3/19 ROH Results: Dearborn, MI

– Attendance was approximately 500.


– The Bravado Brothers d. Lou Frank & N8 Mattson

– Bobby Dempsey d. Eddie Venom

Main Show

1. “Skullcrusher” Rasche Brown d. Rhett Titus – Brown hits his finisher for the win.

2. Kenny King d. Tyson Dux – said to be a “nice match”. King retains the #5 spot in the Pick 6.

3. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino d. Player Dos & Pee Wee – Steen pins Pee Wee after a package piledriver/lariat combo. According to RoaringElbow’s twitter, Steen attacked Dos and Uno before the match, so Pee Wee basically went solo. Steen attacked Uno after as well (so they must have been out there), and Dos hit a suicide dive for the save.

4. Austin Aries d. Petey Williams – Aries hit the Canadian Destroyer on Petey, but only got a one count. Aries wins with a roll up while holding the ropes. Petey hit Aries with the Destroyer after the match.

Intermission – RoaringElbow notes that there have been streamers for every single entrance so far, most from the same guy. Ahhh, wrestling fans!

5. Colt Cabana & El Generico d. House of Truth – Cabana/Generico win after a top rope brainbuster by Generico and a 2nd rope splash from Cabana.

6. Roderick Strong d. Kenny Omega – Strong hit his usual finishing sequence for the win. Strong retains the #6 spot in the Pick 6. Said to be good, but not great.

7. Tyler Black & The Briscoe Brothers d. Chris Hero & The American Wolves

credit: ROH Message Board