Limba Krakono? sent this report in:

Prague, Tesla Arena
11th June 2009

This was the first time ever that WWE brought its product to the Czech Republic. Some people have waited whole life for this opportunity because not everybody has options going to Germany or Austria for house show. Lilian Garcia welcomed us in Czech language which was pretty from her.

Goldust vs. William Regal
Goldust successfully tried to interact with fans and Regal’s response was “How about that?” and crowd laughed. Opener was sort of comedy match. Hornswoggle came through the isle and bit Regal’s ass and Goldust roll-uped him. Good short match with amazing atmosphere.

Maryse (C) vs. Kelly Kelly
Arrogant Divas champion kissed referee before the start. Kelly was wonderful in person, great athletic performance. Maryse put Kelly to Camel Clutch but it was French Kiss that ended this another good match.

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Primo & Carlito (C)
This was great match. Legacy was absolute heels of the night. Rhodes has perfect body. The Colons tried to throw a t-shirt to the crowd but couldn’t decide who was going to do that. In result, they gave t-shirt to referee but DiBiase stole him and ripped it apart. Legacy was furious, threw some chair and kicked to the steel steps. Primo was great, Carlito seemed bored. Ending came with DiBiase using steel chair as foreign object and attacking the champions which resulted in disqualification. Best match in a card so far.

Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Matt Hardy
This “match” sucked. It last only few seconds until Kingston ended it all with Trouble in Paradise. Matt already had not cast but obviously he favored this hand so WWE decided to shorten this one. Little disappointing but fantastic atmosphere continued.

10-minute intermission

Big Show vs. MVP
Interesting confrontation. Big Show stopped in his entrance to the ring a heelishly stared at small kid for some time and then as true babyface he smiled at him and continued to the ring. MVP was surprised that a lot of fans cheered for Big Show. MVP delireved beautiful Yakuza Kick in a corner. Then fans interaction was much bigger. As you can see sometimes on PPVs in big matches, fans boo for heel blow and cheer for face blow, so this was like “booo-yeeeah” concert. Big Show tried to be heel but he was so cool and good person. Funny moment came when Show superkicked MVP but he missed it for about 30 centimetres, crowd laughed a lot but it was great moment that fans didn’t care about one botch. Big Show chokeslammed MVP and won.

The Miz vs. John Cena
Miz was the first and last wrestler with promo. He said: “I want everybody to look at center of the ring and see how true winner look like.” He insulted fans’ intelligence and then “I am The Miz and I AM AWESOME!!!” John Cena had without a doubt the best pop of the night. A lot of fans wore Cena’s t-shirts. I think Cena is number one in the Czech Republic. The Miz had great heat and argued with fans. It was very good serious/comedy match. Miz pulled nice suplex and neckbreaker but then Cena hulked up and delivered Triple Death Combo (Protoplex, Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment) and arena blowed. Cena won via pinfall.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H
Legender Killer had great heat as well as the rest of Legacy. Triple had the longest and most impressive entrance. Match was slow-paced with headlocks and collar and elbow tie-ups. Orton was furious and followed Legacy with heel practics. He kicked steps and threw chair as well. Great response. The match had also strong “booo-yeeeah” moments. Orton twice tried RKO but unsuccesfully. On the other side, HHH used Harley Race knee and great live Spinebuster. The first try of Pedigree didn’t go well but following this, Randy hit exposed turnbuckle and then get Pedigree and lost. Triple H and Lilian Garcia were the only ones celebrating with fans aftermath.

Show was unbelievably short – 90 minutes. Crowd was superb, hot for whole time and very interacting. WWE superstars seemed satisfied with our response. Card had not WWE Championship match, Batista and Jeff Hardy (he should have performed here as a suprise from Smackdown). I think WWE would return to the Czech Republic soon. Fantastic experience.