Ring of Honor Results – 3/20/09
Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:


Alex Payne & Grizzly Redwood vs. Brandon Day? and ??? ended either in NC or win by Sugarfoot and Grizzly when Bison Smith tore everyone up. him and Nana interfered.

Dragon made the save. Being reported the Embassy has been reformed.

Shiima Xion b. Brandon Marino. Xion looked good

Main Show

Delirious b. Sterling James Keenan. Delirious wearing all black

Kenny King and Rhett Titus b. Matt Cross and Erick Stevens with a powerbomb/springboard shoulderblock combo. Aries comes out to apologize to the Resiliance but turned on them. Strong with the save.

Bryan Danielson b. Mike Quackenbush by small package. Quack and Dragon each worked a body part and was said to be real solid. Has been reported the pin was a quick roll up. “great match”

Claudio Castignoli b. Jerry Lynn and Brent Albright when Lynn taps to the Crowbar. Albrght had the crowbar on Lynn til CC took him out and applied the move himself.

– Austin Aries b. Roderick Strong via Brainbuster. Titus and King interfered and cost Strong the match. Aries spent the whole match trying to avoid the chops but in the end fell victim to them.

In a falls count anywhere match, Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee b. Tyler Black and Necro Butcher by ??? The finish saw Lee hit Black with a chair while going for a Phoenix Splash. Pin came after this. Said to be a “crazy awesome brawl” with a teased spot of a powerbomb thru the merch table.

KENTA/El Generico defeated Davey Richards/Nigel McGuinness after KENTA hit the Go 2 Sleep on McGuinness. A highlight of the match occurred when Richards spat on a kid who was taunting him, and then later made fun of him for being fat.