ROH on HDNet
April 4, 2011
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The Arena)
Report by: Ryan Rivera of

Hot off a great Honor Takes Center Stage this past weekend in Atlanta, its time to say good-bye to ROH on HDNET. So, sit back, relax, open a cold one, and get ready for the FINAL EPISODE OF RING OF HONOR WRESTLING ON HDNET!

Here’s how things went down this week in the final episode:

-We start off the show tonight with a recap of Eddie Edwards winning the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. In this clip we see how f’n crazy the fans went and Davey Richards congratulating his fellow American Wolf, THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION! Congratulations to Eddie Edwards on winning the ROH World Championship.

-Hogewood and Prazak welcome us to the show reminding us that this is the final episode of ROH on HDNet. They mention some of the individuals that made ROH such a huge success on HDNet such as Bryan Danielson (a.k.a. Daniel Bryan), Tyler Black, Roderick Strong, and the Kings of Wrestling. We then cut to a highlight video of the Best of ROH on HDNet! This clip showcases the program from its start back in March of 2009 to its end. A lot of memorable clips and highlights featuring ROH’s past and present stars.


-After the break, we get ready for our main event of the night, an awesome 6-man tag team match featuring some of ROH’s top stars. The main event will be the Briscoe Bros. and Davey Richards taking on former ROH world champion Roderick Strong and his partners, the former ROH tag team champions the Kings of Wrestling. Before the match, a video of each team involved is shown highlighting their careers.


-The show closes out with the replay of the Best of ROH on HDNet video!!


WOW! What a ride it has been the past 2 years on HDNet. When it comes to professional “wrestling”, nobody does it better than RING OF HONOR. Over the past 6 months or so, I have seen the good, the bad, and the down right ugly in the world of ROH and I gotta say that I’m a fan for life! This company has so much talent and heart that is felt every time I sit in front of my TV or if I’m sitting in front of my friend’s 20 inch computer monitor watching streaming an ROH iPPV.

Tonight’s final episode definitely saw this company ride off into the sunset of the broadcasting world. The main event was just amazing and didn’t disappoint. The win from the Briscoe’s and Richards was just great to see. If ROH is not going to broadcast a weekly show anymore on TV, then this was definitely the way to go out. The “Best of” video was great. I saw so many faces that made it in this business after leaving their mark in the ROH world. Wrestlers such as Bryan Danielson (a.k.a. Daniel Bryan), GenMe, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and even the one and only Nature Boy Ric Flair have made this company what it is today. Nice recap video of the small company from South Philly.

I’m going to end my final ROH recap with this thought, ROH is simply the best wrestling company in the world! Ever since I started watching Ring of Honor, I became a fan instantly. The athletic ability from all the stars in this company shows all of us how much heart and determination these men and women have. I’ve been watching the “entertainment” company all my life and thought what I was watching from them was great wrestling, that is until I discovered Ring of Honor! When I gazed upon the matches in this company, I was blown away! Never have I seen a company that cares more about the sport than the drama and entertainment value. While ROH IS entertaining, they are (without question) the superior brand when it comes to giving fans great matches of strength and stamina. Simply put, Ring of Honor is awesome!

I leave you all with this, support your local wrestlers and please continue to support ROH. The TV show maybe over, but the ROH spirit is still alive and kicking. Please check out to see when the next ROH iPPV is so you can still experience the great matches that this company puts out. Trust me, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I mean, come on, would you rather spend $55 on some crap that puts out so-so matches or spend $15 on great wrestling matches? The choice is yours, my friends!

Lastly, thank you so much to Adam Martin and the entire staff here on for giving me the opportunity to bring you the ROH action each week! It has been a great honor to be among the many fans who follow this great sport we all call pro wrestling. I have enjoyed this ride, and hope that we cross paths again in the near future! ROH on HDNet may be over, but the company is still alive and kicking! ROH ROH ROH!

Hope you enjoyed the final recap. Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments, questions, or if you just want to chat pro wrestling that would be fine too.

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Until next time, my friends!

Ryan Rivera