From the Desk of Mr. V #16
May 22, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Good Thursday once again, my students! Before I begin, I wanted to start with this statement:

To those who have yet to receive a reply from your e-mails this week: I am sorry as I did not have much time on my hands. I had a lot of work with the schools in which I teach at and the only free time I had been pretty much watching wrestling. So, I will be continuing to e-mail all those who gave me their latest homework assignment throughout the next three days. I thank you once again for your e-mails and I promise by Saturday, you will get a reply from your hard work.

Also, before I begin I want to dedicate this column of ?From the Desk of Mr. V? to my grandfather, who would have celebrated his 76th Birthday on May 20 if it were not for his untimely passing in 2004. So, unlike the WWE (who recently does not their ?in memory? thing anymore, this one is for you grandpa! My you continue to have a beer in one hand?and a bowling ball in the other?

Anthony Valvo (1933 – 2004) Rest In Peace, Grandpa

Ok Students!!! Forgiveness is over!! I, the WrestleView teacher Mr. V have a couple rules to lay out for you that, once again, need to be enforced. Also, we will look at the honor roll for the past week, the show of the week, gold stars, detentions, and the latest standings from ?Predictions from the Faculty?. That and so much more will be discussed. I know it is a nice and sunny day out (It’s 80 and sunny in Pittsburgh as I type this) and you want to go out and play, but you have to stay seated, feet on the floor, and please have an open mind. Class is about to begin in our sixteenth installment of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?.

Before the rules, let’s present the quote of the week. Usually it is that of the inspirational kind, but since this was very fresh, I decided to add this one in the mix.

?To all my dawgs: Michael Vick is getting out, RUN!!!?

– Hurricane Helms

When I read this quote on Facebook (Helms is on my friends? list), I could not help but laugh at this comment by the ECW reporter. This had to be one of the best quotes I have seen in a long time. Mr. Helms was quick-witted to think of this one by himself and I am sure his thousands of fans liked it as well. As most of my sports fans know, Mr. Vick was released from prison today after a near two-year prison term for underground dogfight betting. As a supporter for the Beaver County Humane Society and pet lover all my life, I am STILL disgusted by the actions of Mr. Vick. I don?t care if ever comes back to the NFL, to me he is scum for doing that and not really ever feeling any remorse for doing what he did. So class, if you are truly one of the Hurricane’s ?Dawgs?, you better run from Vick.


I do have a couple of rules that need to be discussed. They are rather easy this week and won?t have much to do with my loyal fan base on WrestleView, but still it needs to be addressed. Let’s begin with the new rules?..

46)We all should remember what Owen Hart did for the wrestling business

Most of my students do not really know this, but Owen Hart was one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE History! I put him in the likes of my other favorite WWE superstars from the past, such as Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant, Kurt Angle (before he went crazy), Eddie Guerrero, and Ted DiBiase Sr. Owen was a class act and was willing to give other wrestlers words of guidance and respect. I started really watching Owen in the late 80s, when he was introduced as ?The Blue Blazer? and in the 90s when he teamed up with Jim Niedhart. To keep a long story short, I thought this guy had it all and should be among the best superstars in the 1990s. He had charisma (when holding a Slammy award was cool), a great repertoire of wrestling maneuvers, had great mic skills, and was an all-around great ambassador in the World Wrestling Federation.

Well, as we all know, he left us way, WAY too soon approx. ten years ago. On May 23, 1999 I watched the Pay-Per-View. One of the matches I could not wait to see was The Godfather vs. Owen Hart. I liked Hart’s heel gimmicks way better, and his ?King of Harts? gimmick was by far his best one. Well, the time was about to begin for the match but as the video package was about to begin, I believe Jim Ross said ?Oh No? and it went right to the video promo of The Blue Blazer. My dad and I had thought nothing of it, as Jim Ross is known to be very good in his days as a WWE announcer. However once the video was over, something terrible happened. Jim Ross said, ?We all know that The Blue Blazer was Owen Hart and there was an accident?. All we saw were shots from the crowd from what I was watching, also no sign of Jerry Lawler (who was at ringside seeing this horrendous stunt gone wrong and the unfortunate outcome). JR said what we were seeing ?is real life?. He kept saying it. He had to, you could hear it in his voice that he was speechless. When the scene was cleared, you could hear the crowd giving an ovation like I never heard before. It was something of a somber kind of thing, like they seen a grave moment. Well, we all knew what happened. Toward the end of the Pay-Per-View, Jim Ross had to say it ?Owen Hart had died?. It was only one of three or four times I ever cried while I watched wrestling. My dad woke up from a nap and was not seeing me really excited about the main event. I told him that Owen Hart died, and even he could not believe it.

There are particular dates we remember, the day we graduate college, the day of our weddings, even the day or our children being born. Sadly, we remember days that are tragic as well. The day May 23 should be remembered as such a day. To those students that pray once in a while, or even to the ones that never do, here is a prompt homework assignment. Be thankful that we had seen Owen Hart wrestle in our lifetime. Even though he never won a ?World? title in his lifetime, he still should be considered as one of the greatest wrestlers of our generation.

Actually, I think I am going to stop the Classroom Rules portion of the column, as I think we should respect the anniversary of one of the biggest tragedies in professional wrestling. I will put up more classroom rules next week (as well as some by my students, keep them coming).


– Adult males that wear ?SpongeBob? T-Shirts IN PUBLIC
– People telling Mr. V to ?Go Green?
– Santina Marella
– Pittsburgh Pirates
– Kevin Nash


William Regal – For this week only you are on this list. I am sorry, but if it was not for you destroying he/she-male Santina Marella, we would not have Vickie Guerrero as our Miss WM.

?That Guy? – The one man-child that was bobbing his head and going crazy near R-Truth last week (he was the guy with the Duke hat on backwards), considered yourself caught and embarrassed in my column.

Alexander Ovechkin – You still belong on here. Even your dirty antics could not end my Pittsburgh Penguins season. I hope you scheduled tee time went well, and I also hope you have VS. on your TV, wishing what could had been.

People that show their big signs at ringside during a TV show – Ok, some are funny, but some are ridiculous. Those need to be removed. Unless they shout out a fellow WrestleView staff member.

WWE Creative – for allowing Vickie Guerrero to be the new Miss WrestleMania. I now know why the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus did not compete in that battle royal.

TNA Creative – Please, PLEASE do two things for me. 1) Fire Don West because he is now coming off as a whiny, fat loudmouth rather than a decent heel color commentator. 2) Put the World Title on someone under 40 years old, like?Christopher Daniels?


ETS and the Praxis Series – Jeremy S. enjoys it when they are on this list. I agree that they will be on the list of ?Eternal Detention? for the span of one year! Some teacher now just found out that they failed a test that they paid over 130 dollars for. What makes matters worse; they are not told on paper what they missed!! Shame on YOU, ETS!!

Burger King – For introducing us to that stupid King and the latest debacle, King-ons.

Wendy’s – For messing up my order two times in a row!! When I said Double Stacks, I did not mean ?Value Fries?.

Vickie Guerrero – I could get away at times with you being the GM of RAW. However, I threw up in my mouth when I saw you on HD. I threw up out of my mouth when you became ?Miss WrestleMania?. When she gets more victories the past month than a Diva like Beth Phoenix, something is terribly, TERRIBLY wrong!!

Chavo Guerrero – What happened to you? You were a Champion last year and now you are in a storyline in which you are flirting with Vickie? Such terrible news?

Reid Flair – I want to place you on this list because of your stupidity throughout 2009.

Hulk Hogan – See Above

Coca Cola Company – I hear Ghostbusters rumors, but no Ecto Cooler reunions. Put it this way. I just mowed the lawn last week dreaming of sipping down a refreshing Ecto Cooler. But what was I forced to drink?? I don?t know, but it just was not Ecto Cooler!!


Wow, this week was a fun week to write notes on the best and worst matches, let me tell you. With all six shows having a candidate to each category, it was tough to pick a top three and bottom one. But, since I have strict guidelines in typing my column, here are the best (and worst) in the week of wrestling.

Distinguished Honors – Tyler Black vs. Bryan Danielson, ROH on HDNet, May 9.

When I saw this match advertised as the main event on May 9, I was excited. I consider their first encounter on HDNet as a top 3 match of the year, and had the same expectations for their rematch after a thrilling time limit draw a few weeks ago. What I got this past week may not have matched their first encounter, it was still an ?A? level match. I was real impressed with the back and forth action by both men, as the started out with a brawling/technical style feel to their match. It was a mix of who was stronger than who, in which there was no clear advantage in that part of the match. Then these wrestlers threw in a little high-flying tactics (example: Tyler Black’s Standing Shooting Star Press) to go along with what was an excellent start. Then they continued a submission style and it was almost over with a triangle choke by Danielson. However, the ending was very superb in this contest, as Danielson threw Black over the top rope, and follows it was a springboard dive into the ROH faithful. Then as the 20 count is enforced and getting near to the end of the match, both men fought diligently to get to the ring. 18?19?20?the end result was that NO ONE made it to the ring and it ended in a Double Countout Draw. The fans chanted that it was awesome. I could not agree more. I am sure we will see another exciting contest that was either already taped, or when Tyler Black comes back from his recent injury. Both wrestlers showed great endurance and great chemistry again! And for that ?A? grade performance, they reached yet again the highest honors in my column. Congratulations!

High Honors – John Morrison and CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Friday Night Smackdown, May 15.

This was a tremendous way to start off Smackdown last week. You get the newest feud going with Shelton and Morrison. Throw in Mr. Money In The Bank and resurrect a former ?gimmick? wrestler and you get the best tag team match in a while. First off, I am real impressed with Haas in this match. Out of all the wrestlers that use their amateur wrestling skills, Haas will get a top three vote in my eyes. He was ?on? last week and I sense that, even though he is still losing, he is happy to be on the card and in a very lengthy contest. Shelton continues to impress each week with his style of wrestling. I never seen this guy have a bad match and, again, though he is losing his chemistry with his tag team partner Haas was unparallel. They are perfect together and if the WWE ever plans on re-tooling (much needed now) their tag team division, these two should contend for the titles (though Shelton would yet again lose his spot as a high-mid card singles guy). CM Punk was also pretty good. He was technically sound, showed progress in the ring (earlier he was a bit sloppy), and hit his kicks very accurately. I could see him winning a World Title once again, though it may not be in 2009. John Morrison was the man in this segment that would suppose to stand out, and did he ever! The WWE wanted to put him over as a face, and it did not take long. His in-ring work clearly shows me that he is the ?Next Heartbreak Kid?. He took his fair share of bumps in the match, but he was able to dish it out better than the other three wrestlers in the ring. He has a great blend of wrestling styles that will be able to help him overcome any opponent. And face or not, I think John Morrison currently has more respect than any young wrestler in professional wrestling today. By the way, if there was a vote for ?Best Finisher?, I want to vote for Morrison’s ?StarShip Pain?. They way he hit that finisher on Friday really improved the grade in the contest. I even would say that is the best finisher I have seen in the last ten years, seriously!

Honors – Rey Mysterio vs. Shelton Benjamin, WWE Superstars, May 14.

Trust me, this was not intentional. Out of all the matches that I graded this past week, Shelton reached the highest scores in two of the matches. Rey took a lot of punishment, and the way he landed on some of the spots looked real painful. I was very impressed with Rey’s work in the match, even going through some pain that he experienced. Rey’s work is among the best recently. He gets going on the offensive in the first parts of a match, then get pounded like a wrestling buddy (early 90s pop culture toy), then at the end of the match he came back with some solid moves (tornado DDT and the dropkick) that led to the 619 and Rey’s always well-executed springboard splash. Rey did look impressive, but give some credit to Shelton as well. He was able to stay on Rey throughout the match and use a blend of brawling and amateur wrestling skills. He was good in the ring and again, came a bit short. It just seems ongoing for Shelton Benjamin. He gives us everything he has, but sadly continues to put people over as his stock with the company is going down a bit. He has the skills, but maybe it is his marketability, which he lacks greatly. Still, great showing by both individuals and I hope to see more in the future.

Honorable Mention goes to: Delirious/Haze vs. Jacobs/MsChief on 5/9; Matt Hardy/Regal vs. Kofi/MVP on 5/11; Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer on 5/12; Finlay vs. Tyson Kidd on 5/12; Mark Henry vs. Christian on 5/14; Chris Sabin vs. Daniels on 5/14; Jethro Holliday vs. Booker T on 5/14; Melina/Gail Kim vs. McCool/Fox on 5/15; and Edge vs. Jericho on 5/15.

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK: Hornswoggle vs. Big Show, WWE Superstars, May 14.

With all due respect to my students who like that little leprechaun, this should never been a match, NEVER!! Nothing really went on and Goldust (?) interferes and gets pummeled. If this was not the MAIN EVENT of the show, then it would not be there. Did anyone see shades of King Kong Bundy vs. Little Beaver when you saw this matchup? Anyway, in my twenty one years of watching wrestling, this was one of the worst main events I have ever seen.

Dishonorable Mention goes to: Carlito vs. Kendrick on 5/11; Batista vs. Priceless on 5/11; Beth Phoenix vs. Santina on 5/11; Orton vs. Batista on 5/11; Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jobber on 5/12; Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe on 5/14; Cute Kip vs. Awesome Kong on 5/14; NO LIMIT vs. Kevin Nash on 5/14; and R-Truth vs. Mike Knox on 5/15


Again, this past week we had some really good shows and really bad shows. The best two shows in my opinion are no brainers, while the students? choice was a whitewash. First let’s go with the bad and work our way up, class. TNA IMPACT had a real strong start with a good opening segment with Mick Foley, and then a match involving a couple underrated talents in Sabin and Daniels. The rest of the show really dragged after that and nothing was real solid until the final few minutes of the show. Add Don West’s bickering like an old man, and the show for the most part bombed. Same goes with WWE SUPERSTARS. The show helped build a couple storylines and had a couple good matches, but the lack of segments and the terrible main event brought an end to a below average show. MONDAY NIGHT RAW has some really good storylines going for them, but when you are a flagship station for the largest professional wrestling organization in the world, you have to bring the ?A? game in both storylines and in wrestling ability. RAW lacked that latter this week. ECW had a pretty good show that had one great segment (Peep Show) and some solid in-ring work for a one hour show. However, since the matches were just slightly above average compared to the top two, they do not earn a point in the war.

ROH ON HDNET is my #2 choice this week. They had good wrestling, as always, and the segment with Nigel McGuinness was amazing. Also, throw in a high quality main event and the end result was their second point in the standing, nice job!! However, our pick of the week (since the students and teacher agreed yet again) was FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN! The show this past week offered up some great segments, created some new superstars, and all the matches were at least a low C. The only segment I saw bad was the Diva/Cryme Tyme scuffle. But that and the R-Truth/Knox match were the only hiccups I detected on this past edition of Friday Night Smackdown.

Best Show: Friday Night Smackdown (2 points)
Runner-Up: ROH on HDNet (1 point)
Students? Choice: Friday Night Smackdown (1 point)

**Once again students, this is your column as well! E-mail me your pick for show of the week by e-mailing me at Thank you**


1)Friday Night Smackdown…..28 Points
2)Monday Night RAW…..24 Points
3)ECW…..10 Points
4)TNA Impact…..7 Points
5)ROH on HDNet…..2 Points
6)WWE Superstars…..0 Points

COMMENTATOR REPORT CARD (May 9 – May 15, 2009)

**Current 2009 Grade in Parentheses**

Michael Cole – B (C)

A very solid showing by Cole this past week. He stayed in touch with the majority of the matches and was clear in play-by-play. This showing was clearly not ?Vintage? Michael Cole.

Jerry Lawler – B (B-)

Lawler worked very well and was able to further tell us the story this past week. He interacted well with Cole for the first time in months. Just Please King, Don?t ogle over Kelly Kelly when she misses her marks in a match.

Josh Mathews – B (B+)

He was very good until the Kozlov squash. However, for a one hour show, he was good, but not great on play-by-play.

Matt Striker – A (A)

He was able to excel in every category and last week may have been his best week on commentary. He mixed it up and was informative and entertaining at the same time.

Jim Ross – A (B)

He only did not call maneuvers in one match. He was very entertaining and provoked the ?WWE Universe? (I feel dirty saying that) with thoughtful commentary. He was effective in calling a slower-paced match.

Todd Grisham – A (B)

Todd did the very same stuff as he did the previous week, but called more moves and was able to keep the viewers at home interested in the action in the ring. He was effective in the faster-paced matches on the card.

Mike Tenay – C+ (C)

He was not bad, but he was at times inconsistent. He was good in the beginning, then faded towards the end of the Impact show. After watching the card, you can tell. Tenay will bounce back very soon in my opinion.

Don West – F (F)

There was not one good thing about his commentary. When he called one of Jarrett’s video clips ?Boring?, I said that about his work this past week. Let the Tazz countdown continue?.

Mike Hogewood – C (D)

He is scoring higher because believe it or not, he is doing a much better job. I think he is getting a better feel in calling professional wrestling. Let’s hope it continues the next time I watch ROH.

Dave Prazak – B (B)

Prazak has grown on me. I would love to see him in TNA or WWE doing commentary. He focuses on the match and is very effective in his replay analysis. If any student meets this guy, tell him that Mr. V enjoys his commentary.


The most recent PPV is done and I thought I would put the overall standings in this week’s edition in my column. The races are getting tighter as to who will claim the covenanted ?Dean? Title. If you have read the predictions, we were either going to have a dominant Dean of WrestleView or Co-Deans of Wrestleview. Well, thanks to Umaga defeating CM Punk, we have our first CO-DEANS of However, the seat is very close within reach by a few other professors and even the WV Student Body!

Also to my students, thanks for playing the game and I only sent a reply to the winner among the students, and that winner was Paul Meade for predicting six out of the seven winners. As for the faculty, the winners were Josh Boutwell, and a particular WrestleView teacher (ok, it was me!) with six wins and one loss.

Here are the overall standings as of Judgment Day 2009

**Judgment Day picks are in parentheses**

WrestleView students on average guess 4.2 correctly, therefore the students record will be 4-3.

1)Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..32-19 (5-2)
2)David Stephens (ECW Recaps and That’s a Wrap!)…..2-19 (4-3)
3)Josh Boutwell (TNA Recaps and Viva La Raza!)…..29-22 (6-1)
4)Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V)…..28-23 (6-1)
5)WrestleView Students (Loyal readers of columns)…..28-23 (4-3)
6)Matt O?Brien (Notes From the Nosebleeds)…..26-18 (3-4)
7)Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..25-26 (4-3)
8)Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought)…..19-20 (—)
9)Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..16-15 (4-3)
10)Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..3-15 (5-2)
11)Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..9-6 (5-2)
12)Mike Klubnik (Stylin? & Profilin?)…..3-5 (—)
13)Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..0-0 (—)


This past week I had asked your about who would be the breakout superstars in the WWE, TNA, and ROH. Well, I allowed you to pick three from each company and a lot of votes were tallied and will be posted. All in All, I had NINETEEN (a record) students give me their homework and will be given gold stars. To you all, I thank you (in case I have yet to e-mail you my feedback on your choices). So, here are the top five breakout stars from each company, along with Mr. V’s pick:


1)John Morrison – 12 votes
2)Evan Bourne – 8 votes
3)MVP – 7 votes
4)Tyson Kidd – 6 votes
5)DH Smith, Swagger, Christian, Ziggler, Kozlov and The Miz – 3 votes

**Others: DiBiase, Jr., Kennedy, Kendrick, Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Zach Ryder, and Matt Hardy**

Mr. V’s Pick – What can I say, I have a very smart group of students! I can personally see everyone in the top five breaking out and becoming some sort of champion before the middle of 2010. However, my pick for breakout superstar will be the students? choice, JOHN MORRISON. If I go over what I think about him, I will sound like a broken record. For that, I will save some time. However, some others to consider would in fact be Evan Bourne, The Hart Trilogy, and the dark horse here, Ted DiBiase Jr.


1)Daniels – 7 votes
2)Jay Lethal – 5 votes
3)Alex Shelley – 4 votes
4)Robert Roode – 3 votes
5)Chris Sabin – 3 votes

**Others: Kaz, Eric Young, Hernandez, Rob Taylor, Brutus Magnus, Suicide, Matt Morgan, Kiyoshi, Homicide, Lance Cade, and Amazing Red.**

Mr. V’s Pick – Some of my students by the way did not pick anyone because they just don?t see it. I would somewhat disagree with them. Though I don?t see the majority of wrestlers on this list make an immediate impact on the over 40 crowd, I do see a couple of diamonds in the rough. I would say look out for The British Invation faction, they look to be pretty good in what they are doing. There is also Amazing Red, who is just brilliant in the ring once again. Daniels I think did break out in the X Division, but I seriously can make a strong case for him winning the main belt this year as well. However, the superstar I see breaking out in TNA may shock my students, but I am going to go with MATT MORGAN. He is the most agile man big man in the business and his moves are getting much better. If he can continue to progress with is arsenal, than I can actually see him carrying the TNA World Title in 2010 sometime. However, it is not up to him. It would be up to the creative department and the politics of some to make it happen!


1)Tyler Black – 6 votes
2)Rhett Titus – 3 votes
3)Claudio Castagnoli – 3 votes
4)Kenny Omega – 2 votes
5)Chris Hero – 2 votes

**Others: Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Delirious, and Brodie Lee**

Mr. V’s Pick – I am really growing to enjoy ROH more and more each week. I can?t wait to catch it on YouTube every Wednesday. I look at the list above and I see ?Break Out? on every one of them. However, after seeing him three times already, I am going with the class here and choosing TYLER BLACK, but Kenny Omega is not too far behind. I enjoy all the gimmicks of each wrestler, but for a break out standpoint, you have to have more than just a gimmick. Tyler Black stands out among the rest for his mixture of attics, shows good charisma at times, and can endure more punishment than many in the business. For that, I expect a ROH Championship reign, and then WWE or TNA will pick up on this guy. He is THAT GOOD to pass up right now!!


It appears that my column is going overtime again. So, let’s get the gold stars out of the way, shall we?

JaVonte Simmons – I told you would earn one for your kindness at the Carnegie Science Center. Best of luck to you once your graduate from St. Titus.

To all those who completed last week’s homework assignment (the list keep growing) – Gold Stars go to: Jay K., SUPERSTARZZ, Ponchos S., Jeff K, Halfsize, Michael P., Crelly, Ben P., Kevin C., Seth R., Suzanne A., Michael F., Austen A., Jamel W., Fernando P., Patrick L., Robert D., Erran, and RJ N.

Hartford Whalers – Thanks for the Brass Bonanza. To all my Penguins fans out there, if you play it before the Pens/Hurricanes game, you may be able to curse the Canes!

Doug Lackey – May the best team win, but I have to go with my Penguins :).

To all wrestlers that made the Honor Roll: Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, CM Punk, and John Morrison.

To the commentators (except Don West) – way to tell us a good story, thank you.

WrestleView VIP – If you haven?t checked it out yet, please do so. It is really good!! Definitely ?Mr. V – Approved?.

College Graduates – I applaud you for all your hard work in achieving your goals. I wish nothing but the very best for all of you.

Paul Meade – For posting a 6-1 record in the latest edition of ?Predictions From the Faculty?

Anthony J. Valvo (that name sounds familiar) and Josh Boutwell – For posting the best single PPV record for Judgment Day (6-1).

David Stephens and Joe Baiamonte – Co-Deans of! One of you will have to ?Sacrifice? your chair after the next PPV.

Jeremy Samples – For agreeing with me 100% on the Praxis Series, that it is nothing but a waste of time and money. What is with the 4 weeks until we get out results anyway??

Pittsburgh Penguins – 9 wins down, 7 to go. The playoff beard is getting so bad that students at Sts. Peter and Paul don?t even like it!!

Randy Orton, Edge, Rey Mysterio, and Christian – for successfully defending your Titles this past weekend.

Chris Kelly – For giving me some recaps on TNA Epics. Students, please check them out. They are a great read!


This homework assignment is going to be an easy one for you to type for me and for me to read it. It will also give me plenty of time to go through my e-mails from last week. So, here is my question for you to go on with and who knows, maybe will post it in next week’s column, no guarantees though:

We all know that Vince McMahon is NOT going to live on forever, so someone has to be the heir apparent to the WWE. We can?t pick Linda for the title ?Chairman? either because with her spot on the Connecticut School Board (please give me a job?). Anyways class, what I am going to ask of you all is this:

Who do YOU think should be the ?Next Chairman? of World Wrestling Entertainment? Please choose someone that works for the WWE (i.e. Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Johnny Ace, etc..) Please provide you answer by May 27, 2009 Signed by: AJV

Well, I hope that homework assignment will be easy enough. The sun is setting as we know it and the bell on yet another day is at an end. I want to thank all my students (new and old) for reading my column and please spread the word if you enjoy it! And as always if you loved the column, or hated it, just want to drop a line, offer TNA Sacrifice Predictions, or have a school question to ask me, you may do so at I will answer your e-mails, but it may take some time since I have a pretty busy schedule until the school year lets out. So, until Sunday’s TNA PPV, I am about to leave the classroom. Please push in your chair, walk quietly in line and exit the classroom. You are officially…DISMISSED!

Remember, I may this column for the students as well. If it is not for my loyal readers, there would be no Mr. V. Thanks for reading!