Ring of Honor TV Taping Results – 3/1/09
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Dark matches

a) Corey Havoc & Jon Kermon fought Adam Cole & Ninja Brown to a No Contest when the Dark City Fight Club ran in.

b) Jake Crist over “Beautiful” Bobby Shields

c) Erick Stevens over ???

Second hour (April 11 airdate)

1) Television Taping Main Event #5 – Claudio Castagnoli over Brent Albright with a Roll-Up and Holding the Ropes
NOTE: shot out of sequence to air April 18, if listed schedule of main events is maintained

2) Austin Aries over Kenny Omega after a Brainbuster

3) Delirious over “Dirty” Ernie Osiris after Shadows Over Hell

4) Daizee Haze & Neveah over Sara Del Ray & Sassy Steffie

5) Television Taping Main Event #4 – Jerry Lynn over Brodie Lee with a Roll Up

Second hour (April 18 airdate)

6) Kenny King & Rhett Titus over Cheech & Cloudy with a Doomsday Springboard Neckbreaker

7) Eddie Kingston over Sami Callahan with a Spinning Backfist. Crowd went nuts for Kingston and Sami was busted open hardway.

8) Bobby Dempsey over Orange Cassidy in a squash after a Death Valley Driver

9) The Necro Butcher over Jimmy Jacobs via DQ when Brodie Lee interfered. During the match Necro introduced a Staple Gun, but it wasn’t used. Jacobs attempted a Spear, but was met with a Hard Right Hand.

Third hour (April 25 airdate)

10) The Dark City Fight Club of Kory Chavis & Jon Davis over Grizzly Redwood & Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

11) ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness over Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne with a Stiff Lariat and Tower of London

12) Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe over Chris Hero & Eddie Edwards when Mark Briscoe thwarted Sweeney & Del Ray and Steen hit a Package Piledriver on Edwards

13) Television Taping Main Event #6 – Bryan Danielson fought Tyler Black to a 20 minute draw. Aries, Jacobs and Brodie Lee were out afterwards, Necro made the save. Necro put Lee through a table.