2/7 ROH Results: Orlando, FL

Ring of Honor Results – 2/7/09
Location: Orlando, Florida

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Proving Ground 09 Night 2
Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex
February 7th, 2009- 8:00pm belltime
649 West Livingston Street
Orlando, FL 32801



1) Heartbreak Express defeat Brett Thunder & ?

2) Brandon Marino defeats Chris Escobar

3) Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro defeat Ninja Brown & Bobby Dempsey

Main Show

1) Jerry Lynn defeats Shawn Osborne in about 11 minutes with a Cradle Piledriver. Better opener than last night, decent match.

2) Kenny King & Rhett Titus defeat The British Lions with an assisted springboard blockbuster. Fun tag action. Kenny King was monster over.

~A HDNet camera man is here getting lots of close up shots of the crowd.

3) Bison Smith defeated some jobber with a military press in the corner followed by an Ironclaw Chokeslam.

4) Kevin Steen defeats Davey Richards in about 12 minutes when he countered the Cloverleaf in to a small package. Really good match.

5) Tyler Black & The Necro Butcher defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious in about 17 minutes via DQ after Jacobs hammered Black with a steel chair as he went for his superkick to Delirious. Very chaotic match towards the finish. Jacobs speared Black off the apron to the floor, then Necro put Jimmy on a table and legdropped him through it on the floor.


6) Austin Aries defeats Brad Attitude with a kick to the head/brainbuster combo in a little over 10 minutes.

7) Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, & Brent Albright defeat The Dark City Fight Club & Francisco Ciatso when Ciatso tapped to the Stronghold. Match of the night so far easily. Very stiff with tons of chops. At one point Roderick went to the floor to attack Ciatso, and ate a Pounce from Davis in to the guardrail so hard to it knocked down and potentially broke the HDNet Camera that was nearby. Davis’ chest was bleeding from all the chops. Roderick found himself in a lot of triple teams. Ciatso and the Fight Club got a long “PLEASE COME BACK” chant.

~After Generico and Danielson both make their entrances, they shake hands. The crowd starts a “hug him!” chant at Dragon. He does not hug Generico, much to the disappointment of those in attendance. This prompted a “SAY YOU’RE SORRY!” chant. After a minute of learning Spanish from the crowd, Dragon apologizes to Generico and hugs him. Crowd totally ate this up.

8) El Generico defeats Bryan Danielson in 21 minutes with the Brainbuster following a distraction from Bison Smith. Smith came out, but Dragon dove on him before he could interfere. As Dragon re-entered the ring, he was drilled with the Yakuza and the Brainbuster. Easily the new MOTN, with the crowd totally electric for it.

~After the match Bison continued his assault, powerbombing Dragon once more. Danielson was helped out by some students.

~Prior to the main event, Nigel gets a microphone. He calls D’Lo “Savio Vega”, then says Obama isn’t black and neither is D’Lo. D’Lo says he saw that Nigel said he watched D’Lo as a kid, saying it was like a child watching a real man. D’Lo says he spoke with Nigel’s girlfriend and she said he isn’t a man either. D’Lo says Nigel is lost and confused. He then tells Nigel that this is “a MAN’S game bitch” then slaps the taste out of Nigel’s mouth.

9) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats D’Lo Brown in 16 minutes after two rebound lariats to retain the championship. Pretty good match with some decent spots. After the match Nigel trash talked D’Lo, who laid him out and posed with the belt.