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November 22, 2010
Philadelphia, PA (THE ARENA)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

It’s time once again for your weekly ROH on HDNet recap! So, sit back, relax, open up a brew or a pop, and get ready for some RING OF HONOR WRESTLING!

The show starts off with a recap of the Kevin Steen announcement from last week where he set the stipulations for the match at Final Battle with El Generico!

ERICK STEVENS (w/Prince Nana & Mr. Ernesto Osiris) vs. COLT “BOOM BOOM” CABANA

Both men make their way out with the normal intros. Whoever wins this match will face Eddie Edwards at Final Battle on December 18th. The match is underway. Colt Cabana does his usual crowd pleasing antics, while Stevens throws up the Embassy sign! So, the match starts with Cabana getting a couple good shots on Stevens. Stevens comes back with some shots, arm bars, and different holds on Cabana. Cabana reverses and gets a 2 count on Stevens. Cabana gets a hold on Stevens then does his butt buster on him. Stevens pushes Cabana into the corner, Cabana reverses and gets Stevens on the mat, then takes Stevens leg and spins him around the ring, toying with him. Cabana then steps on the hand of Stevens, while stretching out Stevens’ other arm. Cabana has him a very weird hold. Cabana releases the hold on Stevens. Cabana then puts Stevens’ in another weird hold, not sure how to describe it, but I’m just gonna leave it at weird. Cabana goes for the cover, only a 2 count. Stevens pushes Cabana into the corner, runs towards Cabana, then Cabana kicks Stevens, then Stevens counters with a Samoan drop.

Stevens gets some kicks and shots on Cabana. The crowd starts with “Erick Sucks” chants which makes Stevens pissed off. Stevens goes back to work on Cabana. Stevens gets a couple of good kicks, stretches the face, then hits Cabana with a forearm. Stevens goes back to work on Cabana, but Cabana reverses it and connects with some punches to Stevens. Its back and forth now. Both men getting some shots on one another, including Stevens with some knee shots to the gut of Cabana. Stevens with a Russian leg sweep into a abdominal stretch on Cabana. Cabana fights back with a head butt, Stevens goes to put Cabana in the hold again, but Cabana shoves Stevens into the corner a couple times to counter. Cabana then runs towards Stevens, but Stevens counters with a power slam. Stevens goes for the cover, but gets a 2 count. Stevens goes back to work with more shots and a chin lock. Cabana fights back, but Stevens is there to give him some shots to the back. Stevens goes for another cover, but again only gets a 2 count. Stevens goes back to another hold, a bare hug on Cabana. Cabana gets up, but Stevens pushes Cabana into the corner and rams his shoulder into the back of Cabana. Stevens flips Cabana onto the mat, then connects with an elbow. Stevens again goes for a cover and again only gets a 2 count.

Stevens goes right back to another bear hug on Cabana. Cabana gets up while still in the bear hug, and connects with some elbow shots to Stevens. Cabana gets out of the hold and connects with a moonsault on Stevens. Cabana connects with some chops, then does his BOOM punches on Stevens. Cabana goes for a cover, only gets 2. Both men up and both men get shots on one another. Stevens gets pushed in the corner, Cabana runs after him, Stevens tries to connect with a boot to the face, but Cabana grabs his leg, then slams his leg into the mat. Cabana connects with a reverse clothesline, goes for a cover, and only gets a 2 count.

Cabana climbs up to the top rope, Stevens pulls him off, then Stevens connects with a power clothesline. Stevens with a cover, only gets a 2 count. Stevens goes to slam Cabana, but Cabana reverses it and shoves Stevens face first into the turnbuckle. Cabana does his butt buster to Stevens in the corner, but Stevens holds onto Cabana and connects with a suplex. Stevens tries to pump himself up, runs towards Cabana and Cabana does his butt buster again to Stevens, then throws Stevens into the Billy Goat’s Curse submission. Mr. Ernesto Osiris and Prince Nana try to distract the ref, Cabana breaks the hold and punches Osiris off the edge of the mat. Stevens tries to capitalize with his Doctor Bomb, but Cabana reverses and rolls up Stevens. 1…2…3!!!

Match Rating: ** 1/2

After the match we see what just went down and Prince Nana goes crazy in the ring.
Up next, we find out who the Kings of Wrestling will face at Final Battle!


Back in the ring, we have the Kings of Wrestling with Shane Hagadorn being interviewed by Jim Cornette. Cornette starts off by saying that Shane Hagadorn’s boys will wrestle anyone non-title before they get a title shot. Hagadorn responds by telling everyone that the Kings have no problem wrestling in a non-title match. The Kings pretty much don’t defend their title unless some team beats them in a non-title match! Haven’t these guys had the belts for like 3 years now?! Anyway, Cornette goes on by plugging FINAL BATTLE and introduces the Kings of Wrestling to their opponents at the ppv…….THE BRISCOE BROTHERS!!!!! The Briscoe’s come down to the ring with papa Briscoe! Shane Hagadorn and his boys are furious! Cornette turns and tells Shane that he doesn’t look to happy that the Briscoe family is out there. Shane runs his mouth about how he’s gonna sue ROH for Papa Briscoe assaulting him several weeks ago. A “Man Up” chant starts pissing off Hagadorn.

Cornette tells Hagadorn that he invited the Briscoe’s father out there. Cornette asks Hagadorn that if it was true that he was gonna sue ROH for the Briscoe’s father being out there. Hagadorn said yes. Cornette then goes on to explain that he talked to the Briscoe’s father on the phone last week and Papa Briscoe reminded Cornette what Chris Hero did to him several weeks ago when Hero punched Papa Briscoe while being a ring side fan. Cornette then tells Hero that Papa Briscoe has blurry vision because of that and Papa Briscoe has a legitimate case to sue Chris Hero for assault! Cornette tells Hagadorn that if he sends Papa Briscoe to jail, then Papa Briscoe is gonna sue Chris Hero for everything he’s got!! The Kings and Hagadorn go nuts when they hear that!

Chris Hero grabs the mic and says that they will wrestle the Briscoe’s in a non-title match at Final Battle. He also says that the Kings have made the tag championships more prestigious then they ever did! Cornette asks the Briscoe’s if they are still down, and Jay Briscoe tells the Kings that they accept. Jay then tells the Kings that its obvious that they won’t defend the titles because the Kings will puss out! Jay says its gonna be a treat to get their hands on the Kings one last time at Final Battle!! Cornette goes on by saying that he has the contract that he wants everyone to sign. He has the Kings of Wrestling sign and Shane Hagadorn signs the contract also, Then Cornette hands the contract over to the Briscoe’s, both of them sign it, then Papa Briscoe signs it also. Shane Hagadorn asks why Papa Briscoe signed the contracts and Cornette informs them that at Final Battle it will be the Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn vs. the Briscoe Brothers & Papa Briscoe!!!! A six-man fight at FINAL BATTLE!!!!!


(10 minute time limit)

This match features the top 2 female wrestlers in ROH. The match starts off with Sara getting a cheap shot on Haze. Both women get some shots on one another. Haze goes for a cross body, gets the cover, only a 2 count. Haze goes for another cross body on Sara. Cover again, but Haze only gets a 2 count again. Haze throws Sara out of the ring, goes to the top rope, and goes for another cross body but no one home. Sara then clotheslines Daizee on the outside. Sara throws Haze back in the ring, gets some kicks on her. Sara goes for a power bomb, but Haze reverses it into a head lock. Haze continues with the head lock. Sara backs Haze into the corner and drills her with a shoulder into the gut of Haze. Sara pushes Haze into the corner, runs towards Haze, but Haze connects with a boot to the face. Haze goes for the spinning DDT, but Sara counters with a kick to the gut on Haze. Sara goes for 3 covers, but gets a 2 count every time.

Sara gets some shots on Haze. She grabs the hair of Haze, the ref tells her to let go, then Sara flings Haze across the mat by her hair! Sara goes back to work on Haze with some knee shots. Haze tries to fight back, but Sara gets more shots and goes for a cover. Del Rey gets a 2 count. Sara grabs Haze, puts her between the ropes, and Sara kicks her about 5 or 6 times on the edge of the ring. Haze fights back with a dragon screw leg whip into the ropes. Sara gets knocked down to the floor. Haze climbs up to the top rope and connects with a cross body on Sara on the outside of the ring. Both women back in the ring and Haze connects with a hurricanrana on Sara. Haze runs towards Sara in the corner, goes for a monkey flip, but instead plants Sara face first into the mat. Haze goes for a cover, but only gets a 2 count. Haze goes back to work on Sara, but Sara answers back with a kick to Haze. Haze then comes back and flings Sara to the mat while holding both of Sara’s arms. Haze punches Sara in the chest, Haze goes for a kick misses, then Haze rolls up Sara for a 2 count. Haze tries to go back to work, but Sara reverses with a suplex. Haze tries to fight back by going to the top rope, but Sara connects with a right hand to Haze. Sara pulls Haze off the top rope and puts her in a very unique submission called the Corey Special. Haze refuses to give up, then Sara grabs her by the head and does a very sick hold where it at one point it looked like Haze was gonna snap in two! I’ve never seen that done before!

Haze somehow reverses the hold and puts Sara in a unique abdominal stretch! Sara breaks the hold, and Haze tries to go for another cover, only gets 2. Sara fighting back and connects Haze with a Power Bomb! Sara goes for a cover, and gets only a 2 count. Sara goes for the power bomb again, but the time expires in the match! Hate when that happens!

Match Rating: ***

Backstage interview with Steve Corino talking about Kevin Steen’s match with El Generico. Corino tells Generico that Steen is out of control and there is no telling what he will do. Corino tells Generico that he is gonna save his life next week on HDNet.


A video is shown of Mike Bennett “The Prodigy” who will be making his debut next week on ROH!

SHAWN DAIVARI (w/Prince Nana and Mr Ernesto Osiris) vs. DAVEY RICHARDS

The match starts with the usual tie up. Both men get an arm bar on each other. Daivari puts Richards in nice arm hold. Richards fights back with a drop kick. Richards gets Daivari in a head lock, goes for a couple covers, but Richards gets a two each time. Daivari breaks the hold and Richards goes for a couple shoulder blocks, but Daivari doesn’t budge. Daivari pushes the head of Richards, then Richards kicks him in his gut a couple times. Richards and Daivari go back and forth, and Daivari gets a nice shoulder block on Richards which puts Richards outside of the ring for a minute. Back in the ring now, Daivari goes back to work on Richards, connecting with some chops and kicks. Daivari gets a shot to Richards, whips Richards into the ropes, runs towards Richards, and Richards throws Daivari over the ropes. Richards runs towards Daivari on the outside and connects with a hard kick to the back of Daivari. Richards goes for a drop kick, but slides out of the ring, throws Daivari into the barrier, and Richards connects with a running boot to the face sending Daivari over the barricade and into the crowd. Richards stands on a chair and gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Richards throws Daivari back in the ring and connects with some kicks. Then, Richards goes for a swinging DDT on Daivari, but Daivari throws Richards to the outside. While the ref’s back was turned, Nana and Osiris come over and start kicking Richards while he’s down on the outside. Nana then throws Richards back into the ring and Daivari goes for a cover, only gets a 2 count. Daivari goes back to work on Richards by throwing him face first into the turnbuckle. Another cover by Daivari, again only a 2 count. Daivari gets some good shots on Richards, then Richards comes back and blasts Daivari with some shots of his own. Its back and forth now as the crowd starts a “USA” chant!

Richards fights back, flies towards Daivari, then Daivari counters into a back breaker on Richards. Daivari goes for another cover, and again only gets a 2 count. Daivari goes into a bare hug on Richards. Both men again with some back and forth shots on each other. Richards goes to build some momentum, tries to bounce himself off the ropes, but Osiris grabs the leg and trips Richards! Daivari goes back to work on Richards connecting with some more shots and slaps to Richards. Daivari gets thrown into the corner by Richards, then Richards goes in between the ropes and kicks the head of Ernesto Osiris! Daivari tries to go for a suplex, but Richards flips over him and rolls him up for a cover. Richards getting only a 2 count. Richards goes for a kick to the face of Daivari, but Daivari rolls him up for a cover getting only a 2 count, then Richards reverses and puts an ankle lock on Daivari!

Daivari breaks the hold, Richards goes after Daivari in the corner, Daivari flips Richards over the top rope, and Richards connects with a kick to the head of Daivari! Richards goes to the top rope and Prince Nana tries to hit him off, then Richards punches the crap out of Nana! Richards then connects with a missile dropkick off the top rope! Richards then connects with a running forearm to Daivari in the corner. Richards then with a combination of kicks, punches, then ends with a strong suplex! Richards goes back up on the top rope and connects with a flying head butt to Daivari! (Shades of Chris Benoit!) Richards goes for the cover, gets a 2 count. Daivari fights back and does 3 German Suplexes on Richards! Daivari goes for a cover, gets a 2 count.

Daivari slams Richards on the mat, climbs to the top rope going for the flying head butt and Richards blocks it with his knees. Both men get back to their feet and start exchanging blows! Richards tries to fight back with some punches, but at the end of all that Daivari connects with a Back Stabber! (shades of Carlito!) Daivari goes for a cover, gets a 2 count. Daivari goes to pick up Richards, but Richards gets to the shoulders of Daivari, rolls him up, then Richards applies the ankle lock on Daivari!! Daivari somehow reverses it, tries to kick out, but Richards is there to put the cloverleaf submission on Daivari and Daivari taps!!!!

Match Rating: ****

We see a replay of what just went down. Davey Richards celebrates in the ring as ROH comes to a close!


Tonight’s show was really fun to watch! As December 18th comes closer and closer, its making me feel more excited about Final Battle!

The show started off with a good match for the #1 contendership for Eddie Edwards TV title. I’m happy to see Colt Cabana (a.k.a. Scotty Goldman) actually win an important match that could boost his ROH career! Do I think he has a chance against Edwards?! Maybe. Over the past several weeks, Cabana has been teaming up with Generico to handle business with Steen and Corino. But this week, we saw a different side of Cabana, a more determined Cabana. It will be a good match at Final Battle, but tonight’s match left me a little bored at times.

Next we had the in-ring segment with the Kings of Wrestling and Jim Cornette! I loved everything about this segment. I found myself at times yelling at the t.v. saying, “Get em, Cornette!” I’m very excited about the 6 man tag match at Final Battle! I believe Shane Hagadorn has this one coming when he found out that the Briscoe’s father is gonna take part in this match! The Briscoe’s, as I have mentioned before, are my favorite tag team in ROH! These two men back down from nothing and I can’t wait to see this match unfold in December! Cornette did a great job of luring Shane Hagadorn into this match by having Hagadorn think this was only gonna be a non-title match between the Kings and the Briscoe’s! Great mind games by Cornette!

The women’s match tonight was pretty good. I know most of you think I’m a women’s wrestling basher, but I put my foot in my mouth tonight during this match. ROH doesn’t have many women on their company, but tonight we saw a match between 2 of the best in ROH! Sara Del Rey is a great competitor and I would love to see her go up against someone like Serena or possibly Awesome Kong again! Overall, great women’s match and I hope to see more from these two again! Daizee Haze, however, needs to gain a little more weight to compete with someone like Sara Del Rey. I’m really surprised that Del Rey didn’t snap her in half several times in this match! The way the match ended was stupid, but I’m sure we will see a rematch between Del Rey and Haze again real soon!

The main event of the night was exactly how I thought it was gonna go. We had two strong competitors in this match that know how to wrestle very well! I remember when Shawn Daivari was in WWE as a manager, but his in-ring skills in ROH are very impressive! I don’t know why for the life of me why Daivari is part of the Embassy, but I guess its just one of those things where you just have to suck it up and not worry about it. Prince Nana and Osiris are really two horrible managers. I mean, what purpose does Osiris serve? Every time I see this douche bag come down to the ring I ask, “Why is this fool out here?” I guess the world will never know! Then there is Davey Richards! Richards is a great technical wrestler and hands down the best wrestler in ROH! Davey Richards really reminds me of Bret Hart back in the day! I cannot wait to see this guys beat Roddrick Strong at Final Battle! I also can’t wait to see Richards when he comes to Indianapolis in January! Great match overall tonight!!

Well, that’s about all I got for this week’s episode of ROH on HDNet! Hope you enjoyed the recap! Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments, questions, or if you just want to chat pro wrestling that would be fine too!!!


-MASK vs. CAREER: KEVIN STEEN vs. EL GENERICO (if Steen looses, he must leave ROH; if Generico looses, he must remove his mask in front of the world)
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