Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
October 15, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s recap of Ring of Honor on Sinclair. Double main event this week with the Briscoes against The All Night Express, and Eddie Edwards against Michael Elgin. The intro has hit, and if you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

The show opens with a video package highlighting last week’s ROH World Title match as champion Davey Richards successfully retained his title over his rival, Roderick Strong.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, the final one of the loop at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL. Kelly & McGuinness hype up the 2 big matches this week and then take us to pre-match comments from The Briscoes and The All Night Express before we get to our opening match.

#1 Contenders Match for the ROH Tag Team Titles: The Briscoes(Jay & Mark) vs. The All Night Express(“The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

Both teams exchange words to one another before the bell rings as we also see the “Tale of the Tape” graphic as we head to a commercial break.


Back from break, Jay Briscoe & Kenny King will start things off for their respective teams. Code of Honor is not adhered to by these 2 teams to begin things. Lock-up and a break, another lock-up, and Jay brings King over to his corner. Jay begins to break clean, but then kicks King in the gut. Jay with a club to the back, then tags in Mark. Briscoes with the double team, as they wail away on King with stomps in the corner. Briscoes throw King to the outside, while the referee has words with Titus. Briscoes lay in chops and right hands to King on the outside, then drive him back first against the barricade. They go to do it again, but King jumps up on the apron. Titus comes in and Thesz presses Mark, and King nails Jay with a corkscrew dive off the apron. Titus rains in right hands on Mark, while the referee tries to restore order. King with clubs to the back of Mark, then rolls him back into the ring.

ANX with the double team now, as King Irish whips Mark. Double leapfrog and then a drop toe hold/front dropkick combination by ANX that gets them a nearfall. King with more clubs to the back of Mark as he tags in Titus. Another double team by ANX as they double Irish whip Mark to the buckles. King tries to back body drop Mark out, but Mark lands on his feet. However, Titus catches him with an inverted atomic drop and then King charges in and drills Mark with a clothesline. Titus with a cover, but only gets 2. Hard chop by Titus and then an Irish whip. However, Mark reverses it and while the referee was distracted, Jay knees Titus in the back as he was coming off the ropes. Titus nails Jay with a right hand, knocking him off the apron. But the distraction allows Mark to nail Titus with a right hand of his own.

Headfirst goes Titus off the turnbuckles as Mark Irish whips him to the corner. Jay back in and the Briscoes once again with the double team as they drill Titus with multiple running clotheslines in the corner. Another double team by the Briscoes as they come off the ropes and score with the High/Low, where Mark chopblocks the leg, while Jay nails Titus with a big boot, while also knocking King off the apron with an elbow as Jay was coming off the ropes. Mark with a right hand and then brings Titus into his corner to unload on him chops and forearms. Tag to Jay as Jay delivers a succession of shoulders to the ribs of Titus. Headfirst goes Titus off the adjacent turnbuckle and Jay with a hard chop in the corner. Titus comes back with an overhand chop that caught Jay in the face. Titus goes after Jay, but Jay with a gut shot. Jay with another big boot to the face and then knocks King off the apron again. Jay holds Titus for Mark to come in, and Mark drills Titus with a clothesline as Kelly brings up on commentary that Titus needs to have surgery for a ruptured eardrum thanks to the Briscoes. Jay with a cover, but only gets a nearfall. Jay with a club to the back of Titus as he tags back in Mark. Titus is held by Jay so that Mark can deliver a gut shot to Titus’s exposed ribs. Mark Irish whips Titus to the buckles and charges in, delivering a running clothesline and then a running bulldog out of the corner, but only gets a nearfall. Mark rakes the face of Titus, then nails him with a boot and a forearm. Titus tries to fight back with gut shots, but Mark knees him in the gut and then delivers a headbutt that sends Titus reeling to the corner. Mark with another headbutt and then another Irish whip to the buckles. Mark charges in, but Titus gets the boot up. Titus goes up to the middle rope, but Mark catches him with a right hand. Mark goes to whip Titus off the middle rope, but Titus blocks. Mark with another right hand and a headbutt, and goes up after Titus. Another headbutt by Mark as he goes up top for a rana, but Titus grabs him and snake eyes him across the top turnbuckle. Both men are down, as King tries to will his partner to make a tag. Mark tags back in Jay, and King gets the tag from Titus.

King, all fired up, drills Jay with multiple clotheslines and a succession of right hands knocks Mark down as well. Jay misses a clothesline, and King catches him with his unique Pele style kick. Irish whip by King, but Jay ducks under King’s spin kick attempt. However, as Jay was going for another running boot, King catches him and scores with a capture suplex for a nearfall. Another Irish whip by King, but Mark holds on to Jay’s boot as he was coming off the ropes, and moves his brother to safety on the outside. Titus sees this, and charges in for King to back body drop him over the ropes, landing on both Briscoes on the outside. Titus rolls back in Jay, as King delivers a spinebuster slam. Titus goes up top, and scores with the double knee drop. King covers, but only gets another nearfall. Titus dropkicks Mark off the apron, as Mark was trying to get back in. ANX get the crowd into it, as they go for another double team. Jay block it, however, with elbows as Mark knocks Titus off the apron and whips him hard into the barricade. Irish whip by Jay sends King to the buckles as Mark rolls back in and charges at King. King backdrops him over, but Mark lands on his feet and pushes King in for Jay to drill him with another boot. Mark then goes off the apron and hits a running somersault senton onto Titus on the outside. Jay hits King with the Falcon Arrow as Mark heads up top and connects with the Frog Elbow(Frog Splash turned into an elbow drop), but Jay only gets another nearfall. Titus back in as now all 4 men are in the ring. Titus and Mark fight towards the apron where Kelly & McGuinness are doing commentary as the referee tries to get them away. Jay Irish whips King to the buckles, but King goes up and over and backflips to the middle of the ring. However, when King charges in, Jay kicks him square in the nether region with a low blow while the referee was distracted. Jay rolls up King in a small package and gets the win for his team to become the #1 contenders.

Winners and #1 contenders to ROH Tag Team Titles: The Briscoes by pinfall (Small Package)

After the match, Titus tells the referee that Jay kicked King low. Briscoes deny that they did, and the referee stands by his decision. Titus, angry and frustrated, goes off and nails both Briscoes with right hands as The Briscoes were celebrating their win. Briscoes start unloading with kicks to Titus as King is still down from the low blow. Other referees and security come in to try and break it up as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial, as Kelly & McGuinness show a replay of the end of the Briscoes/ANX match that clearly shows the low blow perpetrated by Jay Briscoe.

We go to this week’s “ROH Focus On” video package, highlighting the ROH Tag Team Champions, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

Kevin Kelly is with ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette, who says that since the referee’s decision is final, The Briscoes are still the winners of the match. However, because of the way they won the match, and the brawl afterwards, there is no #1 contenders until something else can be determined.

We go to this week’s “Inside ROH” video package, highlighting Truth Martini and his group, The House of Truth.

Main Event in a “Defy or Deny” Return Match: “The Unbreakable” Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Streamers thrown in the ring by the crowd, showing their appreciation for Edwards. “Tale of the Tape” graphic is shown before the bell sounds and head to a commercial break.


During the quick break before the beginning of the main event, we see another “ROH on Tour” video with Kevin Kelly & the ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal.

Back from break, the bell sounds and we are underway with this week’s main event. Edwards extends his hand for the Code of Honor, but Elgin refuses. Lock-up as both men jockey for position. Elgin brings Edwards to the ropes, Edwards spins him around and goes for a clean break, but Elgin fires away with a forearm. Edwards come back with a chop and a staredown ensues. Lock-up again and Edwards with a side headlock. Elgin tries to use his power to lift up Edwards to break the hold, but Edwards gets back to his feet. Elgin with a forearm to the ribs and then Irish whips Edwards. Edwards comes off and delivers a boot to the face, but it doesn’t faze Elgin. Both men then go back and forth with forearms, with neither man getting the better of the exchange. Edwards finally slaps Elgin across the face, and then both men exchange open hand palm thrusts to one another, with Edwards getting the better of the battle with a flurry of palm thrusts that reel Elgin. Edwards off the ropes delivers a running kitchen sink(knee to the gut), but Elgin fires back with another forearm. Edwards goes off the ropes again and nails Elgin with another running boot, but Elgin comes right back with another forearm. Edwards off the ropes a 3rd time hits another running boot, but the momentum sends Elgin off the ropes on the other side, and he drills Edwards with a running shoulder knockdown.

Edwards now in the corner, as Elgin delivers a shoulder to the ribs and a club to the chest. Elgin with a front facelock as he lifts up Edwards and connects with a delayed vertical suplex. Cover by Elgin, but he only gets a nearfall. Both men exchange hard knife edge chops, with Elgin winning that time. Edwards slumped in the corner, as Elgin begin to unload on him with stomps. Elgin Irish whips Edwards to the buckles, but Edwards goes up and over and handsprings out to his feet. Elgin charges in, and Edwards tries to score with an armdrag. However, Elgin blocks it, and using his raw power, lifts Edwards up and goes for the Oklahoma Stampede. Edwards though, rolls off Elgin’s back and Elgin goes sternum first to the buckles. Edwards charges and misses the running knee in the corner, but as Elgin tries to capitalize, Edwards nails him with a back elbow. Edwards goes up to the middle ropes and scores with a rana. This time, Edwards hits the armdrag takeover on Elgin. Edwards then hits a front dropkick to the knees of Elgin, and Edwards rolls through into applying the Achilles’ Lock. Elgin rolls to his back and kicks Edwards off, but Edwards comes right back with a kick and a Lionsault for a nearfall. Crowd chants for Edwards as he delivers another hard chop to Elgin. Edwards hits another one and tries to Irish whip Elgin to the buckles, but Elgin reverses and sends Edwards to the corner. Elgin charges in, but Edwards gets out of the way and delivers a chop to the shoulder blades of Elgin. Edwards goes back up to the middle rope, and tries to come off and hit a Codebreaker, but Elgin catches him and throws into the corner. Elgin with the charge, but Edwards gets the boot up. Edwards charges in, but Elgin catches him and drives him backfirst into one corner, then another one, and finally Elgin connects with a Northern Lights style overhead throw, but that only gets another nearfall. Elgin with a stomp and a knee to the back of Edwards as we go to commercial.


Back from break, Edwards fires back with forearms and comes off the ropes, however Elgin catches him and delivers not one, but two backbreakers, and finally a side slam for another nearfall. We see that during the commercial break, Edwards had tried to come back in the match, but as we was charging in on Elgin, Elgin showed off his power by hitting Edwards with an Alley-Oop Samoan Drop. Back to the action, as Elgin front facelocks Edwards, looking for another suplex, but Edwards drops to his knees to try and block the move. Elgin tries again, but Edwards blocks it a 2nd time. Elgin a 3rd time tries, and he lifts up Edwards, but Eddie lands on his feet and waistlocks Elgin. Elgin blocks the attempt of a back suplex with elbows to the back of the head. Elgin comes off the ropes and runs right through 2 chops by Edwards. However when Elgin tries it a 3rd time, Edwards this time greets him with a superkick that reels Elgin. Another superkick by Edwards and Edwards hits a unique move that appeared to be almost a reverse Falcon Arrow. Both men are down as the referee begins his count. Crowd chanting again for Edwards as both men get back to their feet by the 7 count.

Edwards with a boot, but as he goes to come off the ropes, Elgin goes in with him and hits Edwards with a back elbow. Elgin goes off the ropes, but this time Edwards goes in with him, however Edwards slingshots onto the apron. Elgin charges in, but Edwards evades and nails Elgin with a enziguri kick and heads up top. Edwards scores with a missile dropkick for another nearfall. Edwards tries for an Irish whip, but Elgin blocks it. Elgin with an Irish whip, but Edwards hangs onto the ropes. Elgin charges in, but Edwards sidesteps him, bringing down the top ropes, and Elgin goes sailing over the ropes to the outside. Elgin tries to get back on the apron, but Edwards charges in and delivers a kick to his back. Edwards with another charge, and scores with the baseball slide. 3rd time a charge by Edwards, and Edwards hit a tope suicida that sends both men crashing into the barricade on the outside. Both men are down as they broke the barricade with that dive by Edwards. Truth Martini checks on his fallen protégé, as the referee is at a 7 count with both men still down on the outside. Edwards back up and rolls Elgin back into the ring.

Eddie goes back up top and goes for the double stomp, but Elgin moves out of the way. Elgin misses the running knee, and Edwards with a kick to the knees, knocking Elgin down. Edwards hits a Shining Wizard for another nearfall. Both men again exchange forearms, with Elgin getting the better this time. Elgin goes off the ropes, but Edwards catches him and connects this time with the Codebreaker. Edwards removes the elbow pad and goes off the ropes, looking for a decapitation clothesline. However, Elgin clotheslines Edwards’ arm to counter, but misses 2 clothesline attempts of his own as Edwards ducks both times. Edwards hits another enziguri kick and goes off the ropes, but Elgin drills him coming in with a clothesline, but only gets another close nearfall. Edwards rolls to the apron, but Elgin goes right out after him. Elgin goes for a suplex on the apron, but Edwards blocks hooking his foot in the ropes and also with gut shots. Elgin comes back with a club to the back and goes again for the suplex near the ringpost, but Edwards lands on his feet on the other side. Edwards with a superkick knocks Elgin down on the apron, and Edwards goes up top and scores with the double stomp on the apron onto Elgin.

Edwards back in the ring, goes back up top with Elgin still dazed. Elgin tries to get back to his feet, but Edwards hits him with another double stomp across Elgin’s back. Edwards set ups for the Die Hard, but Elgin blocks and lifts up Edwards. Elgin connects with the Buckle Bomb and goes for the 360* Powerbomb, but Edwards counters and victory rolls Elgin, but only for a nearfall. Edwards with another superkick and this time hits the Die Hard for the win.

Winner: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards by pinfall (Die Hard)

After the match, The House of Truth begin to swarm Edwards, setting up a 3-1 attack, but Nigel McGuinness drops the headset and goes into the ring to even the odds. Roderick and Nigel have words while Martini tries to pull Roderick away from the confrontation as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Bell to bell, I thought this was the best episode of ROH on Sinclair so far. Both matches were very good and the crowd was really into everything they saw.

The Briscoes and All Night Express had another good match in their year-long rivalry. Simple, yet effective tag match that did a good job of protecting ANX in the screwy finish, and also putting over The Briscoes, who will do anything to get back their tag belts. If I was to rank this match along with all the matches from their rivalry this year, this would be 3rd on my list, underneath Ladder War 3 and the ATL match.

Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards had a really nice back and forth match that again protected the loser. Elgin threw out some good looking offense and Edwards did a good job with making Elgin look like this force that would not stay down, and also by putting over how brutal his offense is. Edwards, to me, is the far better of the two Wolves, he does a good job on offense, pretty good FIP, has good intensity, but his only weakness is his mic work. From the looks of things, it looks like they may start something with Eddie and Nigel, and while Nigel cannot go in the ring anymore because of countless injuries, Nigel is still a very good promo and would fit well as a mouthpiece for a talent, possibly Edwards.

Overall, very good this week, two very good matches, I would recommend checking out the entire episode. Again, bell to bell, this was their best show so far.

My Grade: A-

Well everyone that will do for this week. Hope you all enjoyed the recap and I will be back next week as ROH heads to a new building for the next 4 weeks of TV, the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY. Enjoy your week everyone, and I will see you all next week for Ring of Honor!