ROH on HDNet
November 8, 2010
Philadelphia, PA (THE ARENA)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! So, sit back, relax, open up a brew or a pop, and get ready for some RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!!!! On this week’s program we have a great main event that will include the Kings Of Wrestling vs. Dark City Fight Club! Plus, the return of HOMICIDE!

Tonight’s show starts with the recap of the Kevin Steen/Steve Corino vs. El Generico/Colt Cabana steel cage match from last week! Still loved it when Kevin Steen wiped the blood of Colt Cabana all over his face while looking directly at El Generico and laughing! Great stuff!

On a side note, ROH has changed their opening credits to some great shots of the ROH roster! Good to see them change that!

(15 minute time limit)
EDDIE EDWARDS (champ) vs. NECRO BUTCHER “THE CROWN JEWEL OF THE EMBASSY!” (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris)

We start out with in-ring intros! Necro gets a lot of boos and Eddie gets a HUGE pop from the crowd! We begin the match with a tie-up, they taunt each other, again with another tie-up. Necro puts Eddie in the corner, then Necro slaps the chest of Eddie, Big Show style. They tie up again, then Eddie slaps Necro. Necro gets pissed and goes outside the ring to try to bring in a chair and he’s stopped by the ref and Prince Nana! Necro thinks this is a Butcher’s Rules match for the title! NEGATIVE! Necro back in the ring, pushes Eddie back in the corner again, slaps him again, Necro gets more knee and slap shots to Eddie. Necro throws Eddie to the outside. Necro picks up Eddie and runs him crotch first into the ring post! Then, while the ref is being distracted by Nana and Osiris, Necro grabs a chair, picks Eddie up with the chair on his back, then slams him into the floor outside the ring!

Necro throws Eddie back into the ring. Necro with punch to the back, then a kicks Eddie in his stomach. Necro with a running kick to the face on Eddie with his bare foot! I love how Necro wrestles bare foot! The match continues…Necro from behind grabs Eddie’s face and starts stretch the eyes of Eddie. Necro then does his EMBASSY stance in the ring. Necro picks up Eddie, then they start punching each other back and forth before Eddie gets the upper hand and then clothes lines Necro out of the ring. Eddie with a suicide dive to Necro on the outside into the barrier!! Eddie grabs Necro, flings him into the barrier, then Eddie catches Necro with a running boot to the face! We start to hear Eddie chants from the crowd. Back into the ring now, Eddie with a missile drop kick to Necro! Eddie covers Necro for the win, 1…2…and NO! Eddie runs at Necro in the corner, connects with a forearm to the face. Eddie goes for a kick, Necro grabs his leg, then Eddie kicks Necro in the back of the head. Eddie grabs Necro from behind, Necro grabs the ref, then Necro head butts Eddie, then Necro connects with a clothesline. Necro goes for the cover, only gets a 2 count. Necro throws Eddie in the corner, gets chops and kicks on Eddie. Necro goes for a bulldog, Eddie pushes him, then Eddie runs towards Necro in the corner and Necro connects with a right hand to the face of Eddie!

Eddie fighting back with some shots on Necro! Eddie does a Code Breaker off the top rope on Necro, goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Then, Eddie rolls Necro over and puts him in the Achillies Lock! Then, Prince Nana tries to distract the ref on the outside, Eddie releases the hold then goes to hit Prince Nana, but instead catches Osiris with a running boot to the face! Necro with a shot to the face of Eddie, then Necro does the a very weak choke slam on Eddie. Necro picks him up, tries to go for the Tiger Driver, Eddie reverses it into a small package. Eddie with the cover….1..2…3!!!!!



Backstage we have an interview with the Kings Of Wrestling, Shane Hagadorn, and Sara Del Rey talking about their match tonight with the Dark City Fight Club. Typical K.O.W. promo. One thing to mention in this interview is that if DCFC can beat K.O.W. tonight, then Dark City will get a tag team title shot!


Both teams shake hands before the match. O’Reilly and Harlem Bravado start off the match. O’Reilly gets some good kicks on Harlem. Back and forth for a while with punches and kicks. O’Reilly goes for an arm bar submission, into a pin, O’Reilly gets a 2 count. Harlem fights back with a drop kick to O’Reilly. Harlem tags Lance, they double team O’Reilly with a slam face first into the mat. Lance goes for the cover, only gets 2. Harlem tags back in, goes for some chops to O’Reilly, then Cole tags himself in, and O’Reilly flips Harlem onto the mat, O’Reilly kicks Harlem in the back, and Cole connects with a drop kick to the face of, Harlem. Cole goes for the cover, only gets a 2 count. Cole with an atomic drop on Harlem, then hit’s a northern lights suplex, gets the cover on Harlem, Cole only gets a 2 count again. O’Reilly gets the tag in, goes to work on Harlem Bravado. O’Reilly whips Harlem into the corner, Harlem counters and rolls O’Reilly up with a school boy, Harlem only gets a 2 count. A lot of basic moves in this match!

O’Reilly gets more shots to Harlem, even does a back suplex to Harlem. O’Reilly goes for the cover again, but gets only a 2 count. O’Reilly with some knees to the head of Harlem, then Cole tags in, climbs the ropes, and Cole connects with a great swift kick to Harlem. Cole goes for the cover , gets only 2. Cole goes for a suplex, Harlem reverses and gets the tag to Lance. Lance comes in and clotheslines both Cole and O’Reilly. Lance and Harlem do some great back and forth moves on Cole and O’Reilly, which included a super kick from Harlem to Cole. Bravado’s go for the cover again, only get 2. Cole shows some signs of life in the ring, does a neck breaker to Lance. O’Reilly and Harlem both tag back into the match, exchange blows, O’Reilly starts with kicks to both Bravado’s, then O’Reilly does a double leg whip on both men. O’Reilly runs towards Lance, Lance catches him, slams down O’Reilly with a power bomb and Harlem does a frog splash on O’Reilly. Cover by Harlem, gets a 2 count. Lance runs towards Cole, then Cole throws Lance over the top rope and connects with a kick to the face. Harlem grabs Cole, whips him into the ropes, and Cole does a suicide dive to the outside on Lance. In the ring, Harlem goes to grab O’Reilly and Harlem goes for a cover, O’Reilly kicks out causing Harlem to run into the ropes, and Cole connects with a kick to the head of Harlem. O’Reilly grabs Harlem, does a tornado DDT, then puts Harlem in a submission, and Harlem taps out!


A video of the Christopher Daniels and Roddrick Strong feud is shown from the past 2 weeks.


A video of a new ROH star coming soon, calling himself “The Prodigy,” is shown.

Back in the ring, Christopher Daniels is coming out for an interview. He’s out to discuss his match with Roddrick Strong for the ROH World Title this Saturday in Toronto. Daniels calls Strong a liar and talks about his win he had over Strong the first time they met. Daniels tells Strong that gospel trumps truth! Daniels also says that he will beat Strong for the title! After the interview is over, music hits and out comes HOMICIDE!!!!! As Homicide comes out to the ring, he throws up gang signs and talks a lot of crap. Homicide gets a huge pop from the crowd. Homicide tells Daniels that he’s happy to be back in ROH and asks where his title shot is at. Homicide then starts pointing his finger at Jim Cornette, saying that Cornette and him had issues going back 4 years. Homicide tells Cornette that he wants his title shot so he can bring back the title to New York! Homicide tells Daniels that its not personal, its about business. Homicide and Daniels stare each other down at the end.


A video is shown from the match between Haas and Benjamin vs. The Kings of Wrestling
at Glory By Honor IX. Haas and Benjamin will be returning to ROH in Louisville, Kentucky soon!


Both teams make their usual entrances to the ring. Chris Hero and Corey Chamus start the match. Back and forth between these two. Corey Chamus with a shoulder block to Hero. Hero quickly tags in Claudio Castagnoli. Chamus with a hip toss on Castagnoli. Chamus tags in Jon Davis. Davis goes to work on Claudio. Davis with a head lock, Claudio pushes Davis into the ropes, then Davis connects with a power slam. Davis with some shots to the head of Claudio. Chamus tags in, DCFC double teams Claudio by throwing him back into the corner. Davis irish whips Chamus into Claudio who is caught with a clothesline. DCFC with a double team again on Claudio, a backbreaker with a leg drop! Great stuff! Chamus goes for the cover on Claudio, only gets a 2 count. Hero tags in. Hero with a knee strick to Chamus. Hero runs towards Chamus and Hero flips verticle on the turn buckle. Chamus grabs the neck of Hero and connects with a shot to the face of Hero. Chamus with strikes to both Hero and Claudio. Hero gets the advantage, kicks Chamus in the face, somehow Claudio gets the tag and comes in and connects with a forearm to Chamus.

Claudio with some elbow drops on Chamus. Hero tags in again. Hero does a sinton on Chamus, goes for the cover and Hero gets a 2 count. Hero runs Chamus’s face into Claudio’s foot, Claudio tags in, they double team Chamus by whipping him into their corner. Claudio starts to kick Chamus while he’s down in the corner. Claudio with some upper cuts then Hero comes in to help double team Chamus and Chamus counters with a shot to both Hero and Castagnoli. As Chamus goes for the tag, Hero does a drop kick outside the ring on Davis causing a no tag situation. Hero tags in, Claudio swings Chamus around by his legs and Hero connects with a drop kick to the head of Chamus! Great move! Hero goes for a cover, gets a 2 count. Claudio tags in and goes for about 4 covers, gets only a 2 count on each. Hero tags in, they tag team Chamus again, Claudio connects with a European springboard uppercut! Hero with the cover, gets only a 2 count.

Hero goes back to work on Chamus. Chamus starts to fight back, gets a cover on Hero, gets a 2 count. Hero fights back, and Chamus counters with a sitting slam on Hero. Claudio gets the tag and so does Davis! Davis flies over the top rope with a shoulder block. Davis delivers a backdrop on Claudio. Davis connects with a running knee to Claudio, goes for the cover, and Davis gets only a 2 count. Davis goes for a power slam, misses, then connects with a great slam to Claudio. Hero tries to come in to make the save, Davis hits Hero out of the ring. Davis with a cover on Claudio, again only a 2 count. Claudio starts to fight back, its back and forth now. Davis connects with a nice combo slam on Claudio, goes for the pin, Hero breaks it up, and Chamus comes in to take care of Hero. All 4 men are in the ring. DCFC goes to double team Hero. Hero tries to counter with a moonsault off the ropes, but DCFC moves and Hero misses. Then, Chamus and Davis do a combo clothesline/leg sweep on Hero. Claudio comes in, throws Davis up in the air and connects with another European uppercut! Hero comes in and they tag team Davis. Hero connects with a nice sit down slam on Davis, goes for the cover, but Chamus is there to break it up.
Hero gets back up and does some chops and kicks to Chamus. Hero goes for the rolling elbow on Chamus, but Davis gets back up and clocks Hero with a right hand! Davis goes for the cover on Hero, but Claudio breaks it up. All 4 men in the ring again. As Chamus is arguing with Todd Sinclair, Hero and Claudio double team Davis with uppercuts and elbow shots. Claudio drop kicks Chamus out of the ring. Hero goes for the cover on Davis…1…2…3!


The Kings of Wrestling celebrate in the ring as ROH comes to a close!!!


Great show tonight! A lot of great matches and it wasn’t a boring ROH show, like some in the past.

The night started out with a match that I thought was going to be one sided, the Eddie Edwards vs. Necro Butcher for the ROH TV title. Now, Eddie Edwards is, in my opinion, the best wrestler that ROH has on the roster, up with Davey Richards. I love the way this guys wrestles in the ring and he shows signs of an early Bret Hart. The future is bright for Eddie Edwards. As far as the Necro Butcher is concerned, how can you not look at this guy and laugh about how old school this dude really is! I don’t like the fact that he’s part of the Embassy with that douche Prince Nana, but Necro can be tough as nails in some matches. He reminds me of Terry Funk and Mick Foley put together!

Next we get into a very unique and basic match, Cole & O’Reilly vs. the Bravado Brothers. This match was very very good. These two teams showed tonight what true up coming superstars can do if given a chance to be put in front of a live and TV audience. I look forward to seeing more from Cole/O’Reilly and the Bravado’s! Great match!

The main event of the night was good, but didn’t have that “it” factor. The Dark City Fight Club should have won this match tonight, but for some odd reason, Jim Cornette and the rest of the creative team in ROH still wants the Kings to be tag champs! In my opinion, if the Kings want real competition, why not call up the Machine Guns from TNA and then you’ll have yourself a match!

Lastly, the return of Homicide was awesome to see. I don’t know too much about him, but I’m anxious to see how he will fit in with the world title picture soon. This Saturday, in Toronto, Roddrick Strong and Christopher Daniels face each other for the ROH World Title. I hope we have a new champ after Saturday!

Well, that’s about all I got for this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet!

-Kevin Steen has an offer for El Generico to end the war in on FINAL BATTLE!

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