ROH on HDNet Recap
January 11, 2010
ECW Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

We start the show with a few clips from Jim Cornette’s Pick 6 tournament. On December 14, 2009, Tyler Black defeated Sonjay Dutt. On December 21, 2009, Colt Cabana defeated Claudio Castagnoli. Finally on what was featured last week. Roderick Strong defeated Davey Richards to qualify in the Pick 6. Also, not shown in the package, was Delirious? victory over Kenny King on December 14, 2009.

After the video package, Ring of Honor’s theme music played and the show began.

The commentators introduced us to Ring of Honor. Hogewood talked about the Pick 6 and how well it has been going so far. Prazak followed up by stating there is one match tonight as Chris Hero takes on Kenny Omega for a spot in the Pick 6. In case you?re wondering, the winners of the Pick 6 not only earned $2500 from HDNet, but those six wrestlers all qualify for a title shot against Austin Aries for the ROH World Title.

No Disqualification Match

Match #1: Joey Ryan (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris) vs. The Necro Butcher (w/sign for Barefoot Shoes)

Before I go on, I must state that Mr. Ryan’s theme starts off by yelling ?Who wants a mustache ride?? Well, he has no mustache. Furthermore, I am already getting sick of Mike Hogewood and it is not even five minutes into the show. This could be a long night?

No Code of Honor needed (since this is No DQ) and the match began them moment Necro entered the ring.

The match began as soon as Necro entered the ring as Ernie Osiris and Joey Ryan attacked The Necro Butcher. Necro then grabbed the testicles of Joey Ryan. Necro then slammed Ryan, threw a few fists, and took him out of the ring. Necro continued the assault by picking them up and shoving him groin first into the ring post (ouch in my book). Necro then used a plastic bag on Ryan, suffocating him temporarily. Necro then grabbed a Ring of Honor barricade cover and slammed it on the back of Ryan. Necro then pushed Ryan past the barricade in threw him in to the crowd. Necro then brought him back to the outside of the ring and held up ?Section A? sign. He lifted up the sign and slammed it on Ryan’s head. Necro continued the onslaught when drilled Ryan with the bulldog from the outside of the ring. Osiris and then grabbed a chair and hit Necro in the back with it. Necro no sold the chair shot and started to chase Osiris outside. Ryan then threw the chair at Necro’s knee. Ryan then focused on Necro’s knee outside of the ring.

We go back into the ring and Ryan controlled the match with a few stomps to the injured knee of The Necro Butcher. Osiris then went back into the ring with another chair as Ryan grounded Necro. Osiris then held Necro’s knee onto the chair while Joey Ryan got up to the middle turnbuckle. As soon as Ryan was positioned he did a rolling cannonball on to the chair causing severe damage to Necro’s knee. He tried to end the match by pinfall, but the referee only counted two. Ryan continued the offense with stomps to the knee and some stomps to the head, then applied a knee lock. Necro broke the hold with one punch to the head. As soon as Ryan gained his composure, he once again attacked Necro’s knee. Osiris entered the ring once more with yet another chair. Osiris placed Necro’s leg on the chair and Joey Ryan went up to the top turnbuckle once again. Ryan attempted a high risk maneuver, but Necro used his other foot to plant Ryan in the face with it. As soon as Necro went back up onto the ring corner, Osiris gave Ryan powder. As soon as Necro reached for a chair, Ryan then through the powder at Necro’s face and that caused Necro to be temporarily blind!

Prince Nana and Osiris stomped away on Necro. After a few seconds of this Erick Stevens entered the ring with a chair. It appeared that Stevens saved Necro from The Embassy attacks. Stevens kept the three men out of the ring while Necro got right back up on his feet then suddenly, Stevens turned on Necro and planted him real him hard in the side of the head with the chair! Stevens smiled a little bit, then Grizzly Redwood attempted to save Necro. Sadly, Redwood ate a runaway train clothesline from Stevens. Ryan and Osiris cornered Necro, and Stevens did his Choo-Choo train clothesline and nailed Necro with a chair once more. It appeared that Mike Hogewood was near tears when the first finish of the evening was completed?

Finish: Joey Ryan simply covered Necro Buthcer for the three count thus ending the first match of the evening.

Winner: Joey Ryan by pinfall.

Grade: B-.

After the match, Stevens celebrated with his new friends in The Embassy.

Later on this evening, we were told that we will have another pic six qualifying match. It will be between Chris hero and Kenny Omega.

We then were shown a highlight package of Kenny Omega. Though Omega did not speak during this video package, it showed the general audience of Ring of Honor a highflying, yet entertaining professional wrestler.

Tony Kozina then entered the ring. Before we found out who his opponent was, we were shown a couple highlight package regarding the heel turn of Kevin Steen. In case you did not know, Kevin Steen turned on his former tag team partner in El Generico at Final Battle a few weeks ago. Colt Cabana attempted to save Gernerico, but Steen planted a kiss on Cabana’s lips (which was effective I guess..) and exited the ring. Yes, this truly happened.

Kyle Durden is backstage with Colt Cabana and wanted his thoughts on the status of Kevin Steen. Cabana had to find out what was going on. Colt, Steen, and Generico had been friends for a very long time according to Cabana. They knew their families and they thought they had a good friendship. However, what Steen did really blew Cabana’s mind. He then told Durden that he had a match to worry about but still wondered why Steen turned on his friends.

After the segment, Cabana made his way to the ring. The match began shortly after Colt’s entrance.

Match #2: Tony Kozina vs. Colt Cabana

After the Code of Honor, Cabana and Kozina tied up. Cabana cornered Kozina and then hi-fived him. We then got another tie up, and Cabana showed his humor side while working on the leg of Kozina. Cabana then applied a reverse cloverleaf, but the hold was broken. Cabana attempted to cover Kozina and got the two count from the referee. We got another tie-up, and Kozina managed to escape with a punch and a chop. Both men followed this up with a few roll-ups. Cabana continued to have fun with his opponent until Kozina rolled out of a pin and heel kicked Cabana. Kozina worked on the ropes, as he attempted to apply a hold on Cabana. Cabana escaped the hold. The he did not know where Kozina was at (Kozina rolled out of the ring and Cabana teased him because of his height. Kozina then entered the ring as Cabana’s back was turned and attacked him from behind. Kozina then attempted to do a senton, but Cabana got out of the way. Cabana then got control of the match once again with a few elbows in a roll-up. Cabana then punched Kozina in the mouth, cornered him, and then hit the butt-butt on Kozina. Cabana then did a standing splash and attempted to cover Kozina. Kozina then got back up and hit Cabana with a springboard bulldog and followed it up with a low kick. Kozina attempted a cover, but Cabana kicked out at two. Kozina went up top to do a high-risk move, but?

Finish: Cabana reversed the attack with Billy Goat’s Curse, causing Kozina to tap out.

Winner by submission: Colt Cabana

Grade: C.

We then saw a highlight from last week’s HDNet program. It involved the attack on Eddie Kingston.

Kyle Durden is now backstage with any Eddie Kingston. Kingston demanded the microphone and told Durden to leave the segment. He did not care what HDNet thought. Kingston came to Ring of Honor to get rid of someone and he wanted to showcase professional wrestling. But as he was getting ready for his match last week, he was jumped from behind. He told the individual to stop being a coward and face him one on one. He also mentioned that every action has a reaction. He then showed the king of diamonds card. He said when he looked at that card he knew who it was that attacked him. Kingston blamed Chris Hero because he is the biggest coward on the ROH roster. He was told to wrap it up, but he did care. Kingston then concluded by saying that this is not a game and then told the camera man that he was done.

Our next match features Kevin Steen, and Hogewood made sure that he was not excited about this.

Ring of Honor will be in Los Angeles on January 29, 2010. The commercial featured a few matches. One of the matches will be the American Wolves and the Kings of Wrestling versus The Young Bucks and the Briscoe Bros. The other match will have Jerry Lynn taking on Kenny King. It was also announced that Austin Aries will wrestle Jushin Liger in a non-title fight.

Next week, we will have Sonjay Dutt vs. Delirious. These two men have been feuding since Dutt returned to Ring of Honor and it ends this coming week in a submission match. Also, we will have Colt Cabana and Tyler Black versus Kenny King and Austin Aries.

Match #3: Alex Payne vs. Kevin Steen

Before the match, we saw the same video package of Steen turning on his tag team partner El Genercio.

After the code of honor, the match started with a tie-up. Steen cornered Payne, but Payne punched Steen a couple times. Steen punched back, and then Payne dropkicked Steen on his bad knee. Steen quickly got up and hit Payne with a huge forearm shot. Payne was down, and Steen hit him with the victim kick, got Payne right back up and chopped him. Steen continued the offense with punches and stomps the corner of the ring. While Payne was sitting down at the corner, Steen drilled Payne with a cannonball. After an attempted pin, Steen chopped Payne once more. Steen whipped Payne to the turnbuckle, but Payne got away from Steen very quickly. Payne then hit Diamond Dust kick on Steen, but Steen did not go down. Payne then went off the ropes and attempted a jumping maneuver, but Steen caught him and delivered the Powerbomb! Steen then picked Payne back up and executed the pump handle neckbreaker. Steen continued his signature moves when he hit Payne with the Package Piledriver. After a teased pinfall attempt, Steen ended this match once and for all?

Finish: Kevin Steen applied the Sharpshooter, and Alex Payne tapped out.

Winner by submission: Kevin Steen

Grade: C-.

Next week on HDNet, we will have another pick six qualifying match. Ill be Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe. We then see a promo of the Briscoes talking about their upcoming match in a very comedic form. Though Mark would not predict the winner, Jay said that he would whoop on his brother to clinch a spot in the pick six bracket.

And now, here is your main event.

Pick six qualifying match

Match #4: Chris Hero (w/Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Ray) vs. Kenny Omega

Hero starts with the match with a full nelson. Omega escaped with a top hold and a front headlock. Hero came back with the knucklelock. Hero the twisted the arm of Omega, then both men exchanged waistlocks. Hero then started on his one of many elbows throughout the match. Hero then slapped Omega and applied a headlock. Omega then escaped the hold and did a springboard armdrag. Omega then applied the armlock, but Hero countered with a chinbreaker. Hero then hit a chop, but Omega responded with a couple of theatrical armdrags. Omega then slammed Hero to the mat and did a sliding kick on Hero! Hero is then out of the ring and Omega did a diving kick through the ropes!

Hero then entered the ring and Omega attempted a springboard move. However, Shane Hagadorn held Omega’s legs. Omega still delivered a chop. But Hero countered a high-risk move with an elbow while Omega was in the air! Hero covered Omega, but only got the two count. Hero then hit Omega with a punch, and then chopped him on the corner. Hero continued to work on Omega’s neck and back. Omega escaped the corner, and then hit Hero with punches and chops. Hero then whipped Omega to the corner, but Hero is met with a boot from Omega. Omega flipped out of the corner, but Hero responded a dropkick to the head of Kenny Omega. Hero then exited the ring, and then delivered a dropkick onto the apron! Hero then pinned Omega for a two count. Hero then hit the elbow on covered for a one count. Hero picked Hero back up and delivered a boot and chop. Hero continued his offense with a pump kick, chops, and a few stomps. Omega then attacked Hero with a Hadouken (I think that is what it is called) to counter Hero’s continued offense. Omega then nailed Hero with a couple Polish Hammers and a spin kick.

Omega then attacked Hero with some elbows at the corner. Omega then executed a gorgeous cross body from the top turnbuckle. Omega then executed a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge pin for the two count. Hero regained the advantage by executing the Back Suplex to end Omega’s momentum. Hero then did a leaping forearm. Omega attempted to STOP Hero, but Hero did the rolling elbow that laid Omega flat. Hero attempted the cover and got the two count. Hero then picked up Omega and laid him out with another rolling elbow! Hero failed once again for a three count cover and the match continued.

Hero then applied the waistlock, but Omega countered with a Hurricanranna and Dragon Suplex! Omega attempted a cover, but only got a two count. Omega then hit some knee strikes, but Hero landed the elbow a couple of times. Omega then kicked Hero, but Hero landed another elbow. That caused Omega to fall out of the ring. Hero now has a chair and he picked up Omega. Hero slapped Omega, and then placed him on the chair. Hero then ran, stood on the barricade, and Omega STOPPED him! Hero paused, and Omega did an Enzugiri. Omega followed that up with a leaping leg lariat and now it was Hero on the chair! Omega then went to the entrance ramp, and hit a FLYING DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE on Hero!! That was pretty sick and I think it caused Omega to start bleeding.

Omega took the action back in the ring and did a springboard dropkick. Omega followed it up with the 2K1 Bomb! After a attempted pinfall victory, Omega failed to execute the Electric Chair German Suplex. Hero delievered an elbow and then did the Rip Cord Elbow! Hero could not believe that he did not win the match after that. That caused Sara Del Ray to throw Hero a NEW Loaded Elbow Pad (this one is black and red, unlike the green one that Eddie Kingston has to my belief). Once Hero failed to strike Omega with the elbow pad, we got our final finish of the evening?

Finish: Kenny Omega rolled up Chris Hero for the pinfall victory.

Winner by pinfall: Kenny Omega

Grade: B-.

After the match, Hero tried to attack Omega but failed. Though bloodied, Omega had his hand raised and will get a check in the mail later I guess.

Don?t forget that the next ROH show will have three matches (as of now) on the card. We will have Delirious vs. Sonjay Dutt in a Submission Match. Also, Tyler Black and Colt Cabana will battle Austin Aries and Kenny King. Finally, the main event (I think) will be Jay Briscoe fighting his brother Mark Briscoe for a spot in the ?Pick 6?

Quick Results
Joey Ryan def. The Necro Butcher via pinfall.
Colt Cabana def. Tony Kozina via submission.
Kevin Steen def. Alex Payne via submission.
Kenny Omega def. Chris Hero via pinfall to become a ?Pick 6? contender.

Mike Hogewood did NOT slap his porpoise!

Overall Thoughts

I first off want to say if you want to see a real alternative to professional wrestling, please give this show a shot. I don?t think you will be disappointed.

Now, overall I thought the show was average. Nothing stood out to me and nothing was terrible. It was just an average one-hour program.

I loved the opening match with the No DQ rules in effect. The Embassy told a great story here, and they used the numbers game against Necro Butcher to perfection. The heel turn of Erick Stevens did not come as a surprise to me, and that was not because of spoilers (I don?t read them when watching ROH). Stevens did a real bad job acting the part of turning heel. I knew from the start that something was not going to look good for Necro, and it happened. I was impressed with how Ernie Osiris interfered on numerous occasions, because honestly that is what a heel manager should do in a No DQ match. Brilliant selling also for Necro with all that was thrown at him.

Colt Cabana’s match with Tony Kozina was a comedy relief match. Cabana was just having fun in the ring and it showed. It had some good storytelling, as Kozina acted very well in being frustrated the whole time.

I love the Kevin Steen heel side. Steen showed how powerful he was today by just manhandling Alex Payne. It was also announced that Steen may have a partnership with Steve Corino. I must say that is something to look forward to in the future.

The main event was too spotty for me. Chris Hero really slowed the match down, but Omega picked it up with his natural athletic ability. Overall with this match, I was just confused on how to follow it. It was all over the place and lacked storytelling in the ring. Still, I gave it what I considered a fair grade because Omega was fantastic in this match.

On the non-wrestling side, you can tell that if ROH want to do segments they better get an acting coach or something. It just came off as scripted to me without any true emotion from any of them. It did not really hurt the overall grade, but it is something to look into in the coming weeks.

On the commentary side, I really enjoyed Dave Prazak sympathizing with the heel talents on the program. He was insightful and a pleasure to listen to this week. Mike Hogewood is a different story. I found him to be loud and obnoxious. To me knowledge, he did not call ONE D@MN MOVE the whole program and he is your play-by-play guy! I am sorry fans, but Hogewood was at his absolute worst this week! I would welcome a change in that department, and hopefully they do it fast if Hogewood is consistently bad!

Overall Grade: C+

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Evening-

Wrestler of the Night: Kenny Omega

Tonight, Omega was able to hit the moves that only very few could accomplish. He overcame various elbows to the head and neck area to win his contest over Chris Hero. Also, bonus points were awarded to Omega for winning this contest and thus becoming a contender for the ROH Title held by Austin Aries.

Disappointment of the Night: Colt Cabana’s Backstage Segment

This had nothing to do with his wrestling, which I thought was pretty good. It was mainly how he tried to act concerned over the status of Kevin Steen and El Generico. Out of all the times I saw Cabana act, I would say that this was the first time it came off fake to me.

Surprise of the Night: The Embassy

First off, they welcomed a new member in Erick Stevens (who I would think replaced Claudio Castagnoli since he now is teamed up with Chris Hero). Also, the chemistry with Joey Ryan, Prince Nana, and Mr. Ernesto Osiris was absolutely perfect tonight. To students that want to have a heel faction, THIS is how you work a faction.

Well, that does it for me tonight. I wish you all a pleasant week and I thank you for reading this recap. I will provide another one for you sometime over the weekend. Take care everyone!!

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Thanks for reading and I will be back with my final edition of the Golden Yardsticks Awards for 2009. Good Bye.

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