ROH on HDNet Recap
May 3, 2010
The Arena in Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

The viewers first saw a promo about Roderick Strong. Videos of Strong’s quest for the ROH World Title opportunity were shown. Strong said that he will “take what he deserves”. We then saw clips of his failed attempt at winning the main event at Big Bang back last month.

Kidd Russell’s Rock (remix) is played, well the instrumental at least. The show began instantly.

Pick 6 Contenders’ Series Match (Winner will become one of six to get a potential ROH World Title match)
Match #1: Joey Ryan (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris) vs. Roderick Strong

I think to my knowledge, this was for Strong’s Pick Six spot. Strong was welcomed with a few streamers. After the Code of Honor was enforced, the match began.

Prince Nana argued with Strong after the bell and Ryan took advantage of that with kicks and stomps at the corner. Ryan then punched Strong at the corner a bit more until Strong administered a couple chops. Ryan fought that off with a stomp and Strong is out of the ring. Nana and Osiris then got in a few cheap shots. Strong went back to the ring afterwards.

Ryan kept Strong grounded with stomps to the body. Strong was at the corner and Ryan kept on him with more punches and kicks. When Ryan got the referee’s attention, Nana slapped Strong. Strong got back on his feet and chopped Ryan, but Ryan regained momentum and focused on attacks. Ryan covered Strong, but Strong easily kicked out at two. Ryan then applied the chinlock. Strong got up and punched his way out of the hold and ran off the ropes only to be met with Ryan’s elbow. Ryan covered once again, but Strong kicked out at two.

Ryan continued with punches to the body. Strong reversed this and stomped Ryan a good bit only for Ryan to pull Strong’s feet from under him. Ryan again covered Strong, but Strong kicked out at two. Ryan then positioned Strong at the corner and got in more punches. The action then took place on another corner, where Ryan delivered a boot at the corner. Ryan then started to choke Strong on the ropes. Once Ryan got the attention of the official in charge, Nana hit Strong with another cheap shot. Ryan then slammed Strong hard on the mat and covered. Strong kicked out at two again.

Ryan then applied another chinlock to Strong. Strong broke the hold after a few moments, but Ryan continued the attack at the corner once more. Ryan then runs off another corner, but Strong countered an attack with an elbow and followed it up with the back suplex. Strong then delivered some elbows and then did a back drop on Ryan. Strong tried, but failed, on a suplex attempt. However, after a few reversals, Strong was able to hit the faceplant on Ryan. Strong covered Ryan for the first time in this match, but after the referee got to two Prince Nana got up on the ring apron and complained. Osiris was on the other side of the ring (behind the refs back) and Strong punched Osiris off the ring. Ryan grabbed hold of Strong and attempted the pinfall, but once the ref got to two he noticed that Ryan’s legs were on the ropes and the count was stopped. Ryan then argued with the ref at the corner, then not to the ref’s knowledge Ryan drilled his leg right at the groin area of Strong. Ryan then delivered That 70’s Superkick! Ryan covered, but Strong kicked out at two. Ryan then set up Strong to the top corner and then screamed…


Strong then countered with some chops and after a couple of reversals from both men we got our first finish…

Finish: Roderick Strong applied the Strong Hold and Joey Ryan tapped out almost instantly.

Winner by Submission: Roderick Strong (Pick Six spot retained)
Grade: C+

Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are at the studio at an undisclosed location. Mike Hogewood then said Strong will be onto New York City for his match with Tyler Black this Saturday. Dave Prazak analyzed how Strong can win and become ROH World Champion for the first time. Hogewood said speaking of championships we crowned our first ROH Television Champion last week.

The viewers were then shown clips of the Television Championship Finals match between Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Again, I thought it was an overall good match, but you can see they were not selling anything except for the end. Edwards won the match with the Achilles’ Lock. Richards was the man who put the title around Edwards’s waist.

After the match in an ROH Exclusive, Kyle Durden entered the ring to get thought from Edwards. Durden asked Edwards how it felt to be the first ROH TV Champ. Edwards called Durden dumb, then talked about how many fans said that the American Wolves would split (remember, Edwards did say that in a promo weeks ago, but who is counting). However, the fans were wrong and Edwards said that hunt will never end! Edwards then posed with the championship belt once again.

Onto the next match, the jobbers are in the ring already.

Match #2: Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis) vs. Caleb Konley and Pee Wee

Why would a wrestler want to be called “Pee Wee”? Well, I don’t think he will be the winner here.

No Code of Honor here, as Davis went right after Konley with a knee and club to the back. Davis then delivered a headbutt. Konley then hit a dropkick, but Davis quickly responded with a lariat. Chavis was tagged in. The Fight Club shoved Konley to the corner. Chavis whipped Davis to Konley for a corner splash! The Fight Club then did a nice-looking backbreaker/leg drop combination. Chavis covered, but Pee Wee prevented the victory. Chavis was not pleased at Pee Wee, as Pee Wee was taunting a good bit.

Chavis shoved Konley to his corner and Pee Wee tagged in. Pee Wee faced off with Chavis. Pee Wee went off the ropes and Chavis nearly killed him with a Spinebuster! Chavis then worked the back and head of Pee Wee. Davis tagged in and kicked Pee Wee. After Davis whipped Pee Wee hard to the corner, he tagged in Chavis. Chavis hit two chops on Pee Wee and whipped him to another corner. Chavis then hit a move that I called a back suplex turned into a side slam. Chavis covered, but Konley helped prevent the three count. Davis then delivered a hard punch on Konley. Chavis was at the corner and delivered a chop! They whipped Pee Wee to the corner. Pee Wee prevented a charge, but there was no stopping The Fight Club after that. Chavis clobbered Pee Wee with a Powerbomb and this one is over…

Finish: The Dark City Fight Club hit Project Mayhem (Powerbomb/Cutter combination) on Pee Wee and this was over WITHOUT Mike Hogewood slapping the porpoise! Kory Chavis pinned Pee Wee for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: The Dark City Fight Club
Grade: D+

After the match, Kyle Durden entered the ring and talked about how the Fight Club was soon to be on a quest for the ROH Tag Team Championships. Chavis said that they don’t care, and they are NOT a second-tier team! Chavis said pretty soon they would be the next ROH Tag Team Champions and if we did not like that, then do something about it. Davis kicked Konley out of the ring and then screamed “We dare ya!”

The cameras then cut to the back were we see The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli), the current ROH Tag Team Champions. Hero suggested that the Briscoes go to the backseat and not compete for the ROH Tag Titles anytime soon. Castagnoli agrees and suggested that The Bravado Brothers be the first challengers for the ROH Tag Titles because “they deserve it”. They both agree that the Briscoes should be at the back of the line. Hero said that the Kings are the best, and Castagnoli said his team is the class of tag team wrestling because (both say this at the same time) “Kings Reign Supreme”!

The Briscoe Brothers are backstage at another area where they were yelling at Jim Cornette about how they deserve a rematch for the ROH Tag Team Championship. Cornette said that he would get to the bottom of it, but wanted them to give him some space. Cornette said that something will be done for The Briscoes in the future.

The viewers then saw a picture of Necro Butcher and the reason for his suspension from HDNet. It was because Necro punched out ROH’s timekeeper.

Later: Pick Six Contenders’ Match between Austin Aries and Delirious.

The viewers where then treated to a Colt Cabana segment called “The Art of Wrestling”. Cabana said that his guest wanted to share to the world about looking “pimp”.

We then went backstage again where Cabana introduced his guest Sonjay Dutt. Dutt talked about “Swaggerism”. Dutt said personality was key and that Cabana’s swagger is whack. Dutt then welcomed Peter Rosenburg, a swagger expert. Even Rosenburg said that Cabana got no swagger. Dutt said that Cabana was going to get a makeover and become a “pimp daddy”.

Moments later, Dutt unveiled the new “Colt”. Cabana came out and looked absolutely ridiculous. Dutt mentioned that Cabana needed the final touch, and it was a sticker on the bill of the cap Cabana was wearing. Cabana then said that “he was out” and once he left, Dutt and Rosenburg were laughing and Dutt called Cabana “Kosher Ham”.

We then go back to somewhat present time where Colt is wearing normal clothes again and he said “See you next time on The Art of Wrestling”.

Jim Cornette was now backstage with Necro Butcher. Cornette said the reason why Necro got suspended was because he fought outside the area and it was a nightmare. Cornette said that Necro lost complete control out there. However, Cornette was willing to make a deal and he would take Necro back if he agreed to keep the action inside the ROH Barricades. Cornette then said that all of the matches would be under “Butchers’ Rules”. Necro Butcher shook Cornette’s hand and accepted the deal.

Back to the studio at an undisclosed location. Hogewood announced that Necro was returning! Prazak was not too thrilled and said that any of Necro’s matches will have no rules. Finally, the commentators talk about Austin Aries for a good bit until we get a promo from A-Double himself.

Austin Aries then had his promo inside an empty arena. Aries said when he was in that building, everything around him was better. The lights, sounds, and pictures were better. Aries hyped his own glory that even got his own camera man and crew. He introduced us all to “Mario”, who studied for months to get Aries’ moves right. Aries asked himself what was there to accomplish. It could be for the ROH World Title, but Aries said his rematch was done and he failed. Aries said he won’t be like Tyler Black and get hundreds of rematches.

Aries said that he would move on and reinvent himself. Aries has plans and whoever was in the way of those plans, too bad. Aries said he would be a full component and will promise the viewers that he is the reason people watch ROH each week.

Butchers’ Rules Match

Match #3: The Necro Butcher (w/chair) vs. Robbie Wolf

No Code of Honor here, as Necro threw the chair he carried to the ring right at Wolf! Necro then delivered a running boot and the force took Wolf outside the ring. Necro then hit an overhand chop, and then threw him over the ROH Barricade. Necro then drilled his foot to the face of Wolf and followed it up by grabbing a chair and slamming Wolf down on the concrete floor with the chair on Wolf’s back! Necro then threw Wolf to another ROH Barricade.

Necro then grabbed a chair and wrapped it around Wolf’s neck. Necro then ran him into the ring post, with Wolf gasping for air. Necro then brought the action back into the ring and set Wolf at the corner and hit a couple chops and punches. Necro then put Wolf in a headlock and bulldogged him face-first on the chair! Wolf was once again out of the ring. Necro grabbed another chair and set it up in the ring.

Necro then went out of the ring and asked for the “Section D” sign. Necro then clubbed Wolf with the Section D sign and then got him back in the ring. Finally, Necro ended this very entertaining squash match. I sure hope Wolf got paid good money for this one…

Finish: The Necro Butcher delivered a Side Slam on Robbie Wolf. Wolf’s back landed on both chairs and he was done. Necro pinned him for the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: The Necro Butcher
Grade: C- (For a squash, I found this good)

Coming up next week: A Pick Six Battle Royal. The wrestlers battling for this spot will be Rhett Titus, Joey Ryan, Austin Aries, Jerry Lynn, Eddie Kingston, and “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown. The Winner of this match will claim the now-vacant spot that was once held by Claudio Castagnoli (who was stripped from the spot due to inactivity).

The viewers got a backstage interview with Tyler Black, the current Ring of Honor World Champion. Kyle Durden hyped up Saturday’s match with Roderick Strong. Black repeated what Durden said. Black then said that he thought he knew Roderick Strong, but now Strong went crazy. After this match, if Strong wanted to be friends with him, Black said “great”. If Strong does not want to be a friend after the match, then Black said that he would do whatever it took to keep his championship.


Pick Six Contender Series Match
Match #4: Austin Aries (w/Kenny King) vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)

This contest was for Delirious’ Pick Six spot, I believe. Aries introduced us to The Digital Super 75X5 camera (simply known as The A Double Cam). Before the match, Aries stomped on Delirious’ jacket. No Code of Honor, as Aries refused.

The bell rings and Delirious went crazy around the ring. Aries intelligently walked away from the ring. A few seconds later, Aries re-entered the ring and they both had a tie-up to start their contest. Delirious started the match with a waistlock. Aries followed this up with a waist lock and a takedown. Delirious managed to get back up from Aries’ hold when he bit his finger. Aries again stepped out of the ring to regain his composure. Delirious was still in the ring literally licking his mouth like a madman. After that, Aries entered the ring.

Aries teased the Test of Strength and started to stomp away on Delirious. Aries then tried to mess with Delirious’ equilibrium by smacking his head, but Delirious responded with some punches. Aries whipped Delirious off the ropes and Kenny King pulled Delirious’ legs from under him. Aries grounded Delirious with knee strikes and stomps. Aries then started to choke Delirious along the ropes and broke the hold. Aries then delivered an overhand chop across the chest. Aries runs off the ropes, but Daizee Haze pulled Aries’ legs from under him. Delirious took advantage of the distraction by taking Aries down with a waistlock. Delirious then moved around applied a clutch hold on Aries. Delirious then held Aries down while licking his hands. He then did a facewash on Aries. Aries managed to escape after that and went out of the ring. King was there to offer strategy. Delirious then went off the ropes and hit a Suicide Dive, connecting on both Aries and King. Delirious then grabbed two hats from the crowd and threw one each on King and Aries. Delirious then pushed Aries back in the ring and he followed.

Delirious then hit Aries with three headbutts. Aries came back leg strikes and stomps. Aries then charged from the corner, but Delirious countered the attack with a Hiptoss. Delirious then ran to a corner and punches Aries ten times from the corner. However after the tenth punch, Aires pulled Delirious over and Delirious crashed onto the floor. Aries then got Delirious back into the ring and covered. Delirious kicked out at two. Aries then rammed Delirious’ head to three turnbuckles, but Delirious goes crazy until Aries took him down with a lariat. Aries then dropped an elbow and then did a running/leaping elbow drop. Aries then applied a stretch hold with the arms. Delirious broke the hold, but Aries drill Delirious’ stomach with his knee. Aries covered, but Delirious kicked out at two. Aries then picked up Delirious and slammed him down. Aries then set up and hit a pretty nice looking Slingshot Somersault. Aries covered, but again Delirious kicked out at two.

Aries got Delirious up. Delirious blocked a Brainbuster and was able to slam Delirious. Delirious then tried a back senton, but Aries countered it by holding his knees up. Aries then covered Delirious again, and again Delirious kicked out at two. Aries slapped Delirious, but Delirious responded with an inverted atomic drop and chop. Delirious then hit a leaping lariat to temporarily take down Aries. Aries got back up and pushed Delirious to the corner. Aries then drilled his shoulder to Delirious’ stomach. Delirious responded with a headbutt to Aries’ stomach. Delirious attempted the Cobra Stretch, but Aries reversed it. After a series of reversals, Aries connected with a Shinbreaker/Back Suplex combination. Delirious was now at the corner. Aries attempted a corner move, but Delirious countered it with a kick. Delirious then delivered the Shining Wizard. Delirious then went up top for Shadows over Hell, but Aries escaped the move and kicked Delirious across the chest. Oh wait, I was wrong, he…

Finish: Austin Aries actually kicked the throat of Delirious! Delirious was gasping for air. The official told Aries to back away and then called for help.

Winner: I don’t know…yet!

Haze then went inside the ring and wanted to see what was wrong. ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette was now at ringside to check on Delirious. Aries and King were talking in the background. Delirious tried to get back up. Aries, out of nowhere, then did an ax punch across Haze’s back and ended up dumping Delirious to the outside of the ring. King was now holding Delirious up on the ROH barricade with his throat on the top of the barricade. Aries went high risk and drilled Delirious with a top rope forearm, which made Delirious’ injury look even more dangerous.

Jerry Lynn then made the save. Lynn had a chair and nailed Aries with it. King managed to escape. All that was left in the ring were the men and women aiding Delirious. The Voice of ROH Bobby Cruise said the…

Winner via Disqualification: Delirious
Grade: C+ (leaned towards B-)


Quick Results
Roderick Strong def. Joey Ryan by submission to retain his Pick 6 Standing.
Dark City Fight Club def. Caleb Konley and Pee Wee by pinfall.
The Necro Butcher def. Robbie Wolf by pinfall in a Butcher Rules Match.
Delirious def. Austin Aries by disqualification to retain his Pick 6 Standing.

The Porpoise was safe this week, Mike Hogewood did not slap it.


I thought this show was hit or miss this week. Let me give you a rundown on my thoughts.

Roderick Strong’s promo was good, but I saw it already like five times. I will still say that Strong as the hunter right now is good and if he would be the next ROH World Champ, I would have no problem.

Eddie Edwards cut a promo after his match that was an exclusive on HDNet. Edwards said the right things, but his delivery was not that good. Also, I am almost certain he said in a previous promo that The American Wolves would end. Well, why the change of heart? I needed to know that.

The feud between The Kings of Wrestling and The Briscoes Brother were ok at best. The Kings were great with their delivery, while the Briscoes were just shouting orders to Jim Cornette. Speaking of Cornette…

…I enjoyed the story of The Necro Butcher and Jim Cornette. Cornette told Necro why he was banned and cut a pretty sweet deal that only could help Necro. In a hold-for-hold contest, Necro struggles. Now give him Butcher Rules matches and I would be entertained. I thought Necro’s character is very interesting and I look forward to seeing more of it.

Austin Aries was the best promo cutter this week. He talked about his aspirations and his plan. He even introduced the “A Double Cam”, which can only make him a better star and by far the best character on the ROH roster.

Tyler Black cut a backstage promo, and he said the same things from last week. I am sorry, but I like Strong. Black really needs to cut better promos. This one was below average and I know in time he can do a better job.

Now, for the matches:

I liked the move for move opener between Joey Ryan and Roderick Strong. Ryan got a TON of offense in and his managers did whatever it took to get the upper hand. Prince Nana was fantastic when it came to interfering with the match. Right now, he is a hidden treasure in ROH. Strong did come up on top here, which was the right thing to do since he is in fact the top challenger for their top belt. I really can’t think of anything bad to say about this match other than it was pretty average with no real eye opening move.

The Dark City Fight Club completely owned their squash encounter. Jon Davis and Kory Chavis have come a long way since their debut on HDNet, but I would really like to see what they can do against better competition. They held their own against the American Wolves and I could see them doing a great job holding their own against teams like The Briscoes and The Kings of Wrestling.

The Necro Butcher in his domain is a very entertaining character. In today’s wrestling, he is truly a throwback brawler that will use anything and everything. I think that was why I really enjoyed this match, even though Robbie Wolf did not generate any offense.

Austin Aries vs. Delirious was a good main event, but it told more of a story than actually a match. The flow was pretty good and the beginning and middle of this match was great. Then the ending seemed rushed and the kick to the throat may have looked brutal in that scene, but you see other ROH wrestlers do the same thing and they no-sell it. I give credit to Delirious for playing the victim role superb and Aries for being easily the best heel in that company.

So, overall the segments outside of wrestling were pretty average. However, the matches were slightly above average. My grade this week will be based on the wrestling aspect. Nothing special here, but it was a better show than last week from character standpoints.

Overall Grade: C+

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: The Necro Butcher

If any wrestler stood out this past week it was Necro. Now that Cornette has the deal set with him, I think we will see more of Necro doing some real intense things…inside the ring and at the barricades. I think this week make me realize how valuable he was, even though this match was truly a one-sided battle.

Disappointment of the Night: Pee Wee

I am sorry, but with a name like that in wrestling it has to be noticed as a disappointment.

Surprise of the Night: Delirious’ selling of the throat injury

In a promotion where people sometimes complain about the lack of kayfabe and storytelling, Delirious showed that a little selling could be really beneficial. Though Aries kick to the throat looked a bit weak, Delirious made it look like he actually struggled to breathe.

Thanks for reading my latest ROH Recap. I am sorry for the delay. This week, I will be on a vacation so I may post a Quick Results next week. Or if I have free time, I will do a full recap.


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