ROH on HDNet Recap
June 7, 2010
The Arena in Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

Once again, I did not get the ROH show until Friday (those .rar files don’t work on this computer for some reason). However, I am very sorry and hopefully next week I will get this recap up sooner.

Well, after a one week hiatus thanks to James Taylor and that guitar it is time for some Honor…RING OF HONOR!!

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

The start off the show with a video package surrounding the Ring of Honor World Championship. It all started with Tyler Black’s victory over Austin Aries back in February that made Black the ROH World Champ for the first time in his career. Then they showed Roderick Strong and Black arguing about the championship. Then there were clips of the match between Black and Strong from Supercard of Honor V in which Black won in a dusty finish. After that match, Strong went on the mic and said that at The Big Bang, it took two men to screw him, and that night it took three referees to screw him. Then we see a clip of ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette and he said weeks ago that Strong filed a complaint that would be under review. But until that complaint is settled Cornette announced that at the next Pay-Per-View on June 19th in Toronto it will be Tyler Black defending the ROH World Title against Davey Richards. Then there was a clip of Davey Richards quick but effective promo were he said “I’m the hunter, you are (Black) the hunted, and the Hunt is On!” The viewers then saw the most recent twist to this storyline with Strong and Cornette. As those two were arguing, Austin Aries intervened and wanted Strong to join him so he (Strong) could be second best. Strong ended up slapping the taste out of Aries’ mouth and both of them brawled backstage and it carried on to a previous match in which Strong was attacked by Aries (still, Strong was able to barely defeat Kevin Steen). Then the show a picture of the ROH World Title with the four men tied to the belt in the storyline. Black has it, while Strong, Aries, and Richards all want that belt in their hands.

Tonight’s main event will be a non-title match. Tyler Black will go one-on-one with Austin Aries.

Kidd Russell’s Rock Remix is on and it is time for some wrestling. Ole..Ole Ole Ole….

Match #1: Ricky Reyes (w/no ring entrance) vs. El Generico

Again, I opted to back off the play-by-play bit and decided to summarize their work in a paragraph or two. I will give you the finish and the winner, as well as my grade for the match.

There was no Code of Honor in this match, as Reyes attacked Generico from the start. To those new to ROH Ricky Reyes is not your usual jobber. Reyes won the ROH Tag Team Championship back in 2004. Reyes was also champion in many other wrestling organizations.

Notes on Reyes

Reyes started off very nice with kicks right after the bell rang to begin the match. He was sound with his elbow shots and his back suplex looked great. When he slammed down Generico, it was solid with no lack of execution. When he was in control, he really rushed his spots. However, he was able to hit his stride so well that it took me a little bit to realize that this contest was going very quick. His Double-Hook Suplex was done well, and I was real impressed with the Back Suplex/Bridge Pin combo. Overall, I thought Reyes did a pretty good job when in control. The moves were quick, but they were fluent.

Notes on Generico

He offense started a little bit later when he gained control with a overhand chop and heel kick, both done well. Generico did a good job countering some of Reyes’ offense get barely getting out of the way and rolling up Reyes one time or another. After an exchange of forearms by both, Generico gained momentum with a few good forearms shots. His Michinoku Driver was crisp and quick, it was well done. The only knock I had here was Reyes had complete control near the end and Generico no-sold everything and hit his finisher. If this was Generico’s last televised match before Death Before Dishonor VIII, then overall I can’t complain with the performance. I just wished he sold a bit more here, that was all.

Who had control: Though the outcome proves otherwise, Reyes did generate more offense and controlled Generico from start to almost the end.

Finish: El Generico no-sold a Leaping Forearm by Reyes, hit his Ole Kick, and then finished Reyes off with the Spike Brainbuster to get the pinfall victory. That was when Mike Hogewood finally slapped the Porpoise!!

Winner by Pinfall: El Generico
Grade: C+

After the match, we go right to the Undisclosed location that is the ROH Studio where Mike Hogewood said it was great to see El Generico back physically and mentally. Dave Prazak said he was “not” back and that he was saving face with the mask. Hogewood talked about how at one point, Generico and Kevin Steen were friend and now bitter enemies.

The viewers then saw a clip of Kevin Steen and El Generico as tag team partners, and now they are hated rivals. It all started at Final Battle 2009 when Steen clobbered Generico with a chair. Colt Cabana was interviewed after Steen’s attacked and wondered why Steen did this to Generico. Steen’s associate, Steve Corino said in a backstage interview that Steen has potential to be a World Champ, but had a leach on him (and that was Generico). Steen then said he wanted to forget about El Generico. The viewers then saw clips of a dejected El Generico in a match months ago vs. Rhett Titus, in which Titus took advantage of Generico’s mental state and rolled him up to victory. Then in a later interview, Corino called out Cabana during Cabana’s interview time and told Cabana “be careful of who you stand up for”. The clip then took us back to The Big Bang, where Generico went crazy and attacked Kevin Steen. After that match, both teams (Corino/Steen and Cabana/Generico) provided comments in front of the camera. Corino and Steen threatened to kill Generico, while Cabana was glad to shed blood so Generico could finally come to his senses.

So, at Death Before Dishonor VIII, Kevin Steen will face El Generico.

Now we go back to the show with ROH Backstage Interviewer Kyle Durden. Durden’s guests were Steve Corino and Kevin Steen. Durden told Corino tonight he will face Jerry Lynn and mentioned the history that those two had at this location (remember, Lynn and Corino were ECW wrestlers back in the day). Corino said that history was for people that could not live in the present. Corino called Lynn a superstar and a former ROH World Champion. However, Corino said that he was above Lynn because he was “a legend”. Corino then said it was him who cost Cabana against Eddie Edwards (the current ROH Television Champion) twice. Corino closed this interview when he told Lynn that he was going to lose to a legend. Durden then turned around to Kevin Steen and asked for his comments after Corino left. Steen asked Durden if he would like some gum. Durden said “sure” and Steen spit the gum he was chewing at Durden’s face. When Durden turned it over to the commentators, Hogewood said “oh that Durden”.

Later tonight: Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries in a non-title match.

Match #2: Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn

Before the match, there were many ECW chants. Lynn got a couple streamers. The Code of Honor was followed.

Notes on Corino

He, along with Lynn, started very well with their exchanges. Corino was great in riling up the crowd. His punches were pretty good from the start of the match to the finish. He reversed pretty well, consistently whipping Lynn to the ROH barricades. He ability to counter is still impressive. He countered a charge by Lynn to a abdominal stretch and had it locked in for a good bit. Did he just stick his thumb up somewhere naughty of Lynn’s? That was a bit awkward. His best counter of the night was when he countered Lynn’s Cradle Piledrive and hit his Old School Expulsion. He also hit another signature move, The Sliding C Special to perfection.

Notes on Lynn

His ability to counter was pretty good. He countered moves into a sunset flip and a bulldog at the start of this match. When outside the ring (which was quite a bit in this match), Lynn delivered a Cannonball and landed it flush on Corino’s body. He briefly worked on the shoulder during the match, and it was a good spot. His best move of the match was a perfect hurricanranna.

Who controlled the match: I will be honest; I thought this was a well-balanced match between the two wrestlers. From in the ring to outside, both did a pretty good job.

Finish: Kevin Steen and Colt Cabana interjected themselves in this match and brawled in the ring. Lynn tried to help Cabana by attacking Steen, but Kenny King attacked Lynn from behind. The referee called for the bell and the match ended in a NO CONTEST.

Winner: No one, as it ended in a no contest.
Grade: C+ (leaned to B-)

After the bell, Colt Cabana was being double-teamed by Steve Corino and Kevin Steen. Then suddenly, the “Ole” Song hit and El Generico ran in and attacked Corino by drilling him to the barricade. Generico then entered the ring and stared at Steen. During the staredown, Corino pulled Generico out of the ring and attacked him. Steen continued to brawl with Cabana while Corino and Generico fought outside the ring. Cabana then did something un-Cabana like, punch out the referee. Steen then attacked Cabana from behind and hit the Package Piledriver. Steen then grabbed a chair and was about to inflict some hate, but Generico escaped Corino’s hold and saved Cabana from further punishment. Generico stared down Corino and Steen at the end.

The viewers then saw highlights from the previous post-match events. I am not going to retype this, just read the previous paragraph.

The viewers then saw a video package hyping up the Main Event match for Death Before Dishonor VIII. It will be Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards for the ROH World Championship. The first segment of this video was “Inspiration”. Richards said that he does not have natural talent, but he has a strong work ethic. Black said he drove to Chicago just to get trained. Richards said that he never really saw his mother and father and that his grandparents are the people who raised him. Richards talked about the night he won his first pro wrestling title and that was the same night his grandfather died. The second segment was “Quest”. Richards said he stated winning wrestling titles at age 12. He said that he won titles nearly everywhere. Black said he started at 16 and that winning the ROH titles were hard, and when he won those titles they were all hard fought. The third segment was “Opponent”. Richards said that Black is skilled, but he could be broken. Black complimented Richards’ intensity and that he uses many methods of attack. The final segment was “Verdict”. Davey said that he will prove to the world that he is better than everyone else. Black said at the end of the match, he will walk out champion.

And now, The Voice of ROH Bobby Cruise says it is time for the MAAAAIIIIN EVENT!!

**Non-Title Match**
Match #3: Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black (the old championship belt)

The crowd hated Aries, but loved Black. Black received dozens of streamers. No Code of Honor this round, as the match started with both men staring at each other.

Notes on Aries

He started the match with a good waistlock takedown. He attacked well at the corner, as he delivered chops and kicks. He hit the running uppercut to the corner very well. He also worked around the ring as well, as he did a snap mare and a victim kick. When in trouble, Aries would roll out of the ring. He gained control well after hitting a neckbreaker on the ropes. When Black’s head was on the ring frame, Aries hit the running knee to the head. When up top during the match, he hit the Double Ax Handle to floor very well. He did overshoot his slingshot splash, but it was very difficult to tell. Aries then went to the corner again and attacked the neck some more. He control was slow, but it was done great. After Black had a flurry of attacks, Aries brought him back down with a chop block and a Shinbreaker! What was excellent was when Black tried to do a Sunset Flip and Aries could not get to the ropes. So Aries adapted to his surroundings, let Black roll him over, and then Aries clobbered him with a kick to the face! He then applied the Figure Four very well and held it in tight for almost a minute. I enjoyed how he taunted the crowd and Black while applying the hold. He used cheating tactics such as poking the eye at the opportune moments. He showed good emotion throughout the match and countered well with a huge Brainbuster. When Black at one point was at the ropes, Aries moves the ropes from under him and tied him up on the Tree of Woe. At the end of the match, he really addressed the leg. Unfortunately, it was not good enough for the win.

Notes on Black

He started off countering pretty well. When at the corner, he did a good job stomping away on Aries. He delivered a snap mare and victim kick on his own. He delivered a bodyslam that was pretty good. His stomp to Aries’ head near the middle of the match was stiff and scary looking, which was good that it looked realistic. When Aries tried to stay out of the ring, Black caught him and drilled him to the ROH barricade. His chops across Aries’ chest were pretty solid. He hit the spin kick crisp. At the first half of the match, I was very impressed with Black. I gave him a lot of credit for taking the Figure Four as long as he did. Black no-sold at times, and when he rammed Aries to the corner with his head a few times Black was running hard (which should not happen because Aries attacked the leg for a long time). He really needed to sell Aries’ offense to his legs. I thought his Fireman’s Carry Facebuster (F5) was done pretty well. I liked one move of his the most, which was a Superkick to a charging Austin Aries. His rollup victory was surprising, but I think they needed to do that to keep this rivalries hot.

Who controlled the match: I think just slightly that Austin Aries had good control.

Finish: While Austin Aries was attacking the leg and knee of Tyler Black, Black rolled up Aries and got a quick pinfall victory.

Winner by pinfall: Tyler Black
Grade: B

After the match, Austin Aries drilled Tyler Black with a clothesline. Aries punched away on Black and called for Kenny King to run to the ring so they can do a Spike Piledriver. But Jerry Lynn ran in for the save and attacked King all over the ring area. Roderick Strong ran in and attacked Aries, but Black shoved Strong out of the way and attacked Aries as well. Strong then punched Black and attacked Aries some more. After Aries was dumped out of the ring and Strong was dumped later, Black did a suicide flip dive that landed on both Aries and Strong. Black then left the area with the ROH World Title (the old design) over his shoulder.

Quick Results
El Generico def. Ricky Reyes via Brainbuster
Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino ended in a No Contest
Tyler Black def. Austin Aries via Roll up in a Non-Title Match

Mike Hogewood finally gave the Porpoise a Slapping when El Generico pinned Ricky Reyes.

Quick Thoughts

Non Wrestling Segments

Video package surrounding the World Championship – This was really laid out well. This package added to a great storyline surrounding all four wrestlers in this title mix.

Steen vs. Generico hype – This was actually not bad. It told a story between these two rivals who were once friends. I never realized this, but this feud has been going on for near seven months! That is a pretty long feud that has not dried out one bit.

Steen and Corino backstage interview – This was another fantastic job mainly by Steve Corino. He really hyped up Lynn and then brought him down. Corino has a way with words, and that is something ROH should take advantage on. Steen spitting gum on Durden was actually kind of humorous, but gross at the same time.

Richards vs. Black for ROH Title hype – I thought out of all the videos that HDNet has done, this was their best one. It showed stories of both wrestlers and it really made them sound personal. One finally got an idea of what Richards is like outside the ring. I thought Richards did a fantastic job, while Black improved a good bit on his promo.

Wrestling Matches

El Generico vs. Ricky Reyes – It was a good, quick start and overall was a good opening contest. I was really impressed with Reyes in this match, as his kicks were crisp and he was very fluent in the ring. Generico did a good job selling and taking the bumps, but in the end he no-sold some kicks. The finish was good, as I thought it was a good tune-up for Generico and his upcoming match with Kevin Steen.

Corino vs. Lynn – I enjoyed the chemistry between both men. Both men did a lot of counters, and usually it does not work well. In this match, the counters worked well because both guys had a long story going back to the ECW days. I was mainly impressed with Corino, as he was aware in all his surroundings and kept the match at a very good pace. Jerry Lynn was not too bad as well, he moved pretty well in the ring tonight.

Aries vs. Black – The start of the match was pretty quick. During the first half of the match, both were really good. I was impressed with Black’s discipline and hit his spots clean in the first half. Aries’ ring awareness may be the best in professional wrestling. Aries is a great storyteller and carried his own all over the ring area. I think all-around he may be the best ROH has right now. Both wrestled a long match and persevered a lot. During the second half of the match, Aries continued to excel with submission holds, while Black improved as well. Black’s awareness was good, but I do wish that he sold the leg injury. Sure, he shook it off at times, but he did not limp and ran off the ropes full sprint. The finish was good, and at least in ROH the champ wins the non-title matches, right? The right man won this match, but the loser of this contest was very impressive.

Overall Thoughts and Grade

Generico, Steen, Cabana, and Corino are all feuding and was featured in a video package AND in the ring. Aries, Black, and Strong continued their stories in and out of the ring. Throw in guys like King, Lynn, Reyes, and good video packages that relate to your Pay-Per-View and I thought it was a very solid show. The wrestling could have been a tad better, but I like how this all tied into a couple matches on the Death Before Dishonor card.

Overall Grade: B

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Week-

Wrestler of the Week: Austin Aries

Even though Aries lost, he won by defeat and I really think he will be a champion for ROH in due time. He told a great story in the ring and now looks to have more enemies in Delirious, Black, and Strong to name a few. It just seems like ROH orbits around A-Double.

Disappointment of the Night: No One

Even the commentary was pretty on. Sure, I got annoyed with Mike Hogewood at times, but I could tune that out now that I don’t have to do a commentary report card. In the ring and in produced segments, nothing was disappointing.

Surprise of the Night: The Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino match

I’m sorry, but these guys who are getting up there in age put on a very impressive back and forth no contest match. When Hogewood said that both had “many years left”, I actually believed him.

The ROH / HDNet Pick 6 Contenders Standings have been updated as of 5/24/10. (Credit:
1. Roderick Strong
2. Christopher Daniels
3. Kevin Steen
4. Chris Hero
5. Davey Richards (will get a title match 6/19 in Toronto)
6. Kenny King

Thanks for reading my latest ROH Recap. See you the week of June 14, 2010.


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