ROH on HDNet Recap
June 14, 2010
The Arena in Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Reported by: Anthony J. Valvo of

For the second straight week, I did not get the ROH show until Friday (those .rar files don’t work on this computer for some reason). However, I am very sorry and hopefully next week I will get this recap up sooner.

More than likely, the PPV for ROH was aired already. To see my predictions for Death Before Dishonor VIII, check out From the Desk of Mr. V #74.

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

Kidd Russell’s Rock Remix played early this week.

Tonight, Mike Hogewood announced that the main event would be Colt Cabana (Mike Tedesco’s favorite wrestler in ROH) vs. Steve Corino. Also, we will have the contract signing between Davey Richards and Tyler Black. Both men will fight for Tyler Black’s ROH World Title at Death Before Dishonor VIII.

We get right to the action.

Match #1: Christopher Daniels vs. Bobby Shields

This match was Daniels’ first match in ROH since his return back in April. Daniels received many streamers before this match. The Code of Honor was enforced (the handshake before the match).

Again, here were my notes for this contest.

Notes on Christopher Daniels: He started the match by moving Shields to the corner, but did nothing to him. After Shields attacked him at the corner, Daniels executed a few nice hiptoss maneuvers to keep Shields down. After a solid STO and jawbreaker, Daniels hit the Ura-Nage and set up the finish.

Notes on Bobby Shields: His offense was mainly at the corners. He used a few knee strikes and drilled his shoulder to Daniels’ stomach.

Who was in control? This one was a no brainer. Daniels had control of this match except for a few seconds where Shields attacked the corner.

Finish: After Christopher Daniels hit the Ura-Nage, he went for and finished Bobby Shields off with the B.M.E. (Best Moonsault Ever). Daniels covered Shields and the referee counted to three.

Winner by Pinfall: Christopher Daniels.
Grade: C-.

After the match, Daniels grabbed hold of a microphone and pointed out the ROH logo in the middle of the ring. Daniels said “When he returned, he stood face-to-face with Davey Richards and took offense when Richards said he was the best in the world”. Daniels wanted to make something clear and the message was sent to not only Richards, but the entire ROH roster. If a wrestler wanted to be the best, then they want to be in Ring of Honor. Daniels said that he had something to teach and he wanted to teach the entire roster. Daniels then ran down the top guys on the ROH Roster and then said if they wanted to talk about the best wrestler, it should be Christopher Daniels! Then Daniels said that was the gospel according to The Fallen Angel.

Kyle Durden was backstage with Steve Corino. Durden introduced Corino and then talked about tonight’s main event with Corino. Corino stopped Durden mid-sentence and told him that Cabana “was on his list”. When Durden asked what list, Corino then showed him a list on yellow paper. Corino told Durden to read the list. Durden read the first name and asked “Who is Phillip Brooks?” Corino said Brooks owed him some Euro. Personally, I think this was a reference to CM Punk. Corino then showed a close-up of the list and also written were Chipper Jones, J.D. Drew, Brian Christopher, and All the Waffle House waitresses. On the bottom of this list was Colt Cabana in bold face lettering.

Corino said the reason why he has Cabana’s name in bold was because he took the name off the list at one point, but put the name back on the list. Corino said that Cabana could have easily avoided this if he did not stand up for some people. Corino then said there was one more person on the list and we heard Kevin Steen’s voice in the background say “El Generico”.

The camera then went to Kevin Steen who was sitting in a corner. Steen said that six months ago he turned on him. Since that day, Steen said that the world told him about his actions. On June 19th, he will finally go one-on-one with El Generico. The one thing that Steen said was that since December, he stood by everything that he did and said. Steen said it was not all that bad because Generico will get off free in Canada because the doctors there will be able to re-attach his (Generico’s) spine.

The next five minutes of the show featured some hype (in video highlights form) of El Generico and Kevin Steen. Featured in this package was Steen’s heel turn, Cabana’s alliance with Generico, Corino’s alliance with Steen, the redemption of Generico and Steen’s quest to destroy Generico.

We went to the hidden headquarters that is the ROH broadcasting table. Mike Hogewood said after all they went through, it is time they finally went tone-on-one on Internet PPV (Death Before Dishonor VIII). Dave Prazak hyped up the title matches on the PPV card. The ROH World Title will be defended as Tyler Black will battle Davey Richards and The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) will defend their ROH World Tag Titles against Jay and Mark Briscoe.

Kyle Durden was now at ringside with Mike Briscoe, the father of The Briscoes. Durden asked it felt to watch his sons kick ass and take names. Mike Briscoe said that his first Father’s Day gift was to see ROH in person and the second half of the gift will be that his boys will win the ROH Tag Titles for the 7th time!

And with that, let’s go back to the ring.

Match #2: The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs. Sid Reeves and Bob Evans

The Briscoe Bros. got streamers before the match. Reeves and Evans did not have a ring introduction. The Code of Honor was enforced before the match.

Notes on The Briscoes: Jay started the match off and executed a nice head scissors takedown. After a few nicely done armdrags, he tagged in Mark and Mark went to the top and hit an elbow. Mark then hit a nice vertical suplex on Bob Evans (not the tube of sausage but an actual name of a wrestler) and then both brothers got Evans good with a Double 3-Point Stance Shoulder Tackle. After Reeves and Evans gained a bit of momentum, Jay shut them down with corner splashes. Jay then hit a great dropkick on Sid Reeves. Mark made sure that Jay was free to use his finisher when he did a slingshot splash to the outside on Evans.

Notes on Reeves and Evans: Evans controlled the match briefly with a headlock and a shoulder tackle. Before he tagged in Reeves, Evan was able to clothesline Mark well. Reeves did not stand a chance with his opponents, as he bumped almost everywhere.

Who was in control? It was pretty much Jay and Mark Briscoe in control for I would say 95% of this contest. It was a good tune up for their tag match this weekend.

Finish: After Mark Briscoe took Bob Evans out of the ring, Jay Briscoe hit the Jay Driller on Sid Reeves. Jay pinned Reeves to give his team the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: The Briscoes
Grade: D+

The viewers then saw Kyle Durden once again at ringside. Durden was asking the fans who they thought would win the main event on June 19th, Tyler Black or Davey Richards? The crowd was mainly 50/50 (with the men in the audience saying Richards while a couple women and kids said Black). During the survey, Chris Hero cut a promo along with Claudio Castagnoli. Hero said he could not help but be in the presence of The Briscoes’ father, Mike. Mr. Briscoe is mimicking Hero. Hero said that Mr. Briscoe must be proud of them because the Briscoes are “upstanding guys” (sarcastically of course). Hero said that there were a couple mistakes. The first one was The Briscoes going to the ring in April and facing the Kings of Wrestling (that was when the Kings won the titles) and second was that they believe they have a shot at winning them back this weekend. Hero then said to Mr. Briscoe that he make two mistakes, in which both of them were Mark and Jay. Hero said the big problem was that Mr. Briscoe forgot to wear a condom twice (I thought that was a bit much). Mike Briscoe then jumped over the ROH Barricade and confronted Hero. He slapped Hero, but Hero delivered a big elbow on Mr. Briscoe. Mark and Jay then ran off The Kings of Wrestling while tending to their father. The Briscoes were cursing left and right (seemed like HDNet censored every other word), directing them at their opponents for Death Before Dishonor.

After a break, the viewers witnessed what happened moments ago when Chris Hero hit The Briscoes’ father with an elbow strike. Mike Hogewood demanded ROH to fine Chris Hero for that shot. Dave Prazak said it was “an eye for an eye”, as last month in New York The Briscoes destroyed Sara Del Ray. Hogewood then talked about the main event once again for Death Before Dishonor VIII and we take it to Kyle Durden who is now asking ROH wrestlers who will win the main event, Tyler Black or Davey Richards?

Grizzly Redwood said Tyler Black will win. Erick Stevens believes it will be Richards. When Durden tried to ask Jim Cornette, Cornette snapped and said why he is asking HIM that question. Cornette did not comment. Kevin Steen said that El Generico will die in Toronto and gave no prediction. Steve Corino was on the phone when Durden asked him. Eddie Edwards picked Davey Richards because their team, The American Wolves, are the most dominant team in professional wrestling. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown and Jay Briscoe both said Davey Richards. Rhett Titus was asked the same question and said that both guys are punks and that Austin Aries is all that matters. We then but to a taped prediction of Austin Aries (who is smoking one of that grandfather pipes). Aries predicted that the winner will be the ROH Champion, but will never be as good as he was. Aries never truly said who was going to win.

And now…The MAIN EVENT for the evening!

Match #3: Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino

Cabana received streamers when he entered the ring. No Code of Honor this time, as Cabana attacked Corino before he entered the ring.

Notes on Cabana: He went right after Corino to start, delivering punches along the way. When in the ring, Cabana showed good awareness and hit the Butt-Butt on the corner. After Corino missed on a clothesline to the ring post, Cabana addressed the arm very well with arm snap and hold techniques. When Corino had him placed on the table, Cabana escaped an attack by dumping Corino over the ROH Barricade. Corino delivered a running chop, but Cabana no sold it and actually focused more on Corino. After a big slugfest (punches by both men), Cabana hit Corino with a bionic elbow. As Corino tried to hit the Alabama Slam, Cabana countered it with a Powerbomb. When Corino was out of the ring, Cabana did a sliding dropkick and Corino was down hard. Colt set up a couple tables and then escaped a chair shot by Corino. He placed Corino’s head near a chair before the match ended in a Disqualification.

Notes on Corino: When in the ring, Corino did a nice job briefly raking Cabana’s eyes with his arm. To gain an advantage, he would shove Cabana and at one point it was at the ring post. However, Corino missed the clothesline on the ring post and hurt his own arm in the process. He neutralized Cabana at times by dumping him onto the floor. Corino was obsessed with using a table and injuring Cabana, but after the first half of this match he failed to do so. When the action was back in the ring, Corino did a nice job using a clothesline and then a Sliding C Special, but that would take more to beat Cabana.

Who was in control? The match was well-balanced, until Colt Cabana took advantage at the end. I would say it was Cabana that controlled the pace of the match.

Finish: After Colt Cabana set up the tables and chair the referee tried to stop Cabana. Cabana then shoved the referee out of the way and the ref had no choice but to give Steve Corino the victory by disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Steve Corino
Grade: B- (leaned toward a C+).

After the match, Cabana slid one of the chairs across the tables and it landed on another chair! That shot caused Corino’s head to bleed. Cabana then placed a table inside the ring and was about to hit the Colt .45 on Corino until Colby Corino (Steve’s son) runs to the ring apron to distract the referee and Cabana. Kevin Steen then ran in and delivered a Superkick to Cabana. As soon as Corino and Steen attacked Cabana, El Generico runs in to save Cabana. Generico cornered Steen and then hit the Double Underhook Suplex on Corino! Generico then set up Steen to the top and was about to hit the Brainbuster, but Corino attacked Generico from behind and now it was the heels attacking Generico. Cabana then grabbed a hold of Corino and Steen saved Corino once again be spearing Cabana to the table twice (both times the table did not break). Generico and Steen then brawl in the ring. Generico then clotheslined Steen over the top rope and then got Steen with a Suicide Flip Dive. When Generico was about to hit a top rope move while Steen was on the table, Corino pulled Steen away. This was a very intense ending here, as this six-month story continued.

The viewers then witnessed more hype for the main event between Tyler Black and Davey Richards at Death Before Dishonor VIII. Kyle Durden was backstage with Roderick Strong after the hype. Durden then asked for Strong’s opinion on the title match. Strong said that it does not matter what happened, but it will be about people screwing someone out of a title shot or defense. Strong concluded by not predicting a winner, but has an idea on how the match would end.

Contract Signing between Tyler Black and Davey Richards

Jim Cornette is in the ring and said this Saturday there will be an Internet PPV called Death Before Dishonor VIII live in Toronto. The main event will be Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards for the ROH World Title. First, both must sign the contract to make this match official. Davey Richards first entered the ring with Shane Hagadorn and ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards. Tyler Black was then introduced and he entered the ring by himself. Both wrestlers were welcomes with streamers.

Cornette then had both men sit down (but not Edwards and Hagadorn, as they had no chairs for them). Cornette asked for Richards’s signature. Richards did not hesitate and signed the contract. Cornette asked if Richards had any comment and of course Richard had a comment. Richards said that every time he sees wrestling fans they say that he is “the best in the world”. Richards said on Saturday, he will prove to them that he is by winning the ROH World Title.

Cornette then asked Black for his signature, and Black signed the deal as well. Black had comments as well when asked by Cornette. Black said to Richards he did not care of fans called him the best because it is him (Black) who holds the title to prove that he was the best. Black said when crunch time hits he will walk out of the arena STILL the ROH World Champion.

Richards grabbed the mic again and said to Hagadorn and Edwards that this is his battle, alone. Richards told his two allies that he wanted to go at this one-on-one. After that moment, Christopher Daniels’ music hits and he entered the ring. Cornette told Daniels that he did not fit in the title match this weekend. Daniels apologized for the intrusion. Daniels said if this was an ordinary comment, then he would want to face the winner of this weekend’s title match. However, since this is Ring of Honor Daniels wanted both Black and Richards in one-on-one matches. Daniels explained that Richards has support from the fans and that they call him “the best in the world”. Daniels then said to Black that he has a strong case as well since Black has the championship belt.

Daniels told both men good luck, but he also said to keep in mind that after the match it will just be a prologue. Daniels said that he will teach everyone around the arena that he is the best wrestler in the world and that is the gospel according to the Fallen Angel. Daniels the left the ring. In the end, Black and Richards faced off and exchanged words.

Quick Results

Christopher Daniels defeated Bobby Shields via pinfall.
The Briscoe Bros. (Mark and Jay Briscoe) defeated Bob Evans and Sid Reeves via pinfall.
Steve Corino defeated Colt Cabana via disqualification.

Mike Hogewood gave the porpoise a break; there was no slapping this week.

Quick Thoughts on the non-wrestling segments

Durden with Corino and Steen – I enjoyed this little backstage interview. Corino was heeling it up really well and was a bit humorous with his list of people (I laughed hard when I saw Chipper Jones). When Steen interrupted and discussed with he will do to El Generico over the weekend it make me believe that he actually wants to kill the guy. I have to praise Steen for his intensity over this interview. He did a great job.

Durden with Mike Briscoe (the father of the Briscoe Bros.) – It was a little boring, but the moment Mike made an appearance I knew that he was going to get laid out by either Chris Hero or Claudio Castagnoli.

Durden asking fans who will win between Black and Richards – Eh, it is nice to see the fan interaction. It easily showed who each group of people were going to cheer for in the main event for Death Before Dishonor.

The Kings of Wrestling, Mike Briscoe, and The Briscoes – I enjoyed the first half of Hero’s segment when he was ripping on the Briscoes’ father. However I did not like the whole “you made a mistake because you did not use a condom” quote. I thought that was a bit classless, but that was my opinion. I expected someone to lay out Mr. Briscoe, and I was right. Hero really let him have it! The Briscoes came in to save and I thought that was well done. Outside the one comment I found this to be real personal and effective.

Post Cabana/Corino match – First off, I don’t mind if children are put into a rivalry, as long as the child is age 18 or over. But Steve Corino’s son is a junior high school student and even though I think he got a kick out of being in this storyline, I just don’t find it right to put a young kid in a storyline with this much hatred.

Wrestlers making a pick on who will win the Death Before Dishonor Main Event – This was a pretty good idea, as everyone’s prediction sounded real and personal. I really like Austin Aries little promo. I think ROH was wrong on taking the title away from him.

The Contract Signing – Finally, I am rewarded with a non-cliché contract signing in which furniture was destroyed. What the viewers saw was a bit of respect between Richards and Black. Adding Christopher Daniels was a great move as well, as he wants what these guys have and this is a good way to build up The Fallen Angel. Here’s hoping someday he will win that ROH World Title. It is long overdue.

Quick Thoughts on the wrestling segments

Daniels vs. Shields – This was a squash match, but at least Shields did a bit of damage. Still, Daniels needed to make a statement in his return to ROH and he made a strong one.

Briscoes vs. Evans/Reeves – The Briscoes had a great tune-up for their PPV match for the Tag titles. The Briscoes were pretty impressive and hit their spots well. As for their opponents, I can’t really say much. This match was almost a 100% squash.

Corino vs. Cabana – I loved this story and I hope this goes another month or two. You can see the hatred between the two as Cabana did not care about a win or a loss. Cabana just wanted to hurt somebody. Corino did a nice job selling the attacks, and I give him credit because he gives that ROH locker room an uber-heel that makes the fans hate him. This was a good match and it carried on the Steen/Generico storyline nicely as well.

Overall Grade and Thoughts

Overall, I don’t speak for the ROH fans but this was a bit lackluster. They did a good job trying to sell the weekend’s PPV, but I think it cost them a bit with this week’s show. Segments wise it was pretty solid and I think it grabbed the attention of the viewers. The wrestling was really poor on a booking end. It had a great story with Cabana/Corino, but they booked two squash matches in one hour. That hurts the overall grade here.

So, the segments were good. However, the wrestling was a bit subpar from a booking standpoint this week. When I average it all out, here is my grade.

Overall Grade: C.

Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night

Wrestler of the Night – Colt Cabana

I enjoyed the intensity of Cabana. Sure, he lost. However, he looked like a winner after the smoke settled in this latest battle.

Disappointment of the Night – ROH Booking

I was fine with the booking of the main event. But seriously…66% of your matches were squash matches? Even WWE Superstars does not have that high a percentage.

Surprise of the Night – The Return of Christopher Daniels

This was my first time recapping a match that involved “The Fallen Angel”. I am surprised that he came back to ROH, but I am happy to see him in the ring. TNA really did not use him right.

The ROH / HDNet Pick 6 Contenders Standings have been updated as of 6/20/10. (Credit:
1. Roderick Strong
2. Christopher Daniels
3. Kevin Steen
4. Chris Hero
5. Davey Richards
6. Kenny King
**Christopher Daniels defeated Kenny Omega on June 19th to maintain his #2 ranking**
**Davey Richards did not face Roderick Strong on June 18th because he did not make it to Buffalo**
Thanks for reading my latest ROH Recap. See you the week of June 21, 2010.


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