WWE Smackdown/ECW House Show Results – 5/23/09
Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Adam Merrick sent this report in:

WWE brought in the SmackDown and ECW brands for their first visit to Rio Rancho, New Mexico at a packed Santa Ana Star Center. If the arena wasn’t a sell-out, it sure was close. Justin Roberts is our ring announcer for the evening.

Cryme Tyme vs. Mike Knox & Charlie Haas
JTG & Shad got the Rio Rancho crowd roaring by being the first “good guys” out. Knox & Haas also did a good job getting heat. This was your pretty basic tag team match, with Knox & Haas in the driver’s seat for much of the contest. One hot-tag from Cryme Tyme and a miscue from Knox & Haas later allowed Big Shad to plant Charlie for the win.
WINNERS: Cryme Tyme

Justin Roberts introduces the lovely Maria, who asks a fan who the current WWE Women’s Champion is. When the fan answers correctly with “Melina,” Maria moves them to the front row for the rest of the show.

Finlay vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Before the match began, Kozlov got on the mic and said that he didn’t care who is opponent was because he was going to destroy them. While it was good to see Kozlov actually take on an established Superstar (unlike from what he has been doing on ECW lately), Finlay was no match for the Moscow Mauler.
WINNER: Vladimir Kozlov

Gail Kim & Eve Torres vs. Layla & Alicia Fox
No Women’s Champion Melina or Michelle McCool, but it was interesting to see what the other Diva competitors bring to the table. Gail easily had the best moves of the night out of the four women, but Eve got in a couple of good dropkicks and Layla & Alicia were selling to their opponents like crazy. Gail pins Alicia for the W.
WINNERS: Gail Kim & Eve Torres

Triple-Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio (Champion) vs. CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
Rey Rey comes out to the ovation of the night to the New Mexico crowd. Before the match, Ziggler tries to introduce himself but continues to be interrupted by the the loud “Booooo”‘s echoing the arena. Before he could get his full name out, Mysterio and Punk attack him. There wasn’t too many triple-threat situations during the matchup, with either Mysterio or Punk on the outside while the other was working on Ziggler, but it was still an entertaining bout. Mysterio hits Dolph with his patented 619 and springboard splash to retain his strap.
WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio

Maria comes out with two young fans to help throw out t-shirts into the audience before intermission.

ECW Champion Christian & Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger & Mark Henry
Christian opened up the match against Swagger and was quick to immediately get some heat on the former ECW Champ. After much-domination by Swagger & Henry, Christian & Dreamer were able to rally together long enough for Christian to pin Henry following a Dreamer DDT. Following the match, Christian puts the ECW Championship over Tommy’s shoulder as the two celebrate. Dreamer continued to clap and bow to the crowd as he exited the arena.
WINNERS: Christian & Tommy Dreamer

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin
The Shaman of Sexy was quick to get all of the girls in NM behind him as he constantly gyrated towards Benjamin. Benjamin refused to go on with the match as long as Morrison kept doing that, but eventually the match got started. A lot of reversals in this one, with Morrison eventually one-up’ing Benjamin with a spinning DDT for the victory.
WINNER: John Morrison

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Edge (Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy
While coming out, Edge grabbed a kid’s sign and ripped it up…instant heat, as if he already didn’t need it. When the bell rang, Edge quickly grabbed the mic and tried to talk Jeff out of the match, saying that he was still shaken up from the top-rope Edgecution he received at Judgment Day. Jeff had none of it and the match eventually got physical. The contest went to the outside and Edge tried to get Jeff counted-out to no avail. Edge eventually hit the Edgecution on Jeff, but the Charismatic Enigma kicked out at two. While setting Jeff up for a Spear, Edge got reversed and fell straight into the Twist of Fate! As Jeff went to the top for the Swanton Bomb, Edge was able to get to his feet before the move was executed. Moments later, Edge planted Jeff’s skull onto a previously-exposed turnbuckle, giving him plenty of time to nail the Spear and get the 3-count.
WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Overall, it was a decent show. Not a lot of the bigger names came out (Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kane, Umaga), but the Rio Rancho crowd was glad to have WWE there for the first time.

Biggest Pops:
1.) Rey Mysterio
2.) Jeff Hardy
3.) CM Punk
4.) Cryme Tyme

Most Heat:
1.) Edge
2.) Dolph Ziggler
3.) Vladimir Kozlov
4.) Mike Knox & Charlie Haas