1/17 ROH Results: Edison, NJ

Ring of Honor Results – 1/17/09
Location: Edison, New Jersey

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:



a. Alex Payne & Red Ninja d. Ernie Osiris & “Beautiful” Bobby Shields


1. Brent Albright d. Rhett Titus – Albright wins with the half nelson suples

2. Delirious d. The Necro Butcher, Damien Wayne, & Sean Denny in a Four Corner Survival – Delirious wins with the Shadows over Hell on Sean Denny

Kyle Durden is now in the ring to interview Austin Aries. Aries says the fans owe him an apology for turning their backs on him. He had hoped he’d have some closure after making Jacobs say I Quit, but that didn’t come. Says that the crowd always cheered no matter who was being hit with chairs. Says that Tyler Black is nothing more than the flavor of the month, and that the fans will turn on Black just like they turned on him.

He says he’s done wrestling for us, for the company, for DVD sales, for snowflakes. He’s now only wrestling for himself. He says he is NOT going to cash in his title shot at a “B Show” like tonight. He then knocks out Kyle Durden. Tyler Black comes out and says if Aries doesn’t want the title shot, he’ll take it. Black tries to attack Aries, but Jacobs jumps Black from behind. Jay Briscoe comes out to make the save…and challenges Aries and Jacobs to a three way match, which is on now. Aries and Jacobs seem to be working together…

3. Jay Briscoe d. Austin Aries & Jimmy Jacobs in a 3 Way Match – Jay wins with a roll up on Jacobs after he makes Jacobs accidently hit Aries with the spear. Jacobs and Aries never really came to blows during the match, but were not “together” either. They pushed each other back and forth, but Seagull described it as similar to the Dudley’s pushing each other, psyching each other up. After the match, Jacobs spits his gum at Aries, who picks it up off the ground and chews it.

Nigel McGuinness vs. Tyler Black for the ROH World Title is official for tonight.

Nana comes out and takes his belt off, offering to be a lumberjack! He’s escorted out, the Lumberjack Strap Match is up next!

4. Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards d. Roderick Strong & Erik Stevens in a Lumberjack Strap Match – Edwards hit Stevens with a chair behind the refs back. Lumberjacks went after everyone, no heel or face distinguished in that.


Ernie Osiris is out walking through the crowd, asking for money, during intermission.

Crowd is estimated in the 600 range. He said it isn’t as packed as last time in Edison.

5. Grizzly Redwood vs. Chris Escobar went to a No Contest – Bison Smith came in and destroyed them both.

6. Jerry Lynn d. Bryan Danielson – Lynn wins cleanly with the Cradle Piledriver! After the match Danielson teases not shaking hands, but eventually does.

7. Nigel McGuinness and Tyler Black go to a time limit draw! – Tyler hit the superkick while Nigel was on his knee just like last night, and as he was crawling over for the pin, the bell rang for the time limit. Seagull timed it and said it was only about 45 minutes…so could be a 45 minute time limit. Tyler asked for five more minutes, Nigel said no way, and headed to the back, ending the show!

During the match, Nigel tried to walk out of the match, Danielson came out and stopped him and said he’d kill him where they stood…match continues! Earlier on… Jacobs attacked Tyler, Lynn came out and attacked Nigel, then Aries, Strong, Stevens, Albright, American Wolves, and Jay Briscoe were all out brawling. Danielson came out and ordered everyone to the back saying that the match was undecided, and for the World Title. Jacobs atacked Danielson, and the big brawl started again. Jay and Albright both did big spots off the top rope. Danielson did a dive into the crowd and the brawl moved into the crowd. Everyone brawled to the back.