ROH on HDNet Recap
August 30, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

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The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

The show began with ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette standing in the ring next to ROH World Champion Tyler Black. Cornette said that the media reported that Black’s contract with Ring of Honor is running up and despite ROH giving Black a lucrative deal, there is a major bidding war. Cornette would like Black to address his status to the fans in attendance. There were chants of “Please don’t go” toward Black.

Black went on the mic and said that 2010 was a great year and the best year in his career. Black mentioned in February he became the ROH World Champion. Months later, Black said his matches got better and said that his recent matches were excellent. But Black said his contract was up for renewal and he got offers from other companies, mainly a lot coming from North America. Black said after six years of busting has ass and his hard work that he made himself the man he was today. Black mentioned that four years ago, he was fighting for a job somewhere. Now, thanks to ROH, he got everything he asked for and more. Black likes the spirit of the company (ROH), but everyone knows that nobody could outbid a “billionaire from Connecticut”.

Cornette then asked Black two questions. Cornette asked how would Black address those that say you could show more loyalty to ROH and how does he address the time he still had in ROH with championship defenses. Black quickly responded to the “loyalty” question and said that he had been loyal for years in ROH. However, there are fans that consistently booed him and for those few he showed no respect to them. Cornette then asked about the obligations again after a few fans showed their displeasure to Tyler Black.

Black said as for the obligations, it stipulated two things. Black had to show up and wrestle. Black said nowhere in the contract did it mention “rolling over for people”. Black then asked Cornette how much he would be worth if he showed up on “another Monday show” with the ROH World Championship. Cornette said to Black “you can’t be thinking that”. Black repeated the same question more aggressively and said he would be the first World Champion to jump ship as an active champion (I could dispute that, but what do I know). Cornette said that Black would be worth quite a bit if he is thinking about a particular individual. Black said Cornette was right and with that said, the fans would get a part of what they wanted. Black said he will be gone soon, but he plans on taking the ROH World Championship with him.

Enter Kidd Russell’s Theme Song for ROH.

Tonight’s Main Event: Tyler Black vs. Steve Corino in a non-title match.

No ring introductions in the first match, it was about to start.

Trios Tag Team Match (aka a 3-on-3 Match)
The House of Truth (Roderick Strong, Christian Able, and Josh Raymond w/Truth Martini) vs. Mike Bennett, Andy Ridge, and Jay Freddie

No Code of Honor, as Christian Able and Mike Bennett began the contest.

Notes on The House of Truth: Able began the match with a hammerlock and a headlock to Bennett. Able got the attention of Bennett with a slap across the face. When Strong was in, he exchanged hammerlocks with Bennett. When Ridge was in the ring that was when the H.O.T. started to gain advantage. When Able and Raymond worked together, they did a good job. One move I was impressed with was when Able lifted Raymond up and hit the Powerbomb in which Raymond landed on Ridge. Able managed to choke Ridge at times with a boot to the neck. Strong then came in and delivered a chop across Ridge’s chest and then stomped Ridge around a bit. Strong showed great awareness as well, as he blind tagged himself in a couple times and the after the second one, destroyed (I believe) Freddie with a Double-Knee Gutbuster.

Notes on Bennett, Ridge, and Freddie: Bennett was very impressive to start. He went toe to toe with Able with a slap across the face and followed it up with a body slam. Bennett delivered a forearm to Able until Able tagged in Strong. Bennett exchanged hammerlocks with Strong, then worked the arm. Bennett then delivered a nice dropkick to Strong. Ridge then came in with a few leg strikes, but Strong just manhandled him after that. Ridge, after taking a big beating, escaped a double team attack to tag in Freddie. Freddie did come out with punches, then hit some chops and executed a nice dropkick to Able.

Finish: As Josh Raymond and Christian Able took care of Mike Bennett and Andy Ridge, Roderick Strong finished the match with the Sick Kick (Running Boot) to Jay Freddie. Strong the pinned Freddie for the victory. No porpoise was slapped.

Winners via Pinfall: The House of Truth (Strong, Able, and Raymond)
Grade: C-

After the match, Roderick Strong got the microphone and began to speak. Strong said that since he aligned himself with Truth Martini, he has yet tasted defeat. Strong then said it was possible that ROH tried to screw him out of the ROH World Championship, but he ended up defeating everyone that came at him. Strong then addressed Tyler Black, and she that he would beat Black and get his World Championship. When he wins the title, that will be the truth.

Then there were some backstage taped segments that hyped up the double chain match set for Glory by Honor IX.

Kevin Steen and Steve Corino were first. Steen mentioned that the chain is his best friend right now and asked Corino if they got a plan for Colt Cabana. Corino said absolutely, as he hates Cabana and New York City. Steen then explained his plan for El Generico. Steen said that he will wrap the chain around Generico’s neck and pull until his head is ripped off. The we saw a close up of Steen’s T-Shirt. The shirt had a beheaded Generico on top of a chair with the letters “Mr. Wrestling”. Steen said the shirt will soon be a reality.

After that segment, it was time for Colt Cabana and El Generico. Colt Cabana did all the talking. Cabana said that “they get it”. The mind games, Cabana and Generico got it. Cabana said he was sorry, but they fight for what is right with the company. Cabana said that Steen and Corino did a good job when it is 2-on-1. However, when the match has an even amount of competitors, Steen and Corino were not so high on themselves. Cabana said now they will embark on a double chain match and they love it! Cabana and Generico said that their opponents can’t run and hide. Cabana said after nine months, the chain will finally be broken. But Steen will be linked to Generico and the man that was still talking, Cabana. Cabana’s reasoning was because when Steen looked at the scars, he would realize that they inflicted the punishment on him! Cabana was amazing on that promo.

Next Match is underway.

Non-Title Match
Colt Cabana and El Generico vs. ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli w/Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn)

Both teams got streamers. The Kings of Wrestling received new theme music that sounds pretty good. There was no Code of Honor, but Cabana and Generico shook hands with the referee. Colt Cabana and Chris Hero started the match.

Notes on Cabana and Generico: I enjoyed how Cabana was joking around with Hero at first. Cabana executed a leg lock very well and followed that up with a headlock. He also did a unique let takedown that almost turned into Billy Goat’s Curse. Generico was tagged in and delivered a kick to Hero. Generico kept on Hero with a Hurricanranna and then went to the corner with punches. Generico was doing a good job, but was a little sloppy on a boot move. When the Kings tried to do a combo move, Generico countered it with some pretty nice armdrags. Cabana came in briefly and twisted Hero’s arm before tagging Generico back in the match. Generico then went up top and did a double ax punch to Hero’s arm. When Castagnoli had Generico down with a hold, Cabana actually broke it up illegally. I found that pretty interested from the Good Guys. Generico took a huge beating during the middle course of this contest. Generico was almost laid out with the KRS-One, but Generico escaped beautifully and held onto Castagnoli’s arm, ran on the ropes, and executed a nice head scissors takedown on Hero. When Cabana got the hot tag, he went crazy and his moves were done very well. Cabana started the attack with a very nice Springboard Moonsault, and then delivered right hands to both Kings. After an elbow to Castagnoli, Cabana rolled up Hero and almost got the win. I liked how Cabana countered Hero’s elbow strike. With Hero at the corner, Generico hit the Ole Kick out of nowhere! Cabana followed that with the Flying Asshole (Butt-Butt on HDNet). Generico then did a Suicide Flip Dive off of Cabana’s back and onto Castagnoli. Too bad that Steve Corino and Kevin Steen distracted Cabana briefly. Still, this was a very good showing.

Notes on The Kings of Wrestling: After Cabana had some fun at Hero’s expense in the ring; Hero took it out on Generico with a chop. Hero then drilled Generico to Castagnoli’s boot. Hero then blind tagged his partner and clocked Generico with a kick. I noticed that Hero goes at the head a lot, and that is a good move for him because his finisher involves KOing the competition with the Death Blow Elbow to the head. Castagnoli worked on Generico with a hold in which his knees were pressed on Generico’s back. Castagnoli followed that up with a European Elbow to the neck! Hero attacked the same part with a dropkick to Generico’s head. The Kings also worked well with their combination moves. One case was when Hero whipped Generico to the corner. Hero then did a corner splash and Castagnoli hit the bicycle kick. When Castagnoli held Generico, Hero connected with the elbow strike. Castagnoli then held Generico up with a Bear Hug. Castagnoli then hit a nice body slam. Then when Hero was tagged, Castagnoli did The Big Swing and Hero connected with a Dropkick to the head! As you could tell, the Kings of Wrestling did a huge number to Generico and to make sure they inflicted more punishment on him before the match ended, Hero pulled Cabana’s leg from under him while they worked on Generico’s upper body. A distraction from Kevin Steen and Steve Corino aided this team in the end.

Finish: With Colt Cabana distracted by Kevin Steen and Steve Corino, Chris Hero wound up and connected with the Death Blow Elbow Strike. Hero pinned Cabana for the victory.

Winners via Pinfall: The Kings of Wrestling (Hero and Castagnoli)
Grade: B- (leaned towards a B)

After the match, The Kings of Wrestling, Sara Del Ray, and Shane Hagadorn yelled at the referee for some reason. The ref moments later raised the Kings arms and all of the sudden some stupid fan threw something at Castagnoli. I would have loved for Castagnoli to clock that “fan”, but instead Castagnoli yelled something at the fan. Honestly, that was the right thing to do.

Hype for the next HDNet Main Event arrived in a video package. In TWO WEEKS (ROH will not be on HDNet next week because of the TV Show Prison Break) Delirious will get some revenge against Austin Aries as they will compete in a Steel Cage Match! I have not recapped a Steel Cage match in a LONG time!

After the hype, ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards was in the ring with Shane Hagadorn. Edwards welcomed us once again to “The Eddie Edwards 10-Minute Hunt”. Edwards then promoted himself and said he will be the only ROH TV Champion, but if anyone in the back wanted to prove him wrong they could come down to the ring. Enter Mike Sydal (of course, the brother of WWE’s Evan Bourne). Edwards asked his opponent to introduce himself. Sydal said that he was “Rock n’ Roll Mike Sydal! Edwards asked where he was from, and Sydal said Paradise City. Edwards then got upset with Sydal and clubbed him in the back of the head with the microphone. The match started instantly with no Code of Honor.

Eddie Edwards’ Ten Minute Hunt (if Sydal wins, he earns a title shot)
ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Sydal

Notes on Edwards: He started the match with a chop to the corner. He pulled Sydal into a splitting position and then connected with a running kick to the chest.

Note (yeah note) on Sydal: He did hit the head scissors very nicely.

Finish: After the kick across the chest, Eddie Edwards applied the Achillies’ Lock on Mike Sydal. Sydal had no choice but to tap out with 9:24 to go. Edwards won the match in only 36 seconds.

Winner via Submission: Eddie Edwards (Sydal obviously did not earn the title shot)
Grade: Incomplete

After the match, Edwards posed with the ROH TV Title as Shane Hagadorn applauds.

Jim Cornette was backstage for an important announcement. Cornette went to Charlotte, NC to an NWA Legends Fan Fest and he discussed his problems with the ROH Title Match with a few wrestlers. He feared that the House of Truth would interfere in the ROH World Title Match at Glory by Honor IX. Cornette thought about putting someone at ringside to make sure that the best match would take place. A friend of his asked “Why not me?” Cornette said to this guy that it was a good idea. So, at Glory by Honor IX it will be a No Disqualification Match between Tyler Black and Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship. The Special “Ringside Vigilante” will be none other than…TERRY FUNK!!!

There was a brief video after that in which Funk said he is meaner than a rattlesnake and more dangerous. Funk said that he will be in New York City.

Cornette then said to the viewers that they got a legend at ringside for the main event at Glory by Honor and Funk will get the job done. Cornette said there will be a winner and no one will mess with Terry Funk.

Main Event at Glory by Honor IX: Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship with Terry Funk as the Ringside Vigilante. Also plugged was the other featured bouts on the card. There will be a Dream Tag Team Match (Kings vs. Haas/Benjamin) and the Double Chain Match (Corino/Steen vs. Cabana/Generico).

And now…Bobby Cruise (the Voice of ROH) stated that the next match was the MAIN EVENT!

Non-Title Match
Steve Corino (w/Kevin Steen and chain) vs. ROH World Champion Tyler Black

Both wrestlers got streamers to start the match. ROH Referee Todd Sinclair took the chain away from Corino, but then handed it to Steen. No Code of Honor as we begin the match.

Notes on Corino: He immediately went after Black with punches at the corner. He then did a running chop to the corner. Corino then dumped Black outside the ring, cleaned off a table, and then whipped Black to the ROH Barricade. Corino then choked Black for a moment, and then whipped Black to another ROH Barricade. Corino was able to execute the leg lariat very well. After a series of punches, Corino used his knee to ram Black in the gut and then took him out with a body slam. Corino did a nice job with a second rope knee drop. He used the ropes quote a bit by choking Black at times with it. He was in trouble for a moment, but then was able to hit the boot and follow that up with an STO Takedown. One of the best things here was that a “fan” screamed that Corino sucked. Corino screamed back at the “fan”, and then used his wrist tap to choke Black once again. He had that much ring presence during the course of the match. Corino then blocked a Buckle Bomb attempt and connected with a spinning clothesline. Corino then followed it up with the Sliding C Special (or now it may be called the Internal Dream, feel free to use THAT Wikipedia). Corino then went for the chain, but Sinclair blocked that from happening. After a kick by Black, Corino got desperate and grabbed a fork from his trunks. However, Black prevented Corino from using the fork. Good, solid showing for Corino and it did help briefly build his heel character up against Cabana and Generico.

Notes on Black: Black countered early attacks with his feet. He kicked Corino to start his offense to buy some time. While outside the ring, he gained momentum by taking out Steen and then whipping Corino to the ROH Barricade. Black then went high-risk and hit a very nice Suicide Flip Dive. Black then brought the action to the ring and delivered some chops. The back drop was ok, but Corino landed a little off. Not Corino’s fault though, he did not get much air. Black then stomped on the upper body of Corino. Black then slowed the match down a bit by attacking from the corner with chops and punches. Even though Corino blocked the first dropkick, Black connected on the second attempt. Power was a bit inconsistent. Black struggled on the back suplex, but followed it up with a Standing Shooting Star Press. Black then hit Corino with some powerful strikes to end the match. Another good tune-up for Black as he goes into the final days as an ROH Wrestler.

Finish: Steve Corino tried to attack Tyler Black with a fork, but Black avoided the attack with a dangerous Superkick. Black then delivered a Buckle Bomb and, when Corino was dazed on his knees, Black finished the match off with another devastating Superkick. Black got the victory when he pinned Corino.

Winner via Pinfall: Tyler Black
Grade: C+ (leaned toward a B-)

After the replays were shown on TV, Black posed with the ROH World Championship belt. Steen then charged at Black with a series of punches and clubs to the back. Black and Steen exchanged punches until Corino grabbed the chain and took out Black with a chain shot to the back! Colt Cabana and El Generico then ran in and got their own chain and clotheslined Steen and Corino with it! ROH Staff tried to separate Steen, Corino, Cabana, and Generico. That left Black in the ring alone. Roderick Strong ran in and took out Black. Strong then did some pound and ground attacks. Black then chased off Strong with punches as the show ended.

Video packages hyping three matches for Glory by Honor IX closed out the show. The matches were:

Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Black in a No Disqualification Match for the ROH World Championship.
El Generico and Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino and Kevin Steen in a Double Chain Match.
The Kings of Wrestling vs. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in a Dream Tag Match.

Quick Results
The House of Truth (Roderick Strong, Christian Able, and Josh Raymond) def. Mike Bennett, Andy Ridge, and Jay Freddie via Pinfall.
The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) def. Colt Cabana and El Generico via Pinfall.
Eddie Edwards def. Mike Sydal via Submission.
Tyler Black def. Steve Corino via Pinfall.

Mike Hogewood did NOT slap the porpoise. So run free from “The Hoge”, brave porpoise.

Thought on the Non-Wrestling Segments

Tyler Black’s Contract Situation – This was a perfect way to address the ROH crowd. Everyone and their grandma knows that Black is taking his talents to the WWE and he had to heel it up a bit with the crowd. From my standpoint, Black is doing the right thing going to WWE while his stock is very high. The way Black handled himself was much better, but I would have liked it more if Cornette was now controlling the segment at times. Let Black do his thing and then go forward. Still, Black did an “ok” job with the promo, but he is really improving. Once he gets it all together, we may see him wrestle on the other Monday Night show.

Backstage segments for Steen/Corino vs. Cabana/Generico – I may be wrong, but it seems like after nine months of feuding this may be the payoff. This promo segment by both tag teams were EXCELLENT!! Steen really showed his character very well and quietly expressed how he will kill his opponents with that chain to a point where some fans may think that Steen wants to literally “end” his opponents. I don’t know what the future lies after this is over, but I hope Steen gets something huge out of this rivalry.

As for the other segment, this is the most intense speech I have heard from Colt Cabana since he came back to ROH. Cabana was very spirited and agitated with Corino and Steen. He showed it with his reactions and his emotions. His words were full of hatred, something I have not heard from Cabana, as usually he is laid back. I liked this edgy promo Cabana laid out and he did it as a face wrestler. It was done beautifully. Cabana really shined and again, when this is over I really see him as the ROH Television Champion. That belt is made for Colt Cabana.

Overall, these two teams cutting a promo like this will make me want to buy this iPPV even more! This should be one of the most intense matches I have ever seen.

Eddie Edwards’ mic time – I can say he is getting better. He has gotten a bit better since he started talking more as the TV Champion.

Terry Funk announced by Jim Cornette as Ring Enforcer – I don’t know what Funk offers to this match, but it does add another element to the main event match for Glory by Honor. I am a Terry Funk fan and I am happy that he will get a payday out of this. That and Funk may get some stiff punches in on The House of Truth. This was another good element to this match. Another solid job done by Jim Cornette.

Thoughts on the matches

House of Truth vs. Bennett, Ridge, and Freddie – If this was to just solely build up Able and Raymond, I would have been fine with it. However, Strong was the one that got the pin and I understand that but I thought another member of that tag team should have got the pin. On the other side, Mike Bennett looked pretty strong in the match. He demonstrated some raw power and I think the ROH brass should get another look at him, if he is not a part of ROH already.

Generico/Cabana vs. The Kings – This was a good tune up match in which both teams will face different opponents. I may have detected one missed spot, but it was so diminutive that it did not matter. It was a very good tag match that showed the strengths of both teams. Hero was very crisp with his elbow strikes and attacks to Generico and Castagnoli was near flawless with his power maneuvers. I liked how Cabana was on the attack and everything he does in the ring is so fluent and he does better each time. Generico was spotty, but it is his style. Generico was all over the place after being attacked for a long time and the way he attacked at the end was just a bit confusing. I liked the ending in which Steen and Corino briefly distracted Cabana. It helped the Kings get the win and prepare for Haas and Benjamin, while it did not make Cabana and Generico look weak at all either. It was a win/win for both teams.

Edwards vs. Sydal – It was only 36 seconds long. Not worth more than the effort I typed.

Black vs. Corino – When Tyler Black was shaking the hands of the fans before the match, it really confused me. He just cut this heelish promo to start off the show, and then he is a face again? It was just puzzling. I enjoyed how Kevin Steen was talking trash for most of the contest. Corino had his brawling down pat and was good at wrestling from the corner. Black show as lot of aggression to start, but his offense was just going everywhere. Still, Black showed surprising power near the end of the match. The contest was good with the pace, but there was something missing.

Overall Thoughts and Grade

I noticed that all that was featured on the Glory by Honor Card was featured on this ROH on HDNet edition. Each match told a story (even the Edwards squash) and the rivalries are getting more intense. I don’t know if ROH has a “go-home” show for their PPV, but with next week’s programming pre-empted I think this has to be the go-home show. And they did a very good job putting all of those involved over (even with defeat). Even though the wrestling was not at “ROH Standards” when it comes to results, the stories told throughout the show were the best it has been in a very long time.

Overall Grade: B+

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: Tyler Black

Usually, this goes to the winner of the main event and this is no different. Not only was he solid in the ring for the most part, he cut probably his best promo since ROH aired on HDNet.

Disappointment of the Night: None to Report

I was not disappointed with anything on this show, therefore I can’t fill anything out.

Surprise of the Night: Mike Bennett

I kind of wrote him along with Andy Ridge and Jay Freddie off. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Bennett show a brief moment of power when going toe to toe with Christian Able.

That does it for ROH on HDNet (the recap edition). I am Anthony J. Valvo and I hope you have a good weekend. See you on Thursday with another “From the Desk of Mr. V” column!

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