ROH on HDNet
November 16, 2010
Philadelphia, PA (THE ARENA)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! So, sit back, relax, open up a brew or a pop, and get ready for some RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!!!!

The show starts off with a recap of the Kings of Wrestling/Briscoe Brothers feud and the match last week between the Kings of Wrestling and the Dark City Fight Club!

The show tonight features the HDNet debut of Homicide & the Briscoe Bros. vs. Rhett Titus and Austin Aries! It’s gonna be a great show, so lets get things underway!


Kevin Steen starts out the match with a mocking of El Generico. He brought out Generico’s mask and does his smart ass routine with the crowd! Grizzly tries to shake hands with Steen before the match. Steen sarcastically shakes Redwood’s hand and pulls his suspenders! Classic! We are underway in this contest! Grizzly starts out the match with some shots to Steen in the ring. Steen counters with a huge forearm shot to Redwood. Grizzly counters with a leg drop to the legs of Steen. Grizzly with a headlock on Steen, then Steen picks Grizzly up and throws him outside the ring. Steen throws Grizzly back into the ring and connects with some more shots to Grizzly. Steen slams Grizzly on the mat, goes for a 450 splash on Grizzly and misses. Grizzly back up, does a running punch to Steen. Steen then picks up Grizzly and does an F-5 (for those of you who remember Brock Lesnar’s finisher in WWE) on Redwood! Steen goes for the cover, gets a 2 count. Steen looks over at Corino, who is holding Generico’s mask, and starts talking to him. Steen tries to get Grizzly in the corner, but runs into an elbow. Grizzly tries to go for a cross body, but Steen is there to catch him and plants Grizzly into the mat with a nice reverse slam! Steen again tries for a cover and still only gets a 2 count.

Steen gets up and yells something at the crowd, climbs to the top rope and goes for a Swanton Bomb on Redwood and Steen misses! Grizzly then counters with a DDT on Steen. Grizzly with the cover, only gets a 2 count on Steen. Grizzly tries to counter with more shots to Steen by getting him outside the ring. Steen counters by tripping Grizzly, drags him outside the ring and does a nasty power bomb to Grizzly on the edge of the ring! DAMN! Steen throws Grizzly back into the ring, puts the Generico mask on Grizzly, then connects with a package pile-driver. Steen gets the 1…2…3!

WINNER: KEVIN STEEN (via package pile driver)
Match rating: **½

After the match, Steen grabs a mic and reminds Generico of what went down at Glory By Honor, when he took Generico’s mask off him and stole his identity. Steen then goes on to tell Generico that at December’s “FINAL BATTLE” it with be the two of them in the ring, one last time. Steen tells everyone that ROH isn’t big enough for the both of them. Steen says that if Generico looses at FB, then Generico must remove his mask in front of the world. But if Steen looses, he will leave Ring of Honor for good! After that, Generico comes out with a towel on his head, removes it, and tells Steen that its on!!! Steen/Generico @ Final Battle on December 18th!!


-A video of “The Prodigy” is shown featuring Jim Cornette. Apparently this dude’s name is Mike Bennett and he’ll be coming soon!!!

-Hogewood and Prazak recap what took place in Toronto this past weekend. ROH World Champ Roddrick Strong successfully defended his title against Christopher Daniels.

-Back in the ring, Jim Cornette is interviewing ROH World Champ Roddrick Strong, along with that douche Truth Martini. Roddrick comes out looking like Chris Jericho with a tailored suite on. Cornette informs Strong that he will face Davey Richards for the world title at Final Battle on Dec. 18th in New York City. Strong tells Cornette that he could care less about Richards. Then Strong goes on to say that all he needs is the Truth! Then Truth Martini starts to run his mouth about the House of Truth, quotes some passages out of his book, and basically talks a bunch of crap about nothing! Truth tells Cornette that H.O.T. is ROH.

-A video is shown showing Truth Martini getting involved in Strong’s matches with Daniels over the past couple weeks.



The match starts out with the usual tie-ups. Kozina gets a few good shots on Homicide. Homicide starts hitting Kozina with a closed fist. After that, the ref gets in Homicide’s face and tells him not to do that. Homicide reacts by giving the bird to the ref! They exchange blows, Homicide gets the upper hand and does a flying elbow to Kozina. Homicide goes for the Three Amigos suplex, only gets two of them off, then Kozina fights back with some shots to Homicide. Kozina has the offense now, does a drop kick to the back of Homicide, goes for a cover and Kozina only gets a one count. Kozina continues with kicks to Homicide. Kozina runs at Homicide in the corner and Homicide counters with snake eyes on the top turn buckle. Homicide with a nice michinoku driver, goes for the cover, gets a count of 2. Homicide and Kozina start exchanging blows in the ring. Homicide gives Kozina a stiff elbow to the face, then puts Kozina on the top rope and does a reverse Razor’s Edge onto the face of Kozina. Homicide then goes for the cover, only gets 2 count. Kozina does a suplex on Homicide, covers him and only gets a count of 2. Kozina with some offense on Homicide, including a flying elbow. Kozina misses with another elbow, the Homicide connects with the Ace Crusher (a.k.a. an RKO)!!! Homicide with a cover, 1…2…3!!!

WINNER: HOMICIDE (via the Ace Crusher)
Match rating: *½

-A video is shown featuring Davey Richards talking about his championship match at Final Battle with Roddrick Strong! A great promo from Davey Richards!



Both teams make their usual entrances. The match is underway, starts out with Titus and Jay Briscoe. Some back and forth action from both men. Jay with shoulder block then a huricanrana to Titus. Mark makes the tag. Mark gets some forearm shots on Titus. Aries makes the tag in. Mark and Aries with back and forth arm bars and holds. Aries reverses and puts Mark into a cross face submission. Its broken up, both men stare each other down. Aries and Mark exchange head locks, then Mark hits Aries with a spin kick. Mark puts Aries into the corner, then takes fist shots at the mid section of Aries. Aries reverses and whips Mark into the corner. Aries runs at Mark, gets thrown out on the apron, then Aries bounces back into the ring quickly, and connects with a nice elbow shot to Mark Briscoe. Aries rubs the head of Mark on the ropes and tags in Titus. Titus and Mark with back and forth shots. Titus does a slam off the ropes, goes for the cover on Mark and only gets a 2 count.

Titus gets an elbow to the face of Mark, goes for the cover, and Titus only gets a 2 count. Titus picks up Mark, throws him into the boot of Aries. Aries gets the tag, climbs to the top rope, and connects with an elbow to the head of Mark. Aries goes for the cover, again, only a 2 count. Aries goes back to work on Mark. Mark fights back, but Aries reverses with a back body drop, goes for the cover again, and Aries gets a 2 count. Mark continues to fight back, but Aries slaps the ears of Mark. Titus makes the tag in, and both men double team Mark. Titus goes for a cover and only gets a 2 count. Both men now with back and forth shots to each other. Jay makes a blind tag, comes in, and the Briscoe’s double team Titus, and Jay connects with a power clothesline. Jay with some offense now including a running boot to the head of Titus. Jay goes for the cover, and Aries is there to break it up. Mark tags in and some more double teaming on Titus. Mark does a nice flip off the top rope and connects with an elbow on Titus. Mark turns and hits Aries, then goes for a cover on Titus….gets only a 2 count.

Mark gets a nice suplex on Titus, goes for another cover, and Mark only gets a 2 count. Jay tags back in and more double teaming shots to Titus, then the Briscoe’s do a double toss to Titus. Aries comes in to try to save Titus, but gets hit with a double shoulder block from the Briscoe’s! The Briscoe’s try more double teaming on Titus, but Aries pulls him out of the ring. The action goes out to the floor and the Briscoe’s run both Titus and Aries into one another. Jay throws Titus back into the ring. Jay goes to the top rope, gets pulled down by Aries, then Titus connects with a great drop kick to the head on Jay! Impressive! Titus goes for the cover on Jay, only gets a 2 count! Aries tags in, some double teaming on Jay including a flying elbow from the outside by Aries. Aries goes for the cover, and only gets a 2 count on Jay. Titus tags in, connects with some shots to Jay. Titus connects with a boot to the head, covers, and only gets a 2 count on Jay. Titus with a chin lock on Jay. Jay tries to go for the tag, Aries gets in the ring, the ref’s back was turned, tag was made to Mark, but in typical wrestling fashion the ref never saw it!!

Aries tags in, Titus does a suplex off the top ropes, and Aries with a frog splash onto Jay. Aries goes for the cover and only gets a 2 count. Jay counters by dropping Aries face into the 2nd turnbuckle. Titus gets the tag, but again, the ref didn’t see it! Jay flies and gets the tag to Mark in front of the ref. Mark comes storming in and delivers a kick to the head of Titus! Mark with some uppercut shots to Aries and Titus. Titus and Aries try to go for some double teaming on Mark, but Mark counters with a double DDT!!! Mark goes for the cover on Aries, and only gets a 2 count. Aries tries to go for some shot on Mark, but Mark gets Aries on the top rope, goes for a double arm flip, Titus tries to break it up, but Mark kicks Titus to the mat and flips Aries right on top of Titus! Mark and Jay with a double team on Aries, including a flying leg drop off the top rope! Mark with the cover, only a 2 count. All four men exchanging blows in the ring. Jay throws Titus to the floor and Aries throws Mark to the floor. Jay gets hit with a shin breaker/suplex combo from Aries. Aries tries to connect with the IED, got blocked, then the Briscoe’s pull out an old LOD move, the Doomsday Device, and Titus is there to break that up. Jay then flies to the outside onto Titus.

Jay and Titus continue to fight outside the ring, while Mark tries to roll up Aries in the ring with a small package. Mark with only a 2 count. Mark again with a cover, Aries reverses and goes for the cover while pulling the tights, only 2 counts here. Aries goes for a suicide dive on Jay and Titus on the outside, then Mark gets a dive to the outside on Titus and Aries! Aries gets put back into the ring with Mark, and Aries connects with a huricanrana. Aries now with the offense, throws Mark into the corner and connects with the IED (drop kick to the head)! Titus gets the tag, then connects with another IED to Mark. Titus with the cover, gets only a 2 count! Titus puts Mark on the top rope, Aries somehow gets thrown into the camera man by Jay and falls to the outside, then Jay puts Titus on his shoulders from behind, and the Briscoe’s connect with the DOOMSDAY DEVICE!!! 1…2…3!!!!

WINNERS: THE BRISCOE BROTHERS (via the Doomsday Device)
Match Rating: ****

After the match, the Briscoe’s celebrate in the ring as ROH comes to a close!!!!

Ryan’s Thoughts

Tonight’s show was a little slow in some parts, but the build up for “FINAL BATTLE” is heating up in ROH. Tonight’s show has some good in ring action.

-We started the night with a squash match that was pretty obvious of who was going to win this match up. Kevin Steen destroyed Grizzly Redwood in a brutal match that was pretty much in Steen’s favor the whole time. I understand why Steen was in action tonight, but why against a guy half his size? Redwood looks like the father of Hornswoggle, and I can’t help but laugh at this little guy. He’s a good wrestler, but not big enough to beat guys like Kevin Steen. Speaking of Steen, his match with El Generico on Dec. 18th is a match that I am looking forward to. The stipulation reminds me of the feud between CM Punk and Rey Mysterio when they put Mysterio’s mask on the line against Punk getting his head shaved! The Steen and Generico feud is the best one in ROH. I can’t wait to see these two finally settle things once and for all! I predict that Steen will be leaving ROH to go onto a company like TNA or even WWE. Can’t wait for that!

-Homicide’s debut tonight was not as good as they hyped it up to be. The match was real slow and I lost interest at times. But my main question is why is this guy so big in ROH? His match with Kozina was not that good. Oh and my advice to Homicide, don’t copy Randy Orton’s RKO by calling your move the Ace Crusher! Only Orton can do a move like that and get a huge pop! I’m not going to continue to be judgemental against Homicide, so I’ll wait and see more from the 187! However, tonight’s debut match was a yawner!

-The main event tonight was a great finish to the show! The Briscoe’s continue to impress me every week! I love how they pulled a move out of LOD’s playbook and did the DOOMSDAY DEVICE on Titus! Aries and Titus make a good tag team. Austin Aries can move pretty well in the ring against the Briscoe’s. Its his out of ring character that I hate! Oh and Rhett Titus, Zach Ryder called and asked for his wardrobe back!

-Finally, the promo tonight from Roddrick Strong and Truth Martini put me to sleep! I understand he is the ROH World Champion, but come on, learn to speak on the mic better! All I hear out of both of their mouth’s is crap, crap, crap! Ever heard the teacher from Charlie Brown?! That’s what it sounds like! Davey Richards is my pick to beat this punk at Final Battle! Oh, and Cornette, will you please fire that Truth Martini, PLEASE!! Should be a good match against these two, but still I’m going with Richards to win!

Well, that’s about all I got for this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet! Hope you enjoyed the recap!


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Ryan Rivera