ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 7, 2009
Commentators: Mike Hogewood & Dave Prazak
Report by: Adam Martin of

The Briscoes def. Kenny King & Rhett Titus
Long opener here for the first match on the show. Lots of offense from The Briscoes early on. Some big offense by Jay hitting a series of clotheslines and dropkicks on King and Titus. The finish saw King take the Doomsday Device from The Briscoes for the pinfall. After the match, The American Wolves came out and announced that they should enjoy this win while it lasts. Kevin Steen and El Generico then came out and took out The American Wolves as The Briscoes joined in.

Backstage, Kyle Durden interviewed Nigel McGuinness. McGuinness said neither Tyler Black or Jerry Lynn were clutch wrestlers and that both have yet to fulfill their true potential in the wrestling business.

Eddie Kingston def. Sal Rinauro
Quick squash match here. Rinauro got on his knees and prayed before the match. When he got up, Kingston hit him with a punch and Backfist to the Future for the pinfall.

Nigel McGuinness def. Aaron Scott
Lots of quick nearfalls by Scott early on. McGuinness took the action to the mat. Finish saw Scott dodge a Lariat, but McGuinness caught him with a big DDT for the pinfall. After the match, McGuinness locked on the London Dungeon on Scott and Scott tapped out.

Jerry Lynn def. Tyler Black
Many counters between Lynn and Black early on. Lynn went to work on Black’s arm. Black fought back with some offense of his own hitting a big back suplex. More nearfalls with crossbody and sunset flip attempts. Nigel McGuinness was shown walking down the ramp at this point. McGuinness clapped when Lynn hit a springboard moonsault on Black. McGuinness put Lynn’s foot on the rope to break up a pinfall after Black hit a buckle bomb and superkick. When Black accused McGuinness of interfering he denied it. Finish saw Lynn get a small package on Black for the pinfall.

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