Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
December 3, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair report. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Video is shown highlighting last week’s main event for the Television Title and what took place afterwards in this three-way battle between champion Jay Lethal, Mike Bennett & El Generico.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show from the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY. Kelly & McGuinness say that a new match has been added to Final Battle and we’ll find out about that later. They also hype the main event of the Young Bucks against Future Shock.

We go to video of pre-match comments from Prince Nana and his “crown jewel”, Tommaso Ciampa before our opening contest.

“The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy vs. Shiloh Jonze

Jonze goes for the Code of Honor before the match starts, but Ciampa piefaces him and then nails him with a right hand as the bell sounds. Ciampa sends Jonze hard to the turnbuckles, and then nails him with a succession of knees to the chest before locking in a cravate. Ciampa hits a couple of elbows before bringing Jonze out of the corner. Jonze tries to fight back with a couple of right hands, but Ciampa comes right back with a chop. Jonze then responds with a chop of his own, but Ciampa rears back and drills him with a clothesline. Ciampa hits an onslaught of elbows and forearms to the chest of Jonze, and then gains a nearfall. Ciampa Irish whips Jonze to the corner and charges, but Jonze gets the boot up. Ciampa, however, catches it and spins Jonze in the ropes to deliver a backbreaker, but Jonze counters out with a right hand. Jonze heads up top, and connects with a forearm. Ciampa gets back up to his knees, and Jonze charges. Ciampa ducks a clothesline, and then from his knees, dropkicks Jonze in Jonze’s knees. Ciampa boots Jonze in the head as Jonze then slumps down in the corner.

Ciampa then drops down the kneepad, and hits not 1, not 2, but 5 running knees in the corner. Ciampa brings a dazed Jonze out of the corner and lifts him up. Ciampa connects with Project Ciampa for the win.

Winner: “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Project Ciampa)

We go to video of what happened last week between the Briscoes & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. We then see a clip as Jay Briscoe says that Haas & Benjamin better watch off their shoulders.

We then go to a video as The All Night Express say that Haas & Benjamin are looking past them. Kenny King says that when someone overlooks you, you smack them in the nose. Rhett Titus says that they will do that next week because next week, they challenge Haas & Benjamin to a Proving Ground match.


Back from commercial, Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness are joined in the ring by ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette, Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs. Kelly introduces Kevin Steen, who comes out with his team of attorneys. Cornette takes the mic and says that it’s against his better interest to be in the ring tonight. He tells Steen that they haven’t had a chance to talk on a 1 on 1 situation in a long time, but he wants to tell Steen that he is a great wrestler, however the problem is that Steen is crazy. He doesn’t know what is going to happen when Steen talks. The other problem is that Steen is an a**hole. Cornette says that Steen is impossible to deal with, thinks that the world revolves around him, and has so many petty issues for everyone to deal with.

Steen says that Cornette did not insult him because it was the nicest thing he has heard all week. Steen says that he is a great wrestler, he might be crazy and he is an a**hole. He says that he would rather be a crazy a**hole than a hypocritical piece of garbage like Cornette. Steen says he wonders how Cornette can say that he is a great wrestler when Cornette hasn’t paid any attention to the fact that he carried Ring of Honor on his back because Cornette was too busy getting his ass kissed by Davey Richards. Steen says that Cornette doesn’t like him because he can’t control Steen and because Steen did not need Cornette’s help to become a star in Ring of Honor. Steen says he wants to know what Cornette’s offer is.

Cornette says that he is not going to make the offer because it was Steve Corino’s idea, so he will make the offer. Corino says that he has had a burden for the last year because he created this. He manipulated Steen and got him to turn on El Generico. He created the monster that is Kevin Steen. He says that Steen went too far and now he is not allowed in Ring of Honor anymore. Corino says that he had to change after seeing what happened to Steen at Final Battle last year. Corino says that Steen’s future is him. He says that Steen can still make amends.

Steen interrupts and says that the sad thing is that Corino let them cut his balls off. What is sad is that two years ago, he got rid of Jimmy Jacobs in Ring of Honor and the real Jimmy Jacobs would have come back and made Steen bleed. Instead he cut his own balls off for them. He calls Corino and Jacobs as pathetic as Jim Cornette.

Cornette says he wonders how Steen can think that it is funny that he has no friends because the people who loved him won’t even speak to him anymore. Corino tells Steen that his words hurt but it is OK. Corino says that he was just like Steen once. His path to redemption led to this. “This is his path to salvation”. The offer is for a match at Final Battle. Kevin Steen versus Steve Corino. If Steen wins, he is reinstated. He tells Steen that he won’t be facing the guy who had egg on his face for the last year and losing matches left and right because he is trying to do the right thing. On December 23rd, for one night, “Steve Corino will be an evil person”.

Steen says that he hopes that is true and that he loves the offer. Cornette says that he has added something to the match. Since Steen had issues with the referee the last time he wrestled, he has named a special referee. That referee is Jimmy Jacobs.

Steen says that sounds great and amazing. Steen says that he can’t wait to see the look on Jacobs’ face when he has to make the 3 count to get him reinstated. Steen tells Cornette that he should bring his fat ass to watch it from ringside. Steen says that he wants him at ringside because when he lost last year, Cornette was clapping and cheering louder than anyone else. He tells Cornette to grow a set and watch it from ringside. Steen says that he will not be responsible for Corino’s career ending at Final Battle, it will be Cornette’s fault. When he gets reinstated, it will become “Kevin Steen’s Ring of Honor”. Steen spits in Corino’s face and Corino nails Steen with a right hand, but Jacobs holds Corino back as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we learn that at Final Battle, it will be a Triple Threat Match for the Ring of Honor Television Title, as champion Jay Lethal will defend against Mike Bennett & El Generico. We then go this week’s “Inside ROH” segment, with more comments from Eddie Edwards and his head trainer, Dan Severn. We see then see comments from ROH World Champion Davey Richards. Finally, we see more comments from Roderick Strong at “Camp Strong” in Tampa, FL as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to a video of pre-match comments from the Young Bucks before our main event.

Main Event: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly)

Adam Cole & Nick Jackson start things off for both teams. Lock-up and Nick applies a side headlock. Irish whip by Cole but Nick nails him with a shoulder tackle. However, Cole comes right back with a couple of armdrags into an armbar. O’Reilly tags in and Future Shock begins the double team. O’Reilly hits a knee strike and a kick, followed by a dropkick from Cole. O’Reilly sends Nick to the corner and kicks him hard in the ribs. O’Reilly hits a flurry of leg strikes, ending the onslaught by sweeping out Nick’s leg. Matt and Cole both get the tag in and as Matt comes off the ropes, Future Shock nails him with stereo kicks. Future Shock then hits a double team bulldog. O’Reilly then tags in and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. O’Reilly nails a couple of uppercuts to Matt, but Nick grabs his leg and pulls O’Reilly out of the ring. Matt charges and catches O’Reilly with a headscissors, leaving him exposed for Nick to drill him with a dropkick. Matt then charges and connects with a baseball slide, sending O’Reilly into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Matt nails O’Reilly with a couple of right hands, then sends O’Reilly headfirst off the top turnbuckle and Nick tags in. Nick with a kick to the ribs as he begins to work on O’Reilly’s arm. O’Reilly tries to fight back with forearms and chops, but Matt swings O’Reilly’s legs to place him in the ropes, and then hits a neckbreaker, sending O’Reilly crashing hard to the mat. This is followed by a slingshot senton from Nick as Matt then gets the tag back in as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Matt scores with a dropkick to O’Reilly, then nails him with right hands and chokes him in the ropes while the referee is with Cole. Matt drills O’Reilly with a kick to the head, then mocks the Code of Honor. O’Reilly comes back and surprises Matt with a small package for a nearfall. Matt then comes right back with a double sledge to the back, sending O’Reilly right back down. Both Bucks in now as they Irish whip O’Reilly sternum first to the corner. O’Reilly fights back with a kick to the head, but Matt comes back with a right hand and Irish whips O’Reilly to the corner. Matt charges, but O’Reilly gets the boot up. O’Reilly knocks Nick off the apron, then catches Matt with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Nick tries to hit a springboard splash, but O’Reilly gets the knees up and all 3 men are down as Cole tries to will O’Reilly to make the tag.

Cole gets the tag and he heads up top, hitting a missile dropkick to both Bucks. Cole hits a clothesline, then a back elbow and a dropkick. Cole lifts up Matt for a slam, but Matt rolls off the back, however Cole then drills him with an enziguri. Nick then sends Cole to the apron, and hits an elbow that sends Cole to the outside. Nick charges and goes for a baseball slide, but Cole catches him and in the wheelbarrow position, suplexes Nick on the apron. Matt tries to go after Cole, but Cole nails him with an enziguri, then heads back up top. Cole connects with a crossbody for a nearfall. Cole Irish whips Matt and catches him coming off. Cole lifts up Matt and hits a TKO, then tags back in O’Reilly. O’Reilly hits the 3 Butterflies on Matt, then Nick comes in and O’Reilly hits the 3 Butterflies on him as well. Cole then hits a wheelbarrow suplex on Nick as he gets the tag back in. O’Reilly lifts Matt up, setting up a Cole superkick, but Matt is able to avoid it. Future Shock goes for the high/low combo, but Matt avoids it as well and both Bucks then hit stereo dropkicks to Future Shock.

Matt lifts Cole and hits 2 powerbombs to Cole, followed by a Buckle Bomb. The Bucks then hit double superkicks to Cole for a nearfall. Bucks then go for More Bang for your Buck, but Matt misses the moonsault ending. O’Reilly makes a blind tag as the Bucks started More Bang for your Buck, and hits a Tornado DDT. O’Reilly rolls through the DDT and hits a suplex, followed by a superkick from Cole. O’Reilly locks Matt in the guillotine choke, as Cole is preventing Nick from breaking it up. Nick then rams Cole into the apron, then comes back and drills O’Reilly with a running boot, but O’Reilly holds on to the guillotine. Cole pulls Nick from the ring as O’Reilly still has the hold locked in. Nick drills Cole with a superkick, then goes back on the apron and hits a slingshot facebuster on O’Reilly, finally breaking the hold.

The Young Bucks then hit More Bang for your Buck for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks by pinfall (More Bang for your Buck)

The Bucks celebrate their win as we go to credits.

My Thoughts>

Decent show this week. Mainly because of the storyline progression with the matches leading into Final Battle. Main event was a spotfest as expected, and the opener was mainly a Ciampa squash. The Corino/Steen/Jacobs/Cornette angle was well done, and the video stuff with Edwards and Richards continues to build to the breakup of the American Wolves, but as an overall show, it was just OK. Ciampa did well in his squash, but you know what you are going to get with the Young Bucks and Future Shock, so I don’t think I need to go into detail with that.

I would say that if you wanted to keep up with the main stories leading into Final Battle, watch the show this week. Otherwise, its missable.

My Grade: C

Well, that will do it for me this week. I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember….

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