Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
November 26, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor on Sinclair recap. I hope all of you reading this had a good Thanksgiving weekend and did some early Christmas shopping on Black Friday. With that out of the way, if you are all ready to go, then let’s get on with the show!

We see a video highlighting last week’s main event between ROH World Champion Davey Richards and his trainee Kyle O’Reilly.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show from the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY and hype up this week’s matches, including our main event in a rematch for the ROH TV Title as champion Jay Lethal will defend against the former champion El Generico.

We go to a video of pre-match comments from #DemBoys The Briscoes and Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander as we go to our opening match.

“The Baddest Tag Team on the Planet” #DemBoys The Briscoes(Jay &Mark) vs. The C & C Wrestle Factory(Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

Alexander and Jay start things off and Jay unloads with kicks and right hands. Mark is tagged in as Alexander nails him with an enziguri. Coleman is tagged in and he hits a springboard dropkick to Jay, and both Briscoes go to the floor. Coleman springboards again, and connects with a cross body onto both Briscoes on the outside. Everyone is back in the ring as Coleman tags back in Alexander as Coleman nails Mark with some chops, followed by an Alexander dropkick to the knees, then a Coleman leg drop for a nearfall. Alexander scores with a vertical suplex, followed by a slingshot senton from Coleman, then Alexander hits a senton of his own followed by a running knee from Coleman. Coleman tags back in and hits a jumping heel kick for a nearfall. Jay comes in and knocks Alexander off the apron, then nails Coleman in the back as Mark hits a flying kick for a nearfall. Mark connects with a headbutt and a chop and a succession of right hands as he tags back in Jay. Jay unloads with a succession of right hands and chops on Coleman. Mark tags back in and knocks Alexander off the apron. Jay scores with a vertical suplex as Mark brings Alexander in and both Briscoes begin to wail away at him with a flurry of right hands and stomps. The referee tries to gain control, but the Briscoes shove him down. All of a sudden, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team hit the ring, armed with steel chairs, and the Briscoes retreat to the outside as the referee calls for the bell, ruling the match a no contest.

Winners: No Contest

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team chase The Briscoes to the back and out of the building as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see footage where security tries to keep the Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team apart as we go to our next match.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini vs. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine

Constantine starts things off and he prays before he locks up with Elgin, who shoves him down from the lock-up as Truth Martini goes to the commentary table. Casey tags in and Elgin does the same thing to him. Casey with a side headlock and Elgin Irish whips him. Casey goes for a shoulder tackle, but Elgin is unfazed. Elgin nails him with a shoulder tackle and Constantine tags back in. Both Casey & Constantine go after Elgin with a series of kicks and punches and try of a double suplex but Elgin blocks it and hits a double suplex of his own for a nearfall. Elgin goes for a delayed vertical suplex on Constantine, but instead as he has him up, throws him down to the mat. Constantine then avoids another suplex attempt, and tags in Casey. Casey hits some right hands on Elgin as both Constantine & Casey hits a series of kicks, finalized by a Casey superkick as Constantine does the schoolboy trip approach and they both pin Elgin, but only get a nearfall. Elgin hits a capture suplex on Constantine but as he charges at Casey, Casey gets the boot up. Constantine comes off the turnbuckles, but Elgin catches him. Casey dropkicks the back of Constantine to send Elgin down, but Elgin rolls through it and holds on to Constantine. Elgin then throws Constantine at Casey and both go down as Elgin gets a nearfall on Casey. Elgin hits a couple of forearms and a chop as he places Casey on his shoulders. Casey tries for a Sunset flip, but Elgin stays on his feet. Elgin goes for the sitdown splash, but Casey rolls out of the way and makes the tag to Constantine. Elgin tosses Constantine in the air and Constantine takes a nasty bump. Casey comes in and Elgin catches him, then also lifts up Constantine and hits a double Alabama Slam for the victory.

Winner: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin by pinfall (Double Alabama Slam)

We go backstage to Jim Cornette where he mentions that the deadline to respond to Kevin Steen is next week, but he has an offer tonight. Cornette says that Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs gave him this idea. Cornette invites Steen, his lawyer, Corino, Jacobs, and everyone involved in this whole situation to meet him in the ring next week on television. Cornette will make his offer next week and it will be up to Kevin Steen to accept.


Back from commercial, we go to this week’s “Inside ROH” as we see comments from Eddie Edwards and his new head trainer, Dan Severn, at Severn’s training camp. Also, we see comments from Roderick Strong on his open invitational at Final Battle.


Before we get to our main event, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and “Brutal” Bob Evans come out to ringside to watch the main event.


Main Event for the Ring of Honor Television Title: Jay Lethal(c) vs. “The Generic Luchador” El Generico

Before the match gets underway, Lethal goes over to where Bennett and Evans are sitting at ringside and kicks nachos out of Evans’ hand. Back in the ring, lock-up and Generico with a waistlock. Lethal switches but Generico counters with a wristlock but Lethal reverses it. Generico reverses Lethal and takes him down with a side headlock. Lethal headscissors out of the hold but Generico escapes. Lethal takes Generico with a side headlock and now Generico counters out with a headscissors but Lethal escapes. Lethal leg sweeps Generico and goes for a cover, but Generico quickly kicks out and we are at a stalemate. Another lock-up and Lethal goes for the wrist, but Generico counters it with an armdrag. Lethal comes back with a rana, to which Generico comes back with a monkey flip, but Lethal lands on his feet. Another lock-up and Lethal with a side headlock. Generico Irish whips out of the hold, but Lethal nails him with a shoulder tackle. Generico then delivers a series of arm drags to Lethal, then snapmares him down. Generico goes for a cover, but only gets a 1 count. Generico hits a couple of chops, then a backbreaker for a nearfall. Generico with another chop, then Lethal shoves him and both men go back and forth exchanging chops to one another. Generico nails Lethal with a right hand and another backbreaker, followed by a split legged moonsault for a nearfall. Generico Irish whips Lethal, but Lethal counters and sends Generico to the apron. Lethal nails him with a right hand, then hits a springboard dropkick that sends Generico to the outside, landing near Bennett and Evans as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Lethal scores with a leg lariat for a nearfall. Lethal locks in a cloverleaf as we see that during the commercial break, Generico went for a moonsault off the barricade and Lethal moved out of the way, but Generico landed on his feet, only to be met by a Lethal superkick. Back to live action, we see that Lethal lifts up Generico in that modified surfboard that he has been known to do in recent months. Generico is able to get out of the hold and Lethal scores a nearfall. Lethal nails Generico with a chop, then hits the hiptoss/cartwheel/front dropkick combo for another nearfall. Generico tries to get to his feet as Lethal continues to chop away at him. Generico starts to fire up as Lethal Irish whips him. Generico comes off, however, and nails Lethal with a couple of clotheslines. Lethal comes back with a couple of elbows but misses on a kick attempt, and Generico hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a close nearfall. Generico goes for a scoop slam, but Lethal counters out with elbows and then hits another chop. Generico comes right back with a Michinoku Driver for another close nearfall. Lethal staggers to the corner as Generico sets up for the running Yakuza Kick. Generico charges, but Lethal grabs his foot to block it. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for a close nearfall. We see that Bennett goes over and takes the ROH TV Title belt and shows it off to Evans. Lethal hits another chop while Bennett puts the title belt around his waist. Lethal handsprings off the ropes and hits an Ace Crusher for another nearfall. Generico comes right back with a right hand as the clock shows that there are 2 minutes left in the 15 minute time limit for this title match. Lethal hits an enziguri and then as Generico staggers to the corner, Lethal charges and connects with a running forearm, but then Generico comes right back and hits the running Yakuza Kick. Generico then hits the Half & Half, but Lethal pops right up and drills Generico with a superkick and both men are down. Lethal rolls out to the outside right in front of Bennett as Bennett begins to taunt him. As Lethal heads back to the ring, he nails Bennett with a right hand. Generico goes for the Brainbuster, but Lethal counters with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination and goes up top. Lethal hits the Macho Elbow, but as he goes for the cover, Bennett gets up on the apron to distract the referee and the time limit expires.

Winner: Time Limit Draw (Jay Lethal retains the ROH TV Title)

As the bell sounds, Lethal goes out after Bennett on the floor and unloads on him with right hands. Bennett comes back with right hands and Evans hits one of his own before Lethal nails him down. Generico sees what is going on and with a head of steam, hits a flip dive onto Bennett and Lethal as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

This week’s show was better than last week, but not by a whole lot. A very good main event with Lethal and Generico, who have good chemistry with each other, and I liked the continued involvement with Bennett in this title storyline heading into Final Battle, but they really need to quit the time limit draw in ROH. At first it was done in a smart fashion, but has now become a crutch in ROH, especially when it concerns the TV Title. I understand you want to protect Generico, but doing this in a constant fashion does anything but hurt Lethal in the process, and I am sorry, but the champion is more important than a beloved babyface at this point. Should be a good 3-way match between all involved at Final Battle, should that be the way they go forward with this, but they really need to tone down the time limit draw in ROH or it will become as redundant as the Twitter mentions in the WWE.

The Elgin match was purely a squash to continue to get over his power and with his SOTF win last week, I expect big things from him in 2012 and he IMO will be the sole reason for the break-up of the House of Truth.

The Briscoes/Coleman & Alexander match was there to continue the WGTT/Briscoes feud heading into Final Battle, but was fine for what it was, and Coleman & Alexander got some nice offense in and to me, they are another nice addition to the tag team scene in ROH with Coleman as the flashy talker, and Alexander as the serious sympathetic babyface. Nice fit and a decent segment.

Finally, the Inside ROH video did a good job in continuing the tension and eventual break-up of the American Wolves, as well as continuing to build up Roderick Strong as an arrogant, scumbag heel with his “training” video for the open invitational at Final Battle.

Overall, decent show but again like last week, they can do a whole lot better.

My Grade: C+

Well that will do it for me this week. I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week for more Ring of Honor Wrestling.

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