5/9 WWE Results: Grand Rapids, MI

WWE Smackdown/ECW House Show Results – 5/9/09
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

– Evan Bourne defeated Tyson Kidd.

– Vladimir Kozlov defeated Finlay.

– John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin.

– Gail Kim & Eve Torres defeated Natalya & Layla.

– CM Punk defeated Umaga via DQ.

– ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger ended in a no contest.

– ECW Champion Christian & Tommy Dreamer defeated Jack Swagger & Mark Henry.

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho.

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated Jeff Hardy.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

Bobby Strouss also sent this report in:

Just thought I would add to the results you already had from the 5/9 Grand Rapids SD/ECW show.

A new Ring Announcer, Angela, made her debut at the show. Maria was our hostess for the evening.

After the Evan Bourne/Tyson Kidd match, Maria gave a family from the upper deck seats, front row seats at ringside for each member of the family.

Before the Finlay/Kozlov match, Kozlov says that he is continuing his quest for “Total Domination” of WWE.

Shelton Benjamin/John Morrison was next and Shelton said that he would like to take Angela out on a date after the show if she was available.

Divas Tag Team Action with Gail/Eve vs. Layla/Natalya was next. Pretty solid divas match with Gail and Eve getting the clean victory.

CM Punk vs. Umaga ended in DQ when Umaga hit Punk with the MITB Briefcase.

Following that match, intermission took place.

Christian vs. Swagger for the ECW Championship was next, but just after it was started, Mark Henry came out and attacked Christian. Tommy Dreamer makes the save and the referee changes the match to a tag team match, which Christian and Dreamer win cleanly via Killswitch.

Intercontinental Championship Match between Mysterio and Jericho was next, and Jericho promised us fans that he would unmask Mysterio during the match. Rey retains, despite being unmasked three times.

Angela gets in the ring following the match, and announces the Summerslam tour for Smackdown and ECW heading to Kalamazoo on 6/21, and she thanked us for being there.

Edge retained the WHC over Jeff Hardy via Spear. Nothing surprising about this match.