ROH on HDNet Results – 12/14/09

ROH on HDNet Recap
December 14, 2009
ECW Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

We start off the show with a highlight package of what went on last week on HDNet. Jim Cornette spoke to the ROH roster, Aries retained his World Title by pinning Davey Richards, and Tyler Black returned to the delight of Mike Hogewood.

New music (which is not a bad instrumental) is playing on my computer with the ROH letters at the end. It is time for honor in professional wrestling.

We are told that tonight we will have TWO Pick Six Contender Series Matches (Sponsored By: Pro Wrestling Illustrated). Yes, PWI actually is sponsoring this and I for one do not like it one bit! I say this because I find it a waste of money ($8.95 an issue) and there are more errors in one column by those guys than in all of columns put together. Sorry for the rant, but I had to.

Let’s being with the first contest.

Pick Six Contender Series Match (Winner is in the Top Six and earns a $2,500 bonus)

Match #1: Kenny King (w/Rhett Titus) vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)

When Kenny King entered the ring, it was announced in a ‘scroll? that King will be at the ROH Show in Los Angeles against Jerry Lynn. In one’s opinion it should be a solid match. Also, we looked back at ?The Final Countdown Tour? in September to see Sonjay Dutt making Daizee Haze humble by applying the camel clutch.

We get the Code of Honor, the bell rings, Delirious went insane, and King left the ring to start this one fall contest.

King returned to the ring once Delirious maintained composure. Delirious started off with a waistlock, King reversed to the same hold. After a bit more grappling by both men, King applied the hammerlock. Delirious escaped this with a head scissors hold. Both men got up and King drove Delirious down with the shoulder tackle. Delirious regained momentum with a series of armdrags. King then ran outside the ring as Rhett Titus calmed down his tag team partner. When Delirious entered, the men in action failed to hit a clothesline. Finally, after all this running around Daizee Haze finally ended this when she clotheslined Titus to the floor! Delirious finally got a hold of King, placed him back in the ring and got a covered King for one.

Delirious then picked up King and dropped him on his stomach. Delirious continued the offensive by delivering a series of Senton splashes. Delirious then covered King for a two count. Delirious got King back up, but snapped him down on the mat and applied a butterfly stretch. Delirious then started licking his hand and rubbing them all over King’s face. Outside the ring, we see that Titus? libido is kicking and he wanted a piece of Haze. Delirious ran outside the ring and started to chase Titus, but this all ended with an ambushed clothesline by King. King then rammed Delirious into the barricade and after that, King started barking at Haze (no lie here and it was quite funny).

We go back into the ring and King started stomping away on Delirious. Delirious got up and shouldered King’s stomach, but King came back and hit a pretty nice Spinebuster thus knocking out Delirious for a moment. King then whipped Delirious into the corner and started to work on the arm and back with a series of submission holds. While King had a chinlock on Delirious, Delirious took a bite out of King’s hand to break the hold. King continued to punch away and failed a suplex attempt. Delirious countered King’s suplex into a Snap Suplex for the wacky one. King quickly gets back on his feet and delivered a chinbreaker, but Delirious came back with some punches. Delirious ended this exchange with a series of elbows and whipped King’s neck. A cover only merited a two count by the referee.

Delirious placed King in the corner and then hit him with The Never-ending Story Lariats (repeated clotheslines at the corner). Delirious then went high-risk and delivered a top rope clothesline on King. Delirious covered but only got the two count. King got back up and forearmed Delirious. King then snapped his opponent’s neck on the ring ropes, and then hit the Blockbuster! King covered, but only got a two count. King then whipped Delirious to the corner, but as King tried to jump over Delirious he was met by a headbutt to the chest! Delirious then rolled up King twice but could not get the victory. After a failed Panic Attack, King hit the running knees to the back of Delirious and now Delirious is at the corner. King tried to cover with his feet on the ropes, but Delirious kicked out at two. Delirious then delivered a clothesline, only to attempt a cover. King is at the corner and Delirious hit the Panic Attack! Delirious was set to finish with Shadows over Hell, but King countered with a spin kick while Delirious was in the air! King then hit a Big Thunder Bomb in the middle of the ring, covered his opponent, and only got the two count. As King set up the Coronation Finisher, we actually get out first ending to a match on HDNet tonight??.

Finish: Delirious countered Kenny King’s Coronation into a roll-up pin for the victory.

Winner of the Pick Six Match: Delirious via roll-up

Grade: B-. I thought this was a pretty fun match overall. It is nice to see a change in pace when it comes to the roster of ROH. These two put on a great match; even though they are not really feuding with each other (Delirious has Sonjay Dutt, while King has Jerry Lynn). I thought the flow and the awareness by both were good. However, I did feel at times that they were rushed into spots and that does take away from the overall contest. Still, I had no problems with this match as the opening bout and I look forward to what both do in the future.

Kyle Durden is backstage with Jim Cornette. Durden said that it is an honor to have Cornette in his presence. Cornette is honored by that and mentioned that since he is the Executive Producer he will bring us the best Ring of Honor has to offer. He will?.then enter Austin Aries. Aries said they got off on the wrong foot and he thought that Cornette can work with him as a manager to the Champ. Cornette declined the invitation, but promised Aries that he will go up against top notch talent to see if Aries truly is ?The Greatest Man that Ever Lived?. Cornette walked away and Aries sarcastically mentioned how nice a guy Cornette is to A Double.

Onto our next match:

Match #2: Steve Corino vs. Lance Lude

Before the match began, Corino cut a little promo. He said it was three years since his last match at ROH. He reached out to ROH for three years?.and not one time they answered their phones. That was until Jim Cornette came on board and wanted him to make an impact.

Corino then looked at his opponent (who happened to be a stick figure with tattoos and a lip ring) and told Lude that he was not going to make an impact on him. Corino told Lude that he probably is an awesome wrestling, but Corino would not make an impact on Lude. So tonight, Corino told Lude that he will walk out of the ring and demanded the ref to give Lance Lude the victory via forfeit.

Finish: Steve Corino walks outside the ring and the ref awarded the match to Lance Lude.

Winner: Lance Lude via forfeit.

Grade: F. Look, I have to grade it. It was advertised on the card and it did not deliver, hence why it failed. However, after the match it got interesting.

After the match, Corino got back in the ring and congratulated Lude for a ?Five Star Match?. Corino was glad that no one got hurt and shook Lude’s hand. But in the middle of the handshake, Corino kicked Lude in the gut, lifted Lude on his shoulders, and delivered a reverse piledriver! Corino then went off the ropes and destroyed the jobber with The Sliding C Special! Corino got back on the mic and said that Mr. Ratings is in the house! At least after the match it got really good. On a side note, I am very happy to see Steve Corino back in the ring. I hope that he gets a fair deal with Ring of Honor.

We then get a video package of Sonjay Dutt. Dutt mentioned what kind of man would apply a clutch on a woman like Daizee Haze? Well, Dutt said that he is that guy. Dutt also mentioned that he will do anything to get a title shot. He mentioned that it is his time now.

We have a promo for Final Battle, which will happen (or happened depending on when this get posted haha) on December 19, 2009. I saw the card and it looked great. If you are in the New York area, I would say don?t miss this event!

One match that will occur at Final Battle: The Briscoe Bros. vs. The American Wolves in a World Tag Title Match! That alone is worth the money.

We go to a video package with both the Briscoes and Wolves mentioning how they will win the match. To summarize, the Wolves said they are better than Jay and Mark Briscoe. The Briscoes called the Wovles ?Briscoes Light?.

I hear a Choo Choo Train! Oh wait, it is Erick Stevens (sans mohawk). And his opponent looks like something out of a disco party! This should be fun!

Match #3: Erick Stevens vs. Remy Marcel (wearing a perm)

After the Code of Honor, the slaughter begins.

Marcel escaped Stevens offense a couple times, but Stevens quickly grabbed a hold of Marcel and took him down hard on the mat! Stevens brought Marcel back on his feet and chopped him like no tomorrow. Stevens then hit Marcel with an elbow. Marcel is whipped in the corner and actually got a punch in (bad idea, That 70’s guy). Marcel went high-risk, but Stevens caught him. Stevens then lifted Marcel up into a Released German Suplex! Marcel is at the corner and we hear a CHOO CHOO comin!!! After the Choo-Choo Clothesline, Mike Hogewood let us know he just slapped his porpoise?.

Finish: Erick Stevens hit the Doctor Bomb and it is OVER!

Winner: Erick Stevens via Doctor Bomb

Grade: D. I want to see Erick Stevens up against some competition because I think he has potential. With that said, the match was a glorified squash-a-thon. This opponent of Stevens? looked more like a rejected WWE Diva than a professional wrestler. Overall, I thought Stevens was good tonight but I would like to see him against a bigger name.

Kyle Durden is backstage with Tyler Black. Black said that it is great to be back. Black also mentioned that he wanted a piece of Austin Aries for that Fireball into the eyes last month. The bottom line, as Black so eloquently put it: Dutt is a stepping stone to the ROH World Title. Man, does Tyler Black need mic work.

Next Week’s Main Event: Colt Cabana vs. Claudio Castagnoli. Mr. V’s Prediction: It will be a ?Very European Comedy Match?, but I will enjoy this.

Now, let’s get to the present. It is time for THIS WEEK?S MAIN EVENT!!

Pick Six Contender Series Match (Winner is in the Top Six and earns a $2,500 bonus)

Match #4: Sonjay Dutt vs. Tyler Black

No Code of Honor here, as Dutt started the offense by kicking Black and then clubbing away. Dutt then hit Black with an ax punch and a few more punches towards the injured eye. Black finally gets some offense in with a few right hands. Dutt then cornered Black with boots to the corner. Black then came back with a few armdrags after countering a few blows by Dutt. Black attempted a slide to the floor, but Dutt walked off. Just then on the outside Black delivered a few knife-edged chops and punched Dutt in the back of the head. Dutt’s head then met the ring canvas and then Black continues to deliver punches. We enter back into the ring, where Tyler Black scoop slammed Dutt and then stomped on his throat. Black with the cover and only reached the count of one before Dutt kicked out.

Black then rammed Dutt’s head into the corner. With Dutt down, Black executed a low dropkick to the back of Dutt’s head. Black then turned Dutt around and hit the neckbreaker. Black then positioned Dutt into a chinlock. Dutt finally countered with a chinbreaker. Dutt goes off the ropes and is met with a dropkick by Black. Black covered Dutt, but only got a two count. Black continued to control the match with some punches and then hit a pretty good looking suplex. Black attempted a high-risk move, but Dutt caught it. The both exchange punches at the top turnbuckle. Dutt gained momentum, carried Black on his shoulders, and then delivered a fireman’s carry drop onto the turnbuckle which hurt the abdominal area of Black. Dutt then rammed Black’s neck on the ring frame (ouch)! Dutt then delivered a quick leg drop on Black’s neck on the ring frame.

Dutt went back into the ring and worked the head and eye area of Black. Dutt then laid Black out with some knee shots followed by a body slam. Senton by Dutt and then a cover for a two count. Dutt then grounded Black with the body scissors hold. Dutt then rolled up Black for a two count. Dutt got up first and then delivered a few stomps to the abdominal area of Tyler Black. Then Dutt started chocking Black with the middle ring rope, stopping at the count of four. Dutt then started to mock Black by folding his hands together (a la how Dutt enters the ring).

Black regained control by exchanging punches and chops with Dutt. Dutt then poked the eyes of Black (ah yes, the Great Equalizer) and attempted a pinfall which only got a two count. Dutt then snapped Black back to the ring and held Black down with the body scissors hold. Black gain a bit of energy and rolled up Dutt for a two count. However, Dutt kept the hold intact, so Black lifted Dutt up and rammed Dutt to a corner. The hold finally broke when Black dropped Dutt on his back. Dutt was in the corner and Black attempted a kick, but Dutt’s foot broke any of Black’s momentum for the time being. Dutt then delivered a knee to the gut, but Black found a way to pull him out of the ring. Black then (with help from the crowd’s reaction) did a top rope flip dive onto Sonjay Dutt! We get the action back into the ring and Black hit a Springboard Clothesline! He covered Dutt but was only able to get a two count. Black then set up and surprised the crowd with a Gorilla Press Slam, and then did a mid-rope moonsault for a two count.

Dutt then drove Black into a corner with a shoulder to the abs. Dutt attempted the pendulum kick, and then Black missed a clothesline. Dutt then grabbed a hold of Black’s long neck and snapped it onto the ropes. Dutt then set up and delivered a beautiful springboard dropkick and attempted to win via pin, but to no avail. Fast forward to a few counters and Dutt then nailed Black with a Tornado DDT. Dutt then followed it up with STANDING SLICED BREAD! Still, Dutt tried to cover and did not get the victory. Dutt then stalled for a bit, went high-risk. He did not get Black, but was able to land on his feet. Black then caught a hold of Dutt and planted him face first on the canvas. Black failed on a corner attack, but landed on his feet. Dutt then was able to hit a nice hurricanranna on Black. However, Black was able to come back quickly and hit a superkick on Dutt. But this is ROH, so Dutt no sold and superkicked Black. As Black went down to the mat, he delivered the Pele Kick on Dutt. Black the set up and ran Dutt into the corner for the Buckle Bomb! After a few exchanges after the Bomb, Dutt tried to roll up Black. However, the pin failed and we got our?..

Finish: Tyler Black countered the roll-up pin with god’s Last Gift, pinned Sonjay Dutt, and got victory!

Winner: Tyler Black via god’s Last Gift

Grade: B. I was very entertained with this main event. Of course I knew that this match would not follow up strong from last week’s main event, but these two talents did hit their marks well. I did not notice a lot of miscues, maybe a lack of awareness in the ring at one point. However, these two guys really gave their all and some of their moves made my head spin. Overall, other than a couple no-sells and a quick finish?I enjoy the overall program in this main event. Nice Job!

Quick Results:
Delirious def. Kenny King via pinfall
Lance Lude def. Steve Corino via forfeit
Erick Stevens def. Remy Marcel via pinfall
Tyler Black def. Sonjay Dutt via pinfall

Mike Hogewood’s Slap the Porpoise Move of the Night: Erick Stevens? Doctor Bomb a jobber back into the Disco Era.

Overall Thoughts

Now that you read up on what I thought about each match, let me tell you the overall take on this show.

Before I watched the show, I did not expect this week’s show to follow up as strong as last week’s offereing. I was hoping that I was wrong, but that was not the case.

The Pick Six Contenders Tournament is still a bit confusing to me, but what we got out of this were two pretty good matches featuring four of ROH’s top performers.

Steve Corino did not wrestle, but he cut a tremendous promo without having to give us a match. He truly is a great speaker and I can?t wait until he makes his presence felt once again in a Ring of Honor ring.

The backstage segments were not terrible, but they could have been done better. Tyler Black really, and I mean REALLY needs to develop mic skills. If he is what the fans call ?Next World Champ?, I will worry. I think right now there are five to eight guys on the roster that deserve the title more than Black right now. He is still green in the ring, but he has improved a lot since the first ROH show on HDNet.

As for commentary, I can?t stand Hogewood right now. He is just not really getting the wrestling product. He did a good job for a while, but now he is back to rambling about nothing, talking in clich’s, and really annoying the viewer. As for Prazak, he is doing his job well. Too bad he has a goof standing next to him calling a good product.

So, if I had to grade this show?I would give it a ?C?. The segments outside of wrestling were only average at best. The matches were a mix of good and bad. This I think was a fair grade for this edition of Ring of Honor.

-Mister V’s Pick Three of the Night-

And NO, PWI will never sponsor a part of my column (unless they either 1) pay me or 2) give me a position as a columnist)

Wrestler of the Night: Tyler Black

This is kind of a toss-up between Black and Sonjay Dutt, but I give this award to the winner of the main event. For someone that drew some serious backlash from my peers on WrestleView, I think he did a pretty solid job over Dutt to earn a spot in this Pick Six contest. Maybe it was the guy he worked with, but I think Black held his own.

Disappointment of the Night: ROH’s Booking of Erick Stevens

I think Stevens deserves better here. I think Stevens is a good talent, but they are wasting him right now with him squashing stick figures out there.

Surprise of the Night: Lance Lude

I know this jobber did absolutely nothing, but he did get a ?win? over Steve Corino. So for that, he is my pick for the surprise of the night. However, I have to disagree with Corino calling this a ?five star match?.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my recap this week. If you want me to continue the recaps or want to talk wrestling, please send me a line at I bid you good night and I hope you have a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading this recap. See you next week.

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