Ring of Honor Results – 2/6/09
Location: Coral Springs, Florida

Jeff Springer sent this report in:

Hey WrestleView.

I attended Last Nights ROH Show in Coral Springs FL. It was my first show since 2007 and a lot has changed in the promotion so I was interested to see what the expanded newly booked ROH was like.

Alex “Sugerfoot” Payne over Some Jobber Escobar
The British Lions over The Heartbreak Express

Main Show
Brad Attitude over Sean Osborne
Thoughts:Not much to say about this match mostly everbody didn’t really know who these guys were so it didn’t really matter.

Bison Smith over Sal Rinauro
Thoughts: Total squash here, Bison was super over for his “offical” ROH Debut .

Roderick Strong , Erick Stevens and Bobby Dempsy!!!! over Chasyn Rance,Kenny King and Rhett Titus
Thoughts: Bobby was a huge crowd Favorite in this match. The “Hardcore” ROH fans were brutal to King and Titus , King got alot of Tough Enough Jokes From the Crowd and Titus got ripped for coming out with a chick that looked like an absolute man. Bobby scores the pinfall for his team after the DVD.

Austin Aries over The Necro Butcher
Thoughts: A really fun match between these two tonight. Lots of Austin Starr and Porno Mustache Chants for Aries new look. Necro was over for actually wrestling this entire match without using a weapon. Aries Won with a brainbuster following interference from Jimmy Jacobs .

Bryan Danielson and Jerry Lynn over Delirious and Jimmy Jacobs
Thoughts: There was no doubt who the over team was in this match and that was Danielson and Lynn. This was a great little tag match with Danielson getting the win for his team with Cattle Mutilation on Jimmy Jacobs. Post Match they teased distension between Delirious and Jacobs but nothing came of it.

Nigel McGuniess over Brent Albright
Thoughts: Very oldschool looking Heavyweight singles match. I haven’t seen Nigel as Champion and he played an amazing Heel World Champ. One of the biggest spots in the match was the Tower of London through a Table .

Kevin Steen and El Generico over The Dark City Fight Club
Thoughts. Ok tag match , The champions were great but their oppents were nothing special . Steenerico win when Generico gets the pin. Post Match Steen trys to get Generico to give him a piggy back ride to the back.

Main Event
Tyler Black over Davey Richards
Thoughts: I was personally shocked this was the main event but with Tyler Black so over and the seeds being layed for a Title run in his future it made sense. Larry Sweeney was in Davey’s corner with a neckbrace and a halfshirt leading to the crowd asking Sweeney if he’s pregnant. He gets thrown out for interference. Davey wrestled like Dynamite Kid tonight leading to a Your not Dynamite chant which Davey responded with “Im Better” . Tyler wins after stiff superkick to the Face.

Final Thoughts: All in all it was a fun show to attend. The Front Row where I was seated were all hardcore ROH fans so that was the place to be. But the truth is Coral Springs was not a good area to have an ROH show. They had a tough time selling tickets in October leading to the reschedule and even Tonight the place wasn’t sold out there were even two open front row seats in my row. Most people didn’t seem to know the company at all and it was the hardcores in the first two rows who had the most fun. ROH will probably never come back to Coral Springs and it would be understandable.

-Jeff Springer