Wrestling Rumblings #13
May 1, 2009
By: Jose Marrero of WrestleView.com

I got to tell you guys I have the best readers in the world. I mean that; they are smart, funny, and oftentimes insightful. I can?t speak for anyone else who does this gig but I don?t do it to preach to people I do this because well for one I enjoy writing and also because I enjoy making people think. You see everything in wrestling for the most part is subjective and open to argument anyway. There is no undisputed best wrestler in the world. Believe it or not it is even hard to say what is a good worker and a bad one it’s all subjective. So I enjoy your feedback and enjoy making you all think and well as a token of my appreciation we are going to do Jose’s mailbag?you?re reading ?Wrestling Rumblings?

Even though this column is a week overdue I want to do a series of letters based on last week’s column. So if you will indulge me?


Couldn’t help but respond to your comments about Mick Foley. I think that you seem to have ignored a lot of what has been happening in TNA recently and your comments about elevating AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, well my eyebrow elevated but that is all. AJ Styles whilst a tremendous wrestler is still seriously missing the skills that make Shelton Benjamin such a gifted athlete and yet he is doomed to mid card status because of limited verbal skills. Samoa Joe has been labelled with an awful gimmick and seems to have visited Team 3D’s restaurant one time to many. Not really the people that TNA need to get behind. If there are young lions I think you need to look at the Motor City Machineguns who recently got the rub when they were in the ring with the Hardcore Legend. Turning the focus to Mick Foley his recent interview with Cactus Jack was awesome disturbing and compelling viewing. I appreciate that he may have said that he was gonna retire but
jeez wrestling is a work its not like he’s in his 70’s and commenting on wrestling one last match. I’ve enjoyed watching TNA recently because its become a little unpredictable and like myself few thought that Mick woz gonna come out of that cage with the title.
At any rate I hope ur next article is not about Vince McMahon’s miraculous powers of recovery after having the million dollar mania sign fall on him. I mean the number of times the owner has miraculously resurrected himself beggars belief. But then we still watch wrestling because its entertainment. I hope that ur article was more tongue in cheek than a serious attack at someone that has worked hard within the industry and for me deserves respect not comments that begin with W.


Trust me folks it gets better.

Dear Jose,

I just want to say that I absolutely was disgusted by your column last week. I don?t know who you think you are but to call Mick Foley a whore was reprehensible. After reading it all I could ask myself was who the . you think you are? Just cause you sit here and write a blog and call it a column you want to take cheap shots at men that you wouldn?t have the balls to talk to if given the opportunity. About 5 years ago I met Mick Foley and through chance me and my family have developed a relationship with him and well I don?t know what you think you know but you know dick. Mick Foley is not a whore he is someone who loves the business why is it people like you cant understand that and just go out of your way to tear people who you can never be down? Maybe if you stepped away from your computer long enough you could aspire to be half the man Mick Foley is but you wont because that is easy and you sir are a coward.

And just so you don?t think this is the ?Kill Jose-athon?

Hey Jose

I just wanted to say way to go on that piece with Mick Foley. I too like you am a Mick Foley fan and as entertaining as I have found him in his latest run I too feel his presence right now does more harm than good and would probably prefer it if he just stuck to his guns about retirement. Keep sticking to your guns and keep up the good work.


OK now it’s my turn. First off as much as I encourage feedback I do think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it John, Shaz way to go?anonymous Mick Foley friend you don?t exactly endear yourself to me but I suppose you weren?t trying to. Anyway here is the deal guys the two negative emails I received on this piece are the only two negative pieces of mail that I have received on this topic. Everything else has been positive and believe it or not just like John every person who has written me in support has all said they are Mick Foley fans. Yes it is wrestling and everything is a work but when someone like Mick Foley comes along with such a great story and says some of the things he says we tend to take him at his word and to those that will tell me Mick loves the business I will say this much to you. Do you think Mick Foley would be in TNA if Scooter and Tietam Brown were successful? Do you think Mick Foley would be in wrestling period if he thought he had a legitimate shot at being a Hollywood screenwriter? See Mick Foley in my opinion no longer wanted to be a part of wrestling anymore than Duane (Don?t call me the Rock) Johnson did and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean wrestling is a brutal sport and truth of the matter is if Mick would have came out at anytime and just said the truth that he was back in wrestling because everything else fell through I would cut him some slack but the fact of the matter is he kept lying and he kept trying to leave the business behind. I don?t believe Mick Foley is in love with the business anymore. I could be wrong and yes anonymous Mick Foley you are right I don?t know Mick Foley but this is my opinion and I stand by it Mick Foley is in wrestling because he can?t do anything else and for anyone who is wondering the reason I used the word ?Whore? and ?Prostitute? is simply because those are the words that Foley has evoked more than once when talking about retirement. I didn?t call him a ?Whore? he did. I just agreed.


I?m a longtime reader of the column from back in the DOI days and I have to say I like the way you have evolved over the years and have always been a big fan of your work. One bit of criticism however. How come you don?t talk about indy wrestling anymore? I know Wrestleview is not a indy site but I think those of us that followed you would like a little indy love every now and then. Also if you would be so kind whatever happened to La Famalia in JAPW?

Thanks and keep up the good work

What can I say Jason? The Indies here in New York/New Jersey are not what they used to be. Truth of the matter is I was never a big Indy guy and honestly haven?t been going to Indy shows that long. I do keep contacts out there but I haven?t been to a show since late December and well it didn?t motivate me to want to come back. I have debated resuming my Indy visits sometime in the late Summer or Fall if I do rest assured there will be plenty of thoughts/comments/ideas regarding the independents. As for your question about La Famalia I guess the best way I can put it is life happened. Diablo Santiago who for those of you who don?t know is in fact my cousin is in his own words ?On a break? and in my opinion will probably never return to the ring due to other commitments in his life. Oman Tortuga actually was injured towards the end of that run which is why he wasn?t on some of the last shows that featured La Famalia and since recovering from injury has entered the wonderful world of martial arts and is competing and doing very well in some tournaments recently winning the NYSS 5 Silver Medalist in heavyweight competition. KC Blade of course was injured for much of the run in La Famalia and although he did come back at one point I am not sure if he still actually is a bit banged up. Bandido Jr. is still plugging away in New Jersey indies and I hope to see him do more for himself in the future and EC Negro is rumored to have a WWE tryout coming up this month.

Hi Jose,

I have been reading your columns for the past few weeks and I have to say I enjoy them immensely I do have a question for you though?were you ever involved in wrestling? I saw pictures on your myspace page of you at wrestling events and wasn?t really sure what that was about could you please explain?

Mike from Jacksonville

First off welcome aboard Mike I hope you continue to read and enjoy the column. It’s a little known fact but I did spend some time at ?Unpredictable? Johnny Rodz’s school in 1999 but nothing worth bragging about. It didn?t work out for me because well honestly I discovered that I had more of a creative love of wrestling than a athletic love and quit before I got injured as my main objective in it was just to say I gave it a try. The pictures you are referring to was actually at a Tri State Wrestling show in which I managed Diablo Santiago, and H8 Machine in a 6 man tag team match which was actually the main event. It was a charity show for the Alexis Cross foundation and I was honored to take part as I was approached by Diablo to do this because at the time we believed this was going to be his last match (little did we know he booked himself by mistake later on so this was his next to last match) and I was very glad he did. It was actually Jeff Libolt one half of H8 Machine’s last match on record that I know of and I was particularly honored to be in his corner. For those who don?t know Jeff Libolt actually worked many years as a WWE enhancement talent on Raw, Superstars and other WWE programming and actually co ran a school with Tony Devito. That was pretty much a one time thing for me although I have talked recently about getting in shape for a one match appearance somewhere down the line and who knows maybe Diablo will manage me this time?.maybe not.

Hi Jose and welcome to Wrestleview. I have been a longtime reader of this site and really like what’s been done with all the new additions and you?re one of my favorite things about the new Wrestleview. I had a chance to hear you on WNL a while back talking about the WWE Hall of Fame and I just wanted to know if there were any future plans for you to be involved with the VIP section. If so what will you be doing?


Thanks for the kind words Anthony by the time this column goes up the VIP section at Wrestleview should be well underway and hopefully something that you will all enjoy. As of this writing I was approached to do a Indy type of show on VIP and politely declined due to the fact that as I mentioned earlier the independent wrestling community is not strong enough in my opinion to warrant a show and also because I am not sure if I want to be a regular attendee of Indy events again. There has been talk of me popping up here and there like I did on the WNL Hangover this past April but nothing as far as me being a regular although I have approached the powers that be here about possibly having a Wrestleview Hall of Fame show where we induct someone in once a month in a podcast and even a audio version of ?Falls Count Anywhere? of course none of that can happen if no one subscribes to VIP so if you want it sign up and ask for it and I am sure it will be delivered.

On that note I think it’s safe to wrap it up for this week. To everyone who didn?t get there letter printed rest assured if I haven?t written you back already I will be doing so in the immediate future. To those that did even the anonymous Mick Foley friend thank you for making this column possible and for giving me a much deserved week off. If you want to give feedback on ?Wrestling Rumblings?, have a idea or anything wrestling related in general you can go on ahead and write me at wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com or you can check out the myspace page which I have been really lazy to update lately for past columns and hit me up there at http://myspace.com/wrestlingrumbling and well that’s it next week I will try to do better and until then I am out.