WWE Raw House Show Results – 6/12/09
Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Ognjen Gavric sent this report in:

It was a first time for WWE in Serbia and it was organised in big Belgrade Arena (23.000 seats). Still, only the floor seats were open since there was only a couyple of thousand people in attendance).

The show was almost exact same as the one in Helsinki 2 days ago. There were mostly kids in attendance ant the crowd was totally face oriented (except me and a couple more older fans).

Here are the matches:

Goldust def. William Regal
It was a 7 minute match, plenty of rest holds and Hornswoggle coming after the match to bite Regal on the ass.

Maryse def. Kelly Kelly with implant DDT
Typical Raw space filler match

The Colons def. The Legacy by DQ
At the end of the match DiBiase brought the chair into the ring.

Kofi Kingston def. Matt Hardy
Matt attacked Kofi on the rampwat but Kofi was able to get the win in under 3 minutes while Matt was arguing with the ref. Matt didn’t have his cast.

After that there was an intermission

Big Show def. MVP
Lots of stalling during the match. MVP put up a good fight.

John Cena def. The Miz via FU… ooops, I mean “Attitude Adjustment”
Miz bashed Cena and dhe fans before match and was mosly in control. This will be a great feud since those two have chemistry. Best match so far.

Triple H def. Randy Orton with The Pedigree.
Even though this was the main event, there was plenty of rest holds and the match was back and fourth with HHH avoiding the RKO and finishing the match with Pedigree. Strangely, no Legacy interference even though Cody told me before the event that they plan to interfere.

Cody and Ted were signing the autographs since they were the only one scheduled to do that on a tour. I had a very pleasant conversation with WWE PR and she hinted me a Shawn Michaels return at DX tour in november and also Undertaker’s return on his tour before next WrestleMania.

Only Kelly Kelly, HHH and Lillian Garcia were circling the ring hi-fiving the fans. Other than that, crowd interaction was at minimum.

This was my first WWE live event and it was a GREAT experience, even though the card and matches itself were prety mediocre.

Ognjen Gavric