ROH on HDNet Recap
February 22, 2010
The Arena in Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony Valvo of

The first thing that we saw was clips from the World Title Match on ROH’s 8th Anniversary show. Cornette told Aries to fight because if it ended in a draw he is at the mercy of the judges. We saw a bit of action between the two wrestlers. More footage on this match later on HDNet.

Kidd Russell’s music plays. If I did not say this before, the song really gets one in the mood to write recaps for the show. And the full song is pretty good, so check it out.

We immediately go to the ring, where we hear some ?Addicted to Love?. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rhett Titus has entered the building!

Match #1: Rhett Titus vs. El Generico

Before the match, Titus wanted to give a hotel key to an attractive woman, but some dude picked it up and hugged Titus. Titus was not pleased with this, but entered the ring to streamers. El Generico entered the ring looking out of it still, but still got a few streamers from the crowd.

The Code of Honor was followed, somewhat. Titus grabbed the middle area before shaking Generico’s hand. The crowd chanted that Titus had some sort of STD, but it probably is not true.

Titus worked on the arm to begin the match and locked an arm hold down in the ring. Titus then executed a headlock at the center of the ring. Titus broke the hold and teased a test of strength. Generico was baited into a kick to the stomach by Titus. Titus then twisted the arm of Generico, executed a fireman’s carry takedown into an armbar. Titus then attempted to win by pinfall, but only got a count of two. Titus then pressed his knee into the arm of Generico. Titus then moved Generico to the corner and shoved his face a bit. Generico responded with punches to the head. Titus left the ring, and Generico thought this was a perfect opportunity to execute a Suicide Flip Dive over the top rope.

We then go back to the ring, where Generico attempted a top rope crossbody, but completely whiffed on the move as Titus easily escaped from the attack. Titus then raked the face and booted the chest of Generico. Titus then tossed around Generico and tried to cover for the victory. Titus then executed the headlock, but Generico broke the hold. Titus continued the flow of the match when he got Generico down with the inverted atomic drop. At that time, Titus began to thrust a bit for the ladies in that crowd.

Generico noticed this and regained the advantage with a series of punches, followed by an overhand chop and a Swinging DDT. After an attempted cover, Generico ran into a boot by Titus. Generico however regained his composure quickly and hit a sit-out scoop slam piledriver. Generico attempted a cover, but only got a two count. Titus fought back with a neckbreaker and drilled his knee to Generico’s face. Titus then hit a couple punches, and then whipped Generico into a corner. Suddenly, Generico ran and crushed Titus face to another corner with an Ole Kick. After a cover, Generico then hit the Half Nelson Suplex. Generico attempted another cover, but Titus boot reached the bottom rope after a two count. Generico looked perplexed again and back into his funk. This led Titus to do this?

Finish: As Generico gathered his thoughts at the corner, Titus rolled him up with the Inside Cradle for the pinfall victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Rhett Titus
Grade: B-

Kyle Durden is backstage with Colt Cabana. Durden asked if Cabana is concerned about El Generico. Colt said he did worry about Generico, but was cut off by Durden as there is something going on in the parking lot.

At the parking lot, there was Necro Butcher demanding to see Erick Stevens there. Necro grabbed some innocent bystander and told him to go get Stevens.

Back to the action?

Match #2: Colt Cabana vs. Bobby Shields

Cabana was welcomed with streamers before the match. The Code of Honor was followed, but Cabana did not want to let go of Shields? hand. Moments later, Cabana let go.

We began the match with a tie-up. Colt is backed in the corner and Shields slapped him. Cabana gave him that ?Lucy…You got some ‘splanin? to do? (I know an I Love Lucy reference in a ROH Recap, take THAT PWInsider!) look. Cabana then cornered Shields. After he broke that, Cabana then twisted the arm followed by a backslide pin for two. Shields tried a boot, but Cabana caught it and played around for a moment. Cabana pulled the leg once again and Shields is down again. Shields then delivered a kick, but could not follow up as Cabana got Shields by the legs. Cabana then shoved Shields to the corner by his legs. Cabana then hit the Butt-Butt on the corner and that is the end of this match?

Finish: Colt Cabana applied the Billy Goat’s Curse Submission Hold and Bobby Shields tapped out quickly.

Winner via Submission: Colt Cabana
Grade: D+

After the match, Steve Corino was at the entrance ramp and called out Cabana. Corino issued a warning to Cabana, but Cabana wanted a piece of Corino.

We then got a clip from a few weeks ago in which the Dark City Fight Club, The Briscoes, and The American Wolves. Since the Briscoes have a match this week?

?Next Week: The American Wolves will take on the Dark City Fight Club!

Still to Come: The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks for the ROH World Tag Team Titles

Also, some footage of Black and Aries will be featured soon.

Hogewood got footage from the parking lot! The camera showed Necro Butcher destroying Ernie Osiris, but Prince Nana and Erick Stevens run to the lot. Stevens wailed away on Necro, but both rivals are going at it. Both men brawl all the way into the outside of the ring. Three referees tried to break the hold, but were clobbered by Necro and Stevens. The funniest part of this brawl was when Necro punched out the timekeeper and grabbed the bell. Necro used the chair on Stevens and they go into a commercial.

ROH is promoting a tour for those who are interested. They will be in Philadelphia (for HDNet tapings), Detroit, Toronto, Pheonix, and Charlotte. Why not Pittsburgh?

Moments ago, Necro and Stevens fought from pillar to post, parking lot to ring. During the break, a stack of chairs were placed in the middle of the ring (probably the Embassy’s doing) and Stevens did a powerslam onto the chair. As Necro was clutching his back from the damage, Eddie Kingston came out and made the save.

HDNet then posted up some clips from the ROH World Title match from February 13. During the match, Black superkicked Jim Cornette. Black won the match and became the Ring of Honor World Champion for the first time.

Kyle Durden is backstage with Jim Cornette. Durden asked about the reactions of Necro and Stevens. Cornette said though Necro is talented, he is equally nuts. He won?t let that happen and Necro will face disciplinary actions. Cornette then talked about Aries, Black, and Roderick Strong. Next week, Cornette booked Aries and Kenny King vs. Black and Strong. Cornette then left and said he will fix this mess that Stevens and Necro created before someone sued him and HDNet.

And now, YOUR Main Event!!

For the ROH World Tag Team Titles

Match #3: The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Both tag teams got streamers before the match began. The Code of Honor was followed by all four men.

Mark Briscoe and Matt Jackson started the match. Mark started the match off with a waistlock takedown. Matt quickly responded with a hammerlock. Mark got back up with a snapmare takedown into a headlock. Mark then twisted the arm of Matt. Matt broke the hold and executed a necksnap takedown. Mark rolled over and almost pinned Matt. Matt held Mark down with a headlock. Mark then reversed the hold into a head scissors. Matt went back into the offensive with a headlock. Mark responded with an arm takedown into a headlock. Matt grabbed the ropes and the hold was broken.

Jay Briscoe and Nick Jackson were tagged in at this moment. Jay started the exchange off with a headlock, but Nick fought this off. Jay then went off the ropes for a shoulder block takedown. Nick then went off the ropes and hit an arm drag and followed that up with a kick. Jay is moved to the corner and Nick tagged Matt back in. Matt then got in a couple of punches on Jay, however Jay countered with a reverse STO into the turnbuckle. Jay then hit a couple chops on Matt and Mark is tagged in. Mark with a club to the stomach and followed this up with a textbook-looking suplex. Mark covered, but only got a two count. Mark then tagged in Jay. Jay hit an elbow on Matt and Jay attempted a cover. Matt punched Jay to the corner and Nick is tagged in. So far, this match is pretty back and forth, pretty enjoyable.

The Bucks then were the first to execute a teamwork move and started it off with a corkscrew neckbreaker/backbreaker combo. Nick attempted the cover and only got a two. Nick twisted the arm and Matt with a top rope ax punch onto Jay arm. Jay then ran off the ropes and The Bucks stopped him with a double kick. However, Mark dragged Matt outside the ring before The Bucks can do more damage. Jay caught Nick and hit a modified chokeslam while Mark whipped Matt to the barricade. Jay stomped down on Nick inside the ring. Jay then moved the action to the corner and he chopped Nick. Mark is tagged in once again and the Briscoes connect on a three-point stance Double Shoulder Tackle. Mark covered, but did not get the three count from the referee in charge. Mark with a club to the back of Nick. Mark then executed a waistlock takedown and then hit Nick with some elbows. After a cover, Mark then tagged Jay back into the action. Briscoes then stomp Nick all over the corner. Briscoes then landed a nice Double Hiptoss and Jay covered for two. Jay fought off some Nick’s offense and took Nick out with an overhead takedown and stomps to the chest. Jay then brought Nick up and delivered a chop.

Mark is tagged in once again and Mark whipped Nick into his elbow. Jay connected with a back suplex and Mark hit a top rope senton! Mark then paid attention to Matt and took him out with a punch. Mark then pinned Nick, but only got a two count. Mark then grounded Nick with a figure four headlock (very impressive). Nick grabbed the ropes and the hold was broken. Jay is tagged in once again and Jay cornered Nick and hit some knee strikes. Jay then tagged in Mark. Nick did take out Jay and as he was about to finally tag Matt into the action Mark stomped his head in. Mark then laid Nick out with a chop and whipped him to another corner. Nick finally regained some momentum by hitting Mark with a Springboard Facebuster! Now Nick and Mark are both down.

After a moment, Jay and Matt are tagged into this match. Matt took out Mark to start, then got out of the way and did a Handspring Head Scissors takedown. Matt then hit a beautiful Standing Bulldog on Jay and covered for two. Matt the kicked Jay, but Mark with a kick while Matt was off the ropes. Nick took Mark out of the ring. The Bucks then did a top rope stomp/neckbreaker combination on Jay! Nick then ran and hit the Suicide Dive on Mark from the outside! Face paced now, and that may be a good thing.

Matt attempted a cover on Jay, but Jay kicked out at two. Nick was tagged into the match. The Bucks hit a double kick. However, Jay countered after that by first taking out Nick and then throwing Matt out of the ring. Mark is tagged into the contest and chopped Nick to size. Mark then hit the spinning heel kick. Matt is up to the top turnbuckle and attempted to do something high-risk, but Mark caught him and delivered a nice Overhead Suplex. Jay is tagged in and Mark continued to make his presence felt with a top rope cannonball to the floor on Matt. Jay tried to hit a maneuver, but Nick fought that off. Jay then caught Nick off the ropes with an impressive Death Valley Driver. Jay covered Nick, but Nick kicked out surprisingly at two.

Jay attacked a back a bit and both Briscoes did clotheslines off the corner. Mark went up to the top and The Briscoes executed a side slam/elbow drop combination. Jay covered, but the Bucks continued to fight on! Mark is tagged into the match again. Mark puts Nick on the top turnbuckle and gave him a chop while Jay and Matt fight outside the ring. OW! Matt got up and Mark attempted to hit the cutter. However, Matt caught Mark and turned it into a Powerbomb! Matt is tagged in legally now. Matt went up top and hit the crossbody cover for a two count. Matt then attempted a kick and missed. Mark whipped Matt to the corner, but Matt fought off any attack. Matt went to the corner, but Mark caught him and threw him into the corner. Mark then attempted the cover, but STILL the Buck kicked out at two. Jay and Nick are fighting it out here. Nick with a Superkick! Then BOTH Bucks hit BOTH Briscoes with Superkicks, and then the Briscoes almost immediately hit the same move! Mark set up for Cut-Throat Driver, but Matt fought it off. Matt runs Mark to the corner and Nick hit the Akuza Kick (or simply the Ole Kick) on Mark!

The Bucks tried to attempt More Bang for your Buck, but Mark got his knees up on Nick’s moonsault. Then both Briscoes attack Matt. WOW!! Top Rope Neckbreaker done by Jay Briscoe! Mark covered, but STILL NO WINNER!! Jay continued to stomp on Nick. Mark tagged in Jay. Jay attempted the Jay Driller, but it was countered by a Jackknife Pin attempt for a two count (this same pin attempt got the Bucks a victory over The American Wolves). Nick crashed and burned outside the ring (this could be bad) while Jay and Matt continued to fight inside the ring. Matt attempted, and then failed on the Crossbody. And finally, it was time for the Bucks to say good bye to Ring of Honor (for now)?

Finish: The Briscoe Brothers hit the Doomsday Device on Matt Jackson and won with a lateral press to retain the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship!

Winners via Pinfall: The Briscoes
Grade: B (leaned toward B+)

After the match, the crowd thanked The Young Bucks (they are known now as Generation Me in TNA Wrestling) and both teams shook hands in the ring.

End credits!

Quick Results
Rhett Titus def. El Generico via pinfall
Colt Cabana def. Bobby Shields via pinfall
The Briscoes def. The Young Bucks via pinfall to retain the ROH Tag Team Championship

Mike Hogewood saved his porpoise from harm. In other words, Hogewood did not say SLAP THE PORPOISE!

Overall Thoughts

First off, I want to say this to my ROH fans who are still upset that Danielson is wrestling in WWE NXT. Do you want to see him be built up to a possible U.S. Title reign on Syfy, or do you want to see ROH’s Best in the World job out to the main guys and be stuck in mid-card purgatory on RAW or Smackdown? WWE, thank you for doing right so far with Danielson!

Now as for the show I enjoyed a lot of this one. I liked that Rhett Titus finally got a victory, how Colt continued to have fun in there, and how the Bucks were sent off to TNA Wrestling. I liked the Briscoes overall chemistry in the ring, but the lack of selling the offense of The Bucks really hurt the overall theatre of the match.

Segment wise, I really liked the feud involving Necro Butcher, Eddie Kingston, and The Embassy. It elevated to a whole new level with the parking lot brawl. This is a great way to continue what I think may be the best feud in ROH right now. Plus, Necro was on complete ?berserk-mode? and even punched out the timekeeper! TREMENDOUS!

Also, the feud of Generico/Cabana and Corino/Steen continued to be pretty good and Steen did not even have to wrestle or be seen on camera for one second. Generico is still out of it, Cabana is concerned, and Corino got in a few words to continue the storyline. Once again, another fine job booking this one, Ring of Honor.

To Jim Cornette: I love your mic skills and how you are going to take ROH to the next level. But recapping your segments are difficult because you talk way too fast for me! Slow your speech down, please?

As for the wrestling, I really enjoyed the opening match with Titus and Generico. Both men really flowed well in the ring for a good eight minute program. Generico’s character still is interesting, as he is still confused after Kevin Steen’s heel turn. Titus took advantage of this and was able to win pretty easily. Kudos to these two men for keeping the high risks to a minimum and keep the majority of the action inside the squared circle. I think that is why I gave this a pretty high grade, since it was a move for move type contest (though Titus did control the majority of the action).

Colt Cabana had a strong showing against an enhancement talent. Cabana clearly has fun out there in the ring and it clearly shows. He did a good job in this contest on both the physical side and the humor side of it.

I was impressed with The Briscoes vs. The Bucks?until the final few moments. I loved the in-ring technical battle to start, but then it just got really crazy. It started with a mat style and both teams went back and forth until The Briscoes controlled the segment for a few minutes. There were some unnecessary tag team moves during the end and I say this because there were no tags on some of the double teams. So, what I am trying to say is it was great for the first 12 minutes of the match, but then there were 2 minutes of frustration which led to an average finish for me. The no-selling I guess is what threw me off. So Dave Stephens (RAW/NXT recapper), Jericho vs. Danielson (he will be called Danielson in my recaps) is still the top match of the week.

Overall, this was a solid show. Nothing really stood out to this recapper, but was there anything noticeably bad? Absolutely not!

Overall Grade: B (leaning toward B+)

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night ? Jay Briscoe

Both brothers did a pretty good job and retained the titles, but Jay executed his moves just a little bit better than his brother this week. Still, I think since Mark’s return from injury this was his best work on HDNet.

Disappointment of the Night ? The ROH Referees

This is 100% sarcasm here, but if the refs were able to hold back Necro then the ROH world would still have a healthy timekeeper. Shame on the refs’shame shame shame.

Surprise of the Night ? The Parking Lot turned Arena Brawl

At first I admit I was like ?oh no, a tacky where-is-he? moment. However, you could feel the hatred and tension between Necro and Erick Stevens. ROH built this storyline the right way and Stevens is now watchable, which is a great thing for the mid-card level of this show.

Well, that does it for me tonight. I wish you all a pleasant week and I thank you for reading this recap. Take care everyone!

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