WWE Superstars
February 25, 2010
Indianapolis, IN/Milwaukee, WI
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Superstars video plays and the pyro goes off in the arena. Michael Cole and Jerry ?The King? Lawler welcome us to the show. Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring with Raw’s newest free agent acquisition William Regal.

Jack Swagger & William Regal vs. Santino Marella & Chris Masters

Santino and Regal will start the match for their teams. They lock up and Regal quickly works on the arm. Santino gets out of it and locks on the Masterlock. Regal gets out of it with an arm drag. Regal goes for a whip but Santino cartwheels and splits under a clothesline. Santino then takes him down with an arm wrench. Swagger is tagged in and he kicks Santino. Swaggers sends him to the ropes but Santino ducks the clothesline and takes him down with a back elbow. Santino takes out the Cobra but Regal distracts him and Swagger hits a clothesline.

Regal is tagged back in and he stomps the cobra. Regal works on the right arm with kicks and a knee drop. Regal is stretching out the arm. Santino threatens the Cobra but Regal stops him. Regal then throws Santino out of the ring and he hits the mats hard. Santino gets on the apron and Regal knees him in the face. Swagger is tagged in and he brings Santino back in. Swagger clotheslines him in the corner and taunts the crowd on the turnbuckle. Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb but Santino moves.

Masters is tagged in and he unloads on Swagger. Masters goes for the Masterlock but Swagger pushes him off. Masters comes back with a clothesline and then another. Masters sends Swagger to the corner and avalanches him. Masters hits a powerslam and punches Regal down. Masters locks on the Masterlock but he stops when Regal runs in. Masters hits a back elbow on Regal and Santino throws him out. Swagger hits a chop block on Masters and hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Jack Swagger & William Regal
Match Rating: * ?

Jack Swagger celebrates by running around the ring.

Our Main Event tonight will be the Hart Dynasty taking on Matt Hardy, Great Khali, and Maria.

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WrestleMania is 31 days away!

Did you know last Thursday, WWE Superstars was watched by more people than College Basketball on ESPN?

Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes come out to the ring. They have signed with Raw as free agents from ECW.

Zack Ryder vs. Primo

My favorite referee ever Charles Robinson has this match. They lock up and Ryder gets a quick side headlock. Ryder gets a hammerlock and pushes Primo before giving a ?Woo, woo, woo.? They circle the ring and lock up. Primo hits a quick drop-toe-hold and rolls around on Ryder. Primo blocks a kick and punches away. Ryder has a whip reversed on him and Primo hits a shoulder block. Primo goes into the ropes and dropkicks Ryder. Primo punches him in the corner and hits a body slam. Primo goes to the top rope and Ryder takes him out by snapping the neck off the top rope. Ryder then hits a guillotine catapult and covers for a near fall.

Ryder applies a chin lock. Primo fights up and elbows out. Ryder stops him with a club and goes for a neckbreaker but Primo pushes him off. Ryder then surprises him with the Rough Ryder Leg Lariat for a near fall. Ryder elbows the head and locks on a chin lock. Primo eventually punches out. Ryder sends him to the corner and runs into a back elbow. Primo goes up top and hits a tornado DDT.

Primo punches before ducking a clothesline and hitting a flying back elbow. Primo hits a clothesline and a dropkick. Primo has a whip reversed on him and Ryder sends him over to the apron. Rosa distracts Primo enough for him to miss a springboard cross-body. Ryder then hits the Zack Attack and it’s academic from here.

Winner by Pinfall: Zack Ryder
Match Rating: * ?

A video airs hyping up the debut episode of NXT. I really enjoyed it.

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Luke Gallows and Serena come out to the ring without their savior CM Punk. Gallows gets in the ring and says they?d like to dedicate the match to CM Punk. Gallows says they?re living proof that the straightedge lifestyle and society are the proven way to live your life.

Sylas Young vs. Luke Gallows

I think we know where this is going. Gallows hits a big body slam before talking trash. Young tries to fight back but it doesn?t last. Gallows avalanches him in the corner and hits a nasty looking backbreaker. Gallows hits the Gallows Pole and it’s over.

Winner by Pinfall: Luke Gallows
Match Rating: N/A

Serena comes into the ring and kicks the guy in the ribs for good measure.

The Raw Rebound airs. I?m looking forward to what Bret Hart will do next week.

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Matt Striker thanks Kevin Rudolf for the use of the song ?I Made It,? the official theme song of WrestleMania.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker quickly discuss the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels ?Streak vs. Career? match. I cannot wait for this match. It’s going to be off the hook. They then air that awesome video they aired on Raw. They then run down the awesome card for WrestleMania. I love it. I?m totally excited for WrestleMania this year.

The Great Khali, Matt Hardy, Maria, and Ranjin Singh make their way to the ring. They?ll face the Hart Dynasty next.

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The Great Khali, Matt Hardy & Maria vs. The Hart Dynasty

It?ll be Tyson Kidd starting out against Matt Hardy, who has a new necklace on. Kidd gets a waist lock and Hardy quickly gets out with an arm wrench. Hardy locks on a side headlock and hits a takeover. Kidd rolls him to his stomach and gets out only to do his big, hilarious scream. Kidd kicks Hardy and clubs him down. Kidd chokes him on the second rope before kicking him in the midsection. Kidd goes into the ropes and Hardy takes him down with a back elbow before following up with an elbow drop. Hardy repeats that and hits a leg drop for a two count. Hardy wrenches the arm. Kidd has a whip reversed on him and Hardy puts him on the apron. Hardy knocks him off and we go to commercial.

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We come back from the break to see Kidd duck a clothesline but get taken down by a flapjack from Hardy. This gets him a near fall. Hardy wrenches the arm and tags in Khali. Kidd immediately gets to his corner and tags in David Hart Smith. Smith kicks at Khali’s leg before going into the ropes and eating a clothesline. Khali chops the chest in the corner. Khali sends him to the ropes and hits an ugly big boot. Khali hits a Brain Chop and goes for the Khali Vice but Smith quickly tags in Natalya, which means Maria is automatically legal.

Natalya knocks her off the apron before going outside and throwing her in. Maria ducks a clothesline and hits a head-scissors takeover. Maria kicks at Natalya before having a whip to the corner reversed on her. Natalya charges into boots but she blocks them and slams Maria down. Natalya slams her down by the hair and blows a kiss over to Khali. Natalya locks on a surfboard stretch. Maria fights up and gets out with a butt bump. Natalya quickly takes her down by the hair and hits a body slam. Natalya steps on her stomach and slaps Khali. Khali blocks another one and Smith takes him out with a big boot. Kidd tries to slam Maria but Maria slaps him away.

Hardy is tagged in and he takes Kidd out with a pair of clotheslines. Hardy hits a body slam and scares Natalya away. Hardy blocks a kick and hits a sit-out bomb on Kidd for a near fall. Justin Gabriel, Hardy’s NXT rookie, is seen watching. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Natalya pulls the hair. Maria takes her out with a bulldog. Kidd hits a spin kick to the midsection and tags in Smith. Smith runs into a Side Effect for a near fall. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Smith pushes him. Kidd blind tags in and they hit the Hart Attack for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Hart Dynasty
Match Rating: **

The Hart Dynasty celebrates their win over this team. I can?t wait to see what Uncle Bret does on Monday.

Quick Match Results
Jack Swagger* & William Regal def. Santino Marella & Chris Masters*
Zack Ryder def. Primo
Luke Gallows def. Sylas Young
The Hart Dynasty def. Matt Hardy*, Great Khali & Maria

Bump of the Night: Swagger sending Santino to the outside
Match of the Night: The Six Person Tag Match **

Mike’s Thoughts

I enjoyed Superstars tonight. Even though I?m not a big fan of the ?four matches in an hour? format this flowed well. We saw some entertaining wrestling. I liked the opening tag team match. Santino’s cobra is killer funny. I only wish William Regal wound up on Smackdown to continue accompanying Ezekiel Jackson and talking for him. I must say, though, that Regal looked good next to Swagger and, if they decide to go this route, they?d make a good tag team. Swagger might even get some steam back.

I have a feeling that Zack Ryder is going to get lost in the shuffle on Raw. His character is good but it’s just too goofy I feel to really get anything going. I hope I?m wrong because he has some good moves and talent.

I liked the quick little promo Luke Gallows got in to hype up the S.E.S. The S.E.S. is hot at the moment so it’s cool to see them on three out of the four shows of the WWE TV week. I?m a fan.

I?m happy to see the Hart Dynasty defeated the thrown together tag team of Hardy, Khali, and Maria. The match itself was good. I liked how they keep Khali’s wrestling to a bare minimum. It works well for everyone, especially the viewer.

Final Rating: ** ?

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