school is not in order.

?They’re businessmen. They’re trying to achieve winning baseball in Pittsburgh. The biggest question is: When is that going to be? When do things start turning around??

Pittsburgh Pirates Shortstop Jack Wilson
June 30, 2009

Look, I know I need to keep my faith in my hometown baseball team, even though they have not had a winning season since Mr. V was a student in the sixth grade (that would be 1992 my friends). We have gone through 16, yes SIXTEEN losing seasons in a row. In that span, the Steelers won multiple Super Bowls and division titles and the Penguins filed bankruptcy, had financial troubles, got out of them, and finally won a Stanley Cup this year. My hometown minor league baseball team just traded yet another solid player in Nyjer Morgan to the Washington Nationals (I am sure Phil Chroniger is happy to hear this) for Lastings Miledge (a total nutcase) and Josh Hanrahan (who has a 7.71 ERA). The quote above is from the leader of the team, questioning their tactics. Jack Wilson has been with the team for nine seasons, being acquired from the St. Louis Cardinals for Jason Christensen (remember that Trey Dawg). Wilson is wondering when things will turn around. All I can say is that I have a clear answer for all this?.as long as the Nutting are the owners of this minor league team, there will never be any turning around. I am sorry to my readers for mentioning this. I love my sports and I love baseball, but I truly can get into a team who does not give a crap about putting together a respectable team. Anyways, enough baseball?moving on?.


Last week, I did not have any rules from my students. However this week, I got an e-mail from Bond 7 that requested that a couple rules go into effect, and I am gladly placing them in this column. So, the next two rules are from e-mailer and honored student Bond 7.

62) Have trades between brands more often. (From Bond 7).

Student Explanation: I remember back when they first had the big brand split. Triple H was picked to go to Smackdown! by GM Paul Heyman. Then a couple nights later RAW GM Eric Bischoff desperately wanted him back, so he traded Booker T and the Dudley Boyz to get Triple H back. That’s the one and only trade I can ever remember between the brands until last Monday. Wrestlers show up on pretty much any show they want to these days, why not trade more often. It would definitely spice things up more. With the whole country having ADD, things get stale fast, faster than the once-a-year draft that always promises to shake things up. I’m not saying have a trade every month. No. Maybe two, three times a year have one to keep things interesting. One of the great things to follow in sports is when a big name superstar gets traded from one team to another. A big name trade happens a few times every year, why not in the WWE. Not so often that trades and the draft lose all meaning, just about two or three times a year would be good. It would be better than nothing happening for a whole year between drafts

Mr. V’s Take: Ah yes, the HHH trade from Smackdown. Good Times. I remember that the WWE wanted to shake things up a bit in April when the 2009 WWE Draft took place. I thought the moves in the WWE Draft, for the most part, were average. I only thought the best draft picks were Jericho and Punk going to Smackdown (in which are currently champions now in their own right). Now comes this 15 Superstar Trade orchestrated by ?The Donald?. The WWE Draft to me did not really shake up a whole lot, but this trade does. I will explain my thoughts on this blockbuster trade under ?Headlines?.

However, you may wonder why I addressed this rule from this student. I like it because sometimes, the WWE can get stale. I thought RAW was getting stale after the draft and needed the trade. Now every show once again gets interesting, even ECW I think got a nice deal in this mix. I would like to see more trades, but probably once every three or four months. I would not want to overdo it, mainly because we need consistency. All in all, a nice rule Bond 7. Now, let’s see if they will trade with FCW. Smackdown gets Kaval (though injured), Sebastian Slater, and Joe Hennig (though hurt as well) and FCW acquires Mike Knox.

63) If Cena has to win, at least make it look competitive. (From Bond 7).

Student Explanation: I didn’t watch the Bash, but from what I’ve read about it Cena’s match with the Miz was pretty much just a glorified squash match on PPV. Now I’m watching the same two on RAW and the Miz is hanging with him for a change, actually beating him down for a good portion of the match. But then Cena, out of nowhere, like the first ten minutes of the match never happened, whips out the same five moves, STF, and Miz can’t tap out fast enough?.This kind of booking is killing their characters and any kind of momentum they would have. Is it utter blasphemy to have Cena lose on a PPV? How many wrestler’s characters have to be buried back down the ladder to sell all the kiddies T-shirts and hats? And even if you do have to do that, does Cena have to just beat his opponents like a drum to do it? WWE creative, please put down the controllers, look through the instruction manual, and find another way for him to win. It’s getting old, or should I say it got old.

Mr. V’s Take: I agree with you. I too did not watch The Bash last Sunday, but Adam Martin gave all of us a great review on what happened and I have to say I was disappointed that Cena figuratively squashed The Miz over the weekend. That is why students in a non-title PPV match involving John Cena, always pick Cena. Children and some adult fans want to see John Cena win the match. The parents pay hard earned money and the WWE knows this. So if Cena wins, at least the people buying his merchandise are happy as well.

I though Monday’s match between the two was great and should have been on PPV rather than RAW. I have been real impressed with The Miz and he really held his own. I just wished that he would get some credibility and start pinning Cena (even if there is interference). If this keeps up for the next couple weeks, I think it will get old. Bond7, I totally agree. If Cena is booked to win, make it competitive and not the whole ?5 moves-then STFU? scenario that we can predict easily.

** Students, this is YOUR opportunity to provide some classroom rules for the WrestleView classroom! Any suggestions can be sent to me at Usually I will place them on this column and provide my take on them, so fire away!!**


Headline #1: The Bash Took Place, and we have some new champions!

Mr. V’s Take: Look, I did not see this PPV because I just don?t want to spend 40 bucks to see a three hour grab bag show. What I mean about grab bag is that I don?t know if it is good or bad. From many e-mails, the results are pretty average. But less talk about that, let me provide some feedback on WWE’s latest PPV The Bash.

First, I am a bit disappointed in The Miz getting totally squashed by Cena. They build this up for two months and this is what we get? Though I did not predict a Dolph Ziggler victory, I am glad the WWE gave him the victory. I can see Ziggler as a mid-card heel that can battle for the IC at one time this year. He is a pretty good talent and I am glad to see him get over in a way. Michelle McCool is the Women’s Champion and quite frankly I am very happy about this. Sure, she is dating The Deadman and she may miss her spots at times, but who doesn?t? Plus, I mark out for anyone who was a teacher. So that is a good win and I think McCool may have this title for a while. Rey won the IC Belt from Jericho and kept his mask. I predicted a DQ, but am glad to see Rey not lose the mask. He lost it in WCW years ago and was not the same. I am glad the WWE did not make that mistake. I am surprised as anyone to see that Jericho and Edge are the NEW Tag Team Champions. The Colons ran their course as the champions and were not doing a good job at having the crowd pop for them. It was the right thing to do. I have a name for Edge and Jericho, and that is Rated R2J (anyone like that?).

Tommy Dreamer keeping the ECW title was to me a big shock because I thought for real that he was going to lose this match. However after the big trade on Monday, it kind of makes sense. CM Punk’s intentional DQ was a shock to me as well. I don?t have a real reason as to why that was the final outcome, perhaps to keep Jeff Hardy happy and sign him to a new contract. Either way, I am happy that CM Punk is the current World Heavyweight Champion. Now that Edge and Jericho are tag champs, I think Punk will have that title for a while. Orton winning two out of three falls made this teacher very happy. I am sick and tired of HHH winning the title and defending it forever. Let HHH hunt for it a bit more and Orton keep the WWE Championship at least until Survivor Series.

Headline #2: Trump executed a 15-superstar trade involving all of the WWE’s three brands.

Mr. V’s Take: In case some fans did not know this here are the details of the tri-brand trade:

RAW: Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Gail Kim, Alicia Fox

Smackdown: Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, Natalya, Matt Hardy, Finlay

ECW: William Regal, Goldust, Shelton Benjamin, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella

Mr. V’s Grades: RAW (B+); Smackdown (A); ECW (B)

Who Wins out of all this?

1) Monday Night Raw
Monday Night Raw needed some help, as I felt was not a good show since the draft back in April. Bringing in Gail Kim should add a bit of credibility in the Women’s Division there and Alicia Fox is going to replace Jillian Hall as the heel jobber for this brand. Adding Bourne, Swagger, and Henry are going to help out in a big way. Bourne made his presence felt by putting on a great match against Orton. Swagger is going to be in the U.S. Title hunt very soon in my opinion, as the WWE want to make him a big superstar. I don?t blame them because I for one am sold that Swagger has a high ceiling and will be a main event superstar by 2010-2011. Mark Henry as a face is puzzling, but it got the job done last Monday. I agree with my boss Hunter Golden on this, Mark Henry’s wrestling ability is much better now than it was a decade ago. Let’s just hope the RAW Creative team does not screw this up, as they were under fire according to ‘sources? close to Vince.

2) Hart Dynasty
I hoped for Natalya to start wrestling. Putting her on Smackdown will allow her to start her quest as Women’s Champion in the future. Now the combo of Kidd and Smith is going to be at full force, since the tag division is terrible in the WWE. If they have a long feud with Cryme Tyme, it may spell trouble. I think Tyson Kidd is ready to compete with the big time superstars on Smackdown, but DH Smith though improving is sloppy with his moves at times (See the commercial-free RAW if you don?t believe me). I am very happy for this faction and I can only see better things from them now that they will be seen by more viewers.

3) Shelton Benjamin
I have been following wins and losses all year, and Shelton Benjamin’s record is very bad. I don?t know if he has even won three singles matches, but I will find out when I finish my Superstar of the Year project. Though some may think putting Shelton here is a demotion (also jobbing to the debuting Yoshi Tatsu last Tuesday), I think it is a good move for Shelton. He was not going anywhere on Smackdown and was buried by the likes of Cryme Tyme. This gives him a fresh start and who knows, maybe he will win that big silver belt in due time.

Who are the big losers?

1) MVP
When I saw who was traded where, ask my friends here in the ?Burgh and I said that MVP is the big loser out of all this. A week after the draft, he had the United States Championship and putting WWE Champion Randy Orton on notice. To my knowledge, they were primed to give MVP a push to a WWE Title shot. However with the emergence of Mr. Stephanie McMahon and the latest RAW superstars, I think MVP will be back on the mid-card. I did not like it when MVP was drafted to RAW because I think he will be buried, and I think this is the start. I am hoping to be wrong here.

2) ECW Viewers
I don?t think this is going to be long term, but losing six of the better wrestlers go the other two brands was a huge pill to swallow. I do feel bad for our ECW recap specialist David Stephens, but I think it is just short term because of the new talent they brought up from FCW. I really like this Sheamus character. He has a lot of power and his finisher looks amazing, probably a top 10 finisher in my book. Tyler Reks is the current FCW Champion and is going to feud with Mr. Woo Woo Woo, and I am thinking about how this can really help both. Yoshi Tatsu (don?t know if it is one word or two) look great with that one kick, but I hope the guy gets some new theme music. He is better than Kung Fu Naki that is for sure. Abraham Washington worries me though. He bombed in his debut on ECW, but I blame the Bellas as much as I do with Washington. However, I will chalk this one for lack of experience and expect the Washington I listened to in FCW. He looked lost and worried in his debut segment in my opinion. To those who watch ECW on a regular basis, relax. Though you did get the short end of the stick, remember that this is the brand that sees if new stars have the ?it? factor. They also added Regal (one of my personal faves) and kept some superstars (Christian and Vladimir Kozlov). I think in a few months, ECW is going to be a great show if they build up guys like Sheamus.

3) Jillian Hall
As I mentioned before, Jillian Hall better watch her back. I sense a pink slip near her way. With the addition to Fox, I think Hall’s job is in serious jeopardy. I don?t even think TNA will sign her, she was never a WWE Champion. Wait, neither was Daivari come to think of it.

Headline #3: Dixie Carter Speaks!

Mr. V’s Take: Look, I read this interview expecting some thing to come out of it. I think Dixie Carter has lofty expectations that some can be attained in time. However, I would be not too happy with beating ECW’s ratings.

Why you ask? Because if you have a roster that has AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting, Booker T and Matt Morgan?you should beat a wrestling show that has literally minor league talent along with some pretty good stars like Christian and Regal. What I got out of the interview is that Ms. Carter talked WAY too much about the WWE. I would just worry about her TNA product and talk a lot about that. I listened to a Kurt Angle interview on a Pittsburgh radio station last month, and Kurt said very accurate things about TNA. They are building up and that is a good thing. What Dixie Carter needs to do is promote her product a little better.

What should TNA do other than talk about the WWE? Perhaps sign some young independent wrestlers and train them rather than hiring guys that the WWE released months ago. TNA needs to bring in younger talents. No disrespect to Victoria, Tazz, or any other ones from the WWE. TNA offers big money to them, and in this economy you take what you can get.

Headline #4: RIP to Three Celebrities (Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays)

Mr. V’s Take: I have been asked about the deaths of these three celebrities, so I will go down one by one on these stars.

Farrah Fawcett – Look, I don?t recall much of her work, as I was born just when her value was at its peak. The only movie I saw of hers was one of those Cannonball Run movies. But still, she fought a heck of a battle with cancer and the inevitable happened. I must share my respects to her. RIP Farrah.

Michael Jackson – This one was shocker #1. Where was I when it was announced that he died? I was resting up and about to begin taking notes on the latest of pro wrestling. I mean I am not totally shocked about the horrific outcome of the King of Pop, but in a way I was. I know that his music made an impact throughout the world. I have ?Thriller? and it is one of my favorite CDs to listen to. He is the Elvis Presley of my generation. He innovated the Moonwalk and, in a way, the music video. Who know if MTV would have six stations on cable if it was not for him. Outside the music world, there was speculation that he was a child molester. However, he was innocent from all these by the law and by settlements. Still, in conclusion he was a great performer, loved by many people, and made an impact through his music and charity. RIP Mr. Jackson.

Billy Mays – This one hurt me the most out of the three. First off, he is a Pittsburgh guy (he has family about 40 minutes from where I live) so he gets bonus points for that. He also had humble beginnings to get to the top of marketing. Who will miss his sales pitch for ?Mighty Putty?, ?OrangeGlo?, or even Kaboom!? Some of my friends met him and said that he was one of the nicest, most genuine guys you could ever meet in person. One of the people I want to meet someday was Billy Mays, even though he was annoying with promoting his products at times. Still, this man cared about his family, his faith, and the products that he pitched. I am sure we all at some point in our lives used one of those laundry products that Billy Mays endorsed. I think God got himself a great man to do a sales pitch about heaven. May he rest in peace; I for one will miss him greatly. And remember ?Long Live Your Laundry!?. In honor of Mr. Mays, I am going to type in all CAPS to transition to my next column?.

(Again, RIP Mr. Mays)


Vince McMahon’s Limo Driver.

The quest of ?Who is Suicide??

Don West’s lack of wrestling maneuvers.

Michael Cole’s lack of effective adjectives.

Jenna Morasca.

?Slap The Poipoise!?

SoCal Val.

The women that Kenny King and Rhett Titus were dancing with at ROH.

Whoever had the idea was to put Vince McMahon on Smackdown last Friday?


ODB and Deaner – Although we have not seen the new ?Deaner? wrestle, I think it is time to scrap this idea and release both of them.

Jeremy Borash – I don?t know about the numbers, but no one wants to see you on TNA. To me, you look and probably act like a weasel who is afraid to get fired by TNA because NO ONE in the wrestling business would be in their right mind to hire you.

That Guy #1 – At a TNA show, this guy in a Dirk Nowitski Jersey attacks Brutus Magnus when he was thrown into the crowd by Brother Ray. It looked liked he was kicked out after the incident. Serves him right.

Booker T – In the WWE, he acted British and it was funny at times. Now he is in TNA and is sounding like another former WWF superstar, Ahmed Johnson. Booker, I like you as a wrestler and all but please talk so the normal wrestling fan can understand you? Thanks.

Sharmelle – Seriously? A match at Victory Road against Jenna Morasca? This has negative 5 stars written all over it?.

That Woman #1 – On Smackdown, you were caught massaging the back of Rey Mysterio’s head as he did his mask on mask moment with a kid. I found it disturbing.

WWE Creative – What did you do the The Miz? Build the guy up and have him get squashed at The Bash by Cena?

Marian Hossa – Now the Red Wings fans will hate him, he signed a 12-year deal to play for the Blackhawks. So, he turns down the Pens? offer last year for $7 million to sign for $5.2 million. I hope you are enjoying your 2nd straight Stanley Cup defeat.

Jerry Lawler – I know you are in love with the WWE Divas. But instead of saying ?Yes Sir? to Vince all the time (we know you do it), try to tone down the catcalling for the divas. The past two weeks the divas put on some improved wrestling tactics, but I can?t tone down your catcalling. If you want to do that, go into the construction business. You would fit right in.

Those Fans – Who held signs that stated ?Vince got Trumped?. Talk about clich?d.

B. Brian Blair’s 17-year-old son – The new story is that the son instigated this whole fight that led to Blair spending a couple night in jail. Read the news article on it and if I ever had a son that acted like this?? To put it this way, don?t you hate it when a kid who is threatened has to report it to the police?

Brian Lawler – He was arrested for the umpteenth time for a reason of stupidity. Go on the Shooting Gun and see his mug shot, it is priceless.

Electronic Arts – This is on here specifically for WV’s Josh Piedra. He sent his resume to them and have yet got a response. Shame on all of you for not giving him a call yet. What is wrong with you guys?


Vince McMahon – For the love of anything, stop being on every show for almost every segment. Smackdown was ruined because of you.

ETS and the Praxis Series – If any teachers read my column and come up with a reason they should be on here, please let me know. Thanks!

Brooke Hogan – Epic Fail!

Pittsburgh Pirates Ownership – McClouth, Morgan, Burnett, and Hinskie. I don?t I will ever see another winning season in Pittsburgh. Remember, they lost to Manatee C.C. in the preseason. That tells you something.

Bob Nutting and his associates – you are back on here for your latest ?rebuilding project?. At least long time reader Jeremy Samples went to PNC Park to see the Cubs and not the AAA Affiliate of Major League Baseball.

That fan in Green Bay during 6/22 episode of RAW – for the reasons I mentioned in Column #21. He stays on there for looking like a total idiot throughout the 2 hours of Monday Night Raw.


Well, we had some solid wrestling going on this past week. Even though a lot of matches were worthy of an ?honorable mention?, I had no problems picking a top three this week. I am certain that you will agree with me on these, as it was clearly the top three.

**As of this column, this will be abbreviated, since my column is a long read as it is. I am sorry if this upsets anyone, but I think most of my readers just read who I listed here and not read the paragraphs right?

Distinguished Honors – Randy Orton vs. Triple H, Monday Night RAW, June 22.

High Honors – John Morrison vs. CM Punk, Friday Night Smackdown, June 26.

Honors – Roderick Strong vs. KENTA, ROH on HDNet, June 20.

Honorable Mention goes to: Kenny King vs. Kenny Omega on 6/20; Primo vs. Cody Rhodes on 6/22; Jeff Hardy/Rey Mysterio/Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler/Edge/Chris Jericho on 6/22; Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd on 6/23; Finlay vs. Zach Ryder on 6/23; Jack Swagger/Mark Henry vs. Christian/Tommy Dreamer on 6/23; Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne on 6/25; MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston on 6/25; R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin on 6/26; Michelle McCool/Melina vs. Melina/Gail Kim on 6/26; and Jeff Hardy/Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho/Edge on 6/26

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK – Abyss vs. Kevin Nash, TNA Impact, June 25.

Dishonorable Mention: Nevaeh vs. MsChif on 6/20; Eddie Kingston vs. Andy Bridge on 6/20; Mikie James/Bella Twins vs. Beth Pheonix/Rosa Mendez/Maryse on 6/22; Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde on 6/25; and Booker T vs. James Storm on 6/25.


First off, I hope you all like the new format in which you are all welcome to share your thoughts on each wrestling show. Starting this week to add things a bit, I am going to give you the best match and the grade I gave that particular match for each show. I hope you enjoy it. Always remember this is your column as well. E-mail me what you believe was the best show of the week. You may e-mail me at Thank you in advance for your feedback, as I do try my best to answer them all.

So, here are my thoughts on each show this past week?

Ring of Honor on HDNet (June 20) – The segments were pretty weak, mainly Ric Flair’s half-hearted good bye to ROH and Austin Aries being announced as the new champion. The wrestling card looked alright, but the wrestling content this week, other than a couple matches, were pretty weak.

Zero Points.

Best Match: Strong vs. KENTA (B+)

Monday Night Raw (June 22) – Monday Night RAW in out-of the ring segments mainly dealt with the power struggle between Vince and Trump. At the end, Vince bought RAW back for double the amount that Trump paid for it. In the ring was a different story. The first half of the wrestling was pretty solid. It was followed by a great Last Man Standing Match between HHH and Randy Orton, which should have been the main event. During the second half of RAW, we had a diva’s match and Big Show vs. Cena part. 2034. It did not end the way I wanted it to end, hence why I did not think it was a top two show. The students on the other hand picked this as the Show of the Week.

One Point from the students of Mr. V.

Best Match: HHH vs. Orton (A-)

ECW (June 23) – I think last week’s ECW was the best show of the week and I will tell you why. The segment in which Finlay explained his attacks was very good and the interference by Zach Ryder can only help the Woo Woo guy. Gregory Helms officially became the Hurricane once again and Matt Striker’s classroom segment about the Scramble was excellent. As for the three matches, they all left me a satisfied customer. From start to finish, it was a solid show. There was not a bad match on that card. For a one hour show, it was fast paced and packed with a lot of good moments en route to The Bash.

Two Points from Mr. V.

Best Match: Bourne vs. Kidd (B)

WWE Superstars (June 25) – This show was out of the competition due to lack of outside-the ring storylines. Also, they had a commercial building up Umaga (wasn?t he released over three weeks ago?). However, the wrestling for this show was very impressive and it showed off each brand effectively. The worst match was just average, but not terrible. However since they brought up a released talent in a commercial, it receives no points.

Zero Points.

Best Match: U.S. Champ. 3-Way (B)

TNA Impact (June 25) – The segments were really good and Kurt Angle finally gave us the details as to why Samoa Joe is in the MEM. The secondary segments worked really well last week. It just seems like Mick Foley has a lot on his plate now, doesn?t it? Well, other than that the in-ring matchups were not good at all. Abyss vs. Kevin Nash was just a punches and a interfered finish. They were immensely slow in this match as well, kind of like watching a Layla vs. Eve Torres match without the sex appeal. There was no chemistry in each match. If it was just based on segments, they were the best. But since I focus more on the wrestling aspect of each show, it was awarded no points.

Zero Points.

Best Match: Scott Steiner vs. Robert Roode (C)

Friday Night Smackdown (June 26) – This weeks show was great, but only one thing really ruined it as the best show of the week, Vince! I was tired of seeing his face on pretty much every segment, pushing Teddy Long around and putting him on probation. Word Up by Cryme Tyme was not bad, ask they did a ?jackin?? on Jesse (who did his best Grandmaster Sexay impression). The wrestling matches were good, all of them. Even the Divas tag, though the worst match of the night, still merited a slightly above average grade. I am personally very happy that John Morrison got a clean win over CM Punk. I am also glad for CM Punk’s continued heel turn and the push that R-Truth is getting. Overall, this was very good and if not for Mr. McMahon acting all crazy, this would be THE show of the week. It will have to settle for second best this time around.

One Point from Mr. V.

Overall Standings
1) Friday Night Smackdown (35 Points)
2) Monday Night Raw (30 Points)
3) ECW (14 Points)
4) TNA Impact (11 Points)
5) ROH on HDNet (5 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (0 Points)

COMMENTATOR REPORT CARD (abbreviated this week because of Homework Analysis and Predictions from the Faculty record)

Michael Cole – D+ (2009 Grade: C)
Jerry Lawler – C- (2009 Grade: C)
Josh Mathews – C- (2009 Grade: C)
Matt Striker – A (2009 Grade: A)
Todd Grisham – B- (2009 Grade: B)
Jim Ross – A- (2009 Grade: B+)
Mike Tenay – B (2009 Grade: B-)
Don West – C- (2009 Grade: D)
Mike Hogewood – D (2009 Grade: C-)
Dave Prazak – A (2009 Grade: A)

MISTER V?S GOLD STAR SEGMENT (Presented by No One! Any suggestions?)

Frank Contorno – I hope I spelled the last name correctly (my handwriting is not great), but he got the best student score on his WWE’s The Bash Picks, posting a 6-1 record.
Josh Boutwell and Chris Kelly – These two were the best among the faculty this weekend, posting a 5-2 record for The Bash.

Joe Baiamonte and Josh Boutwell – These two faculty members are not tied for first place in Predictions from the Faculty. I have to congratulate Mr. Boutwell in advance for his accuracy and now has a great chance to be just the 3rd Undisputed Dean of WrestleView. Until then, he now shares the Dean Chair with Joe Baiamonte, resident Dean. Good luck to the both of you in a few weeks.

Michelle McCool – for becoming the first Women’s champion since the Royal Rumble.

Edge and Chris Jericho – for you newly won undisputed tag team championships! How many is that now for Edge and how many partners has he had? (I should ask Ryan Droste this question).

Rey Mysterio – for not only keeping your mask, but capturing your 2nd Intercontinental Title this year.

To all the ECW talent that are now brought up to RAW or Smackdown – Kudos to all of you.

To all the students that provided the homework – I must address your names now: Jamel Watson, Troy Smith, Chris Kelly, Richard Misfeldt, Halfsized, Craig Alan Cope, Rick Jackson, Ben Phillips, Jeff Knott, Austen Allen, Patrick Lorang, Paul Pomykala, Jeremy Samples, Suzanne Abshire, RJ Norris, xrobbie, Rocky Jr., TJ Patton, and Kevin Cook.
To a guy named D!ckhe@d – I saw him at another chatroom. He asked for a gold star and I will give him one (thought I ignored you haha).

To all those who made the honor roll this week – Thank you for keeping the students? attention this week.

John Morrison – Things are looking very bright for the ?Friday Night Delight?.

Paul Meade – because I think he deserves one, he hasn?t gotten on in a while.

To all my friends from the Pittsburgh, PA area – you know who you are and thank you for your support.

The Miz – for the reasons why I placed you in detention. For being awesome this past month and for shooting a T-shirt gun at Hornswoggle.

**If anyone else wants to receive a gold star, please e-mail me and give me a good reason to do so. Thanks and if your reason is good enough, I will give you a gold star as well. **


1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)???????????..?50-32 (3-4)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)??..?.50-32 (5-2)
3) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)??47-35 (3-4)
4) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)???????.?45-37 (3-4)
5) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)???????..?44-38 (4-3)
6) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)???????????…43-39 (1-6)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)???????.?39-28 (3-4)
8) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)??????????..39-31 (4-3)
9) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)??????????????????…34-28 (3-4)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)??????????.?23-24 (2-5)
11) Chris Kelly (TNA Epics Recapper)????????..???..?21-11 (5-2)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)?????????????…17-18 (4-3)
13) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)??8-7 (3-4)
14) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)???????????????????….4-4 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..3-5 (0-0)

**In parentheses are the predictions records for The Bash PPV**

**On average, the WV fans won 3.04 matches, so by estimation they got a 3-4 record**

**I threw out the tag team championship match, since many of the faculty members believed it would be unfair to count it**

**Among the students, Frank Contorno scored a 5-2 record and was the best among the WV students**

**To those who made their picks, I thank you and look forward to your picks at Victory Road!**

HOMEWORK ANALYSIS (was due July 2, 2009)

1) You are the booker for WWE, TNA, or ROH. You are tired of wrestlers holding the title because of the stupid polictics in professional wrestling. For one gold star (maybe two). I want to you answer this question: Who would you book as the World Champions for the WWE, TNA, and ROH?
First off, I thank all of the students who completed this assignment on time. Gold stars go to all who participated in this assignment. Well, the votes are tallied and the results are in.

But before I give you the overall consensus, I must give Jamel Watson a gold star for finding out where Zach Ryder got ?Woo Woo Woo? because I did not know it. Here is what Jamel said:

?Woo Woo Woo” was the catchpharse of the character Sinclair on the television show “Living Single”.

Much Thanks to solving that question, Jamel.

Also, I received many e-mails from those who booked other champions (i.e. Tag Team, Intercontinental, etc.). Just to let all my students know that Yes, I did read them and I should be giving you feedback later on during the week. But I am not going to include this. I am only going to post the results for the following titles:

1) WWE Championship
2) World Heavyweight Championship
3) ECW Championship
4) TNA World Title
5) ROH World Heavyweight Championship

I received nineteen students complete the assignment e-mails on this and here are the results (finally…).

Also, keep in mind that this assignment was before the big 15-superstar trade that moved some talents around, so forgive me if it seems outdated.

WWE Champion

Students? Choice – Randy Orton (8 votes)
Mr. V’s Choice – Randy Orton

I think the WWE got this one right. I really enjoy the Randy Orton gimmick at this time and he has really paid his dues to keep that title for another few months. I am just afraid that HHH will want that title before the end of the summer, in which Mr. V will not like this one bit. Kudos to the WWE’s RAW team for doing this title justice. Let Orton keep the belt and see how far he can take this company.
Other Votes: MVP, HHH, Kane, Big Show, Matt Hardy.

World Heavyweight Champion

Students? Choice – CM Punk (7 votes)
Mr. V’s Choice – Chris Jericho

The students made a strong case in booking Punk as their champion. He is getting over and drawing some serious heat as a rival to fan favorite Jeff Hardy. Though his first run was not very successful, his second run as World Heavyweight Champion is going along so much better. I came close to picking CM Punk, but I opted to go with the more established Chris Jericho. Jericho can be good wrestling anyone and the crowds from around the world hate this guy (his gimmick at least). I would book Jericho as the champion on Smackdown’s brand, but CM Punk is still a great choice, students!
Other Votes: Chris Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, and Ken Kennedy.

ECW Champion

Students? Choice – Jack Swagger (4 votes)
Mr. V’s Choice – Pre-Trade: Jack Swagger. Post-Trade William Regal.

I agree with the students in booking Swagger as the ECW Champion over current champion Tommy Dreamer. I think this is a reward for all the bumps and hard work Dreamer did for the WWE once he signed up years ago. Putting the championship on Swagger would have been the logical thing to do on Sunday, and we know why now that Dreamer defended the ECW Title last Sunday. Now after ECW lost a TON of their power in order to bring in some fresh talent I can only hope that William Regal gets an opportunity to carry a brand. Regal is smug and cocky, but he can hold his own, as one student said, ?against anyone of any size?.
Other Votes: William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Evan Bourne, and Tommy Dreamer.

TNA World Champion

Students? Choice – AJ Styles (8 votes)
Mr. V’s Choice – Kurt Angle

AJ Styles was a strong choice by the students and I can agree with my class in a way. He was one of the faces of TNA since its inception in 2002 and never complained once the ex-WWE guys took over this company. He is still 30 years old and, when the time comes, he can take the world title and run with it. I would choose Kurt Angle right now because he is more marketable than AJ Styles. People know who Kurt Angle is and, when healthy, Angle is one of the best superstars in professional wrestling. If his body gets torn up and needs to drop the title, AJ would be the best fit. But for now, if I booked TNA I would keep the title on Angle for at least a couple months.

Other Votes: Kurt Angle, Daniels, Abyss, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Booker T, Chris Sabin, and Rhino.

ROH World Heavyweight Champion

Students? Choice – (Tie) Bryan Danielson and Jerry Lynn (3 votes each)
Mr. V’s Choice – Austin Aries

The students had a few choices in booking the ROH champion. Jerry Lynn was the champion earlier this year and is a great role model to the younger wrestlers. Lynn is the type of guy that has a lot of class and respect for the wrestling business and is one of those guys that is not afraid to put anyone over. Bryan Danielson is a great choice as well. He has the best wrestling arsenal in the business (I am including all organizations). No one knows about his future though, he is undecided between ROH or MMA. I want to give the title to someone who has recognition, experience, and is great on the mic. That is why I would keep the belt on Austin Aries for a bit. He is one of the best in all three of the aforementioned aspects.


As we all know this past Monday on RAW, fifteen superstars were traded to different brands. All you have to do class is answer these two questions? (This is the easiest set of questions I ever gave my class).

1) Who do you think benefited the most in this trade?

2) Who do you think this trade backfired the most?

Hopefully it is an easy question, please get this assignment done in the next couple week for the final results. Signed by AJV.

Well class, this sums up the latest edition of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?. And as always if you enjoyed or did not like the column?have a question in school, wrestling, or even the sports world you may e-mail me at

Until Column #23 (which is a prime number) and possibly my mid-term teacher conference awards, I am WrestleView’s resident teacher Mr. V. Enjoy your 4th of July (To my American readers) and I will hope you read my column next week. You are officially…DISMISSED!

Look Mr. V up on Facebook: Search Anthony J. Valvo
And as always if there were no students or readers, there would have been Mr. V. Thank you all for reading this week.