ROH on Sinclair Results – 9/24/11

Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
September 24, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone, welcome to the 1st edition of the Ring of Honor on Sinclair Television results done by myself, Jason Namako. Now some of you may be wondering where is the “JerseyViper” tag, real simple answer for that. I have decided after 1 great year with the JerseyViper moniker, to officially retire it. It was a great run with it, came up with it out of the blue and was embraced by all of you who go to Wrestleview each and every day, and I greatly appreciate it, but going forward, I want to see how it goes using my real name. Now, this does not mean I can’t be still called JerseyViper, but as I go in to my 2nd year as a part of the Wrestleview family, wanted to make a change, and this was it.

Now with my mess out of the way, apologies for going off on a tangent there, let’s get into what you all came to read about, and that’s the debut edition of Ring of Honor on Sinclair Television. So with that, the intro has hit, let’s get on with the show!

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show, from the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL. Loud “ROH” chants by the fans. Kelly goes over the main event Tag Team Title match between The Kings of Wrestling and the champions, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Kelly then introduces his color commentator, making his return to Ring of Honor after a 2-year absence, Nigel McGuinness, who came out to a huge reaction and tons of streamers by the fans.

“Welcome Back” chants by the fans for Nigel. Nigel says that being back in Ring of Honor is “bloody awesome” and that there would be “no Nigel McGuinness without Ring of Honor.” “When he heard that ROH was going to be on TV, he knew he had to be there.” “I don’t want to be the focus of the show, the rest of the guys in the back though are”. Nigel finally says he is so excited and he can’t wait to kick the show off. Kelly then goes to pre-match comments from Future Shock and The Bravados for the 1st match of the ROH on Sinclair era.

Comments are shown from both teams hyping their upcoming match and the rivalry they have had over the course of the year.

Match #1: Future Shock(Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Bravados(Harlem & Lancelot)

All 4 men adhere to the Code of Honor to start things off. A “Tale of the Tape” graphic is shown highlighting the 2 teams. Harlem and Cole start for their teams. Tie-up and as Harlem sends Cole into the corner, misses a right hand and Cole fires away with forearm smashes. Irish whip, reversed by Harlem, Cole leapfrogs over and makes a blind tag to O’Reilly. Cole & O’Reilly with double leapfrogs, then O’Reilly with the Kitchen Sink knee to the gut and a kick to the spine of Harlem as Cole nails him with a dropkick. Lancelot tries to come in but is nailed with a double boot to the gut. Lancelot fights back with a forearm but then Cole & O’Reilly score with a combination flapjack/bulldog. Future Shock takes down Harlem and puts him a precarious and suggestive position with his brother, then lock in stereo armbars on both guys. O’Reilly & Harlem are the legal men as O’Reilly with a European Uppercut to Harlem before tagging back in Cole. Cole lands in some hard chops to Harlem. Lancelot makes the blind tag while Harlem is Irish whipped and the Bravados connect with a double team alley-oop into an Ace Crusher.

Lancelot only gets a nearfall on Cole, then starts to put the boots to him. Cole goes headfirst to the turnbuckles as Harlem is tagged back in. Harlem talks some trash to Cole before delivering some hard chops of his own. “Justin Bieber” chants by the fans mocking Harlem’s hairdo. Harlem with a big kick to the face sends Cole to the mat. Harlem locks in a cravate, but Cole tries to fight back with gut shots. Harlem, however, snapmares him down and delivers a hard kick to the spine. Harlem only gets another nearfall and tags back in Lancelot. Bravados on the double team score with a double vertical suplex. Once again, Lancelot only gets another 2 count on Cole. Tag back into Harlem, as The Bravados again connect on another double-team, this time a combination neckbreaker/chop to the chest. Forearm to the face by Harlem on the pin attempt, but again only gets 2. Rear chinlock applied, with the knee placed in Cole’s back, as Kevin Kelly brings up a new feature called “The Tweet of the Week” by one of the fans who follow ROH, the 1st one saying, and I quote, that “You should #WatchROH because its not 1997.” Back to the action as Cole gets out of the chinlock with a jawbreaker, but Harlem tags in Lancelot, who knocks O’Reilly off the apron. Bravados again with the double team, as they Irish whip Cole to the corner. Cole tries to get away from them to make the tag, but the Bravados catch them and score with their tag finisher, The Gentleman’s Approach(Enziguri into a bridging German Suplex). O’Reilly, though, is able to break the pin, saving the match for his team. Tag back into Harlem, who talks a little bit too much trash as Cole starts fighting his way out of the corner, with forearms and elbows to both Bravados. Cole misses the clothesline and Harlem sets up for a back suplex. Cole gets out of it and elbows Lancelot on the apron. Cole climbs the middle turnbuckle, leapfrogs over Harlem and finally makes the tag to O’Reilly.

O’Reilly evades the clothesline attempt and connects with a flurry of kicks and strikes to Harlem, the last one a leg sweep. Lancelot comes in and Irish whips O’Reilly, but the Bravados miss the double clothesline, and O’Reilly starts nailing kicks to both Bravados. Lancelot takes an Enziguri, and then O’Reilly with a Double Dragon Screw leg whip on both Bravados. O’Reilly goes up top, and scores with a missile dropkick on the Bravados, one boot for each guy. Harlem is folded up like an accordion as O’Reilly goes for the cover, but Harlem kicks out at 2. Tag back into Cole as Future Shock sets up a double team. Double Irish whip, buts Harlem holds on to the ropes and kicks Cole in the face. Harlem dodges O’Reilly’s kick as Lancelot comes back in, and The Bravados connect with yet another double team, this time a combination back suplex/running neckbreaker. Bravados start taunting the fans, however Cole gets back up and drills Lancelot with a superkick. Harlem dodges Cole’s superkick and waistlocks him, potentially setting up a German Suplex, but Cole gets out and scores with a roundhouse kick to the head. O’Reilly then connects with the rolling double-underhook suplexes on Harlem. On the 3rd attempt with the help of his partner, O’Reilly turns it into a Double Arm DDT, and then Cole with a release German Suplex. Cole and O’Reilly go for stereo kicks to the head on Harlem, but Lancelot pulls Harlem to the floor. Cole then with a head of steam connects with a tope dive on both Bravados. As Harlem looks to get away, O’Reilly off the apron completely drills Harlem with the running dropkick. “ROH” chants by the fans as they are really into this 1st match. Cole up top hits a high cross body onto Harlem, but as Cole gets a nearfall, Harlem rolls through and with a hook of the tights, almost gets the pin on Cole. however it was only 2. O’Reilly back in and lifts up Harlem in a fireman’s carry. Superkick by Cole to Harlem and then Future Shock with their tag finisher, Ride The Lightning(Spin Kick/Leg Sweep) get the win on Harlem.

Winners: Future Shock by pinfall(Ride The Lightning)

After the match, both teams once again adhere to the Code of Honor.

Kevin Kelly then interviews ROH World Champion Davey Richards in a little insert promo hyping up future events for the rest of the year as Davey puts over the talent in ROH and that he only wants to face the best, and the best is at Ring of Honor.

A video package is then shown highlighting the action that took place at ROH’s June Internet PPV, “Best in the World”. The 2 matches that were highlighted in this package were the 4 team ROH Tag Team Title match between The Briscoes, The All Night Express, The Kings of Wrestling & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, and also the ROH World Title match between Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards. The package also featured comments from the fans outside the building and comments by both Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, talking about the brutal match they had at that show.

After a hype video talking about the new Ring of Honor website at, we get a video package highlighting what is The Code of Honor, in a video feature entitled, “Inside ROH”.

Jim Cornette says that the Code of Honor is a sign of respect from the guys who wrestle in Ring of Honor, and that the people that don’t follow it are “not very popular” in the locker room.

Jay Lethal then cuts an insert promo hyping up his match next week against ROH TV Champion El Generico for the ROH TV Title.

Another video package is shown highlighting the 4 team ROH Tag Team Title match with the closing moments between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and The Kings of Wrestling, with the post-match attack by The Briscoes on Haas & Benjamin.

Before the main event, Nigel McGuinness asks a fan in the front row who he thinks will win the main event, and the fan picks Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

Main Event for the ROH World Tag Team Titles: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team(Charlie Haas & “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin)(c) vs. The Kings of Wrestling(“That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero & “Very European” Claudio Castangoli) w/Shane Hagadorn & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey

Kings come out to a big ovation and a massive amount of streamers are thrown in what is to be their farewell appearance in Ring of Honor. Bobby Cruise, the ROH ring announcer, delivers the pre-match “big fight feel” introductions for both teams.

Before the match gets completely underway, we go to another “ROH on Tour” insert promo with Kevin Kelly interviewing Mark & Jay, The Briscoe Brothers, as they say that they will not stop causing havoc until they get back “their” Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles.

Back to the ring, Haas & Claudio start things off for their teams. Haas with a waistlock takedown and then he turns it into a front facelock and Claudio tries to roll through but Haas holds on. Haas with a hammerlock but Claudio with an elbow and side headlock. Claudio with a shoulder tackle and then he taunts Haas with a pose. Haas tries for a hip toss and Claudio blocks it. Claudio tries for a hiptoss but then Haas blocks Claudio. Haas with a fireman’s carry and a couple armdrags into an armbar. Haas works on the arm but Claudio with a European uppercut but then misses a clothesline and Haas makes the blind tag to Benjamin, who delivers a clothesline from the top onto Claudio. Benjamin with a hiptoss to Claudio and gets a nearfall. Benjamin with a front facelock but Hero is able to make the tag. Benjamin slides in from the apron and applies an armdrag into the armbar. Hero with a knee and he goes to work on the wrist. Benjamin rolls through it and he reverses with a hammer lock. Hero grabs the leg to get out of the hold, but Benjamin surprises Hero with a small package to gain a near fall. Hero pushes Benjamin and Benjamin punches Hero in the face. Hero argues with the referee before going back after Benjamin and Hero nails him a kick followed by a couple of chops. Hero with a wristlock but Benjamin with a knee and chops Hero right back. Benjamin with a right hand and then the side headlock to Hero. Hero with an Irish whip into the corner but Hero runs into a boot and then Benjamin clotheslines Claudio off of the apron.

Benjamin then misses a spinning heel kick and Claudio with a knee to the back from the apron, while the referee was distracted. Hero with the rolling boot to Benjamin. Hero throws Benjamin out to the floor and Claudio holds Benjamin for Hero to hit a baseball slide through the ropes to Benjamin as we go to a commercial. Back from commercial, Claudio with a side headlock then scores with a powerslam for a nearfall. Highlights from the commercial break are shown when Benjamin missed a splash on the floor and hit the ringpost. Back to the action as Benjamin tries to make the tag but is stopped by Claudio and then Benjamin gets nailed hard with a European Uppercut from Claudio. Claudio with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot in the corner. Hero comes in to try to stop Benjamin from making the tag but Hero misses and goes over the top rope to the outside. Claudio grabs the boot of Benjamin, but Benjamin connects with the Dragon Whip spin kick. Benjamin dives to make the tag but Hero pulls Haas off the apron. Haas nails Hero with a right hand and throws Hero back into the ring. The referee keeps Haas on the apron and this allows Hero to drill Benjamin in the back of the neck with a forearm and Claudio gets a nearfall. Claudio tags Hero back in, and Hero with a back senton for another nearfall. Hero peppers Benjamin with kicks to the back and to the head and tags back in Claudio. Double team by the Kings as they do the wishbone split on Benjamin. Hero tags back in and another wishbone to Benjamin. Hero only gets a nearfall. Hero with a kick to the head but Benjamin fights back with a right hand. Hero with a chop but Benjamin with another right hand. Hero then with another boot to the head and tags back in Claudio. Kings go for a double vertical suplex but Benjamin lands on his feet and he counters with a double neckbreaker.

Benjamin tries to make the tag to Haas and gets there. Haas with right hands and clotheslines to both Kings. Haas with a headscissors to Claudio and then he dodges Hero’s roaring elbow and Haas scores with a German suplex. Haas with an exploder suplex to Claudio for a close near fall. Claudio Irish whips Haas, but Haas counters with an elbow. Haas then with a rana and a running boot for another nearfall. Hero tags in and Claudio connects with a flapjack, then Hero with the KTFO(stomp to head/rolling elbow), but Haas kicks out. Hero is frustrated and he hits the running splash into the corner but Haas counters with an elbow but Hero responds with the roaring elbow. Claudio tags in and the Kings connect with the combination Giant Swing/dropkick. Claudio covers Haas but Benjamin breaks up the pin attempt. Hero tags in and the Kings setup for KRS-1 but Benjamin runs in and delivers a diving head butt to Claudio to break it up and Haas rolls up Hero for another nearfall. Hero misses the roaring elbow on Haas and Benjamin with a superkick to Hero. Haas hot shots Claudio and then Haas & Benjamin connect with their tag finisher, The Leap of Faith(Benjamin splash leapfrogging over Haas’s shoulders). They then the Hart Attack(spinebuster/running clothesline) on Hero to get the win.

Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team by pinfall(Hart Attack)

Haas & Benjamin celebrate their title defense as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Overall, good 1st show from ROH. Both matches were solid, not the usual full tilt that you would see on iPPVs, but you know what, that is a good thing, save the big stuff for the big shows. Really like all the video packages, especially the old-school insert promos by Richards & The Briscoes, it gave off that 1980s NWA vibe to it. Like them highlighting the last iPPV, what the Code of Honor is, and hyping up next week’s main event between Lethal and Generico. Good way to make people want to tune in next week.

I will say though, that the quality of the show, from an audio/video standpoint, is not that good. I have seen a ton of ROH DVD releases and their quality is better than the quality on this 1st show. Hopefully though in the future, they can get this stuff worked out and make it a much smoother, clearer, visually appealing show to watch for new viewers of the product.

Overall Grade: B

Well, that will do for the first episode of Ring of Honor on SInclair TV, hope you enjoyed the report done by myself and hope all of you who read this check out the show in the weeks to come. See ya next week!