WWE Smackdown/ECW House Show Results – 5/24/09
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Adrian Telas sent this report in:

Whats up guys, just got back from the house show in Las Cruces New Mexico and boy it was a GREAT show. The show was not a sell out but the crowd was pumped up.

1st Match: Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho to retain the IC Championship.
*NOTE* Rey Mysterio had the biggest POP of the night since representing the Mexican and Latino race.

2nd Match: John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin (Great Solid Match)

3rd Match: Gail Kim and Eve Torres defeated Layla and Alicia Fox

4th Match: Vladimir Kozlov defeated Finley

5th Match: Christian and Tommy Dreamer defeated Jack Swagger and Mark Henry
NOTE: This was a real fun match, both Swagger and Henry walked to the ring wearing a mask covering there nose and mouth protecting themselves from the swine flu. After the match, Tommy Dreamer got on the mic and announced that an original ECW wrestler was in attendance and its was the daughter of GREAT Eddie Guerrero.


6th Match: CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler
NOTE: Great Heat on Dolph Ziggler, he really looked in good this match against Punk, both wrestlers had the crowd going. A young fan at the end of this match ran into the ring as CM Punk was celebrating his victory.

7th Match: Cryme Time defeated Charlie Haas and Mike Knox

8th Match: Edge defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
NOTE: funny moment occurred during this match as Edge pointed to Shaul Guerrero and both did the Eddie Guerrero Latino Heat Dance shaking their shoulders.

Biggest Pop of the Night:
1. Rey Mysterio
2. Jeff Hardy
3. CM Punk

Most Heat of the Night:
2.Dolph Ziggler
3.Vladimir Kozlov (when he got on the mic and began speaking his native language)

All in all a Great House Show, I hope they try coming back home to Eddie Guerrero’s hometown of El Paso, Texas, Great Job on the website!!!